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After finishing the shooting of “Fashion Strategy”, Siyu’s work came to an end. She moved out of the hotel rented by the crew and was about to return to her home. Shen Yue helped her go downstairs with her luggage and said as she walked, “Sister Siyu, I have already greeted the company, and Mr. Lu agreed. He said whenever you want to leave, just say it.”

Siyu said, “Okay”, not surprised by this result, Lu Xingzhou had always been there. He was counselled whenever it came to Fifth Master Lu, and now the object of counselling had expanded to her, how could Lu Xingzhou refuse to agree.

Shen Yue glanced at her frequently, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Um … Sister Siyu, what is the relationship between you and President Lu?” As the company’s boss, Lu Xingzhou was too easy to talk. She was used to seeing celebrities and their frantic wrangling and tormenting with the brokerage company, so Shen Yue couldn’t believe that there was such a selfless boss.

Siyu thought for a while, and said, “…Probably, we can be called relatives.” Strictly speaking, Lu Xingzhou should call her sister-in-law, after all, according to seniority.

Relatives…Relatives! Shen Yue opened her eyes wide, and thought, no wonder that President Lu was so tolerant to Sister Siyu!

As soon as this doubt was resolved, Shen Yue suddenly understood why Siyu could sign such a generous contract, why company paid so much attention to Siyu despite her being just a newcomer. The answers to these questions had finally surfaced.

“Sister Siyu, you have such a background. It’s a shame that you are not going to continue being in the entertainment industry…” Shen Yue said regretfully, “You have Mr. Lu backing you, you can walk sideways!”

Siyu wanted to laugh a little: “Forget it, my goal is not to be an actor.”

Shen Yue looked at her faintly: “Yes, Sister Siyu, your dream is to draw cartoons, alas…” She gave a long and mellow sigh. With her little bit of sadness, Siyu’s goosebumps were almost coming up. After sighing, Shen Yue looked up at the sky in a melancholy manner, and said, “Sure enough, it’s better to learn a craft as a human being. Sister Siyu, look at you, you are retiring, oh no, you can do a lot of things after you leave the circle, but I can’t do it anymore, I have to continue to work…”

Siyu was trying to comfort her, and Shen Yue immediately said: “After all that, Sister Siyu, since you plan to draw comics full-time in the future, can the update speed be faster?”

Siyu: “…”

Shen Yue: “A week, on Wednesdays? I’m serious, Sister Siyu, I just got into the pit too, so be considerate of me.”

Siyu: “…No, the next one.”

Shen Yue took the opportunity to urge her, as she felt wronged. After shutting up, the two people dragged their luggage around to the back door of the hotel, which was connected to the parking lot, because the front door would definitely be crowded by the media. Wen Yuan left earlier than them and was caught by surprise. It took him a long time to get out. The two of them went around through the other door specially.

Looking at that place, their car hadn’t arrived yet, and Shen Yue was about to make a phone call to ask, when she saw a luxury sedan coming in and parking in front of them specially.

“No need to call.” Siyu said, “My boyfriend is here, I will send you off on the way?”

Shen Yue: “…” She didn’t think it before, but she now understood why single dogs were suffering.

However, because of her curiosity, Shen Yue did not refuse Siyu’s proposal, and got into the car behind her. As soon as she took a seat, she felt a cold look from the opposite side. Shen Yue trembled and raised her head cautiously. She saw Siyu expertly sitting next to an extremely handsome man.

“This is Shen Yue, my assistant, let’s take her home first.” Siyu didn’t notice Shen Yue’s trembling, as the driver drove away. After receiving a response, she turned her head to see Fifth Master Lu sitting with an unpleasant look, she asked, “Who messed with you again?”

Fifth Master Lu glanced at Shen Yue indifferently, then looked back, lowered his head and grabbed Siyu’s hand and played with it: “You have agreed with Xingzhou.?”

Siyu hesitated to react, as he asked about the clearing of things, she nodded and said: “Well, talked, just waiting to find the right time to announce it.”

As for follow-up thing, Lu Xingzhou boldly said he would help get it done, so as to not let Siyu worry about it.

Fifth Master Lu stopped asking, and stared at Siyu’s slender fingers with his eyes down. He didn’t like outsiders, especially when he was with Siyu, but Shen Yue was special. If he spoke out, Siyu might be anxious or simply upset with him.

Shen Yue didn’t know this. She only knew that when she got in the car, she felt inexplicably cold, especially the handsome man opposite always intentionally or unconsciously made her feel the invisible pressure, which caused Shen Yue to put her hands obediently on her knees in the whole process, not daring to move, representing herself as dumb.

God, Siyu’s boyfriend’s aura was too strong, speaking of it, how could a soft person like Siyu stand it? Shen Yue was puzzled. Although she was also amazed by the beauty, she instinctively sensed the danger from the man, and Sister Siyu mentioned Mr. Lu just now… Could it be that this man was also related to Mr. Lu ?

After thinking about it, Shen Yue didn’t understand, and Shen Yue didn’t dare to ask, so she could only sigh in her heart, what a mess in our circle!

When Shen Yue got out of the car, she walked away with a meaningful smile on her face. Siyu always felt that the look that Shen Yue had on her face while leaving was strange, as if she was suggesting something, but she was gone, and she was embarrassed to ask again, moreover as soon as Shen Yue left, a pair of hands stretched out from behind her, wrapped around her waist, and pulled her into the other person’s arms.

Leaning her back against the broad chest behind her, Siyu rolled her eyes in her heart: “Why do you have to be so anxious…”

But if it hadn’t been for Shen Yue just now, Fifth Master Lu would have stretched out his arms and hugged her earlier. With his current patience, being able to stay still all this way was good enough for him… Sure enough, Fifth Master Lu was a little unhappy: “You didn’t tell me in advance, your assistant will also follow, otherwise I would have let someone send her off.”

Siyu twitched the corners of her mouth, a feeling of “you have to careful about this too” rose in her heart, but knowing what type her boyfriend was, she had no choice but to appease him: “You don’t have to send her next time. I quit my job, and Shen Yue has to find another boss, so she won’t follow me anymore.”

Hearing this, Fifth Master Lu was silent for a few seconds, and then he barely let her go.

Siyu thought he was going to take her home again, but the car turned around and drove all the way to the outskirts of the city. When the car stopped, Siyu looked out the window and saw the familiar signboard of Xiangji Temple, and the familiar monk standing outside the temple gate to greet them.

“Junior Brother, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time while standing here and getting the air blown on me. I thought you were accidentally lost again.” The monk smiled cordially and greeted him politely, but he didn’t look so friendly anymore.

Fifth Master Lu snorted softly, took Siyu and walked to the temple. Siyu hurriedly turned her head and said hello to the monk: “Master, sorry, it’s because of me. I didn’t know he wanted to come here, so I did something else halfway, don’t take it to heart…”

The monk shook his head with a smile, then gave Fifth Master Lu a subtle glance: “Junior, look at your wife, how knowledgeable she is, why don’t you learn from her?”

Siyu who was a little embarrassed to be called his wife, blushed and said: “Master, don’t make fun of me…”

Fifth Master Lu didn’t say anything this time, just clenching Siyu’s hand, he said indifferently, “You can’t be envious anyway.”

Unless the monk was still a postulant, it was impossible for him to find a lady.

Monk: “…” This person’s mouth is still as poisonous as ever!

Glancing at Fifth Master Lu unhappily, the monk led the two of them into the inner room, and when all three of them were seated, he turned his head and said to Siyu: “Last time my brother brought you over, he wanted me to help you solve your physique issues, the string of beads I gave you is effective, but it is not a long-term solution.”

Siyu actually had a foreboding that Fifth Master Lu would only come here specifically for business, so she became serious and listened carefully.

The monk continued: “I have been studying it for a long time. This thing like physique is innate. If you want to use external force to change it, you don’t know what will happen to you. So, since it is not appropriate to change your physique, then change your fate.”

Siyu was stunned, and asked: “Change my fate?”

The monk swept the two of them, and slowly said: “The fate of younger brother is also a big mystery. It is extremely dangerous for either of you to change your fate alone, but fortunately, you are a natural couple, and if you separate, it is very dangerous. If you are together, you will have no worries. You can’t lack one, so I think it’s better for you two to change together. Anyway, you are a ready-made husband and wife, and the yin and yang reconciliation is a matter of course, and even other efforts are saved.”

Siyu: “… “…”

Fifth Master Lu: “…” The monk talked for a while and explained the principle of fate. After speaking, he found that there was no response from the other side. He looked up suspiciously and found these two people staring at him. Their gazes were erratic, as if their minds were wandering, so suddenly a little dissatisfied, he asked: “Did you hear clearly?” The two of them remained silent.

The monk seemed to sniff out something from the strange expressions of the two of them. After being silent for a while, he tentatively asked, “Have you two…not done anything?”

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