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Yan Mu saying that he was taking Lu Chengyu to meet some elders was not a joke. Lu Chengyu silently followed Yan Mu and listened to him introducing his identity to the family, without any perfunctory element.

But everyone didn’t think that it was personal. Instead, they thought that Yan Mu valued this young assistant and was implying that they should give Lu Chengyu more convenience in their work in the future.

This has something to do with Yan Mu’s way of introduction. First of all, he let the other party realize the importance of Lu Chengyu and his respectful attitude towards Lu Chengyu. It did not make people think that Lu Chengyu was a person who made his way through other means.

Gu Qiu, the host of the banquet, was a smart person. After Yan Mu introduced Lu Chengyu with few words, he could see that this young man surnamed Lu was very important to the Yan family boy. At the moment, he smiled gently and said: “I heard Xiao Feng mentioning you, but I didn’t expect it. Such a powerful person is so young.”

Aunt Gu, I also could not believe it,” Lu Chengyu had some pure surprises for the beautiful women, “When you and Brother Qi are walking together, everyone will notice you and think of you as a pair of siblings. If you say you are a mother and son, I am afraid that no one will believe it.”

“How can you child say something so exaggerated”. Gu Qiu was not a particularly beautiful woman, but her skin is well-maintained and her appearance was gentle, this was a look that is very easy to make people feel good about. A woman who could have such a face was generally very beautiful throughout life. “You young people have fun together, and you must tell me what you are not satisfied with.

“Thank you auntie, everything is fine, there is nothing to be dissatisfied with.” Lu Chengyu smiled and answered a few words, and saw two gorgeously dressed ladies approaching here, knowing that they were here to look for Gu Qiu, so he looked for an excuse, and went aside with Yan Mu.

Knowing some people back and forth like this, the banquet had already begun for a while. Based on Lu Chengyu’s understanding of Yan Mu, Yan Mu was not a person who liked this kind of occasion, but this person had spent so much energy introducing him to gain contacts for him. From a certain point of view, this man’s love tactics were so stupid that he couldn’t look directly at him. Didn’t he think that he could just be borrowing his connections to pave the way for him in the future, and then can turn his head to ignore him? After all, he was also a person with hundreds of millions of assets. With contacts, where will there be a shortage of car beauties in the future?

If he was selfish, shouldn’t he cut off his path of development and let him develop only by relying on the other party?

Mu Qihua, as the oldest of Mu Jiaqi’s generation, worried about his brothers in the family the most. When he knew that his younger brother might be unclear about a man, he was shocked and dissatisfied with the Yan family. If it weren’t for the Yan family and the things they did, how could his good cousin become more difficult to communicate with than Qi Rong, and how could he be interested in men.

He was not a rash person, so after discovering the signs of the matter, he turned around and asked someone to check Lu Chengyu’s information. This investigation revealed a lot of things that were wrong. For example, this assistant Lu was young, and his methods were not small. He made such a big Liang Clan the way they are now. There were also those who knew Lu Chengyu. Most people said that he is gentle, polite and friendly. Few people said that he is not good. Even the company and the security guards of his residential area were extremely close to him. Such a person was either really natural and kind, or he was good at acting, so that people won’t know his true face. Obviously, Lu Chengyu belonged to the latter.

Lu Chengyu, a person with no background and identity, had collected so much negative information about the Liang family, and had made the Liang family so miserable, then this shows that this person was not harmless in nature. In addition, the suggestions and decisions, he made after entering Huading showed that this person was extremely ambitious and visionary and was not a simple person.

In fact, if it weren’t for something wrong between his cousin and Lu Chengyu, Mu Qihua himself admired people like Lu Chengyu, who were ambitious, capable of bending, stretching, and being able to adjust. If he wasn’t such a person, even he wouldn’t believe it.

However, this did not mean that he likes his younger brother should be mingled with such a person. If he found a simpler man, he would not be so worried, but his younger brother, who had never been in love, was attracted to this fox. It was not easy to be reassured however you think.

As a result, throughout the dinner, he saw his younger brother keep introducing people to Lu Chengyu. Why didn’t he see his cousin so positive at the banquet before? Was this the legendary younger brother who couldn’t help but forget his friends?

Mu Qihua felt that he was a little bit disappointed. His younger brother who he had been protecting for more than 20 years, liked a man. He was anxious. Moreover, the other party liked a complicated man. He was even more anxious. Thinking of the things that Lu Chengyu’s parents had been involved in, he couldn’t help but rub his forehead.

“Brother Hua,” Zhang Zeyun walked to Mu Qihua. He knew that Mu Qihua’s attention was mostly on Lu Chengyu tonight. He worried that Mu Qihua would trouble Lu Chengyu afterwards, so he said, “It’s not you. As I thought, this matter… doesn’t really have much to do with Xiao Lu.” His gaze swept across Mu Qihua’s white face, and finally fell on the red wine in the other hand. With that slender and pale hand, it reminded him of a vampire with blood.

“Oh?” Mu Qihua raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Zeyun with a smile, and his index finger slowly rubbed the rim of the cup a few times. “You are protecting him. It seems that this one is really capable.”

Zhang Zeyun didn’t know what to say for a while, he tugged at the corner of his mouth, showing a smile, concealing his helplessness.

“Some things are not as simple as you think,” Mu Qihua put the wine glass on the side table, put one hand in his trouser pocket, and said with a smile, “You don’t know, people tend to hate people of the same type as you? “

Zhang Zeyun silently watched Mu Qihua walk towards a group of official second generations and sighed after a long while. Although he felt that these two people were different in many ways, there was one way in which these two people were the same, that is, their laugh. The better-looking they were, the more permeable it was.

Because Yan Mu was called away by several brothers of the Mu family, Lu Chengyu felt a little bored in the hall after being polite with some people, so he turned around and went to the garden of the Qi family mansion. The Qi’s villa was built on the mountainside outside the Fifth Ring of Beijing. It occupied a large area, so a large area was used to build a garden.

The people at the banquet were busy with each other or chatting, there was no one in the garden. Walking on a quiet road, Lu Chengyu suddenly remembered a film that satirized aristocratic circles abroad. The two married couples were lovers of each other. At the banquet, the two couples went to the back garden to make love. Who knew it was an accident but the two parties exchanged, and after they got dressed, they found out that the other party was their own husband or wife, which seemed particularly in black humour.

Feeling that his mind was running a little far away, Lu Chengyu took a step and realized that it was not a smart move to go to the garden at this time. He turned around and walked towards the banquet hall, although he heard a man’s muffled sound after walking a few steps. He didn’t stop either.

“Fuck you silly X! I won’t kill you.”

The voice seemed familiar, Lu Chengyu slowed down slightly, and squinted to the corner. He saw a dim figure kicking an object on the ground with a large arc of action. It hurt when he looked at it.

“Fuck,” Zhong Zhenghan wiped his hands with a tissue and walked out of the corner. When he saw a person standing under the street lamp, he frowned first, but after seeing who it was, his cold expression suddenly turned into a smile: “It turned out to be Mr. Lu, it’s a coincidence.”

“It’s a coincidence.” Lu Chengyu glanced over the pile of objects in the corner, and smiled and pointed to a camera not far away.

Zhong Zhenghan looked back at the camera, frowned and said, “Mr. Huang was drunk, and he had to climb the statue over there. The fall may be a bit serious.”

Lu Chengyu heard Zhong Zheng’s letter mention Mr. Huang. The smile on his face became wider, but his tone was a little disdainful: “Is that Mr. Huang Chuan?”

“It’s not him,” Zhong Zhenghan tossed the tissue into the trash can, “I dare to find someone to do something on this occasion for such a thing, he really doesn’t put Qi’s family in his eyes.” He dared to beat Huang Chuan, first because no one saw Huang Chuan when he moved his hands and feet in the garden, second because Huang Chuan was drunk and didn’t know who he was molesting, and the third was a character like Huang Chuan was not able to match the monitoring system of the family.

In this life, Huang Chuan did not have the same financial power as the previous life. He dared to molest a straight man like Zhong Zhenghan. With Zhong Zhenghan’s temper, it was rare to not beat him to death.

“Well, Mr. Huang really drank a lot”, Lu Chengyu smiled. “It’s windy in the garden. Mr. Zhong should go to the lobby to play. We talked about the film cooperation plan for so long outside, and it’s almost the same.”

Zhong Zhenghan heard that Lu Chengyu was prepared to defend him, and walked to Lu Chengyu, and asked with a smile, “Why would Mr. Lu help me?”

“There is a line of lyrics that is sung like this, and the road is not peaceful”, Lu Chengyu smiled. As he walked to the hall with Zhong Zhenghan, “Huang’s surname is not a good thing, righteous man, you did a good job.” After he became good buddies with Zhong Zhenghan in his previous life, it was not that he had not done anything secretly.

Zhong Zhenghan smiled when he heard the words and patted Lu Chengyu’s shoulder: “Dude, I’m making a deal with you as a friend.” Although he had only met Lu Chengyu before, it didn’t prevent him from seeing Lu Chengyu, as more and more pleasing to his eyes. Seeing him beating someone who has some face up and was still ready to cover up for him, this was just in line with his heart. For this reason, he made a difficult decision. In the future, he may read less Lu Chengyu’s gossip.

“Okay” Lu Chengyu slapped Zhong Zhenghan’s shoulder back with a smile, jokingly. “Maybe we were good brothers who fought together in our previous life, and pitted people together.”

Zhong Zhenghan didn’t take Lu Chengyu’s jokes seriously. But was amused by these words: “I don’t believe this.”

Soon after the two brothers returned to the lobby, Zhong Zhenghan was dragged away by his agent, and Lu Chengyu watched him walk a few steps away. He also made a gesture to contact again next time and smiled.

After getting an affirmative answer, Zhong Zhenghan was dragged away by his agent contentedly. He didn’t think of one thing when he went so far, and that is why Lu Chengyu knew the meaning of these little actions.

Mu Qihua, who had been drinking by the window sill, saw Lu Chengyu separate from the stranger, and said lightly: “Mr. Lu has so many friends. He has many friends, and he has all kinds of friends.”

Lu Chengyu turned around and saw Mu Qihua. Standing in the corner of the window sill, he couldn’t be found unless you looked closely. Lu Chengyu walked slowly to the other side of the window sill and lay on his stomach under the smirk of the other person’s eyes, and then realized that he could just see the garden from there. He turned to Mu Qihua and said: “Mr. Mu jokes, friends are friends, there is no rank.”

Mu Qihua glanced at him, silently looked at the scenery outside the window, took a sip of red wine after a while, lazily. Leaning against the window, he looked so leisurely as if he had not come to attend a banquet, but to enjoy the scenery: “This idea is very good.”

“Everyone has their own arrogance and prejudice. Sometimes good ideas and practices can’t be completely synchronized. “Lu Chengyu smiled, “It’s all human nature, but no one else is willing to bear a prejudice for no reason.”

Mu Qihua raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to look at Lu Chengyu, with soft black hair and overly beautiful eyebrows. A well-fitting dress, slender legs. From the physical point of view, Lu Chengyu was almost impeccable. After watching for a while, he finally retracted his gaze and put the goblet on the window sill, “Mr. Lu is now worth hundreds of millions, hasn’t thought of doing anything else?”

“I’ve been doing something else,” Lu Chengyu said openly. “But my chief position is the assistant to the president of Huading.”

Looking at this person under 22 years old, Mu Qihua thought of himself at that time, lowered his eyelids slightly, remained silent, and the relationship between the two suddenly became calm.

When the other party didn’t speak, Lu Chengyu didn’t speak any more. He saw someone spot Huang Chuan in the garden, and then lead him out of Qi’s house. Immediately, the servants of the Qi family began to clean the place where Huang Chuan lay. It was probably Huang Chuan’s vomit that polluted the environment.

“Huang Chuan is the nephew of the third wife of the Yan family. Although people are not a good thing, but I heard that the third wife is very fond of this nephew.” Mu Qihua stood up straight and walked slowly outwards, “You and the Qi family boy have a good relationship. If you want to help your friend, let him go and process the monitoring records. When you do something, you must wipe your trail clean and don’t make trouble for yourself.” After finishing, he didn’t even look at Lu Chengyu, took a graceful step and left.

Lu Chengyu didn’t hesitate to find Qi Jingfeng and talked about it. Qi Jingfeng knew about the relationship between Huang Chuan and Yan Lao San. He immediately asked someone to clean up the surveillance and expressed his appreciation for Lu Chengyu’s behaviour. Obviously, he didn’t have any good feelings for Yan Lao San.

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