MGSGW Ch. 240

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“You still dare to resist?” The police officer was furious.

Lin Mumu replied with a smile: “I’m waiting for someone. He’s coming soon.”

“Che, let me tell you the truth, it’s useless for you to wait for anyone today. This matter has been transferred to our hall, and it will not return to safety.”

“The police officer is in charge, even if you are familiar with Officer An, don’t even try to go through the back door.”

“Aren’t you going to arrest her husband, I am here.” A deep voice suddenly came.

Now everyone was a little confused.

“How old are you? Married?”

“Eighteen years old, it’s over.” Lin Mumu responded frankly: “He is my husband.”

“Then the one next to you.”

“My driver, I’ll ask him to take off first.” Lin Mumu came here.

“Since your police department wants to arrest people without asking why, I’ll go with you.” Yun Ting walked to Lin Mumu’s side, holding Lin Mumu’s little hand in his palm.

His palms were thick, warm, and slightly sweaty.

He actually sweated? It was already autumn, Yanjing City belonged to the northern region, and autumn was quite cool. Lin Mumu had already changed into a long-sleeved T-shirt, and would start wearing a thin coat sooner rather than later.

In this weather, Yun Ting only wore a shirt, should he still be sweating?

As if feeling Lin Mumu’s probing gaze, Yun Ting held her hand firmly in his palm without looking back. He was afraid that if he let go, she would throw it away.

Lin Mumu gave him a helpless look, and could only say generously: “Let’s go.”

Yun Ting had his own aura, and no one really dared to touch them.

A few police cars whined and brought Lin Mumu and others back to the police station.

And when Yun Ting got into the car, he said a word: “Since you invited me over, I won’t come out.”

“Still want to come out?” The police officer was amused by Yun Ting’s words.

“Then what should I do when I want to study?” Lin Mumu blinked and blinked: “If you lock me up for no reason, won’t my studies be delayed?”

“But I was clearly wronged. You took Fang Tianyong’s benefits and favoured him like this, isn’t it really lawless?”

“Lawless, since you have come in, I am not afraid to tell you that in our Huaxia China, we are the law!” The police officer was a little carried away. He has been in office for so many years, and he had never seen anyone who refused to submit in a police car.

“You’d better remember what you said.” Yun Ting didn’t look up, didn’t even bother to give him a look, but just held Lin Mumu’s hand firmly.

If they wanted to take Lin Mumu away alone, even if they gave up halfway, he didn’t mind doing it.

Fortunately, these people saw that Lin Mumu was a weak girl who couldn’t get out of the sky, so they didn’t do anything to her.

After arriving at the police hall, the police officer brought Yun Ting and the others into the interrogation room in high spirits.

“After all, what other accomplices do you have?”

“Yes.” Yun Ting took out his mobile phone: “I’ll call him right now.”

Lin Mumu was the closest to Yun Ting, almost leaning on Yun Ting’s shoulder. Seeing the number Yun Ting dialled, she secretly stuck out her tongue.

Yun Ting was really not afraid of making things worse, so he actually called the Military Commission.

The content of Yun Ting’s phone call is very simple: “I am your person. The police said that I brought my wife to rob and arrested me. I don’t know if you are considered an accomplice. They said they asked you to come.” He just hang up, without giving people a chance to ask.

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