TBLF Ch. 86.2

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Warning: Tragedy. Skip this chapter if you cannot bear violence against women and extremely sad situations.

The man in a flowered shirt said: “This is the end of the college entrance examination. All the KTVs are reserved by those little boys in high school. But…” He winked and got closer: “It’s better! These are high school seniors who are naive, and they won’t stare here. Recently, they looked too closely at high-end clubs. These small places are better. There is a mixture of fish and dragons, even if something happened, we could run out and blend in as there were people and alleys everywhere, and the police would not be able to even catch a fart.”

Feng Xiao smiled as soon as he heard this and pointed to the bathroom at the end: “I’m going to the toilet; you wait for me in the box.”

The man in the flower shirt opened his pocket, revealing a little white powder bag: “Fuck Brother Xiao, this batch of goods is more overbearing than the one you just tasted.”

Feng Xiao had already snorted a round just then, and his consciousness was unclear, so he did not respond and walked to the bathroom.

Trigger Warning

When he arrived at the door, he passed a little girl who was coming out of the female bathroom.

He smelled the unique sweet scent belonging to the young girl.

When he thought of it, it was the terribly pure girl he met when he was doing charity activities in the nursing home.

At that time, the girl had a cold attitude, but turned around and smiled at the other boy. He was angry and unwilling, but he was afraid of the boy and could only bear it.

Now he recognized the person, and he had already snorted up earlier. Under the stimulation of the body fragrance, he suddenly felt evil and gathered up his courage. From behind, he grabbed the girl’s wrist, covered her mouth with the palm, and dragged her into the box at the end.

There was only a dim light in the box. A group of people were spreading heroin on the table. When Feng Xiao dragged a girl in, they were shocked: “Brother Xiao, what are you playing at?”

Feng Xiao had already pressed the struggling girl on the sofa with a vicious smile: “You play yours; I will play mine.”

The original singing music in the private room was deafening, covering up the girl’s intense passionate scream.

She struggled too hard, biting, kicking and scratching, Feng Xiao was in a trance, and he didn’t notice that she used her nails to make a hole in his face.

He was suddenly angered, so he raised his hand and slapped the girl, pulling her ponytail to force her to raise her head and hit the coffee table.

After three full hits, the girl finally stopped struggling.

The red blood flowed down her forehead, all over her face, through her eyes, through the bridge of her nose, and through her lips, forming a river of blood.

The smell of blood irritated him even more.

Feng Xiao stood up and began to untie his belt.

The private room door was suddenly pushed open.

A middle-aged waiter came in with a fruit plate and asked politely: “Is it your order of fruit platter?”

Several people who were taking drugs hurriedly covered the white powder on the coffee table, shouting at the waiter: “Why the hell did you come in? Get out!”

Qi Ying tried to open her eyes.

She crawled forward desperately, reaching out to the waiter for help.

After not crawling far, Feng Xiao grabbed her ankle and dragged her back.

The waiter tightened his fingers, walked forward with the fruit plate, and whispered, “Can I put your fruit plate here?”

The group of people was impatient and stood up and pushed him: “Can’t you listen. No!”

When the palm of the hand was pushed to the shoulder of the waiter he was caught by the waiter’s backhand grip. The man was shocked, looked up suddenly, and yelled, “This man is not right! He is not a waiter!”

There was a sudden chaos in the box.

Among the loud music, there sounded a sharp warning sound, the air became full of the smell of smoke, so they shut off the music, and heard a noisy confusion in the corridor: “Fire! Run!! “

In the box people were panicking and were in a hurry to run out to escape, but the waiter rushed inside and picked up Qi Ying who was lying on the ground.

Feng Xiao, who had lost his mind, roared at the group of people who were running out, and said cruelly: “Can’t let them out! He saw you taking drugs and rescued that little bitch. They will testify against us together!”

A group of people paused at the door; the drugs were long gone. They lost their humanity. After looking at each other, they turned around, picked up the tools that could be used in the private room, and hit the waiter hard.

The waiter was quite skilled, but it was hard to beat all the punches, and he had to protect Qi Ying under him, and was quickly knocked to the ground.

The flower shirt guarding the door shouted: “Don’t fight! Cough, cough, cough, hurry up! The fire is spreading!”

The group of people fled.

In the box full of smoke, the waiter struggled to get up and hugged the little girl on the ground.

Warning end…

Qi Ying’s face was covered with blood, and her consciousness had gradually faded. She noticed that someone was touching her, and she struggled subconsciously.

The waiter patted her back gently and comforted her: “Don’t be afraid little girl, I am the policeman, and the police uncle will save you.”

She closed her eyes and listened to the soft and gentle voice, tears rolling out.

He was the same person as Dad.

The fire caused by the short-circuit of the wires burned till the evening.

In the low-end bar KTV, the fire-fighting facilities were not available at all. When the fire started to burn, there was no way but to let it grow stronger with the wind.

A whole street of people ran out, and fire trucks, ambulances and police cars hurriedly filled the streets.

Ji Rang was taken aback when he heard that there was a fire. When he saw the KTV where Class 2 was located, he felt as if he was hit by someone and rushed over.

The frightened Class 2 classmates stood on the street, looking at the buildinge that had been shrouded in flames with lingering fear, Chen Mengjie was still counting people, “Have all the class two come out? Are they all there?!”

Yue Li looked around but did not see Qi Ying, and she went pale: “Squad leader, Ying Ying is not here, I did not see Ying Ying.” Then she thought about it and cried out, “She just went to the bathroom, and she had not come back!”

Ji Rang happened to hear her words when he reached there.

The young man halted, turned around quickly, and rushed into the fire without hesitation.

Chen Mengjie screamed from behind: “Hold him! Hurry up!” But they couldn’t catch up with Ji Rang.

The boy had rushed to the door and was dragged by the firefighters who had hurried over.

The fireman yelled at him: “You don’t want to die, do you!”

The boy went crazy, his eyes were almost bleeding, and he roared and struggled desperately. The two firefighters almost couldn’t hold him back, one left and the other clung to him and retreated.

The fire burned so big, and in his desperate eyes, it was as if something was burning his internal organs.

His face was full of tears, and he shouted heartbreakingly: “Yingying!” But no one answered.

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