TCYEC Ch. 81

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Speaking of having a banquet and inviting friends to come home for dinner, Yu Siyang got busy. First, he called his acquaintances one by one. It was obviously unrealistic to entertain the guests the very next day. Many people couldn’t adjust their schedule, so they agreed on Saturday to go to Xue’s villa to eat, drink and have fun all day.

With a few days of preparation time, Yu Siyang made the menu more lavish, and then proceeded to purchase according to it.

Seeing that he was busy, Xue Chengxiu looked very happy, so he let him do whatever he wanted.

Then on Saturday morning, seeing Yi Jiaojiao among the invited, Mr. Xue’s face suddenly turned black.

Then, he saw his child running happily, shouting “Goddess” at Yi Jiaojiao, and Mr. Xue’s face went completely dark.

Yi Jiaojiao was the first to come, and she also brought a souvenir. “This is the dark chocolate I brought back from abroad. See if Xiao Yu likes it.”

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang received the gift from the goddess and was very happy. He immediately opened the box, took a piece of chocolate and put it in his mouth. There was the fragrance of the cocoa, the smooth taste, and the slight bitterness had a subtle fruity sourness. After chewing for a while, he could feel the sweetness again, “It is excellent.”

Xue Chengxiu sat on the sofa with a calm face, and the grievances all over his body were about to materialize, and he snorted in his heart: It’s just a piece of chocolate, what’s so delicious.

Then, a piece of chocolate that was “not delicious” appeared in front of his mouth.

“Mr. Xue taste it, it’s delicious.” Yu Siyang pinched a piece of chocolate with two fingers and brought it to Xue Chengxiu’s mouth, smiling and squinting at him expectantly.

Xue Chengxiu looked at the chocolate, and then at Yu Siyang, opened his mouth and ate the chocolate into his mouth.

——Since his own child made him eat, he will reluctantly eat it.

“It’s delicious, right?” Yu Siyang said with a smile, and then stuffed the whole box of chocolates into Mr. Xue’s arms.

Xue Chengxiu held the chocolate box with a complex mood, and saw that Yi Jiaojiao was already sitting on the sofa eating the snacks prepared by Yu Siyang. He resisted the desire to throw Yi Jiaojiao and the chocolate out together, and put the box on the coffee table coldly, and continued to use the tablet to watch the news, and ignoring Yi Jiaojiao.

Yi Jiaojiao wanted to talk to Xue Chengxiu very much, but she found a lot of topics to chat, and always got words like “um”, “oh”, and “really”. After several times, she was also a social expert and realised that he did not want to talk. Such a Mr. Xue made her helpless, and she wondered if she had offended this person.

After a while, Hong Zhehao and Lian Jing rang the doorbell of the Xue’s villa and rescued the embarrassed Yi Jiaojiao.

Hong Zhehao didn’t expect to see Yi Jiaojiao here, so he pulled Lian Jing to ask for paper and pen, and asked Yi Jiaojiao to give him an autograph.

Lian Jing asked him coldly to go to the table to find out if there was any.

Hong Zhehao turned his attention to the coffee table… On the coffee table there were traditional tuckahoe cakes[1], yellow pea cakes[2], and tiramisu, napoleon[3], soufflé cakes[4], etc. The whole coffee table was filled with a dazzling array, and there was also a pot of fruit tea. The tea had a pink color, from which the fragrance of strawberry was coming out.

This! What! So! Many! Good! Things! To! eat!

Hong Zhehao suddenly couldn’t calm down. He rushed to the coffee table and squatted down, staring at the table full of delicious food, “Please, can I eat?” He was so excited that he was stammering.

In front of the food, he probably had forgotten who Yi Jiaojiao was, not to mention her signature.

“Yes,” Xue Chengxiu said, nodding to Lian Jing again.

Hong Zhehao took a small spoon and scooped a spoonful of soufflé into his mouth. The soufflé cake made by whipping egg whites and light cream was plump and full on the outside, soft as cotton inside, light in texture and delicate in taste, and melted softly in the mouth. The sweet scent of custard filled the mouth immediately.

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious.” Hong Zhehao was so excited that he wanted to cry. He deliberately skipped breakfast. He was so intelligent.

Lian Jing, who had also had no breakfast, sat down on the sofa and took a piece of pea yellow cake made into a flower shape and put it in his mouth. The sweet and delicate pea yellow cake that melted in the mouth greatly comforted Lian Jing because he was forced to not eat breakfast in the morning which had made him really grumpy.

Seeing that Hong Zhehao squatted in front of the coffee table eating very ungraciously, Lian Jing who rarely let him eat wildly, thought to himself: Go back and ask the fitness coach to increase the intensity of his exercise.

Yi Jiaojiao was a little embarrassed to eat the snacks on the table because of Mr. Xue’s cold face. Now, seeing Hong Zhehao and Lian Jing eating them, and Hong Zhehao even eating so much that he didn’t even get her signature, she immediately lost her embarrassment and started to eat.

God knows how early she came, and she didn’t have breakfast (intentionally), and she was ravenously hungry.

The invited friends came one after another. Yu Siyang was busy cooking, and the task of entertaining friends was left to Mr. Xue and the kid Mu Mu who had just woken up.

When Ge Rui came, she went straight to the kitchen, rolled her sleeves up and with beaming eyes said: “Head, I’ll help.” On the way, she will eat, hehehe.

“Sister Rui,” Yu Siyang greeted with a smile, “You go to the living room and sit and have some snacks. Here I have Aunt Wang and Uncle Lin to help.”

How could Ge Rui let this chance to get close to the head of the house go?

She immediately drove Uncle Lin out, “Uncle Lin is clumsy at first sight, let me help.”

Uncle Lin was driven out of the kitchen by Ge Rui and was depressed, but before leaving, he did not forget to bring out a freshly fried shrimp[5].

The wonderful shrimp was sliced, rolled with sauce, cream and sugar, then patted with starch, first wrapped in a layer of egg liquid, and then wrapped in a layer of bread crumbs, and fried into a golden brown.

The shrimp meat was tender and springy. The bread crumbs on the outside were deep-fried. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It tasted fragrant and milky. Uncle Lin especially liked this shrimp. He kept on eating it while Yu Siyang fried them. He had eaten seven or eight.

Aunt Wang couldn’t stop Uncle Lin from stealing food. She was very irritable. Seeing Ge Rui come to help, she immediately drove Uncle Lin out of the kitchen unceremoniously.

Ge Rui sniffed and surreptitiously opened the lid of the casserole that was being stewed on the fire. A salty scent, mixed with a faint rose scent, suddenly spread out uncontrollably. “Head, what are you cooking??”

“Rose wine shrimp soup[6]. “Secretary Yu Siyang replied.

Ge Rui couldn’t restrain her excitement and had to show it off, so she took out her mobile phone and posted on Weibo, “I am the happiest fan, hehe”.

As soon as her Weibo came out, it immediately attracted the bombardment of people who were familiar with her.

I’m an old fan of the head of the group: “Hey, what have you done? What have you done to the head of my family?”

Why did I get hungry again: “Fuck it, I only know today that you are such a glutton! Do not do strange things to the head ah ah ah ah ah “

Eating without heart and lungs: “No picture, no truth, you have the ability to post, you have the ability to upload pictures!”

Food is better than everything: “Shocked! The big fan of food circle turned out to be an illegitimate fan. She actually did something like this to Idol … What do you think of this title, can this become an entertainment headline?”

Ge Rui read the comments under Weibo proudly, and sent a [satisfied] expression on the comments of the people she knew. After brushing a row of [satisfied], she just turned over and started washing the vegetables even more vigorously.

——Hmph, I won’t send you the beautiful photos of the team leader’s cooking.

Yu Siyang invited all kinds of people. He called all the friends he could think of with a better relationship. Needless to say, Wei Xiaofeng, Zhan Heng, Luo Peng, and Tang Hang were invited. Several of Xue Chengxiu’s friends as well as Ge Rui had to be invited. He also invited three directors, Peng Zhigao, Liu Cai, and Jin Ce, as well as Jin Ce’s girlfriend Guan Yahua.

The big house was very lively.

Peng Zhigao, Liu Cai, and Jin Ce were all directors, and the three gathered to talk about filming, especially the fledgling Jin Ce. The eyes of Peng Zhigao and Liu Cai on him were full of admiration. Guan Yahua sat next to Jin Ce. Except for Tang Hang who knew her, no one was familiar, and she was too embarrassed to talk to others.

Zhang Zhenqi and Ding Guanghe were talking about an Internet company co-founded by the two of them. They were full of business experiences. Zhan Heng and Wei Xiaofeng sat on a single sofa huddled together, sending out dog food from time to time.

Yi Jiaojiao and Lian Jing were talking, Hong Zhehao was eating wildly, Tang Hang and Luo Peng accompanied Mu Mu to play games. Model airplanes, cars and Transformers were all over the floor.

The first comers Yi Jiaojiao, Hong Zhehao, and Lian Jing joined forces to eat more than half of the snacks on the coffee table. Jin Ce and Guan Yahua, who came right behind them, were rather cautious and were embarrassed to eat snacks.

Then Pei Ziteng and Luo Peng happened to meet at the door, and they came in together and ate the rest of the snacks.

Pei Ziteng was more at ease in Xue’s villa than in his own backyard. Seeing that the snacks were finished, he immediately went to the kitchen and brought out another table for snacks.

“Uncle Teng Teng, look, Meow.” Xue Yunmu spread out his chubby hand, and a candy cat was lying in the middle of his hand.

Seeing the candy cat, Pei Ziteng suddenly felt a stomachache when he remembered the candy cat that he had eaten which had rolled around on the ground.

Was this cat left from last time, or was it a new one made by Yu Siyang?

“Little fatty, you have so many candy cats.” Pei Ziteng knelt down to look up at Mu Mu, “Do you want to give this cat to uncle?”

Xue Yunmu immediately shook his head, “I don’t want to give it to uncle, just wanted to let you see.”

Pei Ziteng “…” Fatty, you are such a bear, did your dad teach you this?

Xue Yunmu was amused by Pei Ziteng’s expression and laughed loudly. He jumped around to find Luo Peng and made him become a horse for him to ride.

Pei Ziteng sat next to Xue Chengxiu with an expression of “I’m so tired, I feel I won’t love anymore”, “Daddy Xue, your fatty is simply going against the sky, he is making fun of adults at such a small age.”

Xue Chengxiu said, “You are so big. An adult who was made fun of by a four-year-old child, and you are not embarrassed to say it.”

Pei Ziteng lay down on Zhuang Ze depressed, and hummed and said, “Ze Ze, I am disgusted by Xiu Xiu, I am so sad.”

Zhuang Ze patted his head: “Speak well.”

Yu Siyang just happened to come over to give Xue Yunmu custard, so that the child would fill up his stomach first. When he saw Pei Ziteng hugging Zhuang Ze like an octopus, his face suddenly showed an expression that couldn’t be described-even if the feelings are fierce, pay attention to the influence.

“Hi, brother Xiaoyu.” Seeing Yu Siyang, Pei Ziteng immediately waved his hand to say hello.

Zhuang Ze also smiled and called out: “Xiaoyu.”

Yu Siyang twitched his mouth and smiled, “Brother Ziteng, Brother Ze, hello.” After speaking, he crossed the two of them to find Xue Yunmu who was riding on Luo Peng’s shoulders.

Pei Ziteng asked Xue Chengxiu in amazement, “Why was Brother Xiaoyu’s expression so strange?”

Xue Chengxiu snorted coldly and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Zhuang Ze slapped Pei Ziteng and said: “Xiao Yu misunderstood our relationship.”

Pei Ziteng: “…” Younger brother Xiaoyu really has a big brain.

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