MGSGW Ch. 241

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That police officer Du was the nephew of Deputy Director Du, and he was also a bit smart in his work. Hearing what Yun Ting said, he felt something was wrong at this moment. He was about to grab Yun Ting’s cell phone: “You, show me the cell phone, I want to lock the location of your accomplices. Are you giving them a tip-off and letting them escape early?”

He grabbed the phone from Yun Ting’s hand. He really overestimated himself.

Yun Ting turned his wrist a few times without moving his body, and avoided Officer Du’s hand.

Police Officer Du was furious and felt Yun Ting’s power, so he simply took out his gun.

“Arrest him. This is called assaulting the police. I took out my gun in self-defence. If I die, I will have died in vain.”

This was the first time for Lin Mumu to enjoy the feeling of being pointed at her forehead by the mouth of a gun. It was even loaded with bullets, with just a slip of the hand, at such a short distance, it could casually kill Lin Mumu.

The gun was a good thing, but life was extremely fragile under the gun, it was also at this moment that Lin Mumu had such a feeling.

“I hate this feeling very much.” Lin Mumu’s breath changed at some point and became a little cold. A slender green needle protruded from her hand, and with just a slight flick, it hit Officer Du’s wrist.

“You can wrong me, but you can’t touch my wife.” Yun Ting’s knife was faster than Lin Mumu’s needle, and he cut off his wrist without leaving any room.

“You still dare to resist! It’s going against the sky! Come, come!” Officer Du was in pain, and the gun fell to the ground with a thud.

Lin Mumu picked it up, put the gun on Officer Du’s forehead, and asked, “How does it feel to be pointed at by someone with a gun?”

“Don’t mess around. Be careful.”

“Yes, how do you play with this thing? Is it nice?” Lin Mumu put her finger on the trigger. With just one click, the head of Officer Du could be blown off with precision.

Officer Du was really scared this time. He would not be so scared if he was pointed at by a mad murderer, because the murderer was a habitual offender, at least he knew how to use the gun.

But this woman didn’t seem to know how to use a gun at all! If she just got the bullet out without pressing it randomly, then he would really be wronged.

“Student, don’t be impulsive, put down the gun first, don’t play around with this thing.” Officer Du tried his best to talk to Lin Mumu calmly: “If you have any grievances, you can tell us and we will make the decision for you.”

“Yes? But why do I feel that your deputy director will only make decisions only after taking money.”

“Listen to me, murder is punishable by death. Don’t let it accidentally go off.”

Officer Du: “I really want to cry and scold my mother, how can I let a girl who doesn’t understand anything take a gun.”

Especially since Lin Mumu’s finger was playing with the trigger, as long as she was not careful and exerted force, she could click and touch, and kill him.

“Why are you trembling? Are you scared? Can you be fair? If you put a gun with the safety removed and bullets loaded on someone’s head, won’t you be afraid of it going off? Then you have to taste it yourself.” Lin Mumu just didn’t let go, and the strength in her hand seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

“Don’t mess around, don’t mess around.” Officer Du almost cried out, but at this moment his uncle came in person with a group of policemen carrying guns and wearing bulletproof vests.

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