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The school might have felt that it was too troublesome to mobilize high school students in the auditorium every once in a while, so they simply changed the motivation into the form of classroom broadcasting, and the time changed from once every half a month to once every three to five days.

The sound circulated around the classes, endlessly.

It was bound to inject chicken blood in even the dead.

The magic sound of the motivation and the accompanying sounds became the deepest memory of the students during the 100-day sprint.

In the third year of high school, it was said that time is pressing, and it was necessary to devote all efforts to learning, but in fact, there were many miscellaneous things, such as registering candidate information, checking files, and taking physical examinations.

For students, as long as they were not in the classroom, it was a relaxing moment to take a break.

In March, the school arranged for a physical examination at the city hospital. They hadn’t taken a vacation for a long time. Suddenly, they felt like they were pulled out of the abyss after a long time. Everyone was so excited.

When they arrived at the city hospital, each class was divided depending upon the different items required for the physical examination, so that they could finish the physical examination and return to class as soon as possible without queuing or waiting.

Class 9 was to go for the ophthalmology test first. There were a few students in the class with bad eyesight. The result of the test was almost perfect. Even the doctors couldn’t believe it. Can people who have experienced the destruction of high school still have this vision? They asked the students to open their eyelids to check if they were wearing contact lenses.

Qu Dazhuang pointed to Jiang Shan from behind: “Have you seen? This is a person who doesn’t like to learn. The eyesight is so good. If you stay up all night to read and do questions, how can you maintain such good eyesight!”

He looked at Ji Rang with admiration: “Like our brother, who has five power in both eyes, he is simply a myopic Taishan, a model for learning.”

Ji Rang: “???”

As a result, Ji Rang’s eyesight in both eyes was measured at less than one hundred degrees, which was very good. On the contrary, Qu Dazhuang tested three hundred degrees myopia in his eyes.

He couldn’t believe it: “Why?! Why is my myopia so serious but studying so average?!”

Liu Haiyang kicked him: “Fool, you have myopia from playing games. Now go back and start learning.”

That seemed to be the case.

Since Ji Rang had not played games for a long time, his power had actually dropped a bit after adding vision correction in the past two years. It was estimated that the optical shop had also measured the change before.

It was simply enviable.

When they came out of the eye examination room, the corridors were full of students with medical check-up sheets, making a lot of noise, treating the medical check-up as an outing. Ji Rang was going to the internal medicine department next. When he walked around the corner, he saw Qi Ying sitting on a chair with her arm resting.

She should have just gotten her blood drawn, as she was pressing the cotton swab on her arm with her finger, her face was a little pale, and her eyes drooped slightly as if she was in a daze.

Ji Rang walked over and squatted down in front of her, touched her head, and asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt?”

When Qi Ying saw him, she bent her eyes and smiled, “It doesn’t hurt.” She pursed her mouth again and whispered: “I’m just a little dizzy.”

The blood must be taken on an empty stomach. So, the dizziness was probably caused by hypoglycemia.

Ji Rang smiled, took his hand out of the pocket of the school uniform, and stretched out his fist in front of her: “Guess what I have in my hand?”

She was so happy: “Strawberry Candy!”

Ji Rang let go of his palm: “You guessed it, so you get a strawberry candy.” He peeled off the pink candy paper and told her to “open her mouth.”

She opened her mouth obediently.

Ji Rang stuffed the candy into her mouth, touched her teeth with his finger, and trembled without showing a trace. He touched her head and softly coaxed her: “Eat candy, you won’t be dizzy after eating it.”

She smacked her mouth, and the sweetness of strawberries floated out, and her lips were pink and shiny, which made people want to kiss her.

Ji Rang felt a tickle in his heart. Qu Dazhuang ran across the corridor with his medical checklist. As if he had discovered some new world, he said excitedly: “Fuck, brother! We will have a naked checkup in a moment! Even our underwear will be stripped off. Did you change your underwear in the shower last night?”

Ji Rang: “???”

The little girl eating candy suddenly had a suspicious blush on her cheeks and looked away.

Ji Rang stood up and turned around blankly: “Come here.”

Qu Dazhuang approached like a silly dog: “What’s the matter?”

Then he was violently beaten in the corner by Ji Rang and almost made to run naked in the corridor.

When they went to the surgical examination room, the boys waiting outside for the examination all had a mysterious smile. When they walked over, they were discussing the size, and from time to time there was a wretched laugh.

The result disappointed them.

There was no need to be naked during inspection.

Ji Rang breathed a sigh of relief, but looking at Qu Dazhuang, he seemed to be a little bit regretful???

After the blood was drawn, everyone was screaming, dizzy and hungry, so they hurried to have breakfast. As soon as Ji Rang came out, he saw Qi Ying standing outside waiting obediently with a food bag.

She had gone to eat breakfast with Yue Li, and got a portion packed for him, “I bought you two steamed buns and a cup of soy milk, is that enough?”

Class 9 students smelled the scent next to them and breathed a sigh in envy.

Qu Dazhuang said, “I will soon graduate, and I won’t have to eat this bowl of dog food soon.”

At the end of the corridor, Liu Qinghua, who was standing at the entrance of the corridor watching the students, saw the scene, frowned and asked Liu Yao next to him: “That is the student in your class and Qi Ying in my class? What do these two people look like? It seems something is wrong?”

Liu Yao went against his conscience and said: “What’s wrong? It’s normal. The classmates helping each other.” He looked righteous: “As teachers, we should be broad-minded and not always be suspicious, so as not to put pressure on students.”

Liu Qinghua nodded thoughtfully.

Liu Yao turned around; he was overwhelmed by joy at seeing the pig he had reared eating somebody else’s cabbages.

There were no unprovoked changes and efforts in this world.

What a wonderful youth to have someone who made him want to be good to deserve her.

With the advent of summer, the numbers on the countdown turned into double digits, and finally turned into single digits.

Before the college entrance examination holiday, the school organized the last group activity-taking graduation photos.

But everyone’s interest was lacking.

After all, wearing a school uniform with their hair tied up against the background of the school building and not allowing casual graduation photos, there was really nothing to look forward to.

They couldn’t even edit the picture after taking it!

For those who did not look good in front of a mirror, it was a disaster!

At the last juncture, the head teachers of each class were not as nervous as before, and calmly explained to the students in each class: “It’s good to relax and perform at your normal level. Over the past year, we have gone through large and small exams. It’s the same as before, no different.”

But there were also radicals, such as Liu Yao from Class 9: “Classmates! Success or failure is in one fell swoop! The time has come to really test you! Show all your strengths and prove to everyone that you are the best!”

He looked at the familiar youthful faces in the audience with sorrow, thinking of their company in the past three years, and the efforts of everyone in the last year, could not help tears in his eyes: “Classmates, in my heart, every one of you is very excellent, I believe that you will continue to be excellent in the future! At this time, I can no longer help you. I can only wish you all the best for the final test. Go ahead and conquer the college entrance examination!”

On June 6, the candidates went to the major test centers to see the test room.

By destiny or Grace of God, Ji Rang and Qi Ying were in the same examination room.

Of course, if this fate could have swept out the rat feces that was Qu Dazhuang, it would have been perfect.

Qu Dazhuang was about to cry with excitement: “God! I am in the same examination room as you! Let the light of your learning envelop me! I can definitely go to B University to find Wu Rui this time!”

Ji Rang: “Get out of here, the light of my learning doesn’t want to cover you at all.”

Ji Rang and Qi Ying were in the same row, with Qi Ying in the first position and Ji Rang in the last position.

When sitting down in the seat, he could see her delicate back whenever he looked up.

She was really his little lucky star, even at this time, she could still appear in his sight, giving him hope and light.

After all the candidates attending the examination room were seated, Qu Dazhuang discovered that the candidate sitting in front of him was wearing a t-shirt with a single dog’s head printed all over his body.

It was the dog’s head with an evil smile at the corner of his mouth, as if staring at someone would make them pregnant.

Qu Dazhuang stared at the dog head on the back of the student.

Two invigilators walked into the classroom, introduced themselves and began to tell everyone about the precautions for the exam tomorrow. They told everyone clearly what they could or could not bring, what time they would have to arrive at the earliest and the latest.

At the end of the talk, the invigilator asked: “Do you have any questions?”

Sitting in the middle, Qu Dazhuang raised his hand with a serious face.

The teacher looked at him: “This classmate, do you have any questions?”

Qu Dazhuang stood up, pointed at the candidate in front of him, and said indignantly: “Teacher! I want to complain to the student in front of me. The dog’s head on his clothes is staring at me, causing serious mental problem!”

Candidate in the front row: “???”

Invigilator: “???”

Ji Rang and Qi Ying: “…”

No, we don’t know this sand sculpture.

Seeing the indignant expression of Qu Dazhuang, the invigilator finally compromised. He said to the candidate wearing the dog-head t-shirt: “Student, you shouldn’t wear this dress for the exam tomorrow.”

Candidate with the dog heads: “…”

It was really bad.

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