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Chi Fang took a cold shower, changed his clothes, and washed his hair as well. He didn’t bother to blow his hair, anyway in the summer, it dried naturally after a while.

Yu Mo had already packed everything up and was looking at the book in his hand. Hearing Chi Fang’s movement, he raised his head, and frowned slightly at his dripping hair: “You’ll catch a cold.”

Chi Fang had to get a towel to dry it. After getting the towel, he just swiped it twice on his head. Looking at Chi Fang’s messy actions, Yu Mo frowned slightly, but finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and reached out to take Chi Fang’s towel. Chi Fang bent his eyes when he saw this and let go of the towel in his hand obediently, letting Yu Mo wipe his hair.

After a while, the driver bought the things back. Chi Fang opened the door and saw two people moving a table. Fortunately, his door was large enough to bring it in at an angle. Chi Fang instructed them to move out the previous table and put the new table in the original place.

“And this.” The driver put the dishwasher in the living room, made sure that Yu Mo had nothing else for him to do, and left.

Chi Fang looked at the dishwasher and couldn’t help but smile.

The small apartment had been cleaned up. The books on the bookshelf had become two peoples. The small sofa in the corner of the pool had also become two. Only then did Chi Fang suddenly realize that this small apartment would be the home of two people in the future. They would be living together.

Chi Fang had never lived with anyone before, let alone living in the same room in this sense, Chi Fang started to blush, and even the edges of his ears were hot.

Yu Mo reached out from behind and touched Chi Fang’s hair, Chi Fang was so frightened that he took a big step forward.

Chi Fang raised his hand to cover his head: “What are you doing!”

Yu Mo’s hand stopped in the air, and he was a little confused about Chi Fang’s response so much: “Checking if your hair dried?”

Chi Fang coughed lightly. With a cry, he put his hand down: “It’s done, you don’t need to wipe it anymore.”

Yu Mo put down his hand suspiciously.

It was already noon after finishing packing, and neither of them had much food in the morning. Chi Fang thought that it would be nice to give Yu Mo a welcome dinner and so the two decided to go to the nearby mall to buy some vegetables together.

Chi Fang tried his craft for Yu Mo for the first time. This was the first time that he cooked for someone outside of his family. In addition, because of Chi Fang’s own thoughts about Yu Mo, he was even more attentive when cooking.

Yu Mo looked at the food on the table: “It’s too much for two people.”

Chi Fang glanced at the table and felt that he had overdone a little, but anyway everything was done. So, Chi Fang conveniently laughed: “It’s all right, there is a refrigerator anyway.”

Not daring to drink, Chi Fang took out a bottle of soft drink from the refrigerator and poured it for himself and Yu Mo, smiled and raised the cup: “Please take care of me in the future.”

After eating, both of them were a little tired. Chi Fang was busy all morning and also made a meal. Yu Mo didn’t sleep much last night, and now he was yawning constantly, and the whole person looked a little confused.

Chi Fang watched Yu Mo yawn again, “Would you like to sleep for a while?”

Yu Mo still wanted to hold on, but unfortunately, he was too sleepy to open his eyes, so he nodded. Chi Fang adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner, and when he turned his head, he saw Yu Mo lying on the bed, already asleep.

He covered Yu Mo with the quilt, yawned himself, and went to the other side of the bed to go to sleep.

The two people slept for almost four hours. When Yu Mo opened his eyes and looked at the slightly dim room, for a moment he thought it was already night. He recovered, and hearing the sound of breathing in his ear, he turned his head slightly to the right.

Chi Fang was lying on his side with a red stamp on his left face, and the bangs on his forehead were also a little messy.

Yu Mo fixedly stared at him for a long while, then gently turned around and hugged Chi Fang cautiously in his arms. Chi Fang rubbed Yu Mo lightly, but was not awakened, so he continued to sleep.

The two people slept until after 7 o’clock in the evening, and the sky outside was already dark. Chi Fang called his mother and told him that he would not go home tonight.

After hanging up the phone, Chi Fang warmed up the leftover food made at noon. After the two of them had finished their meal, they cleared the desk and started to do their homework.

After writing the questions for a while, Chi Fang raised his head and looked at Yu Mo: “Are you going to go out in the holidays?” The long holidays would start next Wednesday, a total of seven days.

Yu Mo paused, his expression a little hesitant.

Chi Fang: “What’s wrong?”

Yu Mo: “Maybe will go back to my hometown.”

Chi Fang nodded, but he was a little puzzled: “Why did you suddenly come into contact with these?” It was clear that Yu Mo had no interest in these companies at home earlier.

Yu Mo raised his eyes slightly, took a quick glance at Chi Fang, and then looked down at the question in front of him: “No reason.”

After a few days, the holiday began, and Yu Mo went back to his hometown on the same day. Even his mobile phone was shut off. But before Yu Mo left, he gave Chi Fang the key to the villa in the mountains, so that Chi Fang could arrange a driver and go there if he wanted to.

Chi Fang had been there for two days, but it was a pity that Yu Mo was not there, and he was not interested, so he thought that it was better to go home and read a book.

Mother Chi just watched Chi Fang staying at home for three days. She couldn’t stand it anymore and took Chi Fang out to go shopping. Chi Fang did not refuse, and cleverly followed Mother Chi out.

While he was waiting for Mother Chi outside a store in the mall, he saw Zhu Ling on the opposite side, with Wang Pengyu standing beside her. The two of them didn’t see Chi Fang. Wang Pengyu was arguing with Zhu Ling and finally dragged Zhu Ling away. Everyone next to him knew the young master of the Wang family, and no one dared to go up and stop him.

Chi Fang raised his eyebrows looking at the obviously expensive clothes on Zhu Ling.

“Xiao Fang, what do you think of this? Xiao Fang?” Mother Chi tried a long skirt on, and when she turned around, she saw her son staring at the two people opposite them in a daze.

After returning to his senses, Chi Fang turned to look at Mother Chi, and said with a smile: “It’s pretty.”

Mother Chi gave him an annoyed look, knowing that he was absent-minded, glanced at the direction he was looking at before, and wondered: “Wasn’t that person from the Wang family, who is next to him?”

“Maybe… it was a girlfriend?” Chi Fang laughed.

Mother Chi watched the two people leave, frowned slightly, and suddenly sighed for a while, “Yu Mo is pretty good.”

“Yes.” Chi Fang responded casually, and suddenly realized that Mother Chi was there. He did not know what to say, and he turned his head to look at Mother Chi, “Huh?”

Mother Chi: “What? Yu Mo is not much better than Wang Pengyu as a friend?”

Chi Fang swallowed and nodded quickly: “Yes. “

Mother Chi glanced at Chi Fang, his eyes were flashing with panic and she pretended to ignore it and continued to bring her son to go to different shops. Chi Fang was a little confused by Mother Chi’s question, and he didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

After shopping and returning home, Chi Fang just glanced at the phone, and as expected, there was still no information from Yu Mo. He clicked on the software, fed the cat called Xiaoyu, and arranged everything messed up by it. After looking at the phone for a while, Chi Fang suddenly had an urge to raise a cat in his small apartment.

But after thinking about it carefully, he still had to go to school now, and he would be even busier in the third year of high school. If he could test into the same university with Yu Mo, then they could buy an apartment outside and raise a cat…

Chi Fang suddenly sat up from the bed, opened the math problems on the side, and started to do it again.

Mother Chi originally wanted to come up to talk to Chi Fang, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw Chi Fang focusing on the question, and he didn’t even hear the movement of her opening the door. Mother Chi stared at Chi Fang’s back for a long time, and then gently closed the door again.

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