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Standing in the teahouse and looking down, Princess Yunxi saw Lin Xin rubbing against Shen Lou’s chest, obviously teasing him, and Shen Lou was good-tempered and allowed him to make trouble, not forgetting to tell the patrolling team to take care of the assassins, especially the man on the bell tower.

“The gentleman Yan Nian is as gentle as jade. I never expected that the prince would have such a temperament in private!” Princess Yunxi said in amazement. The proud son of heaven should be proud, cold and unapproachable. How could he have such a gentle side?

“Ah?” Shen Yingying glanced at her brother, but she didn’t think he could be related to words like gentle jade. “Don’t be deceived. He doesn’t treat others like this. It’s all because of A Xin’s temper. He can’t help it.”

If he was really a gentle person, why didn’t he treat his sister better? It was okay when she was a child, and he would occasionally touch her head or something. But after she could draw a bow and shoot an arrow, he no longer felt any pity for her.

Yunxi didn’t listen at all. She lifted the curtain and stared at Shen Lou for a moment, crying as she looked at him. She could have married a gentleman as strong as a bamboo as a pine tree, but now she would have to marry a barbarian as strong as a wolf and a tiger.

The attempted assassination of Marquis Lu on Yu Street was no small matter. Emperor Yuanshuo was furious and ordered a thorough investigation. However, those assassins were all death soldiers. When they were caught, they bit the poison sac between their teeth and committed suicide. So, nothing was found.

“Your Majesty must know who did it.” Lin Xin changed into a set of clean clothes, sat casually on the soft couch with one leg bent, and let the imperial doctor handle the wound on his hand.

The poison was a poison that sealed the throat when it saw blood, but Lin Xin was on guard against it, and his whole body was covered with a layer of spiritual power. He controlled the poison at the moment of injury, so that he would not die from the poison.

Emperor Yuanshuo sighed, did not answer Lin Xin’s question, and asked the imperial doctor: “What’s wrong?”

“Answering the emperor, most of the venom has been forced out by Marquis Lu, but it has not been completely removed, and some decoction is still needed.” The imperial doctor loosened his hand to check the pulse and said, “In addition, please refrain from using spiritual power within seven days.”

The remaining poison was not cleared, and using spiritual power would cause the poison to invade the five internal organs and establish the root cause of a disease.

Lin Xin sneered, “If I don’t need it, I won’t use it. Even if I don’t have spiritual power, I’ll still clean up the group of miscellaneous fish.”

Feng Zhuoyi gestured the imperial doctor to leave, and looked at Lin Xin thoughtfully, “Why did Shen Lou send you back just now?”

“I think Shen Shizi knew those people’s plans,” Lin Xin said without any hesitation. He said evasively, “By saving me, he can clear up the relationship.”

The emperor’s eyebrows began to twitch.

The New Year was approaching, tributes from various places were being sent one after another, and many princes and their heirs were staying in Beijing. In a brothel in Yongdu, the princes of Marquis Qushan and Marquis Donglin were having fun among the red sleeves and fragrant temples.

“I heard that the emperor was so angry that he even postponed the banquet. He wants to investigate the matter thoroughly.” Prince of Marquis Qushan was a little uneasy.

“What are you afraid of? Even if we are found guilty, what can they do if there is no evidence?” Prince Donglin curled his lips, “According to Dayong Law, except for the serious crimes of treason and regicide, the princes of the princes are not allowed to be killed. The royal family has lost face, so of course they have to show off.”

Prince Qushan thought the same thing, and immediately relaxed, and clinked glasses with Prince Donglin.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise, and the door covered with pink Korean paper was violently kicked open, and a group of Yulin troops wearing silver armor lined up and entered.

“Who is it?” Prince Donglin hurriedly put on his coat and groped among the soft gauze of the futon. Before he could pick up the spirit sword beside the mat, a foot wearing moire silver boots stepped hard on his palm. Looking up with his eyes cracked, he saw Lin Xin’s handsome face full of anger.

Lin Xin slapped the young master’s face with the Mojian sword, “Your grandfather, me.”

“Lin Buqing, we are the princes of Marquises, why do you arrest us!” The prince of Qushan who was being held by the Yulin Army was yelling.

“Ha,” as if he heard a joke, Lin Xin smiled suddenly and kicked Prince Qushan in the abdomen, “I’ll arrest you if I catch you. What kind of evidence do I need!”

The team took the two princes directly into the palace, threw them on the Tai Chi stage and interrogated them in public. They also called all the princes and their heirs in the capital to come and watch.

The Zhong brothers stood together with Shen Lou. Zhong Youyu looked at the two people kneeling on the bluestone and whispered: “What’s the use of Lin Xin arresting them? According to the law, even if there is evidence to prove that they sent people to kill Lin Xin, you can’t do anything to them.”

Shen Lou pursed his lips and said nothing.

“The royal family can’t, but Lin Xin can.” Zhong Wumo said word by word.

“Huh?” Zhong Youyu was puzzled. Before he could ask again, someone over there had already spoken.

“Marquis Lu, they are the princes of the lords. How can you let them kneel like this? How can you behave like this?”

“Yes, even if they have done something wrong, it should be judged by the emperor. What authority do you have to act like this??”

Lin Xin unhurriedly pulled out Mojian and made signs on the neck of Prince Donglin, who was tied up with five flowers. “This matter has nothing to do with the law, but a personal grudge.” Personal grudges did not require the royal family to come forward. They sent people to kill Lin Xin and he came back to take revenge, it was tit for tat, very fair.

“This…” Everyone looked at each other.

“You said we sent people to kill you, do you have proof?” Prince Qushan asked with a smile on his face.

“Hey, I think you are suspect in killing me, so that means you are.” Lin Xin turned around and wrapped his machete around the neck of Prince Qushan. He activated the Luli with a snap of his fingers. The aura suddenly began to flow, and the blade turned into a perfect circle, with the head firmly in the center, “Broken hands or a sword competition, you choose one.”

Since it was a personal grudge, let’s use the method of resolving personal grudges.

Zhong Youyu took a breath, “This is too overbearing.”

“If you don’t do this, this kind of assassination will never stop in the future.” Shen Lou lowered his eyes, covering his eyes full of pity. Xinxin was still injured but had had no time to rest. He had been working non-stop since he came back. He didn’t know if the poison had even been eliminated.

The two noble princes were covered in cold sweat. To cut off a hand means to stretch out a hand and get it chopped off obediently by Lin Xin; but to compete with a sword meant to go on the sword duel stage with Lin Xin.

“I, Lin Buqing, am a reasonable person. If you insist that you did not send anyone to assassinate me, then come with me to the sword competition platform. Let the judgment be handed over to heaven. How about it?” Lin Xin put away Mojian and pulled out Yanggu sword from his waist. The Yanggu Sword was used to cut off the ropes on the two men, then he handed the sword flat to them, and asked them to accept the sword competition.

Judgment by heaven, the premise for that was that both parties should be similar in strength. But who was Lin Xin? Lin Yedan, one of the top ten masters in the world, was defeated by him. How could they, two young men from an aristocratic family who had just been crowned, weak and with mediocre qualifications, be the opponents of a monster like Lin Xin?

“Brother Chen, we…” Prince Qushan looked at Prince Donglin in despair. He did not want to have his hand cut off and also did not want to accept the terms of the sword competition.

“Don’t be stupid, he is just looking for a reason to kill us.” Prince Donglin was very clear-headed. The two of them combined were still no match for Lin Xin. There was only one way, to die in the sword competition. No matter how arrogant Lin Xin was, he couldn’t kill them openly without any evidence, so he would take their lives using the sword fight as a gimmick.

“It seems that you two have already made your choice. What a pity.” Lin Xin put his sword into its sheath and raised his chin. Silver-armored Lin Jun immediately stepped forward and pressed the two of their hands on the bluestone.

“Ah, no, no, no! You can’t do this, I am the prince of the lords, ah -” The screams resounded throughout the palace, and everyone who was forced to come to watch turned away. Several people who were also involved in this matter were hiding in the crowd and fighting the urge to tremble.

Lin Xin shook off the blood beads on Mojian and glanced at everyone with cold eyes, “I am performing an errand for the emperor, and I have no personal grudges with you. Everything can be discussed and settled, and we will all be well. But if anyone offends me, this is what will happen.”

The severed hands were put into camphor wood boxes and sent to their respective fathers as New Year’s gifts. The assassination of Marquis Lu was settled like this. Lin Xin no longer pursued the other people involved in the matter, and those people also kept their mouths shut and did not dare to say anything.

“Hahahaha, this Lin Xin was born to be my Marquis Lu!” Emperor Yuanshuo was extremely satisfied after hearing Lin Xin’s handling method. Everything was settled in one day, and the palace banquet could go on as usual without any delay.

“Lin Xin is ruthless and hard to control. Father, it is better to be careful.” The crown prince disagreed. Lin Xin was so obedient now because he was thinking of Emperor Yuanshuo’s kindness to his father. When he ascended the throne, this too sharp knife would be hard to grasp.

“Everything A Xin did was because he is loyal to the country, ruthless or not. When conflicts arise between ordinary immortals, this is how they are handled.” Feng Zhong opened his mouth to defend Lin Xin.

The crown prince glanced at Feng Zhong, “The sixth brother has been close to Marquis Lu since he was a child, so he finds him good at everything. As a king, you can’t be so partial, and you should always be vigilant.”

“Prince brother has taught me, but my brother is good at everything. While I’m despicable, who had never learned how to be a king, and has made brother laugh.” Feng Zhong lowered his head and said humbly.

Talking about how to be a king in front of the emperor was not a pleasant behavior.

Feng Zhang’s eyes twitched, and he immediately looked at the emperor’s expression, and sure enough he saw a flash of displeasure, and secretly resented it, “The marriage has been discussed, and the barbarian promised to marry the princess and take her back to be Uluolun Heruo’s concubine. We should let the Sixth brother go to see them off this time.”

Hu Tian said it was snowing in August, and it was not good to send the princess out in the cold winter. Feng Zhong pretended to be honest and did not say much. After leaving the palace, he went to the Marquis Lu Mansion.

Because Lin Xin now had to run errands for the emperor and often lived in Yongdu and could not return to his fiefdom, Emperor Yuanshuo gave him this mansion. During the days when Lin Xin was collecting Luli everywhere, the renovation of the Marquis Lu Mansion in the capital had been completed, all done by Feng Zhong.

There were no luxurious furnishings in the mansion, it was all pure and natural, very similar to the furnishings in Yanqiu. A formation was set up in the courtyard so that ordinary thieves could not get out after entering.

In the warm and pleasant bedroom, Lin Xin slowly took off his clothes, revealing the sword wound that was still oozing blood. “Tsk, what a pity. If they had chosen to compete with me, they could have saved their hands.”

Shen Lou touched the wound with his fingertips, then he took the ointment and smeared it on the back as white as cold jade, “Why did you rush out without taking care of it? Are you stupid?”

This injury was caused by Lin Yedan’s sword fight, but it was never treated. There were blood stains all over his underclothes, as if he didn’t know it hurt.

“This slave’s body can only be shown to the prince alone.” Lin Xin said shyly, holding Shen Lou’s sleeve to cover half of his face.

Shen Lou’s hand shook, and a large amount of ointment fell on the wound on his shoulder.

“Hiss—” Lin Xin gritted his teeth and couldn’t continue acting. “Be gentle, it hurts me so much that I’m going to cry.”

“Why do you say they will win?” Shen Lou sighed and talked about something else, trying to distract himself from the beautiful body in front of him.

Lin Xin refused to let him go, turned around and hugged Shen Lou’s waist, showing him the back that needed treatment, “Well… the imperial doctor asked me not to use spiritual power for seven days… ah… “

The low moan was full of seduction, and Shen Lou’s mouth went dry for a while, “Lin Xin!”

“Huh?” Lin Xin raised his head and looked at him innocently, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Lou lowered his head, looking at it from this angle, this scene looked unusually familiar. Once in Lin Xin’s palace, he was hung up by his hands in chains, and this man just put his face on his lower abdomen, smiling coquettishly.

Uncontrollably, he stretched out his hand and touched the side of Lin Xin’s face.

“Xinxin!” Feng Zhong opened the door and walked in and saw the two of them staring at each other in this weird posture.

Shen Lou pulled his shirt over Lin Xin with lightning speed and looked at Feng Zhong coldly.

“What are you doing?” This concealing gesture immediately aroused Feng Zhong’s suspicion.

“Applying medicine, what else can we do?” Lin Xin said angrily, his good opportunity was ruined by Feng Zhong, and it was in vain that he ran over all the way, despite being injured.

Zhu Xingli was not in Yongdu. He said he was looking for a way to deal with Shen Lou’s problem, but they didn’t know where he went. He, the grand master, did what he did without sincerity. He spent three days fishing and three months drying the nets. The master was not around, and Feng Zhong had no one to discuss things with. He wanted to tell Lin Xin everything he wanted to say, but unexpectedly he was scolded by his senior brother as soon as they met.

At the palace banquet in the evening, Emperor Dayong entertained the envoys from the Northern Desert. The bloodstains on the Tai Chi platform had been washed away, brocades were placed everywhere in the Chunhe Hall, and all eighteen bronze bird lamps were lit, until it was as bright as if it were daytime.

No one around Marquis Lu dared to approach him, but Prinxe Xuan took the initiative to sit next to him and drink wine without changing his expression.

“Shen Shizi has a broad mind, and this Lin admires it.” Lin Xin shook the wine in his hand and clinked glasses with him.

“You are injured, so don’t drink.” Shen Lou didn’t touch him, but snatched the luminous cup from his hand and drank it in one gulp.

In the eyes of others, it was Lin Xin who forced Shen Shizi to drink the wine in his hand.

“Why did you need to sit next to me? Look at those people, they don’t even dare to come over to toast.” Lin Xin raised his eyes and glanced over. The princes and their heirs had their heads lowered as they avoided his gaze. Shen Lou was very popular, and on such an occasion, he should have been surrounded by the children of the aristocratic family drinking, but now no one dared to come over, and it was very deserted.

“You can’t use your spiritual power, so don’t leave my side,” Shen Lou whispered, “This time two barbarian nobles have come. I don’t know if they have soul-devouring spirits, so be careful.”

“The emperor wants me to come back, isn’t that right? Are you afraid of something going wrong? The imperial doctor told him face to face that I can’t use spiritual power. I think more experts will be sent to this palace.” Lin Xin curled his lips. Because of the fierceness shown these days, Emperor Yuanshuo had blind trust in his strength. The cultivation methods of the barbarians were different from those in the Central Plains, and some strange methods were hard to guard against, so Feng Zhuoyi should ask him to come back just in case.

Just as he was thinking this, two barbarian envoys came in and bowed to salute the emperor on the throne, “Your Majesty the Emperor of Dayong, Ulorun Khan greets you.”

The barbarians spoke with a strange pause, as if they were singing, it was quite interesting. They had brought a meeting gift to the emperor, which was a Persian dancer.

Sending gold, silver, and Luli was a behavior that could only be done by a vassal. Northern Desert was not a vassal state, so they gave such beautiful but impractical gifts.

“Ding bell…” Accompanied by the tinny sound of silver bells, a dancer wearing colorful clothes and a veil walked in. The tall figure was completely different from that of the Central Plains women. The veil covered her face, revealing only a pair of deep blue eyes. She stood in the center of the hall and saluted seductively.

When the music started, the dancer began to dance gracefully. Her exotic dance posture was really beautiful, and with her light dance steps, she spun in the hall. After a few ups and downs, she turned to Lin Xin. Her blue eyes were like a lake of water, and she looked over wetly. Her slender hand wearing a handbell picked up the flask, poured a glass of wine, and handed it to Lin Xin accompanied by the sound of music.

When Emperor Yuanshuo saw this scene, he couldn’t help laughing, “You can drink the wine offered by the beauty.”

Before Shen Lou could stop him, Lin Xin had already taken the cup and drank it all, touching the palm of the dancer’s hand along the way.

Shen Lou glared at him, watching helplessly as those wolfish eyes turned into peach blossoms.

Lin Xin raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Your Majesty, I have something to ask you.”

“What?” Shen Lou asked angrily.

The lips stained with wine were opening and closing, and the music was so loud that Shen Lou couldn’t hear clearly, so he couldn’t help but lean forward.

“I mean…” Lin Xin suddenly approached, rubbed his ear and said, “When we were at the Marquis Mansion just now, were you hard?”

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