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“Have you all read the comments on the Internet?”

Zhai Xingchen smiled while searching: “It’s ridiculous, I heard from my classmates that many of them are talking about me and Huo Cheng.”

As soon as he said this, Yan Zhi and Pei Xu immediately looked over at him.

Yan Zhi picked up the teacup, took a sip, and with a cold light on his glasses, he asked, “Is that so… I didn’t know.”

This topic was actually very sensitive, because if Zhai Xingchen said that he also liked Huo Cheng, then they would have to stop their thoughts.

But he also wanted to know Zhai Xingchen’s thoughts.

Zhai Xingchen looked at them with a smile: “So don’t you think it’s funny, why are they messing around, brother Huo and I, we are good brothers. Brother Huo is more honest, he doesn’t have anyone he particularly likes yet, so he uses me as a shield, I’m the toolman Stone Hammer.”

He shook his head again as he spoke.

Yan Zhi heaved a sigh of relief, then he smiled, and said, “It’s like this in romance dramas, they just talk casually, maybe someone will talk about us as well.”

Zhai Xingchen said: “Yes, I have also watched the first three seasons of “Red and Blue Signal”. They were indeed crazy at the beginning, and the CP line should be clear later.”

“Then what do you think of Brother Huo?” Pei Xu asked suddenly.

Yan Zhi glanced at Pei Xu, then at Zhai Xingchen, pursed his lips, leaned back slightly, and leaned back on the chair.

“Brother Huo is very nice. I think his charm has not been fully revealed. Last time I was in the same group as him. We went to flyboard together. I don’t know if you have seen the live video on the Internet. His performance was really super cool… When Hu Ying comes, I want to show him.”

Hu Ying looked so lustful, so he should also like this kind of hormone bursting style, right?

“Also, didn’t he drink a lot last night, Brother Huo came to my room, and we chatted for a long time.”

Zhai Xingchen continued to say while searching for videos, “Brother Huo is really nice and outstanding. If I were a guest from the red party, I would definitely give him a chance.”

“So you don’t like him mainly because you are also a guest from the blue party?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen put down his phone: “It’s not…the main thing is…”

As he spoke, he glanced at the camera on the opposite side, a little embarrassed, and lowered his voice: “I am…”

He raised a finger with a serious and mysterious expression.

“Aren’t you?” he asked in surprise.

Yan Zhi coughed lightly.

Zhai Xingchen felt that this topic was too weird, so he simply showed Yan Zhi and Pei Xu the video of him playing with Huo Cheng.

He put the phone on the table and leaned forward slightly: “Look.”

Yan Zhi sat opposite and leaned forward slightly, Zhai Xingchen turned his head and looked at Pei Xu again: “You don’t want to see it?”

“Let Yan Zhi see it. “Pei Xu said, “I’ve seen it before.”

“By the way, I forgot that you have a mobile phone all the time.” Zhai Xingchen said and transferred the mobile phone directly to Yan Zhi for his convenience.

Yan Zhi pinched the phone with his fair and slender fingers, although he was staring at the phone, his mind was not on it at all.

Zhai Xingchen couldn’t help explaining the situation when he saw the wonderful part, completely unaware of the psychological activities of the two people next to him.

In Yan Zhi’s heart, there was more of a feeling of cold lips and teeth.

It was a happy thing for his rival to be passed like this, but the reason for being passed turned out to be because of incompatible attributes, which really made him unhappy.

Because he may also be passed because of this.

Alarm bells rang in Yan Zhi’s heart.

Pei Xu said more: Oh, it turned out that the relationship between Huo Cheng and Zhai Xingchen was Huo Cheng’s wishful thinking, not mutual affection.

From this reasoning, strict enforcement was also the same.

His heart suddenly lightened, and he felt a lot more comfortable.

Hu Ying arrived soon, Zhai Xingchen went downstairs to pick him up, and Yan Zhi came down with him.

Hu Ying and Liu Si arrived almost at the same time. The four of them greeted each other downstairs and came upstairs together.

Liu Si had met Zhai Xingchen before, and she had long been accustomed to Zhai Xingchen’s appearance.

She was mainly shocked by Hu Ying’s beauty.

Because Hu Ying was even more beautiful than Zhai Xingchen, he had a ball head. He was fair, tall and androgynous, but he was not feminine at all. He had a clear and masculine fragrance all over his body. He was a man who when he walked through the restaurant, everyone turned to look at him.

He was like Chanel walking in the world, luxurious and petite from the inside to the outside.

This season of “Red and Blue Signal” really had a top-level romance configuration. You can’t find such a group of outstanding people even in idol dramas.

After they got to the private room, Liu Si saw Pei Xu again.

If Hu Ying was only admired by her, then Pei Xu was the man she was overwhelmed by just looking at him.

He was cold, fair, noble, with distinct and heroic features. He may not be as stunning as Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen, but he perfectly hit her aesthetic points.

This was the temperament and appearance of the male protagonist of romance novels.

It was a girl killer!

“Hello, Pei Xu,” said the other party.

Ahh…, the subwoofer was so charming.

Zhai Xingchen watched coldly.

The male protagonist of Jinjiang was indeed a female sniper.

The hero of female novels, of course, grew in the aesthetics of girls.

Alas, girls didn’t know that it was really good to live at home, with a humorous man like Huo Cheng, or a gentle and hot man like Yan Zhi.

Iceberg attack was not easy to warm up.

Liu Si became a lot shier all of a sudden and stroked the hair beside her ear: “Hi, I’m Yan Zhi’s cousin, my name is Liu Si.”

Liu Si was attracted to Pei Xu the whole time, her eyes were glued to him all the time, and she didn’t notice that her cousin was looking depressed.

Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen were still in charge of enlivening the atmosphere, and they and Liu Si basically took care of all the chats at the dinner.

Liu Si found that Pei Xu talked very little, was very cold, and even a little ungregarious.

But for this type of man, the taller and colder he was, the more attractive he seemed.

Beep…beep… She really liked the high cold attack.

Four men and one woman opened a pot of small wine made by the shop, only Pei Xu didn’t drink a drop of wine.

“He just got drunk yesterday, so I won’t let him drink today.”

Zhai Xingchen felt that he was becoming more and more fond of Pei Xu like an old father.

Because he found that Pei Xu looked indifferent, but in fact he looked like an unenlightened child in some respects.

Hu Ying also said: “You replace the wine with tea.”

“Did you drink yesterday?” Liu Si asked.

“The eight of us, how much wine did we drink, did we have two bottles?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“What’s more, you forgot that we opened a bottle of red wine.”

“You guys drink it together,” Liu Si said, “I heard that it’s easy to get drunk like this.”

“Guess who among the eight of us can drink a lot?” Hu Ying asked with a smile.

Liu Si pointed: “You?”

Hu Ying said: “Am I the one who can drink very much at first sight? But the one among us who can drink the most is not me, but someone you definitely can’t think of.”

“It’s definitely not my Brother, my brother’s drinking capacity is average, neither good nor bad.” Liu Si said.

Yan Zhi smiled.

“It must be Xingchen.” Pei Xu said quietly.

He seldom spoke, but when he did, his voice was not loud, the subwoofer was so soft and quiet, Liu Si couldn’t help but look at him again.

“I thought you didn’t know anything after you got drunk yesterday.” Hu Ying said.

“I think he drank a lot,” Pei Xu said.

When everyone was chatting together last night, Zhai Xingchen was in charge of pouring wine for everyone at the beginning. When they saw that one bottle was not enough to drink, then they opened the second bottle, Zhai Xingchen bit by bit poured what was left in the first bottle into all into their cups.

At first he thought that Zhai Xingchen didn’t drink, because he was so obedient, in a sense, he hadn’t fully grown yet.

“Really?” Liu Si covered her mouth and looked at Zhai Xingchen with a smile.

Zhai Xingchen smiled: “This may have something to do with genes, I have always been good at drinking.”

“I’ll give you all this pot, have you finished it?” Hu Ying asked.

He was just joking, but Zhai Xingchen actually picked up the jug of wine and weighed it: “It’s more than a catty, I can’t drink it, most of the jug should be fine.”

For a while, Zhai Xingchen really looked a bit aggressive, holding a drink, looking calm and relaxed, very masculine.

He liked men who could drink and smoke. He could accept these two habits that most people couldn’t accept. He thought such people had taste. And these were cons he actually preferred.

“Does Xingchen smoke?” he asked.

Zhai Xingchen shook his head: “No smoking, is my family doesn’t allow it.”

“What about Pei Xu?” Liu Si asked.

Pei Xu said, “Occasionally.”

Everyone looked at Yan Zhi, and Yan Zhi said, “I smoke when I’m in a bad mood.”

“There are not many men who don’t smoke now. In fact, smoking is not good. It’s best to quit.” Liu Si said.

Hu Ying originally wanted to say that he was a smoker, an afterthought, but when he heard this, he swallowed his words back.

With girls around, it was better for him to restrain himself.

He liked to smoke a cigarette when sitting on another person’s body, and slowly raise his head and spit it out, which made him feel very comfortable inside and out, or after the end, lean on the bed and smoke one, feeling dazed.

These couldn’t be played out.

He was probably the worst man of them all.

One queen, three pure and ascetic kings.

This was his home field.

Liu Si, the light bulb didn’t count.

He was very satisfied with this meal today.

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