TCYEC Ch. 82

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The place to eat was still the greenhouse from the last picnic. The poor flowers in the greenhouse were moved out in the cold, and a large round table big enough for twenty people was set up. The turntable in the middle of the round table was electric. It could rotate slowly by itself when it was connected to a power supply, and it was already full of more than a dozen dishes.

Everyone was called to dinner by Aunt Wang, and they smelled different scents from various dishes from afar, intertwined, occupying everyone’s breath in a domineering manner. After swallowing their saliva, the pace of the people unconsciously speeded up.

When they walked into the greenhouse, they saw Ge Rui taking crazy photos with her mobile phone, taking a group photo of all the dishes, and then taking a single photo of the individual dishes, from the side, from the top, basically from every angle. Yu Siyang sat beside the grill set by the table, holding a large barbecue brush and roasting the Bama pig.

The Bama pig had been roasted to a golden red color, and the skin was full of oil, and the aroma was tangy. Yu Siyang fanned the scent with his hand and smelled the fire, then he asked Mr. Xue to help move the fragrant pig to the prepared large oval porcelain plate.

A layer of parsley had been spread on the plate, and the fragrant pig was placed on it, the green parsley made it look even more reddish golden and delicious. Then he placed a few edible flowers at hand, and the appearance of the dish was upgraded to a higher level.

Yu Siyang didn’t know from where got a chef’s uniform, and he also wore a tall chef’s hat on his head. The height of the hat was definitely at the head chef level.

Wearing this outfit, with a set of knives in his hand, he changed the blade to make slices for the roast pork. His knife skills were very good, and the knife cuts were crisp and clean. He could follow the texture of the meat to make the slices extremely thin, as thin as a cicada wing. It was not too much, and the speed was so fast that everyone couldn’t help but respect him.

“No wonder the Emerald Hotel wants to ask Xiaoyu to endorse for them, um, they have a good vision.” Luo Peng stared at the table full of delicious food with bright eyes, he couldn’t stop swallowing, and almost couldn’t control himself.

Yi Jiaojiao, who was almost unable to maintain her goddess demeanor, immediately asked, diverting his attention, “Xiaoyu is endorsing for the Emerald Hotel?”

Luo Peng stared at a crab yellow foie gras beef patties on the table and wanted to steal it first. He didn’t hear Yi Jiaojiao’s words.

“Still talking.” Wei Xiaofeng slapped Zhan Heng’s hand that wanted to steal the roast pork and answered Yi Jiaojiao’s words. However, the price given by the Emerald Hotel was not satisfactory, so there had been no agreement. There was no need to say this to the outside world.

Zhan Heng was so wronged, he hummed and went to hook his arm around Wei Xiaofeng’s hand.

The Bama pig itself had thin skin. It was also very fragrant when cooked without any condiments. What’s more, Yu Siyang filled the belly of the pig with spices before roasting. With the high temperature and the melted fat, the aroma of these spices had settled into the skin. When he reached the fragrant pork and opened the pork with a blade, the rich aroma exploded, covering the aroma of other dishes on the table.

Lian Jing was not picky about what to eat. He was neither a foodie nor an old glutton. He had a style of not caring what he was eating, but he was also shocked by the table full of delicate dishes and the strong fragrance in the air. He turned his head to look at the extreme foodie Hong Zhehao he brought along with him. As expected, Hong Zhehao was like a wolf who had been hungry for half a month, his eyes were almost green.

“Yu Siyang, when can I eat it?” Hong Zhehao stared at the roasted pork with chopsticks in his hand. When the host announced that he could eat, he was going to attack the pork.

Yu Siyang finished slicing the pork, wiped the knife carefully, turned around to put it away, and was startled by the green eyes of a group of people around the table. If he didn’t look carefully, he would have thought it was a group of zombies.

“Sit down and eat, you are welcome.”

When these words were said, it was as if a switch had been pressed, and a dozen people spontaneously stretched out their chopsticks to pick up the roast pork.

“Hey, whose chopsticks are stopping my chopsticks.”

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze, everyone can have it, oops, who has taken the meat from my chopsticks, is there any kind of morality?”

“I say, Luo Peng, you have so many chopsticks, aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Why would I be embarrassed, I will give Xiao Mumu some as well.”

“Fart, Mu Mu is by Yu Siyang.”

“Brother, brother, I want to eat too, I want to eat too…”

Fortunately, Yu Siyang quickly grabbed a few pieces of meat, otherwise this group of locusts would definitely have left nothing.

He made several kinds of pork dipping sauces, including Bazhen sauce, chive garlic sauce and spicy sauce. Pork could be eaten alone or wrapped in pancakes.

Luo Peng was greedy. A chopstick had a dozen slices of pork. He ate a slice directly with the dipping sauce. The fragrant pig pork itself was fragrant and sweet, the meat was very tender, the skin was roasted very crisply, and there was a “crunch” sound in the mouth, while chewing the gravy and oil in the meat, it slowly overflowed from the mouth, and the spices had improved the sweetness of the pork itself to several levels. When the meat was eaten in the mouth, it was full of fragrance, and once it was swallowed into the belly, it became even more memorable.

“Too! Good! Eat! Now!” Luo Peng sighed every word with emotion.

Hong Zhehao, who was sitting next to Luo Peng, nodded frantically, and while he was not paying attention, he quietly picked a few pieces of pork from his bowl, and divided them with Lian Jing.

Mu Mu took a big bite of the pork wrapped in pancakes from Yangyang’s hand, eating with a smile, and kissed Yangyang brother with his greasy mouth, and imprinted the oil on Yu Siyang’s face.

Although the fragrant pork was delicious, Peng Zhigao liked to eat fish more. There was a plate of green onion perch[1] in front of him. It was golden in color. It was fried with shallots, cooked with Shao wine, soy sauce and white sugar, and also had green onions. The oil, green onion and fragrant juice were bright, the fish meat was extremely fragrant and tender, and the fish skin was very crisp because it was fried in a frying pan before cooking.

Peng Zhigao turned off the electric turntable. While everyone’s attention was on the sweet roast pig, he quickly ate half of the fish by himself. When Liu Cai finished grabbing the roast pork, he wanted to eat other dishes, but then he saw that the fish’s side A was gone, and Peng Zhigao was flexibly turning the fish over, ready to eat side B.

“Lao Peng, you are eating the fish alone, it’s too much.” Liu Cai glared at Peng Zhigao, turning the turntable to turn the onion perch away.

Peng Zhigao grabbed the turntable and said, “So many dishes, what’s the matter with me eating a fish.”

“Then you can’t eat it all by yourself, I still want to eat.” Liu Cai said tit for tat.

The two old friends both grabbed the turntable because they refused to give each other the fish, one wanted to turn and the other refused, causing others not to be able to turn, and they all looked at them both helplessly.

“Director Peng, there is another fish here.” Yu Siyang pointed to the dish in front of Pei Ziteng with a helpless expression.

The dish was silver strip mandarin fish shreds[2], which was made by cutting the mandarin fish into shreds. After the pan was oiled, the stock and seasoning were put in a separate pot to thicken, then the mandarin fish shreds were added, and then poured evenly. He then added the blanched green and red pepper shreds to the pot.

In order to keep the fish elegant and crisp, very little oil had been used, Peng Zhigao picked up a few shredded fish and sighed: “I thought I would eat shredded pork with green and red pepper… Well, the fish is good. Fresh and sweet, the shreds are also quite crisp and perfect.”

Liu Cai rolled his eyes at his old friend, and said to Yu Siyang: “Xiaoyu, I got inside information here. You have been nominated for the best newcomer of this year’s cloud award. It was for the role under Lao Peng.”

Yu Siyang was surprised and pleased, and asked: “Really?”

Peng Zhigao raised his eyebrows, “I don’t know, but you know.”

“Of course,” Liu Cai was proud and puffed up his chest, “I am one of this year’s reviewers.”

Peng Zhigao was unconvinced.

Liu Cai saw that he was not convinced.

“What about me? How about me?” Hong Zhehao swallowed the crab yellow foie gras beef patties, and asked expectantly: “Do I have anything?”

“Nothing for you.” Liu Cai beat him mercilessly, “You played ok.” That role, in the words of netizens, showed flickers of acting skills. If this could also be nominated, the fairness of the Cloud Award would be greatly compromised.”

Hong Zhehao lowered his head, depressed.

Lian Jing touched his head and said, “It’s okay, jiayou, let’s try to get an award next year.” Then he clamped an abalone lion head[3].

With the delicacy, Hong Zhehao was cured immediately. After thanking Lian Jing with a smile, he ate the simmering lion head in one bite.

In fact, he also knew that his previous acting skills were terrible, and he had never expected any nominations. Sometimes he felt frustrated when he thought about the years he wasted, and he needed to eat a lot of delicious food.

“Brother Xiaoyu is quite amazing.” Pei Ziteng smiled at Yu Siyang while holding up his wine glass: “When you win the prize, we can have another meal.”

Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows and said, “Okay, I will let the Emerald Hotel set up a table.”

Pei Ziteng glared at Xue Chengxiu-fucking, short-term care, and the sour smell of love.

Xue Chengxiu slowly drank lotus seed and lily chicken soup[4]-just bullying a single dog, so what?

Pei Ziteng was depressed, looking for Zhuang Ze to find stability, but Zhuang Ze devoted himself to eating vegetables and ignored him. Pei Ziteng felt that he had been hurt twice and expressed angrily that he wanted to turn his grief and anger into appetite.

After hearing Liu Cai’s words, Jin Ce also took this opportunity to say: “Our film is ready to apply for release. If it goes well, it will be released on the Spring Festival next year.”

“So soon?” Both Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were surprised.

It hadn’t been long since their movie had been fully completed, so how could it already be ready to be released? It was even faster than “Poisonous Delicacy”.

“This, we don’t have too many special effects, and the later shooting was fast.” Jin Ce said embarrassedly.

There were not too many special effects in “Pretending Overload”? Or was it basically no special effects? Where could a crew that was so poor and weeping to get money do special effects? The movie was not a TV series, so if they used 50 cents special effects, the entire creative team would be overwhelmed by the audience’s saliva.

Peng Zhigao and Liu Cai didn’t know how poor Jin Ce’s crew was. They saw the stars and director of the movie with a hard-to-say expression. They also used a professional perspective to help them analyze the role of special effects in the movie. In the end, they all patted their chests and promised that they would definitely support it after the movie was released.

Jin Ce immediately said, “Thank you, Director Peng and Director Liu, for your support.” Then he said to everyone present: “When our movie is released, everyone should support it. You are all rich people; I won’t say that I don’t have the money to hold a banquet.”

Everyone: “…” You are really good at hitting snakes with sticks.

But for the first time Yu Siyang was in the leading role, and Hong Zhehao also played the leading role. As friends, they had to join in no matter what.

Pei Ziteng was wealthy, and immediately said: “No problem, when the movie is released, we will go to book the venue and give money to brother Xiaoyu.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Jin Ce said: “True friend, such loyalty, come on. “

Pei Ziteng said: “Drink up.”

The two began to fight over the wine as they said this, and everyone was speechless to the two who were fighting for the wine at noon.

The guests and the host enjoyed a meal, except for Yu Siyang, all of them came out of the greenhouse with a round belly.

Hong Zhehao sighed contentedly: “A life where I can eat like this is a fulfilled life.”

Lian Jing said coldly, “I must increase the intensity of your exercise when I go back.”

Hong Zhehao: “…” Fattening physique was really the biggest malice towards foodies. so sad.

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