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Twenty minutes later, Mi Wan sat in the interrogation room of the Demon Hunter Association. Bai Feng was interrogating her. He poured a cup of tea and sat opposite Mi Wan, with a look of regret.

“Student Mi Wan, why are you so overwhelmed?”

“Lin Manyu used the entanglement technique to harm my brother. I killed her to undo the technique. I don’t think I did anything wrong?” Mi Wan asked back.

“You said she used the entanglement technique to harm your brother, so has your brother’s entanglement technique been undone?”

“Of course it’s solved.”

“Then you don’t have any evidence.”

Mi Wan was taken aback.

“You have no way to prove that the half-demon used the entanglement technique on your brother, but the fact that you snatched her demon soul has solid evidence. If the demon clan wants to hold you accountable for the crime, our association will not be able to protect you.” Bai Feng analyzed, “Besides, you killed a half-demon, so the situation is even more complicated.”

“Is there anything special about a half-demons?” Mi Wan remembered that Fan Chen also seemed to have said that a half-demon was a sign of harmony between humans and demons.

Bai Feng explained, “The intermarriage between humans and demons is a very important measure after the signing of the peace agreement between the Demon Hunter Association and the Demon Race. It represents the sincerity of the Demon Race and human beings to live in peace. The existence of a Half-Demon is the proof of this sincerity and a symbol. If one party hurts a half-demon, it is equivalent to tearing up the agreement, and the consequences will be very serious.”

“Isn’t it just a marriage between the two races?” Mi Wan understood, “Then according to you, the half-demon has a special status, so they don’t have to be responsible if they do something bad.”

“Of course not, if the half-demon committed a crime, you can find all the evidence and report it to the association, and the association will try it together with the demon clan, but lynching must not be used,” Bai Feng said.

“It’s so troublesome, so I killed her. What do you want to do to me?” Mi Wan felt a headache when she heard these rules. If she really followed Bai Feng’s method, would she be able to kill Lin Manyu in the end? In the end, she wouldn’t be able to untie the entanglement technique, and her elder brother don’t know how long he would be unconscious. She was not such a patient person.

“According to the regulations of the two clans, you will be imprisoned for life.” Bai Feng said.

“Heh…” Mi Wan couldn’t help laughing when she heard that, because she killed a dead half-demon, the Demon Hunter Association wanted to imprison her for life?

“Of course, if we want to keep you, there is something we can do.” Bai Feng suddenly changed his tone.

“There are conditions.” As seriously as he talked before, there was a sudden turnaround in the end, and it was clear that there must be conditions.

Bai Feng laughed twice: “Since you guessed it, I won’t hide it and say it directly. If we want to keep you, the Demon Hunter Association will have to pay a huge price, so we hope that Mi Wan can promise us a few things.”

“Let’s talk about it.” Mi Wan said with interest.

“First, your pet hospital can no longer be opened. In the future, you must follow the arrangement of the Demon Hunter Association for the treatment of demons. Second, join the Demon Hunter Association and serve the association.” Bai Feng said.

Mi Wan couldn’t help laughing again, President Bai made a good plan, he exchanged life imprisonment for a contract of sale.

“Student Mi Wan, what do you think?” Bai Feng asked with a smile.

“Hehehehe… No way.” Mi Wan imitated Bai Feng’s appearance and had a smile all over her face, but she just didn’t agree.

Bai Feng’s expression froze: “Student Mi Wan, when people from the demon clan come over tomorrow, they won’t be as polite as me. And the half-demon you killed is the direct descendant of the patriarch of the Hua clan. She is the most stingy and defensive, if she is not happy, she will start a fight, it is not a joke.”

“It’s okay, I also want to see what the big demon at the peak of the seventh level looks like.” Mi Wan said indifferently.

“I know your cultivation level is good, but after the sixth level, every time you go up a level, there will be a qualitative change in the demon power. What’s more, the patriarch of the Hua clan is a big demon who has one foot in the eighth level. You are definitely not her opponent.” Bai Feng said.

“It’s okay. I don’t think the demon race will do anything to me. After all, I’m the only one who can get rid of the demon’s poison.” Mi Wan said with a smile, “Killing me, what good will it do them?”

“You said that right, the demons may not kill you, but they will probably ask you to treat the demons unconditionally.” Bai Feng said, “You are also a demon hunter, and you have read the document I sent you last time. Under the premise that the cubs of the demon clan continue to degenerate, the number of our demon catchers can barely reach a balance with the demons. If you continue to treat the demons unconditionally in such an open manner, have you ever thought about the human race’s future?”

“When one day the number of demon clans far exceeds that of demon hunters, the great battle five hundred years ago will be repeated in an instant.” Bai Feng persuaded, “It is also for this reason that the headquarters of the association have instructed me to keep you at all costs. But we didn’t keep you to let you go out and continue to treat the demons. Having said that, I might as well give you a thorough explanation. Even if the demons don’t pursue this matter, the association will not let you go.”

Mi Wan’s eyes turned cold, and it was only at this time that she really understood the intention of the Demon Hunter Association. In the past, they couldn’t make trouble for her because they couldn’t find an excuse. Now that she had given them an excuse, they would use this excuse to trap her in the association. To sum it up in a simple sentence, probably, if it cannot be used by me, it will be destroyed directly.

In order to protect the balance between the demon hunters and the demons, the Demon Hunter Association really spared no expense.

“If I say, that even I treat the monsters, it won’t affect the balance between the monsters?” Mi Wan asked.

“How to prove it?” Bai Feng asked.

Mi Wan was silent. She believed Fan Chen’s words because she had witnessed the death of Shenmu and Fan Chen’s determination to save the mountains, and because she came here from five hundred years ago, and she clearly understood that the consumption of the aura of heaven and earth in the past five hundred years was really related to changes in the natural environment. So she believed what Fan Chen said, but the Demon Hunter Association might not necessarily believe what she said. In other words, even if they believed it a little, they didn’t dare to take the risk.

After all, it was easier to destroy a demon hunter rather than rely on an illusory guess.

“Think about it carefully.” Seeing that Mi Wan’s expression had finally turned serious, Bai Feng got up and left the interrogation room without any further words.

Mi Wan sat at the table and was silent for a while, until the phone’s notification sounded again before recovering. After all, the Demon Hunter Association was not a prison, so Bai Feng did not confiscate her mobile phone.

Mi Wan took out her mobile phone, and on it was a message sent to him by Xiang Zhen: How did the talk go, I don’t think the president’s expression is very good.

Mi Wan sighed and replied: Your president wants to kill me.

Xiang Zhen: Impossible, the president rushed to arrest you before the demon clan, I heard that he wanted to protect you.

Mi Wan: He is afraid that I will be taken away by the demon clan, and I will have to treat the demon clan for free in the future.

Xiang Zhen: Then you don’t treat the demons.

Mi Wan: Your president also wants me to sign a contract of sale.

Xiang Zhen: Well… it’s better than being caught by the demon clan.

Mi Wan: Give me liberty or give me death.

Xiang Zhen: What era is it, do you still think about these things?

Mi Wan: You don’t understand.

Mi Wan sighed, blaming herself for being too capable, causing so many troubles by killing a half-monster: “I knew that I should have killed the two flowers in the afternoon to make tea, so there would be no such troubles. Sure enough, the headmaster said right, cutting the weeds and not removing the roots, once a spring breeze blows, it regenerates, a soft heart is really a disease[1].”

“Regretting?” Suddenly, a familiar voice rang in Mi Wan’s ear.

Mi Wan was startled, and turned her head to look, only to see a tender green vine coming out from the gap between the smooth marble, and a small purple flower blooming towards her direction.

“Fan Chen? Where are you?” The presence of vines proved that Fan Chen was nearby.

“The coffee shop next door.” Fan Chen’s voice came from the little purple flower.

“You know I was arrested, so you came here specially?”


“Why, want to do a prison break?” Mi Wan laughed.

“Just a branch of demon hunters, don’t need me to do a prison break. If you want to run, they can’t stop you. Now, let’s talk on the phone, save some demon power.”

After Mi Wan finished speaking, the green vines did not recede, but moved a little closer, and stopped by Mi Wan’s hand.

“Set up a barrier to block the demon power.” He wanted to release a little too much demon power at once and was afraid of alarming the people in the Demon Hunters Association.

“Why?” Although Mi Wan was puzzled, she still arranged a small barrier around the vines. When Mi Wan’s barrier was set up, the green vine suddenly burst out with huge demonic power and condensed into the shape of the bracelet that fell from the vine and landed in Mi Wan’s hand.

“Bring this.” Fan Chen said.

“Why did you give me a bracelet with your demon power attached?” Mi Wan picked up the bracelet full of doubt. This bracelet had very strong demon power, and it was Fan Chen’s original demon power, which was extremely pure.

“It will be useful tomorrow.” After speaking, the vine shook and disappeared into the ground in an instant.

Useful, what’s the use? Although Mi Wan was puzzled, she still put the bracelet on her hand.

In the coffee shop next door, Fan Chen took out his mobile phone and made a call to his assistant: “Go to the Hua Clan and tell the Hua Clan patriarch that there will be no compromise on the murder of the clansman. They must pay with blood and we should let the demon hunter pay for it. She should punish the demon hunter who killed her people with her own hands.”

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[1] If you cut a weed instead of pulling it, the roots of the weed will try to send up new shoots over and over. She is saying that if she had not been soft-hearted and left behind LM’s mother, she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

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