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Shen Yiyou once thought that Li Shu’s workplace was very close to City S, because as Li Shu said, he really came often.

The meetings usually didn’t last long, the two would have a meal, or Li Shu would accompany Shen Yiyou to line up to watch an exhibition. If Shen Yiyou wanted to go home after the end, he would send Shen Yiyou back, and if Shen Yiyou had other things, they would disband on the spot.

The dating mode was a bit weird, but Shen Yiyou found it easy.

Unlike anyone Shen Yiyou had ever met, when Li Shu said it was a meeting, it was indeed a simple meeting, and he even kept a distance when they were walking side by side. The rules were such that Shen Yiyou wondered if Li Shu dared not do anything, or if he knew nothing at all.

After entering March, Li Shu suddenly became busy for a while, and he didn’t show up for more than half a month. In the next few days, it seemed that he was finally free and began to inquire about Shen Yiyou’s weekend arrangements.

But unfortunately, Shen Yiyou happened to be going back to the capital to see his parents, so he told Li Shu that maybe next week, he didn’t have time this week.

Li Shu didn’t reply immediately, but after half an hour, he sent a picture of a table.

The table appeared to be Li Shu’s entire itinerary for the next two weeks, and the boxes for the four periods were filled with a light blue background. The text message that followed was “Are there any blue-marked working days that you think are appropriate?”.

Shen Yiyou glanced through Li Shu’s schedule and found that Li Shu probably only slept for six hours a day. Looking down, he found a small note in the blue area below the picture, which said “Mobile Office”.

What made Shen Yiyou feel strange was that Li Shu and Shen Yiyou only met for three or four hours at most, but each marked blue area lasted at least two consecutive days.

Shen Yiyou thought for a while, but didn’t understand the reason, so he called Li Shu.

As soon as he picked it up, Li Shu said, “If those times are not available, I can change it again.”

Shen Yiyou told Li Shu, “No need to change it, there should be time.” However, he couldn’t help but ask him, “You have to come over even when you are so busy?”

Li Shu paused for a few seconds before making a sound of “um”.

Shen Yiyou felt a little guilty for some reason, so he chose the earliest marked blue area, and made an appointment with Li Shu to meet on Tuesday evening.

They made an appointment to meet at a restaurant next to the mall plaza.

Shen Yiyou arrived early and walked down the steps of the square. The fountain in the sinking square suddenly spurted water. He stood and watched it for a while.

The sun shone from morning to night on this day, and at night, the concrete floor wet with fountain water and the green belt next to the steps exuded a smell similar to a summer rainstorm.

It didn’t take long for Shen Yiyou to hear someone calling his name. Shen Yiyou turned around and saw Li Shu who was looking down at him, walking down from the top of the steps.

Li Shu seemed to have lost some weight, wearing a hooded jacket and T-shirt, he looked more like a male college student who had just finished class, rather than a workaholic who only slept six hours.

“You’re early.” Li Shu walked to the two steps in front of Shen Yiyou, and started talking to Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou looked up at him and asked him with a smile, “Do you have any opinions?”

Li Shu was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and said, “No.”

He took another step down, then he looked into Shen Yiyou’s eyes as if a little lost. After a few seconds, he asked Shen Yiyou, “Can we stay together a little longer tonight.”

If other people asked this question, Shen Yiyou would understand the more complicated and more adult meaning and would have politely refused. However, when Li Shu said “stay longer”, it should be the literal meaning of “stay longer”.

However, Shen Yiyou deliberately asked him, “Why?”

Li Shu looked at Shen Yiyou and was silent.

There were many people coming and going in the square. They stood under the dark shadow of trees on the edge of the concrete steps, next to the stainless-steel metal railing, in a corner that no one would pay attention to, as if they were conducting a secret interview. At this moment, Shen Yiyou felt like an unqualified interviewer who was not very sympathetic. The poor student in front of him was very pitiful. So, he decided to let go: “Forget it, let’s go.”

Shen Yiyou was the first to turn around and walk down. After a few steps, Li Shu followed and walked side by side with him.

When he was about to get to the restaurant, Li Shu suddenly spoke up and said to Shen Yiyou, “When I think of you when I’m working, I’m not able to concentrate.”

“I just want to see you.” Li Shu stopped at the door of the restaurant and looked down at Shen Yiyou.

Li Shu’s eyes were very simple, as if expressing what he said was what he was thinking. Shen Yiyou had never met such a person before. It seemed that he really liked Shen Yiyou, but he had no purpose.

“Do you have anything else to do tonight?” Li Shu asked him repeatedly, “If not, I’d like to stay with you longer.”

Shen Yiyou felt that it was strange that he felt soft-hearted and shaken because of Li Shu’s inexplicable words. He was a little flustered, while trying to avoid Li Shu’s eyes, he pressed the door handle of the restaurant and said, “Let’s go first”, and Li Shu raised his hand to push open the door the next second.

This might be the closest Li Shu and Shen Yiyou had ever gotten to each other, but he didn’t know if he avoided it on purpose or just staggered. Even if they were so close, Li Shu and Shen Yiyou never actually touched.

Shen Yiyou entered the door, told the front desk his reservation details, and the waiter led them to their seats.

Li Shu sat down opposite him, he didn’t ask Shen Yiyou any questions again, instead he just ordered and ate carefully.

When he was eating, Li Shu took off his glasses and put them aside. Shen Yiyou just wanted to buy a pair of flat glasses that looked similar for work wear, so he took them over and put them on himself.

Li Shu’s degree of myopia was very high, so Shen Yiyou felt dizzy as soon as he opened his eyes, and asked Li Shu with his eyes closed, “Do you think I wear it properly?”

After waiting for a while, Li Shu didn’t speak. Shen Yiyou took off the glasses and gave them back to Li Shu before Li Shu spoke.

“Very suitable.” Li Shu looked at Shen Yiyou and said slowly.

After dinner, they walked out of the restaurant. Shen Yiyou’s partner was in a hurry to find him, and Shen Yiyou really didn’t have time to stay with Li Shu.

He called a car, and Li Shu accompanied him to wait on the side of the road. Before the car came, Li Shu suddenly asked Shen Yiyou, “Can I take a picture of you?”

Shen Yiyou didn’t like taking pictures, but he was feeling guilty, so he agreed to let Li Shu take one.

After Li Shu finished clicking, Shen Yiyou approached Li Shu to watch it, but Li Shu said, “I accidentally made a video.”

Shen Yiyou reached out and pressed play.

The video was more than ten seconds long. In it, Shen Yiyou had posed for a while in a slightly stiff photographic pose, as he asked Li Shu if the clicking was done. Li Shu said yes, and the video ended.

Shen Yiyou felt a little silly looking at the camera, so he said, “Then let’s shoot again.” He stretched out his finger and wanted to click the delete button in the lower right corner, but Li Shu grabbed his wrist.

Li Shu’s hands were hot, dry, and very strong. He clenched Shen Yiyou’s wrists tightly and quickly released them.

“Don’t delete it,” Li Shu took a step back slightly, locked his phone, and persuaded Shen Yiyou, “Video is also fine.”

The car arrived soon. After getting in the car, Shen Yiyou thought about it, and felt that Li Shu had deliberately made a video, but he had no evidence, so he forgot it after a few days.

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