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On the second day after finishing the exam, Chi Fang found a hotel and invited the students in the class to dinner. Although they would be reclassified after the second year of high school, for the first year of high school they were still considered as classmates.

Most of the classmates arrived at the invitation, only a few did not come, and Chi Fang didn’t care about them. Yu Mo also arrived, but it was obvious that he couldn’t adapt to so many people. He sat blankly beside Chi Fang without speaking.

The hotel that Chi Fang chose was owned by Chi’s family. The classmates were not clear about Chi Fang’s family background but thought that Chi Fang was able to treat guests in such a high-end place so his family must be rich, and they didn’t dare to make trouble.

Chi Fang had no habit of showing off his wealth. After ordering a few dishes, he passed the menu to others. After a while, despite the environment, the people in the class let go of their restraint.

A group of half-sized little ghosts could only talk about their studies, grades, and which little girl was pretty. It was just that the squad leader’s fist was threatening on the side, and this group dared not talk nonsense. Chi Fang knew that he could not drink well right now, so instead of drinking with them, he ordered a bottle of fruity drinks and drank them bit by bit.

Halfway through the meal, the cake was brought up, Chi Fang was pushed to the front row with a smile, and then the cake was divided among everyone. Yu Mo always didn’t like to get close to this kind of thing, so he stood far away. After the classmates had all the cake divided out, Chi Fang came back with two small plates.

He handed one of them to Yu Mo, “Cake.”

Yu Mo looked at the small cake on the plate, filled with several layers of cream. When he raised his head again, Chi Fang was still looking at him with a smile, but his face was a little red…

Chi Fang didn’t expect that every fruity drink in this hotel was imbued with alcohol, even though that little alcohol was not worth mentioning for him in the previous life. But for him now, who was currently out of practice, it was no different from a cup of Erguotou[1]

He looked at Yu Mo in front of him and knew that this person was called Yu Mo, who he liked, so he suppressed it. But he couldn’t help being happy, and he started to laugh.

Yu Mo reluctantly took the cake plate, and handily took the other plate and put it on the table. Chi Fang didn’t struggle, and he smiled and watched Yu Mo toss the cake away. After seeing this, he wasn’t able to wake up for a while. Yu Mo hesitantly looked around at his classmates. Chi Fang originally planned to treat him to KTV after the dinner, and even the place was booked, but seeing Chi Fang now, there would be no way to go.

If it were a year ago, Yu Mo would have taken Chi Fang away directly, and would not care about the people in this restaurant.

At most, the bill would be paid.

But now…

Yu Mo endured his impatience and squeezed to the side of the squad leader. Although the squad leader was a girl, she had a good personality and could play with most of the people in the class.

“Li Ye.” Yu Mo’s cold voice sounded, the squad leader shook her head and looked back at Yu Mo blankly, “Chi Fang is drunk, I’ll take him back first.” The squad leader was stunned and looked towards the corner and saw Chi Fang sitting in the corner, smiling like a Maitreya Buddha.

“After dinner in a while, you can go to this place to continue playing.” Yu Mo handed the KTV address to the monitor, “but you must go home before eleven o’clock, I will trouble you.”

The monitor took the address ignorantly. She watched Yu Mo walk back to the corner, stretch out his hand and hug Chi Fang and stand there. Chi Fang also didn’t refuse and let Yu Mo hold him with a smile.

The two of them… had a good relationship!

The monitor sighed, stopped thinking about it, and went back to play with friends.

Although there was not much alcohol in the juice, Chi Fang drank two bottles by himself because of his gluttony. After leaving the hotel door, he was blown by the cold wind. He just shrank his neck and turned his head into Yu Mo.

The driver waiting outside: …

Yu Mo could feel Chi Fang’s warm breath on his neck. The place he was touched by the breath was like being scorched by the fire. He even felt an illusion that he was actually drunk. Although Chi Fang was drunk, he still had consciousness, and he was still standing firmly.

The driver on the side waited for a while, and hurried forward, trying to take over from his young master. Yu Mo glanced at him, turned his head and hummed, and refused.

The cold sweat on the back of the driver’s forehead was about to fall. He was not afraid of Yu Mo being angry, but…This was the Chi family’s hotel. The Chi family would basically be here for business talks. In case anyone should see it…

“Brother?” The driver shook as he saw Young Master Chi walking out of the hotel.

Chi Yan agreed with his partner to eat at his hotel today. Just after talking, he saw two boys cuddling outside the gate. Although Chi Yan did not reject homosexuality, but… in the public, it was too much.

As a result, he glanced again and found that the person standing next to the couple was familiar, looking like his own driver.

He looked again and found that the one who was being embraced by people was all the more familiar.

Chi Yan stepped over and found that it was actually Chi Fang, and his face suddenly became gloomy. Chi Fang’s expression was obviously wrong, it looked like those stars who had been forced to drink…

Since the last time he was drunk at home, Chi Fang knew that he should not drink even a glass, so it was absolutely impossible for him to take the initiative to drink.

Chi Yan directly stretched out his hand to hold his little brother over, and the cold knife in his gaze slammed Yu Mo like he wanted to murder him.

“What did you do to Xiao Fang?!” Chi Yan’s voice was angry.

Suddenly, Yu Mo was robbed of Chi Fang, and his face didn’t look good. He turned his head and just wanted to take Chi Fang back. Suddenly, he found that the person who took Chi Fang…looked very similar to Chi Fang.

Yu Mo’s action sharply stopped.

Chi Fang hadn’t noticed the condensed air between the two people. He only felt that he was being dragged around. Although he didn’t fall, he was dizzy. He tried to stand up straight and glanced at the person who was supporting him, but he was not so drunk that he could not recognize the person, and said in doubt: “…Big brother?”

The voice fell in Yu Mo’s ears, and Yu Mo silently withdrew his hand, thanking heavens that he was slower.

Chi Yan touched Chi Fang’s forehead, and he was relieved to see that Chi Fang was just a little drunk and had not been given any strange medicine. He stared at Yu Mo coldly and asked, “Who is he?”

Chi Fang woke up slightly after having been tossing for so long. He looked at Yu Mo, rubbed his forehead, and murmured: ” J…”


His voice was too small, and none of the people present could hear him clearly. Before Chi Yan had time to ask again, Chi Fang asked him puzzledly: “Big Brother, why are you here?”

Chi Yan didn’t bother to explain why he was here. He glanced at Yu Mo coldly and said, “It just so happened. Let’s go, elder brother will take you home.”

Chi Fang was drunk and had a headache. Hearing this, he nodded, “Okay.”

Yu Mo clenched his fist and had to take a step back. However, Chi Fang took a step forward, holding his wrist, “Great, you can ride with me in big brother’s car, I am telling you, big brother’s car is very comfortable!”

As he said this, he took Yu Mo and ran towards the direction of Chi Yan’s parked car.

Chi Yan: …

The trembling driver received the condensed gaze of Young Master Chi, and suddenly returned to his senses, “That’s the young master of the Yu family, called Yu Mo, the young master’s classmate, who accompanied the young master today to celebrate his birthday. The young master was drunk. So, he planned to send the young master home!”

Oh God, the young master’s face was too ugly, and the driver felt that he would have been beaten to death by the young master if he spoke even half a second later.

Chi Yan’s expression relaxed.

After all, Chi Fang still had a headache, coupled with motion sickness, after taking the motion sickness medicine given by Yu Mo, he fell asleep in the back seat of the car in a daze. Yu Mo allowed him to rest on his shoulders, his eyes always falling on Chi Fang’s face, and he didn’t even try to conceal it.

Chi Yan didn’t call the driver tonight. Instead, he drove the car by himself. From the rearview mirror, he saw Yu Mo staring at his little brother affectionately several times. No matter how you looked at it, it was not right. Although Chi Yan had never been in a relationship, the people around him were all in relationships and he had seen them, so he couldn’t help but wonder.

This Young Master Yu… didn’t seem to be right?

“Are you seventeen this year?” Chi Yan asked.

Yu Mo returned to his senses and nodded.

“How are your grades?”

“First in the grade.”

Chi Yan choked, his eyes rolling in the rearview mirror. Although the first place was very powerful, but to say it so bluntly…

“I heard that you are tutoring younger brother, we have troubled you.”

“No trouble.” Speaking of Chi Fang, Yu Mo’s tone instantly softened a lot. Even the cold look on his face thawed a little bit.

Chi Yan squinted his eyes slightly. After a long time of silence in the car, he suddenly spoke again: “Chi Fang is still young, so he needs to focus on studying.” Yu Mo’s eyes staring at Chi Fang raised slightly, facing Chi Yan’s gaze in the rearview mirror. He knew in his heart that his mind was becoming more and more uncontrollable. It was normal to be seen by others. He was not afraid of it being known. He was afraid that Chi Fang would stay away from him when he came to know.

Yu Mo lowered his eyes, “I know.”

Chi Yan frowned slightly. Yu Mo’s attitude made him unsatisfied, but he couldn’t say more. After all, it was just his guess. If he guessed wrong and Yu Mo stayed away from the little brother for this reason, and Chi Fang got to know, he was afraid he would quarrel with him.

Because of his scruples, Chi Yan didn’t speak for the second half of the journey. When the car stopped outside his house, Chi Yan raised his eyes and saw that his little brother had already fallen into the arms of others!

Chi Fang was lying on his side in the back seat with his head resting on Mo’s legs. Yu Mo was so squeezed that he could only sit by the car window, leaning his head on the car window, and seemed to be asleep.

The look of the two teenagers close together was really wonderful.

Chi Yan stopped the car blankly, opened the door, got out of the car, turned to the side of Yu Mo’s car door, and knocked on the window.

Yu Mo opened his eyes and his gaze fell straight on Chi Yan without being confused.

Chi Yan turned sideways, letting Yu Mo see the Yu family villa behind him.

Yu Mo retracted his gaze and carefully moved Chi Fang from his leg. Chi Fang slept soundly, suddenly lost the heat source and felt a little uncomfortable, stretched out his hand and touched his seat. Yu Mo paused, took off his coat and put it beside Chi Fang.

Chi Fang touched the clothes, felt a familiar aura, held the clothes with satisfaction, and continued to sleep.

Chi Yan on the side resisted the urge to pull the coat out, stepped back and watched Yu Mo get out of the car.

Yu Mo closed the car door softly and confirmed that Chi Fang had not been disturbed, then turned to Chi Yan and said, “Thank you, brother.”

The last time the second brother of the Chi family dropped him off, he still didn’t quite understand these etiquettes and didn’t thank the second brother of the Chi family.

Chi Yan puckered the corners of his mouth when he heard that big brother.

Who is your big brother?!

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[1] A Chinese beverage with very high alcohol content.

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