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Some emotions that had been hazy all the time, at this moment, all sprouted amidst the beating of the heart.

Meanwhile, several other guests were meeting friends.

Hu Ying made an appointment with her good sister, an internet celebrity named Tutu.

Tutu had become popular in the past two years. She was a beauty blogger. Recently, she was carrying goods, and the popularity of the live broadcast room had dropped slightly. Hu Ying was very interesting so she invited him to record the show.

For those of them who did self-media, the more exposure, the better.

“How is it? You have been recording for two days, how are the guests, are there any types you like?”

Hu Ying didn’t hold back for a while, and laughed a little.

Because Tutu actually watched the live broadcast, Tutu knew exactly how the guests were and whether there were any types he liked. As soon as they met, Tutu asked, “Did Pei Xu and Yan Zhi both call you a groundhog?”

The conversation between good sisters was very bold, if there was no camera at this moment, they would have been able to talk to each other freely.

The questions that Tutu asked were all given to them by the program team just now. He dared to be on camera, so he also dared to tell the truth.

Hu Ying stabilized his emotions and said, “Actually, the guests we have this time are all excellent. I like all the four from the blue side.”

“Then do you have any favourites?” Tutu asked.

Hu Ying nodded, and said with a smile: “Yes.”

He wanted to create a cute contrast, so he acted very shy, smoothed his hair, lowered his head and smiled, looking very innocent.

Tutu couldn’t bear it a bit, so she held back her smile and said, “If you like someone, you can go to him…, just chase after him. Isn’t the reason you participated in the romance show to find a boyfriend?”

Then she began to recite the draft she had made a long time ago: “It’s been so many years. Others don’t know you, but I know you very well. You just look wild, but in fact you have a pure heart, and you want to fall in love every day. If the guests this time are all good, you can really take the initiative, they are all good boys after all.”

“But you also know that CP fans have already selected their CP, and they did not choose you. If you get close, or take the initiative a little bit, they will scold you.”

“If the CP fans don’t take the initiative to let it go in the workplace, it is a matter of professional ethics.”

Tutu said, “As long as the show is not over, everyone has nothing to do with it. You have the right to take the initiative to pursue. Don’t be afraid, when you meet someone you like, you have to take the initiative, this is the attitude that modern men and women should have in love.”

Hu Ying nodded, this conversation was positive enough.

He turned his head and asked the staff, “Is there enough material?”

The staff couldn’t bear it anymore, and said, “It’s almost there.”

Originally, this episode would only be broadcast for about a minute or two.

“Then you go to the side and have a drink first, I’ll treat you, let me have a good chat with my good sister.”

As soon as the staff left, Tutu collapsed on the chair: “Oh my god, I’m exhausted.”

Hu Ying said: “I’m pissed off, you look too good-looking today, you completely overwhelmed me!”

Tutu said with a smile: “This old lady’s popularity depends on her face, even a plain face can overwhelm you!”

“You first take off your exaggerated false eyelashes for me!”

Tutu laughed twice: “Okay, hurry up and be serious, I couldn’t contact you in the past two days, I’m so curious. What’s your situation now? Why haven’t you received a text message? Are the four male guests on the blue side blind?”

“Yes, I’m so beautiful!”

Hu Ying sat up straight, “I can’t believe it, I actually got zero votes.”

By God, I still have to analyse it carefully with my good sister.

“Pei Xu, you know, he has such a temper. I don’t think he likes anyone. It doesn’t matter who he sends it to. It’s just going through the motions anyway. I quickly passed him. He can take the initiative, but never will I post back!”

“Yan Zhi… I took the initiative to be with him, you know me too, others have always chased me, when did I take the initiative, didn’t the two of us form a team to play together last time, I think it was quite embarrassing. He is too gentlemanly, if he doesn’t like me, he might not be as disregarding as Pei Xu. I have to observe. If he really doesn’t mean anything to me, or if I find that he obviously has someone he likes, I will withdraw. Although there are often guests who want to pursue unilaterally in love dramas, I don’t want to lose that person. As for Huo Cheng, I think he likes Zhai Xingchen…”

“Isn’t Zhai Xingchen a guest from the blue party?”

“Yes, it stands to reason that the two of them are impossible, but you are not ignorant of homosexuality, and it is not impossible to solve it internally.”

“Then what is Zhai Xingchen’s attitude?”

Hu Ying said with a smile: “He likes Duan Yihua.”

Tutu let out a “wow” and said, “It hit me so cute, I really like the little wolf dog type.”

“He’s not a little wolf dog, he’s a little milk dog.”

Tutu thought for a while: “The blue team can solve it internally, so can the red team not? As far as I know, you don’t seem to be so dead set, right? You can also meet cute ones?”

Hu Ying leaned back in the chair: “Let me tell you a very weird thing… For a moment, I felt that Zhai Xingchen could…”

Tutu held her chin and widened her eyes.

“Do you want to fuck him or be fucked by him?”

This was how good sisters talked.

“Here comes the weird place,” Hu Ying said, “I seem to be able to…”


Tutu said: “You are a murderer because of your beauty, I hope someone inside will accept you, so as to save you from causing harm to the world.”

Zhai Xingchen sneezed.

Yan Zhi immediately looked back at him: “Are you cold? There is a coat in the car.”

“It’s okay.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“What dance did you dance just now?” Yan Zhi asked.

“King of Lanling?” Pei Xu said, “Guess.”

Yan Zhi smiled and asked, “Because of the mask?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded and said, “It’s the King of Lanling, and we’re performing “The Song of the King of Lanling.”

“It was beautiful.” Yan Zhi said.

“Our dance is a classic piece in classical dance.”

“It’s mainly because you dance well.”

Yan Zhi said, “You dance very well. The first time I saw you, when you were dancing “Flying Apsaras” on the stage. It just stunned me.”

He was actually fascinated.

Zhai Xingchen was God’s reward for dancing, and his figure was just too beautiful.

Dance was really a magical thing, it would infinitely magnify the beauty of one’s body. Just like they usually didn’t notice how beautiful Zhai Xingchen’s feet were, nor what’s special about his hands. But feet and hands were extremely important body parts of a dancer. The depth of a dancer’s skills was mostly reflected in the curvature of the instep and the expressiveness of his fingers. Just like Zhai Xingchen on the stage just now, when he stretched out his hands, did they realize that Zhai Xingchen’s hands were so beautiful, even the wrists were beautiful, thin and white. His feet were also so beautiful. When tensed, they showed a smooth and graceful arc, which made people unable to look closely.

The three of them arrived at the reserved restaurant first.

“Niangjia Laike” was the most expensive special restaurant next to Zhongwu. Regardless of the approachable name, the dishes were expensive and exquisite, but the business of this restaurant was still very good. Ordinary students couldn’t afford it, but for the rich people of Zhongwu it was nothing, and there were too many rich people who came to China to make friends, basically every day it was full.

They went up to the fourth floor, where they could overlook the entire Zhongwu campus.

The program team had already installed cameras in the private room they had booked. In the small private room, there were seven or eight cameras installed in total. It could be said that they could shoot them from 360 degrees without dead ends. But Zhai Xingchen and the others were already used to it, so they were pretending that they didn’t exist.

“How to sit?” Yan Zhi said, “Sit wherever you want.”

He said sit wherever you want, but he was half a beat behind and went to sit beside Zhai Xingchen.

“We can sit however we want, the main thing is you.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “I have to take care of the girl. You have to sit next to your cousin, right? Then I’ll it opposite her, so it’s easy to talk and not easy for to be embarrassed.”

Yan Zhi: ” …”

It seemed that today was not a good day for him, everything was not going well.

But he could sit opposite Zhai Xingchen.

That’s okay too.

Pei Xu sat next to Zhai Xingchen.

The rain had stopped, looking out from the window, the lush campus was filled with mist. Zhai Xingchen asked the program team to call Hu Ying.

Their mobile phones were all given back, but they did not add any contact information for each other, so they could only rely on the program group to pass messages.

Hu Ying said he would be there soon.

“My cousin will be here soon as well.” Yan Zhi said.

The three of them sat there for a while, and Zhai Xingchen took out his mobile phone, planning to go online.

He hadn’t surfed the Internet for a long time, and he didn’t have much time to look at his mobile phone this afternoon. Taking advantage of his mobile phone and being able to surf the Internet, he immediately searched for information about their program.

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