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Huo Yunshen fell into the abyss, Qingqing’s gentleness was the rope to pull him up, not to mention the affirmation given to him during her amnesia.

These days, he had heard too many heart-wrenching words from Qingqing. Even a few minutes ago, he was ready to be treated as a monster by her again.

But Qingqing kissed him and hugged him, and said that her husband was very handsome.

Huo Yunshen’s muscles were so tight but he tremblingly took Yan Qing’s hand so that it didn’t hurt, and pressed it on his chest and abdomen: “Do you like it? Just touch it, any place is fine.”

As long as Qingqing didn’t reject him, and was willing to touch him, even if she told him to be a cow, a horse or an obedient dog, he would immediately bow his head to make her happy.

No matter how much Yan Qing wanted to touch him, she would be embarrassed after being invited so actively by a man.

What’s more, she still blamed herself, guessing that she was not in good health all the time in Canada, and she probably suffered from some kind of amnesia, so she didn’t hesitate to use a knife as a reminder.

Looking at Huo Yunshen’s appearance, she didn’t know how much his heart must hurt for her.

She wanted to be more reserved, so she pulled her hand away, but as soon as she moved, she saw her man’s face change. He held her down helplessly, and asked in a hoarse voice: “Have you touched enough? Or is it not good? I’ll take off my clothes and let you touch it.”

He really went to undo the buttons, and he was in a hurry, lest she would go back on her word.

Yan Qing sensed his heart, so she quickly hugged him gently, and comforted him softly: “Don’t panic, I didn’t deny you.”

She went all out, and rubbed his firm chest wantonly a few times, her cheeks full of tenderness. She said: “It feels so good. The husband I picked up is excellent everywhere.”

Huo Yunshen’s chapped mouth couldn’t help but curl up, his eye sockets swelled with laughter, and when he hugged her with too much strength, he accidentally touched her injured hand.

Yan Qing took a small breath.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, he quickly found a medicine box, knelt down beside her legs, and carefully applied medicine to the hideous bloody cut.

When the cotton wool touched her, her heart twitched.

After wrapping it, he lowered his head and kissed it repeatedly.

He couldn’t be crazy.

Qingqing had to love him so much to have the courage to pierce the knife into her own flesh and blood, just to see those words as soon as she woke up, and let him know that he was not abandoned.

She was his disease for which there was no cure.

She was also his indestructible barrier.

Qingqing was saving him, he would never let Huo Linchuan succeed a second time, he must wake up and guard her.

When Huo Yunshen was feeling chilled all over, the girl stretched out her soft hand to touch him, caressing his light blue eyes: “Husband, how long have you not slept well?”

He smiled: “Husband doesn’t remember.”

“What and when was the last meal you had?”

“…I don’t have any impression.”

Yan Qing poked him anxiously: “I’ll accompany you, okay?”

Huo Yunshen looked up at her, the morning sun gilded her slender outline, and her hair looked light blond in the light. She was the little fairy who led him out of the sea of suffering.

His throat was choked: “Okay.”

Yan Qing seemed to realize that she would forget soon, so she didn’t chase Huo Yunshen to ask too many questions. She just told him about her life in Canada in a sweet voice. Her memory at the moment stopped at receiving a call from An Lan asking for help, that is before coming back to China, she was amazed to see so many videos of her participating in the program on the Internet, and kept exclaiming.

Huo Yunshen sat by the floor-to-ceiling window, pulled her on his lap, and quietly stared at her vivid side face: “Is my wife good-looking?”

Squeezing his face, she said: “You really have vision.”

When the sun was setting, Yan Qing rubbed her eyes and put down the phone, leaning on his shoulder to rest. This time, she slept for a very short time. In the palm of her hand, the cut wound had been wrapped up.

Only then did she realize that she was being hugged, and she slowly turned her head, bumping into Huo Yunshen’s dark eyes.

On the big chair by the window where the setting sun looked like blood, Yan Qing, who had returned to reality, had wet eyelashes, as she cried and wrapped her arms around his neck, sobbing, “Shenshen, I’m sorry, I forgot you so many times, did you get hurt today?”

Huo Yunshen pressed the back of her head and kissed her hard until she stopped crying, and whispered, “The baby saved me today.”

He lowered his eyelashes, pressed his forehead against her warm and fragrant neck, and said every word pushing into her body: “I love you.”

Yan Qing wiped the corners of her eyes and cheered up: “It seems that cutting the incision really works!”

“You dare to try it again,” he gritted his teeth in distress, it was rare that he was so cruel to her, “If you break a piece, I will double it on myself.”

The girl pursed her lips eagerly.

Huo Yunshen kissed the tip of her nose: “Don’t worry, your memory has gone back to before returning to China. You didn’t know me at that time, so you wouldn’t resist me that much.”

Yan Qing asked worriedly: “What will happen in the future?”

“It will stop at the moment when the memory was tampered with, that is you were nineteen years old, you didn’t know about Haicheng, you had never heard of Huo Yunshen, you were a little girl who lived in Canada from the age of six, and you just recovered from a serious illness.”

Yan Qing didn’t have time to investigate the deeper aspects of this or the reason, she just tugged at his shirt in fear and asked, “Can it be recovered?”

This was the only thing she cared about.

She must not forget, she wanted every bit of memory about Huo Yunshen, whether it was as Yun Qing or as Yan Qing.

“Yes,” Huo Yunshen resolutely said, “Don’t panic, don’t think about anything, don’t do anything, just leave it to me.”

Even though Yan Qing promised not to think about it, her nerves and consciousness could not be controlled by her. From that moment on, her endurance, which was as thin as a cicada’s wing, had already been greatly impacted.

No matter how hard Yan Qing insisted, she was still defeated quickly under the heavy pressure.

The time she was able to return to her real memory was getting less and less, and she experienced several large regressions. After a week, in the morning, she finally stopped at the original point of origin, the moment of waking up after having her memory tampered with.

Yan Qing’s wing-like long eyelashes were parted, her eyes were soft and helpless, showing the fragility of having just experienced a major injury, she carefully asked the man who was guarding her by the bed: “Who are you? Why am I not in the hospital?”

Huo Yunshen gently touched her face with trembling fingers, she asked, “Who are you? What’s your name?”

Yan Qing frowned delicately, thought carefully, and replied: “…Qingqing.”

Huo Yunshen’s heart trembled violently.

“I didn’t hear clearly.”

Yan Qing subconsciously wanted to show self-protection and a little aggressiveness, but facing Huo Yunshen’s eyes, she could only feel a warm emotion.

She felt some kind of attachment to him inexplicably, so she put away her little paws, huddled under the quilt obediently, and told him rustlingly: “I have been ill for a while, and I can’t think clearly now, but it seems…someone likes to call me Qingqing, Qingqing, my Qing, my name should have this character.”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear it anymore, he leaned over and picked her up, hugging her desperately.

No wonder…

No wonder Huo Linchuan tampered with her memory, but still gave her a similar name.

It was his “Qingqing” engraved in her consciousness one after another. No matter how much she forgot, she still insisted on the word and insisted that there was Qing in her name.

Huo Yunshen suppressed his emotions, settled Yan Qing down, and immediately called Dr. He who was always on call.

A few days ago, he took her back to the Huo villa, so that it would be convenient for medical staff to come in and out.

Now that Qingqing had woken up again, she remembered that she had been seriously ill, and she won’t be too resistant to people who looked like doctors.

Dr. He counted the time with trepidation. Madam retreated to the origin much faster than he expected. What he thought had ample room was slowly becoming urgent.

He sighed.

Madam’s condition really could not be speculated on by common sense.

Her recovery was due to feelings, and the accelerated regression was also due to feelings. If she hadn’t cared too much about Mr. Huo, she would have been able to survive for a while if she had realized her amnesia earlier.

After examining Yan Qing, Dr. He frowned, exited the room, and solemnly concluded: “Mr. Huo, there is no way for your wife to retreat. Now is the starting point of her memory. Next, she will jump back and forth repeatedly.”

“The good news is that,” he said happily, deliberately speaking lightly, “at this stage, your wife will be like a new-born baby, she will trust the person she meets first, and she will accept you. After this time, her mind may adapt a little bit and automatically add the plot about you.”

He said more seriously.

That was, every day from now on, no matter what happened with Huo Yunshen who “knew for the first time”, when she fell asleep and then opened her eyes, she would basically return to this blank starting point.

Fortunately, judging by today’s reaction, she felt close to him.

Huo Yunshen turned his head and looked into the bedroom through the half-closed door. Yan Qing’s petite face was tense, her black and watery eyes were sensitively looking in his direction, her lips were biting wet and red, as she looked a little timid and vigilant, as well as soft.

Meeting his eyes, she showed a trace of stability, wanting to look but not daring to look at him.

Huo Yunshen’s chest was sore from burning, and he smiled at her.

Yan Qing grabbed the quilt and aimed at the man outside.

He was very tall and had a very good figure. His legs were wrapped in trousers. He stood straight and slender. He wore a black sweater, which made his complexion look cold and pale. But he still felt extraordinarily gentle.

It made one want to be… close.

Huo Yunshen looked at her reassuringly for a while, and when her ears shrank back into the quilt with reddish ears, he lowered his eyes and said to Dr. He: “Now tell me, what will happen if this situation continues to develop.”

Dr. He froze. It turned out that Mr. Huo knew that he hadn’t told the truth last time.

“…the existing similar cases may go crazy, stupid, or lie in coma for a long time. The most serious one… chose to commit suicide when he finally had a mental breakdown.”

Huo Yunshen clenched his hands numbly: “How much time does Qingqing have?”

“About a month,” Dr. He didn’t stop, and immediately continued, “Mr. Huo, you mentioned to me the issue of designing a fake death, and I have thought about it carefully. What I must emphasize to you is—”

“First, we are not sure whether the key is to kill you.”

“Second, how to die, is it just for her to hear the message, or must… die in front of her and let her see it with her own eyes “

“In the end…you may think that, anyway, it’s good to try, but the reality is – if the guess is true, then we only have one chance.”

“Under this kind of highly targeted deep hypnosis and awakening, there is one and only one key, once we choose the wrong “death method”, the lock in Madam’s subconscious, after receiving the message that you have died once, but failed to be unlocked, may be closed forever.”

Dr. He said solemnly: “So Mr. Huo, we can’t do it rashly. Give me a little more time, and I promise to find that person.”

Huo Yunshen took a deep look at him: “My patience is limited. I will do it, if it fails, and she turns crazy or stupid, I will take care of her, if she loses consciousness, I will wait, and if she dares to die, I will accompany her.”

After finishing speaking, Huo Yunshen turned back and walked into the bedroom, pulling the bewildered little girl out of bed.

“Who are you?”

Huo Yunshen looked at her with a deep smile: “Whoever Qingqing want me to be.”

Yan Qing’s brain was a little dull, and after a serious injury at the age of nineteen, she was much sweeter and softer than usual, her dark eyes looked at him carefully, and the red lips pursed pitifully.

She secretly hoped that it was her boyfriend…

The problem was that she couldn’t be that thick-skinned!

Huo Yunshen stared at his lover’s ignorant and obedient appearance, kissed her deeply on the cheek, and said in a low voice: “Little cutie, I’m your husband, the married one.”

Forget it, forget it.

It didn’t matter if her memory only had a shelf life of one day.

His Qingqing had suffered a lot, and every minute and every second, he wanted to give her sweetness.

When she was really nineteen, he was a poor boy who worked hard to make money, had a bleak future, and a notorious reputation, and then he lost her.

She was now nineteen years old, and he wanted to bring everything in front of her that could make her laugh.

Back then when Qingqing came to treat him well, he coldly refused and bullied her.

Now he was here to return her first love that had been cared for and cherished from the very beginning by him.

As a manager, Lin Yuan had already collapsed in a hurry. She vaguely knew that Qing Bao was ill and had suspended all activities, but after seeing how Mr. Huo takew her away that day, she didn’t have the courage to ask.

All kinds of invitations were piled up in her hands, and the “Night of Song” program crew was so worried that their hair was turning grey, waiting for Qing Bao to recover and start working again.

The first episode was successfully launched a few days ago, and the word-of-mouth had exploded. Whether it was the slice of life component of the first episode or the competition in the next episode, Qing Bao had attracted a lot of attention. Without her, the show would have to be abandoned.

The recording of the second phase had been delayed for a long time and was imminent.

Lin Yuan bit the bullet and went to contact the Huo family again. She didn’t dare to look for Mr. Huo, but Min Jing: “Yan Qing, she—”

Min Jing said, “Mrs. Huo is much better. Mr. Huo has agreed to resume the filming, but the location and theme will be changed.”

The last time was around Haicheng. The theme was more modern city with complex environment. Now Mr. Huo chose the south where the temperature was warmer, where there were scenery, flowers and willows for his baby to see.

On the other side, Huo Yunshen led his little wife to the swing in the courtyard of the villa, slowly pushed her and asked, “Qingqing, do you want to go out to play?”

Yan Qing received too much information, and was trying to digest it: “I’m a singer, and I’m quite popular. I record shows and write songs, but I don’t know anyone and I should not reveal my secrets.”

Huo Yunshen held the swing, putting his hands on the armrests on both sides, he leaned close to her: “You know me.”

Yan Qing’s long eyelashes flickered, the tip of her white nose was slightly pink, and her slender fingers shook the hem of his clothes: “Will you go with me?”

She was very obedient, really like a small animal, soft and easy to pinch, innocent and seductive, looking at him with clear and bright eyes.

Huo Yunshen’s heart melted, and his throat rolled: “Wherever you go, I will go.”

The “Night of Song” program team not only waited for the re-shooting, but also received Huo Corporation’s large amount of funds and proper arrangements, and they were full of enthusiasm like being injected with chicken blood, and paved the scene in the shortest time.

At the request of the patron, Mr. Huo, He Xiangjin was still the flying guest. In addition, Ouyang, who had soared in popularity since the debut of the girl group, also joined the show.

Huo Yunshen protected Yan Qing as they arrived at the filming location. Xu Mohan and Ouyang, who arrived early, were very anxious. When they saw Qingbao who they had not seen for a long time, they rushed to wipe their tears.

Yan Qing subconsciously grabbed Huo Yunshen’s sleeve, as if she had found something to rely on, she settled down, and said to the two silly women with a sweet smile, “Hello.”

Xu Mohan and Ouyang whimpered wildly.

Huo Yunshen didn’t want to scare Qingqing, so he kept his senses and didn’t act recklessly towards her.

But the appearance of He Xiangjin not far away made his eyebrows darken.

Yan Qing was extremely sensitive, she looked up at his expression, thought he was unhappy, and tried hard to coax him.

Huo Yunshen no longer restrained himself, hugged her in his arms, stroked her hair, and glanced coldly at He Xiangjin.

Yan Qing asked softly: “What’s the matter with you.”

Huo Yunshen looked down at her deeply, the little girl had no one else in her eyes, and she was partial only to him.

He suddenly withdrew his power and complained to her in a low voice: “Qingqing, that person bullied me, spoke ill of me, and tried to snatch you away. Look – he’s bullying me again.”

Yan Qing was angry, she resolutely stood in front of Huo Yunshen, glared hostilely at the bewildered He Xiangjin, and successfully blocked a bunch of his words.

Huo Yunshen was so satisfied that his blood boiled, and he kissed Qingqing’s soft ear tips.

My wife is so nice.

Yan Qing shuddered, rubbing her flushed face, and her fingertips were also cherry-coloured.

She stumbled and her cheeks were puffed up, like a snow-white bun: “You, don’t kiss me…”

Huo Yunshen looked at her obsessively, and laughed hoarsely: “Okay.”

It was the third day, and Qingqing’s memory returned for the third time to zero, when she woke up early in the morning, he was still her husband, and she still saw him at first sight.

He took the trouble to tell her about this brand new world and let her see the marriage certificate.

But he understood that to Qingqing, this was just marriage, not love.

The show officially started recording in the afternoon. The last guest group gathered except for Ruan Jia who was eliminated, plus the flying guests, so the scene was very lively.

Xu Mohan and Ouyang had a perfect understanding, and put Yan Qing in the middle, so that she wouldn’t have any difficulties.

Yan Qing also quickly integrated into the atmosphere, because being cute also added a lot of highlights.

She didn’t panic at all, because Huo Yunshen was standing behind the camera, with a smile on his lips, staring at her intently, no matter when she looked over, she could accurately connect with him.

Xu Mohan raised her forehead: “Oh my god, I can’t take it anymore. Mr. Huo is too gentle.”

“No,” Ouyang squinted, “Look at the female guests over there, their eyes are almost falling on Mr. Huo. They were scared by what happened, otherwise they’d probably be ready to move.”

“I want to make their dreams come true.” Xu Mohan sneered.

“The women who covet my Qingbao’s husband don’t even look in the mirror.” Ouyang rolled her eyes.

Yan Qing glanced at Huo Yunshen again, then turned her head.

He attracted bees and butterflies everywhere.

She wasn’t unhappy, she didn’t know him well anyway, he was just her plastic husband on paper.

After Yan Qing finished recording a section, a certain line of sight followed her everywhere, silently begging for her response, taking advantage of a break in the middle, she walked over clutching her hands and asked him: “Don’t stand here forever.”

Huo Yunshen stared at Qingqing and couldn’t help but poke at Qingqing’s awkward face. He couldn’t do it because it had the texture of cotton candy.

He bent down and asked, “You don’t want to see me anymore?”

Yan Qing couldn’t hold back her words, and hummed, “Others want to see you more than I do.”

Huo Yunshen’s trembling heart was doused with hot honey, and he hugged her directly, the group of female singers who were scrutinizing openly and secretly were stimulated one after another.

He raised his eyebrows: “But I can only see you.”

Yan Qing ran away in a panic and continued the recording.

The shooting location was beautiful with green mountains and rivers. There was a horse farm with a large area in the range of collecting daily necessities. The horses were of good quality, and a part of the scene happened to be filmed inside. The owner of the horse farm warmly invited the guests to ride horses. When Yan Qing touched the ass of a brown horse, she found that it was super smooth.

She was eager to give it a try, but chose to give up.

It was too difficult.

She already had a bad memory and was a bit slow, if she fell, wouldn’t she turn completely stupid.

At dusk, the process of collecting ingredients was almost over, Yan Qing and Xu Mohan’s group walked back along the small river.

The trees and grass along the river were luxuriant, and the water quality was very clear.

Xu Mohan suddenly exclaimed in surprise: “Hey, Qingbao, look, fireflies!”

In the dark sky, there was a warm yellow light in the mid-air, which was pulsating slowly.

Yan Qing hadn’t seen it before, so she happily chased after two steps and tiptoed to touch, but the firefly was very smart, and quickly pulled away from her, not letting her get a closer look.

She smiled and sighed: “You’re so stingy——”

Xu Mohan comforted her: “It’s my family’s Qingbao, who is so beautiful, and the fireflies are sorry.”

Yan Qing turned around every step of the way, and waited for the fireflies to disappear before going back indoors with Xu Mohan to shoot the dinner process.

It was just that from the moment she entered, Huo Yunshen, who had been with her all day long, disappeared. She was a little lost, and hung her head listlessly.

At the same time, by the small river, Min Jing took off his suit, rolled up his shirt sleeves and led a group of dignified Huo Corporation’s special assistants and secretaries, who were diligently catching bugs in the bushes by the small river.

Why were there so few fireflies?

Min Jing was exhausted, but when he looked up, Mr. Huo himself had gained a lot. The transparent and airy delicate glass bottles, one by one, were strung together in his hands, shining brightly.

Strange, what did Brother Shen do, they just approached him like this!

Min Jing’s fighting spirit was ignited, and he led others to fight hard, not wanting to fall too far from Brother Shen.

Huo Yunshen took the results of the battle and arranged them on the tree with his own hands. He raised his watch to check the time, walked to the end of the bush, untied the horse rope, looked back and said coldly: “Let’s go.”

His tone was cold, but his eyes were warm.

After Min Jing walked a few steps, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at him. Brother Shen was standing by the tree, tall and straight, cold and dignified.

He had nothing else to ask for, he had endured hardships with Brother Shen and walked through too many thorns, he only hoped for Brother Shen’s happiness.

Yan Qing received a message from Huo Yunshen as soon as the recording ended: “Qingqing, are you sleepy?”

Her heart skipped a beat, her tired mind suddenly cleared up, and the lingering disappointment dissipated, she replied happily: “Not sleepy.”

“Good, come out and look for me.”

Yan Qing went out to look around, Huo Yunshen called immediately: “I’m by the river, don’t be afraid, don’t worry, come here slowly.”

She couldn’t slow down, her pace was getting faster and faster, she ran to the river in one breath, the bright moon hung high above the head, the soft wind was like yarn, and there were countless warm light clusters flashing in the scattered groves.

There was a sound of tapping.

Yan Qing froze, staring blankly ahead.

The voice gradually sounded, and a faint figure approached her in the warm light.

It was the graceful hooves of a horse treading on fallen leaves.

Yan Qing’s heartbeat accelerated suddenly, and she took a step forward involuntarily. Among the mottled shadows of the trees, the brown horse slowly stepped out of the cover of the bushes. The man riding it sat tall and straight, and his short hair was slightly covered by the blackness of the night wind.

No matter how charming the night was, it was less than one ten-millionth of his charm.

Yan Qing held her breath.

Huo Yunshen steered the horse to her side, his thin lips curled up, and his bony hands stretched out. He bent his back, picked up the light and boneless little girl, and put her on the back of his horse.

“You wanted to ride a horse, didn’t you?”

Yan Qing nodded slightly with a sore nose for some reason.

She thought, even though she didn’t dare, he still found out.

Huo Yunshen held her waist with one hand, turned the rope with the other, and led her into the path paved with warm yellow fluorescence.

On the high and low trees on both sides, there were glass bottles that he had hung up one by one by himself.

Huo Yunshen bowed his head and kissed her hair deeply: “The fireflies are all here. Qingqing can watch them for as long as she wants. When you have seen enough, let’s release them together.”

He stopped under the tree, took one off, and put it on her slightly cool hand, then he put his hands together and wrapped them around hers.

Yan Qing’s eyelashes were wet, she fixed her gaze on the ball of light, and sobbed, “What are you doing, I may not remember tomorrow…”

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, and smiled softly: “It’s okay, this is my request tonight.”

“…What request?”

His voice was deep.

“I want to pursue Qingqing and let Qingqing fall in love with me.”

“As a wife, love me again.”

She wouldn’t remember tomorrow, so he would continue to chase her tomorrow.

His first love had changed her countless times.

He loved her in all kinds of ways, and loved her only constant soul in every different memory.

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