S&E Ch. 6 Blind Date P. 2

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You remember the blind date in Ch. 2. This is the continuation.

When she walked quickly to the entrance of the restaurant, the urging call came, Shuang Yi picked up the phone, and Bai Ya’s extremely irate voice came from there: “Have you arrived? Why are you not answering the phone? I have called you at least 10 times!”

Had the phone rung? Shuang Yi started rushing, and said quickly, “I’ll be there soon, I’m at the entrance.”

Hearing this, Bai Ya was relieved: “You haven’t been to the restaurant before, right? I’m in a traffic jam. Tell him that you don’t know when we will reach. Go in first. Don’t talk nonsense when you see the manager later. Just smile and laugh whenever you want. Don’t talk nonsense, if he says something. You just keep smiling if the place is too good for you and don’t speak nonsense, Ok?

“Ban Ya…” Shuang Yi had an ominous premonition, “What the hell did you ask me to do? No, you did. What kind of bad things did you call me to push on me?”

“How is it possible! Am I that kind of person? Anyway, I’m introducing a man to you. Although he will most probably despise you, you usually won’t even have the chance to see such a superb man. Let alone eating together, in short, don’t talk nonsense, you can just acquiesce to whatever he says! “

What made her look down on her so much… Shuang Yi was speechless, but Bai Ya seemed to be really anxious. She spoke a lot and she was not even able to insert any words in between.

“What do you mean by being silent, do you want to escape?”

“…No.” When she heard this, Bai Ya was relieved. Although things seemed strange, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Besides, there is going to be a super handsome guy. I’m going to see him.

“Then you go in quickly, the manager doesn’t like others being late.”

“I know, but you’d better tell me what’s going on?” Shuang Yi couldn’t help wondering if Bai Ya had no traffic jam, and was just planning to trick her into a trap without telling her anything?

“There is no time now. I’ll have a chance to explain it to you later. Anyway, it is a blind date for you.” Bai Ya did not answer as expected, but her tone softened, and she exhorted, “That’s it. You made copies of my notes for four years. Don’t talk nonsense. I’m hanging up.”

As if afraid that she would continue to ask questions, Bai Ya hung up the phone hurriedly, and Shuang Yi frowned while holding the phone.

Banya’s voice… Why did it have a guilty undertone! It seemed that this blind date definitely has another mystery. Also, although her class notes were copied by Bai Ya before each exam in the university, the questions Bai Ya could not answer in each exam were copied from her. Good = =

No more thoughts, Shuang Yi picked up the phone and walked up the steps in front of the restaurant, the smiling waitress opened the door timely.


“Miss, how many people in your party?”

“Well, I’m looking for someone.”

Oops! Shuang Yi suddenly thought of a question. Bai Ya never told her what that person was like, she didn’t even know the last name, how can she find him now? Could it be that I have to search for a man with a handsome appearance and attractive temperament?

But… Judging from Bai Ya’s performance just now, the truth of what she said earlier is really open to question…

Shuang Yi was planning to call Bai Ya on the phone, but the waitress smiled and said, “May I ask if you are looking for a gentleman?”

“Uh, yes.” The waitress smiled and said, “He is waiting for you on the second floor, please come with me.”

Shuang Yi followed the waitress to the second floor and looked at the restaurant on the way. The layout of this restaurant is quite exquisite and elegant. The space is large, but there are not many tables. It looks very open and spacious. Most of the male and female guests are dressed formally, conversing with decent low laughter, soft lights swaying, and surrounded by a clean piano sound. The ambience was very romantic and peaceful.

Such an environment made Shuang Yi feel a little expectant in his heart. Boya said that person is so good, then even a few shortcomings can be tolerated…

However, the current waitress who led the way stopped. When Shuang Yi looked down to introduce herself, she was dumbfounded.


What, is this called handsome appearance and attractive temperament?

This is the best product that Bai Ya rarely saw?

Although she knew that Bai Ya’s words needed to be discounted, is it too exaggerated for it to be in a negative score? Shuang Yi looked at the man sitting not far away, his rich face and unique oily hair, and the huge bunch of blue roses on the table…

Did the waitress recognise the wrong person? Shuang Yi glanced around the restaurant, and whispered to the waitress: “Is there anyone else waiting for someone?”

The waitress smiled doubtfully: “Miss, only this gentleman is waiting for someone.”

Indeed, Shuang Yi just glanced at the restaurant, the other tables were all occupied by pairs, only this table is sitting alone.

Ok… Okay! Maybe Bai Ya has the Martian aesthetic? Maybe the big blue roses had special meaning? Shuang Yi consoled herself, plucked up the courage to walk over, and nodded very politely before sitting down opposite the man.

The man actually looked at her with suspicion when Shuang Yi walked towards him. When she sat down, the skeptical gaze suddenly turned into disappointment and anger. He looked at Shuang Yi up and down, but his tone was not good. And he said: “You are the one they picked?”

What kind of person was this?

Shuang Yi was about to ask him if he was Bo Ya’s boss, but she couldn’t help but wonder, and hesitantly did not answer immediately. But obviously the man took this hesitation as a default admission, and his expression became even more angry.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number and started shouting: “The person you picked for me completely does not meet my requirements! I gave you a list of requirements. You just found me this kind of woman who I can find on the streets by handful…photos? What photos? I didn’t see the photos you sent me. Do you know how much money I can make in a minute? How can I have time to look at the photos? If I had time to see the photos, would I have to entrust you to marry me… I am very dissatisfied with your service. You can’t get any of the remaining money… next time? No next time! I will change to another service.”

The man snapped his cell phone and said bluntly: “I’m not satisfied with you, you can go.”

At this time, Shuang Yi held the menu that the waiter handed her, completely stunned.

Where has the plot developed? Why can’t she keep up at all? It’s too dramatic, none of her novels have such ups and downs. Also, what did he say about millions? What kind of marriage?

As a romance novelist who never lacked imagination, Shuang Yi immediately thought of it-is it the arranged millionaire bride phenomenon of recent years?

Boya called her to come, could it be that this man was a millionaire looking for a marriage partner, and Boya was chosen, but didn’t want to come, so she caught her to replace?

That’s not right, why would Bai Ya do this?

Shuang Yi was still in a mess. Big Brother Blue Rose stood up and put on his coat and was about to leave. However, when the coat was halfway through, he suddenly froze, as if he had been punched, standing stiffly in a weird posture. His eyes were looking obliquely behind Shuang Yi, the original anger on his face disappeared, replaced by an expression as if struck by lightning.

What happened again?

This elder brother is not from Sichuan, right?

Shuang Yi admired his face-changing skills and looked behind herself curiously. She suddenly saw a pair of lovers sitting on the diagonally rear window… well, it should be a pair of lovers, attracting attention.

It was a pair of outstanding young man and woman. From the angle of Shuang Yi, in fact, only the front of the woman could be seen. The man, Shuang Yi could only see his upright side back, and the slender fingers elegantly placed on the crystal wine glass.

But that was enough. Shuang Yi’s heartbeat started beating two times faster, as she watched the man stretch out his graceful hand with some concentration. At this moment, Shuang Yi suddenly understood why those male painters were inspired by seeing beautiful women, because she was also like this now. She actually saw an incomplete silhouette of another and wrote a backstory for him in a few small movements between gestures. She had the urge to tackle him for sex.

After a long while, Shuang Yi looked away from the man with difficulty, and looked at the woman opposite him, and was immediately surprised again.

Definitely a rare beauty! With picturesque eyebrows and a smart smile, wearing a grass-green dress, the whole person was as pure and beautiful as spring, yet elegant and generous. Blue Rose’s thunderstruck expression was because of her.

Thinking of Brother Rose, Shuang Yi turned around, and immediately became embarrassed.

The eldest Brother Blue Rose in front of her was still in the same posture as she was just now, staring straight at the beauty. Although it is indeed a rare beauty, isn’t this elder brother being too exaggerated? Shuang Yi looked around, there were already several people looking at him.

Shuang Yi coughed.

No response.

She coughed again.

The fascinated Big Brother Blue Rose finally glanced at her.

“Hehe, do you want to sit down and drink something?” Shuang Yi motioned to him to look around. Brother Rose finally realized that his posture was too conspicuous, and hurriedly sat down.

Shuang Yi beckoned and called the waiter, and smiled and said, “Big brother, what is your name?”

The man looked at her vigilantly: “What are you asking about this for? I will not treat you…”

“I know I know; I know you are not satisfied with me. I won’t worry if you don’t think about it.” Shuang Yi quickly raised her hand to show her innocence.

After ordering a pot of tea, Shuang Yi rolled her eyes, the surface was very calm, but in fact, she was already curious. It seems that it is really a million-dollar marriage. Although this kind of thing is common in the newspapers, it is the first time she had personally experienced it. She would be really sorry if she did not dig up some information.

But this Blue Rose brother seems to be very vigilant…

Well, let’s start with the topics that interest him!

So Shuang Yi spoke with admiration: “That lady in the green dress is so beautiful!” Hearing the words lady in the green dress, the man’s expression immediately became besotted. He looked straight at the beauty and muttered. “That’s what the ideal person in my heart is.”

“Yeah, yeah, her eyes are so beautiful.”

“It is the good temperament.” Brother Rose looked at Shuang Yi with “you are so superficial”.

Shuang Yi got ready and quickly agreed: “Haha, yes, good temperament, good temperament.”

The conversation quickly opened up. Shuang Yi’s affinity had always been very strong. The man quickly put down his guard and talked more and more. Shuang Yi deliberately or unintentionally cited the topic of marriage and got a lot of information as expected.

For example, this gentleman, whose surname is Cai, is indeed looking for marriage. He spent a lot of money to entrust a high-end matchmaking service to find the ideal bride for him from society through print media and the Internet. The requirements were very high and required comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. (During this period, Mr. Cai expressed doubts about Shuang Yi’s selection. Shuang Yi humbly stated that he looks more ordinary, and he is still very strong in other aspects.)

For example, Mr. Cai is very good at keeping secrets, and until the selected person appears for the meeting, they won’t get any information. After meeting Mr. Cai, they will have the following text if Mr. Cai is satisfied, and then the secret code of their meeting is the huge blue rose on the table.

For another example, it is said that this way of marriage is quite popular, but many people do not conduct marriage this way in society publicly, but secretly conducted it through high-end services. This is how a friend of Mr. Cai found a satisfactory wife, and Mr. Cai was also inspired by his friend.

Shuang Yi listened with gusto, and got inspired as well, a handsome man, a beautiful lady, misunderstandings, and finally reunited, the dog-blooded drama gradually formed in her mind, and she was about to dig deeper. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Bai Ya suddenly appear in and turned to look towards the top of the stairs. Bai Ya, who hadn’t seen her for a long time, was standing there and looking around.

Shuang Yi immediately waved at her warmly, Bai Ya also saw her, walked towards her quickly, halfway through, she suddenly stopped, looked at them suspiciously, and stopped for a while before continuing to walk over, with a strange expression. Glancing at the rich man, he asked Shuang Yi, “Who is he? Where is the manager?”

Shuang Yi stopped.

Sure enough this was the wrong person? But in fact, she was not so surprised.

“I don’t know, he probably didn’t come. When I came, this eldest brother was waiting for someone. The others were in pairs. You didn’t tell me anything about him.”

“Not here? Impossible, the manager is the most trustworthy.” Bai Ya looked around suspiciously, her eyes stopped suddenly, and exclaimed in a low voice: “Why is the manager sitting there, who is that woman?”

Shuang Yi followed her gaze and discovered that where Bai Ya’s gaze fell, it turned out to be the pair of outstanding young men and women by the window.

Could it be that the gentleman who made people entranced with his back alone was Bai Ya’s boss? And she was the one he was supposed to be on a blind date with?

Shuang Yi opened her mouth unconsciously, and suddenly realized that Mr. Cai was struck by lightning. It is estimated that she should be struck by lightning as well, right?

Life… As expected, more drama than novels!

“I’m going to ask what’s going on.” Saying the sentence, Boya hurriedly walked over there. Shuang Yi looked at Mr. Cai who was a little confused on the other side, and the ancient scholar with a smile clasped his fists.


Mr. Cai looked at Shuang Yi with a neurotic expression.

Oops! He really doesn’t cooperate. Looking at Mr. Cai’s still puzzled appearance, Shuang Yi waved her hand very flamboyantly and boldly: “Go! Brother Cai, you pick up the beautiful woman, I’ll see the handsome guy.”

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