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Even with Xie Lin’s promise of confidentially, Fu Yuanzhou still hoped that as few people as possible would know about this matter, the fear of Xiaofei’s guilt was one aspect, there was also another reason, he still wanted to save face, especially in front of Xiaofei, who was younger than him, and she was moreover a girl, wouldn’t he be ashamed to tremble in front of her.

Yu Fei came out of the bathroom, and upon hearing the noise, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want her to notice something strange, so he quickly sat down and begged Xie Lin in a low voice: “Help me keep it a secret, don’t tell her, please.”

“You’re scared.” Xie Lin said.

“It’s okay, there are only ten minutes left anyway, I will bear it.”

Fu Yuanzhou responded sadly, but he was not so scared at the last part. On the one hand, the ghost revealed his true body, and the suppressed sense of terror was less. Also Xie Lin had been holding his hand, which was very warm, and soothing to his emotions.

But even so, Fu Yuanzhou knew that he would not want to sleep alone tonight, so he stayed at Xie Lin’s house for the night, and he wanted to share a bed with Xie Lin, he even planned to share a quilt with Xie Lin with a cheeky face. Otherwise, he would definitely feel that ghosts were sneaking into his bed.

Xie Lin didn’t refuse and went back to the bedroom to take a shower first. Hearing the sound of dripping water in the bathroom, Fu Yuanzhou was still afraid. He really wanted to talk to someone but squatting at the door of the bathroom was really a problem.

Fortunately, it was no problem for him, because his netizen friend Lorenzo finally came online, and quickly replied to his message: “Good evening, Seven.”  

“I’m scared to death!”

“What’s wrong?” Lorenzo asked.

Fu Yuanzhou talked about watching ghost movies. The two of them were strangers in real life, but because of this, some things were easier to talk about. He wasn’t afraid of him making jokes. Once the account was withdrawn, no one would know each other.

“So scared?” Lorenzo replied, “Are you alone at home now?”

“Not for a while, but now I am.”

Fu Yuanzhou glanced at the bathroom, then he said very frankly.    

“Would you like to make a voice call? ”    

Lorenzo said, “I can talk to you.”

Their first voice call, although it was an unexpected situation, he was quite happy.    

“Hello, Seven.”    

Lorenzo’s voice came from the earphones. He seemed to be a young man with a gentle tone, a pleasant voice, and a slight smile. He was obviously very happy to be able to talk to Fu Yuanzhou.    

Fu Yuanzhou was a little shy and nervous when talking to a netizen who had a good relationship with him for the first time, and he responded, “Hello, Lorenzo.”

“Did you watch it with other people?”    

“Yeah… it was a younger sister who accompanied me.”    

Fu Yuanzhou complained to Lorenzo, of course he was not complaining about Yu Fei, but scolding that movie, as a ghost movie, it was undoubtedly a masterpiece, but because the quality was so good, Fu Yuanzhou felt even more bitter.    

“So it’s that one.” Lorenzo smiled over there, with a consoling meaning, “It’s normal to be afraid, not only you were afraid, but many people were afraid, including the actors and directors of the film.”

He told Fu Yuanzhou some anecdotes about the filming period. Fu Yuanzhou laughed after listening for a while, then he unknowingly relaxed a lot, and asked him with a smile: “How do you know?”

“I know the female lead, she is my friend’s fiancée.” Lorenzo laughed.

“Really?” Fu Yuanzhou was surprised, “I remember she is still a famous actress.”

Lorenzo responded with a smile, and then turned to chatting about actors. He knew a lot of things. Fu Yuanzhou was still a little reserved at first, but while they were chatting, it all dissipated, and he really hit it off with Lorenzo.

When Xie Lin came out of the bathroom, Fu Yuanzhou still had some unfinished thoughts. Xie Lin could faintly hear Fu Yuanzhou’s voice in the bathroom, and asked, “Who are you talking to?”

“Lorenzo, I mentioned him to you before.”

Fu Yuanzhou laughingly said goodbye to Lorenzo: “My little brother came to accompany me, I have to follow his schedule, sleep first, let’s talk tomorrow.”

“Okay, good night.” Lorenzo said softly.

Fu Yuanzhou hung up the phone and saw Xie Lin standing where he was,and lifted the quilt to greet him very enthusiastically: “Come on!”

“I thought it was your classmate.” Xie Lin said, “Are you talking to a netizen?”

“This is the first time, he got to know that I was afraid, so he chatted with me while I waited for you.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “I don’t have the nerve to find a classmate.” As he said, he flipped the quilt up and down, “Come on.”

Xie Lin just went to bed, and the bed was very uncomfortable. It was wide and the quilt was big enough to accommodate the two of them.

The lights were not completely extinguished, leaving the bedside lamp, Fu Yuanzhou took Xie Lin’s hand, and then went further and hugged Xie Lin’s waist, only then did he feel at ease.

“Do you feel uncomfortable holding me to sleep like this?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

“No.” Xie Lin said.

“How about this?”

Fu Yuanzhou took a mile when given an inch and put a leg on Xie Lin’s, in exchange for Xie Lin’s glance. Although he didn’t speak, Fu Yuanzhou knew what it meant, and took his leg back resentfully.

“Fortunately, you are with me.” He sighed, still cocking his tail, “Not everyone has such a good baby.”

“Go to sleep.” Xie Lin said.

Accompanied by Xie Lin, and after chatting a lot with Lorenzo, Fu Yuanzhou was not so scared, and soon fell asleep, but Xie Lin beside him was still awake.


The sleeping Fu Yuanzhou turned over, let go of Xie Lin, and lay flat on the bed.

Xie Lin sat up and saw that he was sleeping soundly. He was silent for a long time, stretched out his fingertips and gently slid his eyebrows and eyes until they stopped on his lips, and did not lift his hand for a long time.

The touch of the lips was softer than anywhere else, with a bit of moisture, Xie Lin watched, slowly bent down, brought his face closer, and almost kissed Fu Yuanzhou’s lips.

However, when they were a fraction away, he stopped.

Instead of kissing Fu Yuanzhou’s lips, he kissed his cheek instead.

It was a silent, soft, and careful kiss.


There was a little wind blowing in from the corridor, the door was not closed tightly, just now Fu Yuanzhou came in behind, maybe because he was flustered, he didn’t close the door completely in a hurry.

Xie Lin got up to close the door, but found Yu Fei standing at the door, peeking in through the crack of the door.

Holding two glasses of milk, she looked dazed as she stared at Xie Lin.

“Brother, you…”

Xie Lin’s heart sank.

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