FESM Extra 15.1: Benjamin × Li Xin

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The alpha’s energy was really terrifying.

Li Xin couldn’t count how many times the general wanted him. Benjamin seemed to be using up his endless energy and made love to him repeatedly in various positions. Li Xin was so tortured that his whole body had gone weak, and his waist and legs were almost broken.

It wasn’t until dawn that Benjamin finally let him go.

Li Xin was so tired that he fell asleep almost immediately. He fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up until the evening.

When he woke up, he found that the general had helped him clean his body. When he got up to wash up, Li Xin turned red with embarrassment when he saw the hickeys all over his body. He always felt that he was a beta man who was hugged by an alpha man. The whole night was so embarrassing… but the general was gentle and didn’t hurt him.

Just as he was thinking wildly, the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open. Li Xin saw that Benjamin was not wearing anything, as he calmly walked into the bathroom and couldn’t help but stay where he was: “Why did you come in directly?”

Benjamin smiled, came over, applied shower gel on Li Xin, and said softly: “I’ll help you take a bath.”

Li Xin’s face turned red: “You go out, I’ll wash myself…”

But Benjamin pulled him directly into his arms. Inside, he turned on the nozzle and said: “Wash together and save water.”

D**n you saving water!

Why didn’t you want to save water when you were doing it in the bathroom last night? How much water in the bathtub have you wasted?

Li Xin complained in his heart, but was too embarrassed to say it out loud, so he could only be held by Benjamin in the shower.

Although his back and legs were sore from last night, Li Xin was in good spirits for the first time since his puberty. Benjamin carried him to the dining room, where they had a warm dinner, and then returned to the bedroom to watch a movie together.

Li Xin thought of Yize’s studio and couldn’t help but say: “By the way, Yize transferred the equity of the studio directly to me. I really can’t take it. What do you think, how should I return it?”

Benjamin said calmly: “This is his wish, I think you should accept it.”

Li Xin was startled: “What do you mean?”

Benjamin said: “The Qin family has so many properties, and they are not short of these. Qin Yize gave you this studio because he treats you as a friend, and not just a relationship between a manager and an artist. If you don’t accept it, Qin Yize and Luo Ning will think you are treating them like outsiders.”

Li Xin hesitated for a moment, then feeling Benjamin was right, he nodded and said, “Yize really doesn’t have time to manage the studio now, so I’ll just manage it for him. Then I can buy more gifts for them when I make money.”

Benjamin found that his beta listened to his opinion, so he smiled slightly, kissed his ear, and said: “In the future, you don’t need to be an agent anymore. I don’t want you to work so hard. Xiao Zhou should be left to your assistant. You just have to be the boss with peace of mind.”

Li Xin nodded and said, “Well, this way I can spend more time with you.”

After saying that, he felt that he was too shameless and couldn’t help but blush.

Benjamin liked the way he looked when he blushed, so he pressed him down and kissed him. He just felt sorry that he made him too tired last night. So, Benjamin didn’t bother him anymore today. He hugged Li Xin and had a good sleep, and then took Li Xin to travel with him again.

The two of them were completely undisturbed by the outside world, relaxing and looking at the scenery everywhere.

During this period, Benjamin was naturally not idle. As long as Li Xin’s physical condition allowed, he would press him down and love Li Xin all night long. Li Xin gradually got used to being hugged by the alpha. When he came back from his honeymoon, his whole complexion was… much better.

But as soon as he opened Weibo, he got confused.

Sure enough, his wedding was a hot topic again, and the number of his fans had exceeded 5 million.

During this period of time, he was traveling with Benjamin everywhere and had no time to browse Weibo. So, he looked at the tens of thousands of comments and was at a loss.

“Congratulations to Brother Li!” “I didn’t expect that the alpha you were seeing was Major General Benjamin. Brother Li, you are so awesome!” “The wedding was so romantic, I envy you! Bless you both!” “Brother Li doesn’t even use Weibo, right? Aren’t you so loved by the general that you don’t have time to post on Weibo?” “You must have gone on your honeymoon after disappearing for so long!” “Tell me, what does it feel like to be hugged by an alpha?” “Soldiers must have great physical strength. Brother Li, can you really handle it?”

Li Xin blushed and wished he could delete all these fans with evil thoughts!

He directly posted a message on Weibo, saying: “Thank you for your concern and blessings, we are fine.”

After the vacation, Benjamin had to go to the military region to report. The two were newly married. Of course, Li Xin couldn’t bear to be separated from him. He didn’t know what to do, but Benjamin said, “Are you willing to accompany me to the military area? This time I will be accompanied by a real family member.”

Of course Li Xin was willing, but he was just worried that it would have a bad influence on Benjamin: “Is it convenient for you to take me?”

Benjamin said: “Of course it is convenient. I applied to the military department this time, and my superiors approved a house for me in the military region, and I can bring my family member along.”

The marshal was a very humane leader and allowed their family members to accompany the soldiers. This also prevented many soldiers from having conflicts with their wives and having marital crises when they were away from home for a long time. Before, Benjamin lived in a common dormitory because he was single. Now that he was married, it was naturally easy to get it approved when applying for a family building.

The environment of the family home was relatively quiet. Even if two people did something shameless and impetuous at night, the sound insulation effect was quite good and would not affect others.

Therefore, Li Xin moved into Benjamin’s family home in the military region as the general’s husband.

As Benjamin’s legal partner, no matter where he went, the officers of the Hydra Legion paid special respect to him. Many fans on the Internet also left messages on his Weibo: “Hello, Madam General!” “Brother Li, your general. He’s so handsome!” “Take good care of the general!”

Li Xin didn’t want to be too high-profile, so he didn’t post daily updates on Weibo. Instead, he only posted work-related news.

The days in the military area were peaceful. During the day, when the general went to work, Li Xin would control and handle the affairs of the studio remotely at home. When he came back at night, the general would always hug him to the bed and love him, and Li Xin would blush, half pushing and half not letting this alpha go.

Benjamin never knew what moderation was, and he would toss about until late at night every time. Li Xin felt really distressed and sweet because of this.

Just like this, a month passed, when something suddenly happened to Xiao Zhou. The entertainment industry had always been “deep”. Li Xin had long expected that Xiao Zhou would be discredited by his competitors if his momentum was too great. He did not expect that the opponent’s methods would be so despicable, where a lot of messy black information about him was revealed, which seemed to be reasonable, but many so-called “evidence” could be seen to be fabricated at first glance.

Zhou Jinyun was immediately frightened, and his new manager was also in a hurry, so he had to ask Brother Li to take action.

As soon as Li Xin took action, he acted resolutely and put the rumors to rest in just three days. Zhou Jinyun was so grateful that he almost cried: “Thank you, Brother Li. Thank you so much…”

Li Xin patted Xiao Zhou on the shoulder and warned: “You must be careful when doing things in this circle. You are so young and popular. Come on, it will definitely make people jealous, and it is common to be framed… Um…” He suddenly frowned mid-sentence and lightly covered his head.

Zhou Jinyun said nervously: “Brother Li? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Li Xin didn’t know what was going on. He always felt very tired recently, and because he was busy with Xiao Zhou’s affairs, he hadn’t slept well in the past three days. Li Xin thought it was because he didn’t have enough rest, so he didn’t mind. He rubbed his temples and said, “It’s okay, I’ll go back first…”

Xiao Zhou looked at him worriedly: “Brother Li, you look very bad. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Li Xin waved his hand: “I didn’t sleep well last night. I just need to go back and take a nap.”

He drove back to his Capital Star residence alone and went to the bedroom to rest. Benjamin was in the military area. So, he slept alone on the big bed and always felt very uneasy. In the dream, he dreamed of the scene of their wedding night. Benjamin was particularly gentle to him and wanted him all night long. Li Xin was dreaming in a daze, with a blush on his cheeks, while the temperature of his body seemed to have increased. When he woke up, his whole body was covered in sweat.

He was so shameless to have such a dream again. Li Xin blushed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. As soon as he entered the bathroom, he felt a sudden burst of nausea in his stomach. He lay down by the sink and retched for a while, almost vomiting out all the acidic water in his stomach.

What’s going on lately? My whole state is not right. Is it because I am too tired?

Li Xin looked at himself in the mirror and rubbed his forehead with a headache.

Just at this time, Qin Yize sent a message asking him if he was used to being in the military area. Li Xin thought that it had been a long time since he had seen Yize and his husband, so he simply changed his clothes and went downstairs to buy some gifts for the children and decided to stop by to take a look at Luo Ning and Yize.

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