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It was not the first time that Yan Qing had kissed him.

The night they first met, he kissed her frantically on the bridge. Later, in the car, he stunned her, and she woke up with swollen lips.

But in the real sense…the entanglement of lips and tongues blending with her heart beating wildly, Yan Qing had just realized it now.

His lips were very hot and dry. He bit her with a little bit of ruthlessness, and rubbed her sympathetically, making her feel itchy and weak. He trapped her body to death, and she couldn’t move, so she could only lift her face to accept it. Her slightly closed teeth were pushed open by him, and he aggressively attacked her mouth and swept her off the ground.

Yan Qing didn’t have any strength, and her body temperature rose, burning her skin that was close to him.

Her lips were so hot that it seemed as if they were about to melt, and she was dizzy, but she also knew that if she didn’t stop him, Huo Yunshen might lose control all the way.

They were at home, just a few steps from the bed, and the air was so thick that anything could happen.

Huo Yunshen loved Yun Qing deeply and was also kissing Yun Qing.

She couldn’t… be stupid.

No matter how good she felt, or how eager her hands were to hug him further, she had to resist the temptation.

Huo Yunshen, the risk factor was too high…

Yan Qing pinched her palm to wake herself up, turned her head away, dodged his lips, and said while panting quickly: “Isn’t it enough?”

Huo Yunshen pinched her chin, turned her head back, and replied, “Not enough.”

Yan Qing’s lips with which she wanted to speak were plundered again. He probably understood that everything was about to end. He couldn’t suppress his desire, and was more passionate than before, sucking at her ruthlessly.

She didn’t have the guts to continue, she shrank back as much as she could, lowered her head and took a deep breath, got out of his restraint, and slid off the table.

“…Breakfast is going to go cold,” she said weakly, “eat it quickly, or your stomach will hurt, remember this later, the person you waited for has come back, I’m not lost, you don’t need to worry, it’s not your fault, you don’t need to punish yourself and treat sleeping and eating as sins.”

Yan Qing avoided his sight, her face was flushed miserably, and she hesitantly said, “I…I’ll do my makeup first, I’m almost done resting, so I’ll rush back to the show team later.”

She didn’t dare to raise her eyes and hid in embarrassment. After entering the bathroom, she stomped her feet as she closed the door, and rushed to the mirror to see her condition.

Very good, it was almost as if a whole box of blush had been applied to her face.

Her lips were still watery, as if she had applied a lip glaze several times for the effect.

Her heart was stuck in her throat, beating chaotically, and she was about to die on the spot.

In order to save her life, Yan Qing quickly left the old house after cleaning up. Huo Yunshen insisted on sending her off and sat in the back row. Yan Qing walked away from him with a guilty conscience until someone asked, “Wife, are you shy?”

Her tail was stepped on: “Why would I be shy, it’s not your first kiss!”

Huo Yunshen smiled quietly, and said meaningfully, “Well, neither is it yours.”

Yan Qing thought she was wronged by what happened on that bridge: “That time I was forced by you, it doesn’t count.”

Huo Yunshen looked at her deeply, his dark eyes glittering: “So, this time, you weren’t forced, it was of your own accord.”

Yan Qing choked, slapped her hands secretly, thinking who asked her to speak. Don’t be rigorous, she was trapped by Mr. Huo with a few words. She chose to block her ears, but his low-pitched voice still floated in: “Blame me, I didn’t consider my wife’s inexperience, I’ll improve next time.”

Yan Qing ran back to the dormitory and threw down the large and small bags.

Before there was time to do anything else, she knelt down on the bed, folded her hands in front of the picture of Yun Qing on the wall, and said softly, “I’m sorry…” She scratched her hair and closed her eyes sadly as if she was giving a confession: “I let him kiss me, but I can keep my bottom line and I won’t be tempted by him.” Yan Qing’s throat was a little bitter, and she repeated in a low voice: “I promise… not to be tempted.” Her heart felt as if she was condemning herself to death.

To fall in love with someone… who could never love her.

When Yan Qing lost her mind, the dormitory door was banged, and Ouyang shouted from outside, “Don’t hide in there without making a sound, I know you’re there!”

She was amused, got out of bed and opened the door, Ouyang and Xiao Curly came in side by side, holding her to look left and right, then they sighed with emotion: “After staying by Mr. Huo’s side for two days, you really get nourished, and your complexion is really good.”

Yan Qing slapped their hands away one by one: “We are very pure! I will cry again if you make trouble, okay.”

Ouyang put her arms around her shoulders with a pampered look: “Okay, you’re the purest, let’s not make trouble, we came to talk to you about business, you are hot topic now, since the night you sang “Flying Birds”, your hot search has been hanging up. At the same time, our program has also risen with the tide, and many resources have come to the door. The program team is very cautious and chose an awards ceremony. Currently, the top nine players are temporarily formed into a group to be the guest performers and to sing and dance on a dance song in it.”

At the end of December, the New Year was approaching, and it was time for the major platforms to hold ceremonies. The red carpet awards ceremony in the circle could have four or five shows a week, and the stars would be shining everywhere. Whether it was top stream or 18th line, as long as there was a demand for popularity, they were happy to participate in such occasions.

A lot of small sticks sharpened their heads and moved forward. This opportunity was really precious for them, as newcomers who had not yet officially debuted.

Xiao Curly nodded actively: “Yanyan, you are the C performer. The pressure of your debut is very high. Tomorrow, the new chief instructor will be in place and will be in charge of this performance.”

Yan Qing remembered: “Su Li?”

Xiao Curly excitedly said, “That’s right! It’s Su Li! All the players who know the news have exploded, and those who have been eliminated want to come back and be scolded by him.”


“He have been a mentor for many shows, and because he is strong enough, he is super strict and impersonal, and his words are very ruthless, but he is very handsome, so he is also charming when he loses his temper.”

Yan Qing expressed her understanding. Su Li was top-notch, so he was naturally confident, and his appearance was just in line with her aesthetics.

She was kind of looking forward to it.

A strict mentor could make people make rapid progress, especially when a C-position performance was imminent.

Ouyang didn’t want her to be nervous, so she changed the subject and asked, “That’s right, Christmas is coming soon. I see other players are preparing to give everyone small gifts. Do you want to get them something?”

Yan Qing nodded.

She usually sneaked out at night. Although it didn’t affect others, she always felt guilty in her heart. Sending some thoughtful gifts could be regarded as comforting herself.

Yan Qing did what she said, and was busy all day. Apart from training to recover, she knitted small ornaments with wool in the dormitory.

She had nothing to do and liked crafting. She brought her own needles and asked the staff to buy wool. She had strong hands-on skills. She could knit sweaters, scarves and gloves, not to mention small ornaments. She could do it quickly in a few minutes.

When she first started doing it, no one noticed. Later, the dormitory was slowly crowded with onlookers, and the follow-up VJ was also ordered to come, he came raising the camera to shoot her dexterous, white and tender hands.

Cats, dogs, frogs, rabbits, they looked soft and lively, all of them were lovable.

Someone was shouting: “Fairy craftsmanship! Whoever can marry Yanyan would have surely saved the galaxy in their last life! Ask for a mass sale!”

Yan Qing raised her eyes and smiled brightly: “I can’t do a mass sale, but everyone has a share.”

After she finished speaking, she lowered her long eyelashes, and her smile became slightly dry.

The person who actually married her not only failed to save the galaxy, but also suffered in life.

The VJ filmed enough material and retreated contentedly, thinking that after the next episode started, in addition to her fairy performance, Yanyan would be shown as a perfect housewife who had skilful hands. Yan Qing would definitely make the hot search, and maybe she would be chased by the whole network and called wife.

Yan Qing stayed in the dormitory. After the crowd dispersed, she stared at the small ornaments on the table in a daze.

She prepared Christmas gifts for everyone, not only the players, but also the mentors and staff, but… what about the person who wanted her gift the most, who even cherished a cheap heart rate bracelet that she bought casually, which he wore on his wrist every day.

Yan Qing touched her lips, which were getting hotter, but couldn’t resist the urge in her heart. She carefully selected a roll of fine dark grey wool, changed the stitching method, and knitted a sweater carefully.


What age was this, how could anyone still knit a sweater?

In particular, Huo Yunshen was such a person who had everything, and he might not like the handmade goods when he was used to luxury brands.

But Yan Qing couldn’t control her hand, and the feeling of hugging him also clearly emerged. The shoulder width, arm, waist circumference were all remembered. There was no ruler, and she had to measure it herself.

The next morning, when everyone gathered in the big practice room to distribute gifts to each other, Yan Qing noticed that the captain and team member who had ridiculed her many times before were so stunned that they stayed at the end of the crowd. If they looked at her, they would panic. Accompanied with a smile, the gift she gave her was also the most precious.

She didn’t know how Mr. Huo told people to deal with them, but it scared people like they had turned into kittens.

Yan Qing’s small handmade items were the most anticipated, and the show team wanted to keep them in the highlights, so she would naturally be put at the end.

The girls immediately screamed wildly.

Yan Qing looked back and saw the highly recognizable face, with sharp edges and corners, and a bit of unruly wildness.

After all, he was also a star she had chased before. Of course, she knew him, and she quickly bowed with everyone: “Hello, Mr. Su Li.”

Su Li glanced at her and nodded lightly: “Christmas gifts?”

There were active girls who were good at capturing the camera’s attention and they replied, “Yanyan’s gifts are hand-made, so beautiful! Everyone has a share!”

Su Li showed no expression, his brown peach blossom eyes stopped on Yan Qing, and he asked, “Me too?”

The room was quiet.

The legendary instructor was stern and inhumane?

As soon as he came in, he asked for a small gift!!!

Yan Qing was a little nervous when she met her former idol. She prepared a gift for all five mentors, including Suli. Of course, with her white fingertips, she picked up a little fox similar to what she had given to the other four.

She walked back, ready to stand in the team, and passed in front of Su Li again, Su Li suddenly moved his lips and asked in a whisper, “Are you Yun Qing?”

Yan Qing was startled and looked at him in surprise.

Since the camera was filming, she didn’t speak, and returned to the team with her expression as usual. When introducing herself to the new mentor, she looked at Su Li, her eyebrows curved, and she said very clearly and heavily: “Hello tutor, my surname is Yan, and my name is Yan Qing.”

She did not expect that in such a short period of time, the amount of discussion about her on Weibo had doubled fiercely, just because the new mentor Su joined the show today, and the whole network knew it, and his fans were eagerly waiting for their idol to appear.

They didn’t wait in vain, and the official account posted nine pictures.

The one in the middle was the most conspicuous. Su Li lowered his eyes and drew a gentle arc. He had his hand raised, palm up, and opposite him, a girl with a long hair was holding a small fox and smiling.

He had also added the text: “On my first day of “Rise It! Girl”, I received a Christmas gift made by the player.”

Min Jing was flustered, and he had not been so flustered for a long time.

Brother Shen didn’t use a driver today. He was in charge of driving. As his heart was fluttering, he missed the entrance to the underground garage of the Huo’s headquarters building and turned straight to the parking lot in front of the building.

Realizing that it was too late to make amends, Min Jing had sweat all over his face.

He had been with Brother Shen for several years, and they had gone through a lot of hardships and dangers together. He had cultivated a diamond heart early on, but this time it was about Yun Qing.

When Brother Shen got to know about the broken things on the Internet, it was estimated that he would die.

Min Jing said dryly, “Brother, I was wrong, I’ll turn around and go back now.”

“No,” Huo Yunshen lifted his eyes from the back row, “Go to the door.”

Huo Yunshen got out of the car and stepped on the steps, but as he was about to enter the glass door, he stopped abruptly and turned his head slowly, then with his dark eyes narrowed slightly, he looked across the long street full of traffic.

Min Jing was sensitive: “Is there any surveillance?”

Huo Yunshen stared blankly for a moment, the feeling of being watched sharply was fleeting, and the traffic on the bustling main street was surging, changing every second.

He didn’t speak, turned around and entered the building. The special elevator leading to the top floor went up quickly. The temperature and humidity in the elevator were suitable, but Min Jing frequently rubbed his forehead.

Huo Yunshen’s tone turned cold: “What’s wrong with Qingqing?”

Min Jing almost choked to death, thinking that Brother Shen’s nerves were really all on Yun Qing’s body, and he could detect even the slightest twitch, so he cried and said: “Brother, that, didn’t you ask me to arrange a new mentor to replace He Xiangjin…”

Huo Yunshen frowned deeply.

When the elevator arrived, the door opened smoothly.

Huo Yunshen didn’t listen to his nonsense. He logged into Weibo with his specially registered star-chaser account, and swiped the screen a little. The truth was revealed. A series of blogs related to Qingqing he followed were all forwarding the same Weibo.

Words, pictures, and the little fox she put on the man’s hand.

Handmade Christmas gift.

Like fine and dense needles, each one accurately stabbed the softest part of his heart.

Min Jing waited for a long time to die, when he finally heard Mr. Huo’s question which guaranteed his impending death: “I asked you to find someone who looked ugly, didn’t you understand?”

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