S& E Ch. 7 Blind Date P. 3

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You remember the blind date in Ch. 2 & 6. This is the continuation.

Shuang Yi walked towards the table with excitement. This excitement was not only because of the ability to meet the handsome guy, but also because of a certain mentality of expecting some excitement to happen, but the people who followed were still confused. For Mr. Cai, it was the beautiful woman who kept him going forward.

As he approached the table, Shuang Yi first heard the beautiful woman’s silver bell laugh.

“Oh shit, they are coming.” Glancing at Shuang Yi who was coming, the beauty in the green skirt stuck out her tongue and looked at the man opposite her and said: “Mr. Zhou, I’m going to confess something. Please be generous and don’t be angry. You can get to know me again. Actually, I am not the Miss Lu you mentioned. My surname is Jun. Jun Shumin.”

Then Shuang Yi heard the man’s voice, a little low, but somehow…sultry?

“Bai Ya, what is this happening?”

This time around Shuang Yi went to Bai Ya, and Bai Ya took a grasp over her and said, “Manager, I said that I wanted to you meet one of my classmates!”

Next everything was understood at the speed of light.

Because it was a two-person table, Bai Ya just stood by the table. Although Shuang Yi came here on a bicycle, she was wearing the only pair of eight-centimeter-high heels in her shoe cabinet because her two pairs of sneakers were not washed.

Bai Ya was impatient and exerted a lot of force, so unfortunately, Shuang Yi fell forward when she was pulled by Bai Ya with her right hand. Out of instinct, Shuang Yi’s left hand pushed toward the table, but she continued to fall unfortunately. She went down without holding it, and slid his hand down, and finally held on to- someone’s suit pants…

Shuang Yi was stupefied, before she had time to react, a hot and powerful palm held her wrist firmly in time.

“Be careful.”

The deep and sultry voice rang in her ears, more than ten times more powerful, accompanied by the hot and humid breathing close at hand, plus the posture of the two at this time, trapped in a certain mellow scene. The surrounded Shuang Yi blushed till her ears, and her entire face burned almost instantly.

The flushed Shuang Yi looked very shy… But at this time Shuang Yi’s mental activity was like this:

Ahhhhh, it’s over! The first time I met, I touched someone’s thigh and played as a hooligan~~>_<~~

But this fall was so romantic! Oh! I write romance every day, I finally have a romance too!

While thinking about it, the man holding her hand had helped her to her feet thoughtfully, and the tall figure instantly enveloped her. Shuang Yi discovered that he was very tall, and his height was worth the pain of eight centimeters high heels. Because of them she just came to his chin. Standing still with the help of his strength, Shuang Yi hurriedly withdrew her hand, said thank you, and looked up at him.

She was met first with a strong chin line, and then with deep and introverted eyes under thick eyebrows. Shuang Yi looked at him a little bit stunned. Although she had expected that he would not look bad, she did not expect him to be so handsome with such a gentle demeanor.

Zhou Ningxu also looked at Shuang Yi without a trace of impatience.

This was Miss Lu who fell in love with him at first sight at the annual meeting in Bai Ya’s mouth? Was it Miss Lu who did everything possible and finally found his mother’s friend through Bai Ya to come forward and talk about a blind date?

The slightly jerky appearance was far different from his imagination, and the previous Miss Jun was more in line with the image.

His eyes flickered, Zhou Ningxu retracted his probing gaze, and asked gently and harmlessly, “How is Miss Lu?”

While questioning, he stepped aside and signaled Shuang Yi to sit down in his seat, still embarrassed. Shuang Yi quickly said: “No need, I’m fine.”

Seeing curious gazes around, Zhou Ningxu raised his hand and called the waiter to add a chair, “Sit down and talk.”

The original table was too small, so the waiter added another table. He also came over and added chairs, everyone sat down, Shuang Yi hesitated and sat down beside Zhou Ningxu.

“What should I order?” Zhou Ningxu asked.

Shuang Yi shook her head, Bai Ya also said no, Zhou Ningxu ordered some fruits and drinks at random, and the waiter withdrew. Zhou Ningxu looked at the wealthy-looking Mr. Cai: “This gentleman is?”

Mr. Cai looked at Ms. Jun unscrupulously as if he hadn’t heard his question. Shuang Yi had to answer with a black line on her face: “This is Mr. Cai. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Cai is probably the blind date of this lady.”

“What? You said she was the one selected by the club?”

Mr. Cai returned to his senses in an instant, looking at Miss Jun with surprise.

Shuang Yi’s face became darker, and she thought that this Mr. Cai is too incapable of talking. Which woman would like to be called “the person selected by the club”!

Sure enough, the face of Miss Jun, who had been smiling and not speaking, was not very good at the moment, but after a moment, she smiled and explained: “My friend is not good, she plays tricks on me, and helped me sign up for a marriage club without telling me. This Mr. Cai is the recommended blind date by the club. It was fine as I was free, so I just came over to have a look.”

When she said this, she kept looking at Zhou Ningxu, apparently speaking only to Zhou Ningxu.

Bai Ya was so smart, she immediately understood everything, and said with a sneer: “Did Miss Jun’s friends help you sign up for any star selection?”

Miss Jun tilted her head and said cutely, “No.”

Bai Ya said: “That’s a pity. Many big stars recalled that they entered the entertainment industry as their friends had signed them up without telling them.”

This sentence was a full satire of Miss Jun’s remarks, but Miss Jun seemed to be unable to understand, she smiled with a good temper and said, “Really? It’s funny.”

“Of course, it is true, isn’t Miss Jun also saying the truth?”

Bai Ya still didn’t let her go: “With Ms. Jun as a beautiful member, that marriage club must be very advanced, right?”

Ms. Jun smiled: “I heard from my friends that it was for white-collar workers.”

Bai Ya also laughed: “It seems like a good place to find a golden turtle[1] son-in-law. Why don’t I also participate.”

The master made a move, and Shuang Yi kept drinking her tea silently.

Zhou Ningxu leaned back in the chair, in a very leisurely posture, as if he could not understand the meaning of the bright swords and guns. Seeing Shuang Yi’s teacup was empty, he filled it up in a leisurely style.

But Mr. Cai continued to be at a loss and asked, “What is going on?”

“I think it’s best for me to explain this matter.” Miss Jun probably didn’t want to continue talking about the club with Bai Ya, so she laughed quickly, and then stuck her tongue out, with a bit of naughtiness and slyness in her expression. With her beauty, the naughty and cunning nature could never annoy people, but will only make people feel that she is lively and playful.

“I reached about seven and just when I was about to ask the waitress for my blind date, the waitress asked if I had come to meet a gentleman, I was lazy so I did not check my cell phone to confirm who my blind date was and he brought me to this table.”

She pointed to a waitress not far away and said, “Here, she is the waitress who led the way.”

Mr. Cai called the waitress over in annoyance, and opened his mouth to question: “What’s the matter with you? The person I was waiting for was brought to another table?”

The waitress was puzzled: “Sir, may I ask…what are you talking about.”

Mr. Cai became even angrier, pointing to Miss Jun and saying, “I was waiting for her. But you led her here.” Pointing to Shuang Yi again, “You brought her to me, what did you do? Call your manager!”

The waitress looked at them for a long time before realizing what a blunder she had committed and stammered: “I’m sorry, I, I don’t know, because this gentleman was also waiting for someone, I…I…”

Mr. Cai said angrily, “I was also waiting for someone since half past six. Why didn’t you bring her to my table!?”

The waitress was still afraid and couldn’t tell why, Shuang Yi had already guessed the general reason. Most of the waiters thought Mr. Cai’s appearance was too stunning. The beauty really didn’t match up, so she was smart enough to lead the beauty to the table of the handsome man.

The waitress kept apologizing, with some sense of injustice in her tone: “But neither this gentleman nor the lady said that they didn’t know each other.”

Miss Jun glanced at Mr. Cai: “The other party’s appearance was not told to me by the club either, so I didn’t know, but then I sat down and said a few words to Mr. Zhou. When Mr. Zhou called me Miss Lu, I knew that the waiter had made a mistake. Coincidentally, Mr. Zhou didn’t seem to know what the waiting person was like. And Mr. Zhou and I had such a pleasant chat, that I forgot to explain.”

Miss Jun explained and laughed playfully.

The matter was already very clear.

The two men arrived early and were waiting for someone, and then this Miss Jun arrived the third. The waiter randomly paired the mandarin ducks and took the beautiful woman to the beautiful man taking it for granted. It happened that Mr. Zhou didn’t know much about the blind date. Although Miss Beauty found an abnormality, she probably also saw the huge bunch of blue roses. After comparing them, Mr. Blue Rose was abandoned… At this time, Shuang Yi was late as well…

“Sorry, sorry, please forgive me “The poor waitress apologized constantly.

“You don’t need to say sorry.” Miss Jun glanced at Shuang Yi and looked at Zhou Ningxu confidently. “Although this is a misunderstanding, I think it is a beautiful misunderstanding, right?”

The words came out after a while. In the stagnant silence, Mr. Cai’s expression was distorted, and Bai Ya’s face was also unhappy. She had an inexplicable dislike towards Miss Jun, and it was even more pronounced now. Shuang Yi was 100% sure that Bai Ya had been angered, because this Miss Jun has committed many taboos according to Bai Ya.

First of all, she was too confident, well, to some extent she was a bit narcissistic…

Secondly, she didn’t pay attention to Bai Ya from beginning to end.

Finally, and the most important point, one could objectively say that this Miss Jun was actually much more beautiful than Bai Ya >_<…

But the boss is here, and Bai Ya can’t scold her no matter how angry she is, so she leaned over and whisper scolder in Shuang Yi’s ear: “You are a pig, Lu Shuang Yi. To introduce you to a man was a mistake, you just let this fox swoop in!”

Shuang Yi: “……”

I am wronged @_@.

However, no matter what other people thought, as long as Mr. Zhou nodded, the others could go away, leaving the two to make a beautiful romance.

Shuang Yi wondered, the chances of Mr. Zhou nodding should be great. After all, Miss Jun is indeed a rare beauty, and her attitude is so positive… 5555, it is so painful, although the beauty of the pair is very pleasing to the eye, she has become a contributing factor. Her being a cannon fodder female made in heaven, it really did not feel so complicated…

Under everyone’s gaze, Zhou Ningxu’s expression was still relaxed and indifferent. Instead of meeting Miss Jun’s expectations, he turned his gaze to Shuang Yi and smiled slightly, with just the right amount of concern in his eyes. “Miss Lu seems to have twisted her ankle just now, don’t know if it feels better?”

“Ah?” Shuang Yi was taken aback, why the topic suddenly came to her. In fact, she didn’t get a severe sprain. She had felt a little pain in the beginning but now she didn’t feel any more. She just wanted to say that when Zhou Ningxu said again, “The treatment for the sprain can’t be delayed, or it will get worse. I happen to know a very good Chinese medicine doctor. Do you need me to take Miss Lu there now?”

Shuang Yi suddenly understood.

This Mr. Zhou was actually not interested in Miss Jun, but he didn’t want to directly refuse in order to avoid embarrassing people, so he found such an excuse to tactfully decline.

This person seems to be very long-sleeved[2], good at dancing around issues, and very cunning. This kind of excuse seems to be said casually without even thinking about it. Shuang Yi looked at him and muttered in her heart, but think about it, this is also a kind demeanor for maintaining the face of others.

After understanding this section, Shuang Yi nodded in cooperation: “Okay, thank you.”

Zhou Ningxu nodded when he saw her cooperating, and politely bid farewell to Mr. Cai and Ms. Jun: “Since it was a misunderstanding, then let’s take a step back. Please help yourself, both of you.”

After that, he raised his hand and called the waiter to pay the bill.

Miss Jun probably didn’t expect such a development, and she was a little bit incredulous, but she obviously didn’t want to give up, so she bit her lip and said, “It’s too late, I also have to go. Taking a taxi at this time is not very good, I don’t know if Sir Zhou could give me a ride?”

Zhou Ningxu looked at her with a trace of surprise in his eyes.

Mr. Cai said hurriedly and eagerly: “I can send you off.”

Miss Jun gave him a slightly annoyed look and said, “I’m afraid I’m not going in your direction. Mr. Zhou is in the financial industry. He should be living near the financial district in the west of the city. I happen to live there too.”

Zhou Ningxu raised his eyebrows slightly and was about to speak, and Bai Ya smiled and intervened: “The manager wants to take my classmate to see a Chinese medicine doctor. I’m afraid there is no time to send Miss Jun. I also drove over. Miss Jun might as well take my car. Well, it just so happens that I also live near Chengxi Financial District.”

Miss Jun ignored her but looked at Zhou Ningxu with an expectant gaze. Zhou Ningxu’s gaze swept over her but did not stay much longer. And then he said, “Uh, I will trouble you, Bai Ya.”

Shuang Yi was limping as she walked out of the restaurant.

Because she had to pretend that her ankle was twisted>_<

Ms. Jun didn’t take Bai Ya’s car in the end. She took a taxi and left. Mr. Cai left sadly. Bai Ya didn’t want to follow her again, so she said a few words in Shuang Yi’s ear and also drove away.

Actually, Shuang Yi thought that she should go…but it seemed strange to just leave like this, but having said that, could it be that Mr. Zhou, um, Mr. Zhou Ningxu, Bai Ya just told her his name, was really going to take her to the Chinese Medicine Hospital?

Shuang Yi 囧.

Standing in front of the restaurant and waiting for a few minutes, a strange black car slowly stopped in front of her, while Shuang Yi looked around, as if she was waiting for the car. It should be Mr. Zhou’s car, so she ran over. Yes. The elegant Mr. Zhou Ningxu had gotten off the car thoughtfully and opened the door for her.

The car drove steadily into the sea of traffic under the night, and the street lights passed by quickly. The bright lights reflected the light and shadow in the car, changing from time to time, and the ethereal and blurred female voice sang in the car lowly, making it more and more romantic. But it was quiet in the car.

In the quiet atmosphere, Zhou Ningxu’s low voice sounded: “Where do you want to eat, Miss Lu?”

“Eating?” Shuang Yi looked at him with surprise.

“Don’t want to eat, does Miss Lu really want to see traditional Chinese medicine doctor?” Zhou Ningxu smiled faintly, “but I saw Miss Lu just walked easily.”

>_ < He was really a kind person, but he was obviously teasing her now.

“Uh, it was just a bit unexpected.” Shuang Yi 囧囧 said. It was indeed very surprising. With the swiftness that Mr. Zhou had just dispatched of the beauty, Shuang Yi thought he would also get rid of her.

“Unexpected? Why? Miss Lu hasn’t forgotten that we haven’t started the blind date yet.”

Yes, they were going to have a blind date…

“Where does Miss Lu want to go?”

Shuang Yi thought hard and shook her head, “I rarely go out to eat, so you decide.”

Zhou Ningxu thought slightly. “How about Xiangqin Hall?” This was a very famous high-end restaurant in City B. The taste of the dishes there was slightly sweet, which should suit the taste of ladies.

Shuang Yi, who lived at home every day, had never heard of the name. She wondered if it was Xiangqin Hall? Or Xiangqing Hall? Well, the first name is more reliable, and the other made it sound like a brothel @_@. Is it Hunan cuisine?

Shuang Yi thought of chopped pepper fish head and couldn’t help but salivate. She nodded quickly: “Okay, I like Hunan cuisine.”

Hunan cuisine?

Zhou Ningxu stunned for a moment, laughed, but did not explain.

The car drove quietly for a while. Shuang Yi was a little distracted. Suddenly Zhou Ningxu said lightly: “In fact, I have a question and I want to ask Miss Lu to help me.”

“What?” Shuang Yi turned her head to see him.

“I want to know.” Zhou Ningxu put a slight smile on his lips, and said slowly: “It is said that Miss Lu fell in love with me at first sight at the annual meeting, so why didn’t Miss Lu even know what I look like?”

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[1] Rich.

[2] Black-bellied.

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