TBLF Ch. 90 Confession Time!!!

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Wu Yinghua went out to buy groceries early in the morning. She made dishes that everyone liked. The table had a dazzling array of dishes and it was even richer than the Chinese New Year.

According to Qi Ying’s preferences, Yu Zhuo also arranged pink balloons at home, which made it look like a wedding room, and he was severely despised for his aesthetic level by his mother.

Yu Zhuo was unconvinced, and when Qi Ying came back, he asked her: “Sister, do you like these decorations?”

Qi Ying hesitated for a moment: “I can like it.”

Yu Zhuo: “?”

Next to Ji Rang said: ” Not bad, pretty good-looking.”

Yu Zhuo: “Right!” He knew that someone would understand his aesthetic sense! The cake was ordered long ago, and it was Qi Ying’s favorite chocolate flavor. When it was almost noon, Han Yang also rushed over after getting off work.

The family had a good time, first they gave Qi Ying wishes for a long life, made her cut the cake, and then asked Qi Ying to perform the tea ceremony with Han Yang, and officially recognize him as her godfather.

After eating, the adults had to go back to work, leaving the rest of them to play be themselves.

Qi Ying originally thought that she could not go anywhere, but after a while, Ji Rang took her downstairs and they got into a black Audi.

She was a little surprised, and asked in a low voice: “Where are we going?”

Ji Rang leaned over to fasten her seat belt: “Going to celebrate your birthday.”

The car took them to a beach house.

Now that housing prices are soaring, the cost of beach houses were almost sky-high. But this villa was purchased many years ago, it was the property of his mother, and it was now under his name.

He didn’t want to come here before, evading everything related to the past, so the villa had been locked tightly and covered with dust. Some time ago, he asked someone to clean it, the furniture was replaced, the small courtyard in front of the villa was planted with vibrant flowers, and the whole house looked completely new.

From a distance, she could hear deafening music coming from inside, as if somebody was having a party.

Ji Rang felt his eyes twitch, he let her look at the flowers in the small courtyard first, then went straight to open the door, and shouted to the inside: “Qu Dazhuang! Turn off the speaker!

Only then did things calm down.

Yue Li wearing a birthday hat, rushed out from the door with a still burning firework stick: “Happy birthday Yingying! “

Qi Ying uttered a “wow” in surprise. The villa was a party scene. Desserts, pastries, snacks and drinks were all available. When Qi Ying walked in, Luo Bing and Liu Haiyang also had a flower basket filled with rose petals which they sprinkled on Qi Ying’s head.

Her good friends were all around, and even Fu Nanxun was there.

Ji Rang knew that she liked to be lively, so he gave her a lively party following the doctor’s advice.

After high school, they all would go their separate ways, and maybe they never would have another opportunity to get together like this.

The no music birthday party continued until the evening, while the outside temperature gradually lowered, and the setting sun cast brilliant colors on the sea.

Ji Rang and Qi Ying climbed to the rooftop of the house to see the sunset over the sea.

There was just a road and a sandy beach that separated them from the sea. Therefore, they could see the blue sea, and the golden light of the sun setting on the surface from their position.

Qi Ying found it all to be very beautiful. She took out her phone and leaned against the balcony to take some photos. Then she felt two arms around her waist.

Ji Rang had hugged her from behind.

He was very tall, and his arms were very wide, so he could hold her in this way, as if he was blocking her in his arms.

She arched her waist, his chin rested lightly on her shoulder, and when she slightly tilted her head, his lips touched her ears, and it was a little itchy when he breathed against it.

Qi Ying smiled softly and pushed him with her hands: “What are you doing, it’s so itchy.”

Ji Rang laughed, touching her head with one hand, and leaning his head to kiss her face heavily: “What do you think I am doing?”

Qi Ying blushed.

The teenager’s arms tightened, as if trying to absorb her into his own flesh, with his lips next to her ears, and he whispered, “Yingying.”

Her ears were too sensitive. She shivered and her voice was crisp. “Huh?”

He said: “I wanted to give you a grand and unique confession.” He kissed her ear, finally stopped torturing her, and looked up at the sea in the distance: “But now I think that as long as you are by my side, it is enough “

After experiencing great sorrow and joy, ordinariness was his only yearning.

He let go of her arm, turned her around, touched her face with his palm, rubbed her cheek lightly with his thumb, then lowered his head and touched the tip of her nose with the tip of his nose: “Will you be with me?”

The little girl’s eyes opened wide. They looked huge on her little face, and when she blinked, her eyelashes swept across his skin.

She pursed her lower lip, grabbed the corner of his clothes with her fingers, and stepped on tiptoe slightly, then kissed his lips.

She was a little shy, so she just touched his lips and then dropped her head, her voice was sweet and soft: “Okay.”

Ji Rang laughed: “How is this enough?”

He dragged her face with one hand and kissed her hard.

It was their first real kiss. All the restraints were released at this moment, and he could finally kiss her without scruples. Prying her lips and teeth apart, he started sucking on her tongue, wishing to swallow her into his abdomen, so that all of her belonged to him.

Qi Ying almost fainted as the kiss continued, and her legs were too soft to support her. The boy hugged her and backed away until they reached the balcony. He pinched her waist and was even more presumptuous.

The setting sun gradually sank completely into the horizon, the afterglow was looming, the light was fading around them, and his eyes were like stars in the dark.

He left her lips, touched her forehead with his forehead, and whispered to her: “Baby.”

Her eyes were foggy, her small mouth was half open, she hadn’t recovered from the kiss, so she responded softly: “Um…”

He burnt all over, he buried his head into her neck, kissed her collarbone, all the way up from the neck to where it met her ear. He kissed the little girl until she was limp in his arms, and then said in a hoarse voice: “I love you.”

Until death.


After Qi Ying’s birthday, Ji Rang got busy.

Enrolment in police academy was different from ordinary schools. You needed to transfer files for review, as well as participate in special physical fitness tests, physical examinations, and interviews. Ji Rang was qualified in all aspects, and the relative files were also glorious, but his eyesight was a little bad, however he just qualified by an edge and crossed over to the passing line.

Liu Yao felt it was really fortunate that all the punishment files for this kid had been erased.

Who would have expected that the school tyrant who was so troublesome at the beginning would eventually become a police academy student?

Haiyi’s classmates who heard the news felt it was magical.

In August, admission notices arrived one after another.

The start time of the police academy was one week earlier than other schools, and Ji Rang could only report to the school first. On the day of his departure, Qi Ying went to the airport to see him off.

After the summer vacation, Ji Rang suddenly found that his little baby had become even more of a temptation.

She used to have a small face that was actually a bit fleshy, and she looked sweet and well-behaved. As long as she didn’t deliberately dress up, she wouldn’t be too attractive. But after the summer vacation, the little girl grew taller and thinner.

After her facial features developed, the face became all the more refined. If it used to be like a rose in bud, now it was the rose in full bloom, and every smile was arousing.

Ji Rang began to panic.

When he walked to the security checkpoint, he stopped going in, turned around and pressed the little girl in his arms, and told her fiercely: “When I’m away, you are not allowed to smile and laugh, have you heard?”

Qi Ying blinked innocently.

With a sour heart, he lowered his head and kissed her rosy lips severely.

Everyone was watching, Qi Ying was embarrassed and buried her little head into his chest, softly and coquettishly: “What are you doing?”

The boy pressed his palm against her head, and his voice seemed muffled: “You look like this. How dare LaoTzu let you go to university alone?”

Qi Ying smiled while trembling, put her little hand in her pocket, and pulled out a mask: “Then I will wear a mask from now on, so I won’t show my face to others.”

Ji Rang felt bad.

No matter what, it was annoying.

So, he decided to just hold the little baby close and not let her go.

As time passed, Qi Ying pushed him amusedly: “Hurry in, or you won’t be able to catch the plane.”

He took a deep breath, then let her go reluctantly, and muttered, “I’ll go first, and I’ll pick you up when you start school like I did in the past.”

Qi Ying nodded obediently: “Well, wait for me.”

He couldn’t help but kiss her face again before finally turning around resolutely and dragging his luggage. He entered the security check channel.

Qi Ying kept standing on the spot waving her hand until his figure disappeared completely, and then sighed in sorrow and turned to leave.

The staff who ate dog food for more than half an hour next to them: “…”

Now children, can you give a little bit of opportunity for survival for us older single dogs?

When leaving the airport to get on the bus, Qi Ying received a call from Yue Li.

She had also received the acceptance letter from the Department of Film Direction from H University. She had enjoyed herself throughout the summer vacation. She had also travelled several times and just came back yesterday. Seeing that they were about to report to the university, she asked Qi Ying to go out to play before both of them left.

The two hadn’t been to Silver Elephant City for a long time, so they met at the milk tea shop there.

Yue Li brought her gifts from her travels and chatted with her about interesting things during the journey. The two were shopping happily when Qi Ying suddenly saw Shen Yue across the street, he was accompanied by a long-haired girl and they were walking and laughing while walking arm in arm.

Qi Ying chuckled in her heart and turned Yue Li’s head in her direction.

Yue Li: “…What are you doing?!”

Qi Ying: “…Do you think my skirt looks good?”

Yue Li: “Good-looking, good-looking, but aren’t you wearing pants?”

Qi Ying: “…”

She secretly looked behind them, Shen Yue had already walked far away. Just as she breathed a sigh of relief, she heard Yue Li say nonchalantly: “Did you see Shen Yue and his girlfriend?”

Qi Ying: “!” She looked carefully at the face of her good friend, and asked: “You knew it a long time ago?”

Yue Li nodded.

She saw it the last time she went back to school to get her diploma.

Qi Ying comforted and hugged her: “Don’t be sad, when you go to university, you will meet other people and you will like each other.”

Yue Li smiled and touched her head: “Oh, I’m not sad.”


“Really, isn’t it like that for secret love?” She took a sip of milk tea, chewing on the pearls and sighed: “As he said, sports don’t have to be won to win. The same is true for secret love, it doesn’t have to have a happy ending as a result.”

She actually wanted to say to Shen Yue: Thank you for being a splendid crush for me, so that I have no regrets on the road of youth. Thank you for making me a better version of myself.

Qi Ying looked at her with a seeming understanding, Yue Li waved her hand and said very coolly: “The past is over, it doesn’t matter!”

She took out her phone with a look of excitement, opened the album, and showed her a photo.

It was a stage photo. The male celebrity in red suit was dancing with a microphone, flirty and handsome.

Yue Li small classmate star chaser: “It’s boring to be in love! I want to chase stars! Take a look at my Yanyi brother!”

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