TBLF Ch. 86.1

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Warning: Tragedy. Skip this chapter if you cannot bear violence against women and extremely sad situations.

Two days after the college entrance examination, the sky was beautiful, and the weather was exceptionally cool.

When the bell rang at the end of the last exam, cheers erupted from the entire exam building. As soon as the invigilator finished collecting the papers, Qu Dazhuang bounced from his seat, rushed to the last row of the classroom and gave Ji Rang a bear hug.

Ji Rang pushed him away with a look of disgust, Qu Dazhuang clung to his neck and didn’t let go. He even cried a little, and said fiercely, “Brother Ji, for these three years, thank you!”

Thank you for thinking of us at the beginning. Brother, thank you for forcing us back to the right way.

Ji Rang gritted his teeth: “Dare to cry and I will kill you.”

Qu Dazhuang let go and rubbed his eyes in embarrassment.

In the first row, Qi Ying put the test tools back into her transparent stationery bag, looked around the classroom with some emotion, and let out a soft sigh.

This was the end.

She turned to look at the young man standing in the back row of the classroom, his face was impatient and grumpy, but his eyes were clear. No longer had he those eyes that were shrouded in haze, like the whole person had brightened up.

Perceiving her looking back, he raised his eyes and looked over, and his expression became gentle in an instant.

He walked up to her, bowed his head to straighten her crooked collar, and then naturally took her hand: “Let’s go.”

Finally, he could hold hands blatantly, and his whole heart was about to fly out in excitement.

There was only one thought in his mind: After graduation, love can start, and this little girl was about to completely belong to him.

Well, he will plan well and find the best time to make up and give the confession owed to her!

The candidates walked out of the school gate one after another. Outside the gate there were all eagerly anticipating parents. Some were happy and some were worried, but most of them were excited and relieved.

Yu Cheng was more nervous than Qi Ying in the past two days. Before the exam, he went to Wenhua Temple to burn incense and asked the ancestors of the Yu family to bless Yingying to perform normally. This afternoon was the last one, and he had been waiting outside the school from an early time.

Qi Ying ran over with her stationery bag, Yu Cheng asked excitedly: “Came out? How’s your test?!”

She smiled and nodded: “Answered normally.”

Yu Cheng smiled so much that there were flowers about to erupt from his face. After seeing Ji Rang behind her, he greeted enthusiastically: “Xiao Ji, you are also here? How was your exam?”

Ji Rang looked like a triple-good student, “Not bad.”

Yu Cheng nodded again and again, he wanted to take Qi Ying to a hotel for dinner and started to leave after greeting Ji Rang. After Ji Rang said goodbye to her uncle, he touched Qi Ying’s head very familiarly, and said softly: “See you tomorrow.”

Yu Cheng: “?”

Boy, where did you touch?

Qi Ying blushed; she didn’t dare to look at her uncle at all and gave a soft “Um”.

Yu Cheng: “…”

Until he got into the car, Yu Cheng didn’t react at all. In the end he couldn’t help but turn around and asked in pain, “Yingying, do you have a good relationship with that Xiaoji…?”

He asked more tactfully, but Qi Ying replied very bluntly: “I like him.”

Yu Cheng: “…”

A daughter could not be stopped from growing up, and neither could a niece.

Yu Cheng said bitterly: “Yingying, although you graduated, you are not yet an adult…”

Qi Ying: “I will be an adult next month.”

Yu Cheng: “…”

Yu Zhuo was to be blamed! If not because of him, Yingying and Ji Rang won’t know each other! Let him go back and kill that bastard!

Qi Ying watched her uncle’s expression change several times, couldn’t help covering her mouth and snickering, and secretly sent a message to Ji Rang: “You made my uncle angry.”

His reply came quickly: I did it deliberately.

He deliberately did it as he couldn’t wait to declare his sovereignty on her to everyone.

The boss was in a better mood than ever before. He established a group to pull in all the younger brothers, and then asked all the members in the group: “I want to confess, help me think of an unprecedented and unique way to confess.”

Everyone: “…”

Why do we still have to eat dog food after graduation?!

After the exam, each class held a graduation party. Some classes gathered on the night after the exam on the 8th, but Class 2 was arranged to meet at noon on the 9th, and after lunch, they would go to sing at a KTV.

In the two days after the college entrance examination, the city’s KTV business was full. The class committee searched the city before grabbing a large package for a KTV in the entertainment city. They would be able to accommodate the dozens of people in Class 2.

At noon, everyone ate hot pot, and the whole lobby was filled. The boys moved a few large boxes of beer and drank them happily. Even the girls couldn’t help joining in, and they almost lifted the roof of the house.

Liu Qinghua found it really funny and was helpless, but she didn’t stop them. After pouring a glass of wine, she stood up and said loudly: “Classmates, teacher respects you. I respect you for the past three years, and respect your unknown journey in the future, no matter where you are. Here, the teacher will always wish you a worry-free future and a great time!”

Many red-eyed students, raised their glasses and shouted in unison: “Thank you Teacher Liu!”

High school is a time everybody loves and hates, that’s it. But now it is gone.

After lunch, everyone went to the entertainment city. That street was full of bars and KTV halls. Some fast-running bastards ran to grab the microphone and started the song butchering scene.

Qi Ying had never drunk before. After drinking two glasses of beer, she felt a little dizzy. She bought a popsicle and squatted at the door to eat with Yue Li, not wanting to go in and be devastated by the awful singing.

Inside, they didn’t know which male student was killing the song “Love When I Die”, so loudly that the two girls almost couldn’t hold their popsicles.

Qi Ying almost died of laughter, took out her mobile phone and recorded a small video and sent it to Ji Rang.

Class 9 was also meeting today, and the scheduled KTV was also on this street, about two hundred meters away. After receiving the video, Ji Rang sent a series of ellipsis, saying: My situation is similar.

However, this was the last class activity in high school, and no matter how bad it was, Qi Ying and Yue Li went in after eating the popsicles. In the end, Chen Mengjie came forward, took out monitor Yu Wei, grabbed the mike, and arranged for everyone to sing one by one according to the student number.

The din finally stopped.

Because Qi Ying was a transfer student, her student number was the last one. It would probably be dark when it reached her turn. But she didn’t like singing anyway, so she ate some fruit, drank some milk tea, and chatted with Yue Li, very happily.

Because of this group of senior high school students, the entire bar street seemed extremely lively throughout the day.

In the dimly lit corridor, a group of people staggered while drinking, and a man dressed in famous brands was crowded around with toadying smiles: “Brother Xiao, this way, go this way.”

Feng Xiao’s eyes flashed when he listened to the loud music in the surroundings. He was dissatisfied and said: “Why is it so noisy? This is a broken place, there is no soundproofing also.”

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