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Chi Fang was silent for a long time in front of the box filled with books, then a smile slowly appeared from the corner of his eyes. This gift was really…like Yu Mo’s style. After so long, Chi Fang almost forgot what kind of character Yu Mo was in the beginning.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Mo was puzzled and also looked at the books.

Was there anything wrong?

People in the forum suggested that he buy things that Chi Fang liked. Yu Mo thought about it for two days and found that Chi Fang’s favorite thing now was reading books and doing questions.

Looking at Yu Mo’s innocent expression, Chi Fang had to smile, “No, I like it very much.”

Just after his sophomore year in high school, he had also started to sprint forward, and it was nice of Yu Mo to give him this at this time.

In the evening, Chi Fang returned home with the box containing the books and saw Chi Zheng sitting in the living room. Chi Zheng’s eyes were sharp, and he saw the box in Chi Fang’s hand at a glance: “Boy Yu gave you this?”

Chi Fang nodded and reminded him: “His name is Yu Mo, not the boy Yu.”

Chi Zheng pursed his lips, but he didn’t argue anymore. He just curiously looked at the box in Chi Fang’s hand, “He didn’t give you two bricks, right?”

“No, it’s books.” Chi Fang put the box away and didn’t discuss this issue for too long. Instead, he asked curiously: “What’s going on this morning?”

Chi Zheng paused, thinking of what Mother Chi said to him in the morning, and a smile appeared on his face.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that mother said that she wanted to see A Guang, hehehe…”

Chi Fang silently looked at Chi Zheng’s lecherous face and moved aside. If the second brother’s opponent saw his expression, it was estimated that he would be particularly crushed that he actually lost to such a person.

However, Chi Fang was still relieved that his second brother would have a good ending with Xu Guang.

“Right, brother.” Chi Zheng laughed for a while, remembering the business at hand, “Do you remember the land in the north of the city?”

Chi Fang nodded.

Chi Zheng rubbed his forehead, hesitating, “Then listen… when do you guess the land will be acquired?”

He still remembered that Chi Fang was afraid of Wang Liang because of this, and he didn’t dare to ask too many details.

Chi Fang blinked, hesitantly recalled, “At least three years…? What’s the matter?”

Chi Zheng nodded, thinking about it in his heart. At that time, Chi Fang said that there was a problem with the land, and Chi Zheng and Chi Fu secretly gave up the bid. Chi Zheng reminded Xu Guang, but it was a pity that Xu Guang was not in charge of the Xu family. That piece of land was finally acquired by Xu Guang’s second uncle. Because of this, Xu Guang’s second uncle was in the Xu family’s limelight, and even Xu Guang’s father had to give in to him.

If there were three years left… there will be more places to operate.

In the few days before the final exam, the atmosphere in the Chi family was a little nervous. In the second year of high school, because of the division of arts and sciences, Chi Fang would have to be reclassified. Although it was no problem to put Chi Fang directly into the key class with the ability of the Chi family, it was still different from getting the marks to get into the class.

Chi Fang was very calm, reviewing the next subject after the exam every day, and following Yu Mo for any questions he had doubts in. In contrast to him, Yu Mo paid more attention to Chi Fang’s body instead of taking the exam. He would not allow him to drink cold drinks or to eat spicy food, and even urged Chi Fang to sleep at ten o’clock in the evening.

Probably it was because he had a fever the last time that scared him…

With a guilty heart, Chi Fang also followed Yu Mo’s orders.

After the exam on the third day, the night had already fallen. It was a dark night in the summer, and the sky was still bright after six o’clock. The students around who had just finished the exam all went home in twos and threes. Chi Fang waited for Yu Mo to go home together, and happened to receive a call from Mother Chi.

“Huh?” Chi Fang hesitated when he heard what Mother Chi was saying. “Okay… Then I’ll ask him.”

Hanging up, Chi Fang hesitated before asking Yu Mo: ” Yu Mo, do you have time in two days?”

Yu Mo looked at him, puzzled.

Chi Fang gestured to the phone, “My mother called just now and said that she wanted to treat you to a meal.”

Yu Mo paused. He didn’t like to socialize with people. If it were other people, Yu Mo would simply refuse, but if it was Chi Fang’s mother, Yu Mo hesitated and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Was it possible that his mother wanted to find him for something?”

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo’s expression and knew that he was thinking incorrect thoughts. He was helpless: “No, it’s because you helped me make up in classes. I have good grades now, so my mother wants to invite you to dinner and thank you.”

Yu Mo nodded. Although he didn’t think there was anything to be thanked for, he also knew that there was no way to refuse this kind of thing.

“Tomorrow, my family will make up for my birthday, do you have time the day after tomorrow?” Chi Fang asked.

Yu Mo agreed.

When he got home, Yu Mo was a little distracted. He was in a daze even while having dinner. Today, both Mother and Father Yu were at home, and they were a little surprised to see their son in such a trance.

Mother Yu: “Xiao Mo? What do you think?”

Yu Mo returned to his senses, and just shook his head, suddenly wondering if his mother would… know Chi Fang’s mother?

“En…Mom,” Yu Mo stared at her mother with piercing eyes, “Do you know Chi Fang’s mother?”

Chi Fang’s mother? Mother Yu was stunned, recalled for a moment and nodded, “I know, I have met her for business, but I am not familiar with her.” Then she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chi Fang asked him to have dinner with his mother. Having said that, there was still some incomprehension and panic that was easy to find in his expression. Yu Mo had always known that he was unlovable, especially to the elders. A child who couldn’t coax people and talked coldly when meeting would not be liked by elders. Except for his grades, there was nothing appreciable about him, if he was not born in this prestigious family, he was afraid that he would offend many people.

But he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Mother Chi.

Mother Yu smiled, “It’s just this much of a thing.”

She thought for a while and said, “Although I have not spoken to Mrs. Chi, I have heard that Mrs. Chi is very kind and takes good care of the children in the family. You have a good relationship with Chi Fang, and you also help him in studying. Madam Chi won’t dislike you.”

Yu Mo nodded silently, but his expression still looked worried.

Mother Yu glared helplessly at her husband. The looks of Father Yu and Yu Mo were almost carved out of the same mold, and there was no expression on either of their faces. Father Yu was still eating and didn’t notice what the two were talking about. His wife glared at him, so he coughed subconsciously, and said, “If you don’t want to go, you don’t go.”

Mother Yu’s face became dark, and she was silent. She twisted her husband’s arm, with a smile on her face, and told Yu Mo: “Don’t listen to your dad’s nonsense.”

Yu Mo also knew that this matter could not be rejected, but…

“Don’t think so much.” Mother Yu stretched out her hand. Touching her son’s hair, she felt a little distressed. Although Yu Mo was very quiet since he was a child and never caused them trouble, but because of this, she always felt she owed Yu Mo.

“Just answer any question Mrs. Chi asks, she won’t dislike you.”

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