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Hu Ying simply didn’t drive his own car.

The four of them went out together, and it was still raining outside, so Hu Ying jumped directly under Yan Zhi’s umbrella.

Yan Zhi felt really lost.

He really didn’t expect that the “date” he had been looking forward to all night would turn into a party of many people. He silently held the umbrella and walked towards the garage with Hu Ying. He didn’t hear what Hu Ying said, only the sound of the rain surrounded him, as the water vapor wettened his cold and neat coat.

Pei Xu opened his umbrella and looked back at Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen walked under his umbrella and grabbed Pei Xu’s arm by the way.

Pei Xu was rarely so close to people, and Zhai Xingchen just grabbed him unintentionally, but he suddenly felt a strange emotion, pursed his thin lips, and his distinct facial features became more serious. Two big men were holding an umbrella, but it was a little too big to hold both of them. So, Zhai Xingchen simply wrapped his right arm around Pei Xu’s back and squeezed in with him.

The distance of only twenty or thirty steps felt inexplicably long for Pei Xu. Many memories of being drunk last night suddenly came to his mind, his head was still a little dazed, and his heart was heavy, as if wettened by the rain, but the blood flowing in his heart was warmed by the heavy rain.

Pei Xu was a person who had never loved anyone, and his emotions and body were a blank slate.

He was withdrawn since childhood, walked alone, had no friends, and was not good at getting close to others.

He was not as emotional as Huo Cheng and Hu Ying, nor was he restrained but sharp like Yan Zhi, who could immediately perceive his own mind and act immediately.

Even if Zhai Xingchen caught his eye the first time they met, he was still a little puzzled: If caring is a sign of liking, then why caring about a person does not bring joy, but an inexplicable emotion that made him feel irritated.

For someone as emotionally apathetic as he was, there had to be a trigger event.

Only when something profound, vivid and impactful penetrated into his heart could it arouse his passion and desire.

The four people didn’t have to drive two cars anymore.

Yan Zhi drove, and Hu Ying sat directly on the passenger seat.

Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu sat in the back.

Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying kept talking along the way, but Pei Xu and Yan Zhi remained silent. Yan Zhi kept looking at the road ahead, and Pei Xu kept looking sideways at the rain outside the window.

“Actually, I used to go to the university town often.” Hu Ying said, “There are a lot of young people there, and it seems that a new food street has opened there recently?”

“Yes, there are really a lot of delicious food there, and the price is cheap. If you have time to come here to play in the future, I can take you to eat all over the university town.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Okay, but I won’t be able to go anytime soon. Let’s wait until this show is over, and I’ll come to play with you after it’s over.”

“Wow, I thought we’d go our separate ways when this show was over, and we wouldn’t contact anyone anymore.” Zhai Xingchen joked.

“How is it possible? Am I that kind of person? I only make friends based on whether my personality matches with them or not. And I quite like you.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “If you like me, then you can send me a text message next time.”

Hu Ying said: “Why didn’t you send me… Oh, yes, you like Brother Duan.”

Zhai Xingchen blushed suddenly.

Pei Xu turned his head and glanced at Zhai Xingchen.

“Did you send a text message to Brother Duan?”

Zhai Xingchen blushed even more: “The program group stipulated that we can’t discuss this, right?”

Pei Xu was surprised and glanced at Yan Zhi in front of him.

Yan Zhi had been driving, looking at them with the rear-view mirror.

“Who did you hear it from?” Zhai Xingchen asked Hu Ying.

Hu Ying smiled triumphantly: “Who do I need to listen to? I guessed it in a few words. I also know who sent the messages to you.”

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became weird, but Hu Ying didn’t notice it yet: “Wen Nuo, right?”

Zhai Xingchen pretended to be dead: “I don’t know…the text message didn’t have the name.”

“If you have never received a text message, it will appear to be very cheap, and you will swallow half of what you said.”

Zhai Xingchen opened the car window a crack to let the air blow on him.

He was a little hot.

When they got near the TV station, Hu Ying got out of the car. After he left, the car suddenly became quiet.

The next stop was Zhongwu, and Zhai Xingchen had to go to school first.

Pei Xu wanted to follow Yan Zhi to their team to play.

They made an appointment to meet at the “Niang Jia Laike” restaurant next to Zhongwu at six o’clock.

Zhai Xingchen mainly came to rehearse today.

Next Wednesday, they would have a final performance, and this was the first time he would be leading the lead dance.

As soon as he entered the rehearsal hall, everyone booed and said: “The big star is here.”

Many students knew that Zhai Xingchen had gone to participate in the romance drama. Zhongwu had produced many big stars, and participating in the romance drama was nothing new, but for the vast majority of students, being able to be on TV was still enviable.

“Why didn’t you tell us when you participated in “Red and Blue Signal”? Is it too embarrassing?”

Although Zhai Xingchen didn’t say anything, he also knew that his classmates would know about it sooner or later.

But when he heard that they were all talking about him and Huo Cheng, he really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Me? With Huo Cheng?”

“The picture of you two playing flyboard together is so pretty! Did you know that you both have CP names? Mars CP!”

“When will you invite Mr. Huo to come to our school? Ah, I admire him so much, I also use the short video app he created!”

“How far have you and him developed now? Everyone is so curious, how do you live broadcast segment by segment, and make a 24-hour live broadcast. Isn’t it delicious!”

Everyone asked too many questions, and Zhai Xingchen didn’t know which one to answer.

“Huo Cheng and I are good buddies. We are both guests of the blue team. We are at “Red and Blue Signal”, and the red and blue are the official matches. The live broadcast time is too short, you didn’t see the whole picture, he and I are really serious. We’re just good friends. And we have too many excellent guests, and I can’t even rank among them.”

Zhai Xingchen felt a little guilty.

Let’s just be good friends.

It was hard to say whether these big shots and rich people would ever meet him again after the recording of the variety show was over.

They were not of one world after all.

Thinking of this, Zhai Xingchen suddenly seemed to have woken up from a big dream. Everyone got along so happily these two days, living with a group of high-quality and outstanding guests, he seemed to have forgotten that he was just an outsider.

Not only was he an outsider in this love game, even in terms of life and the world, he was also an outsider.

Now he had returned to the secular world.

These people were his friends.

After the teacher came, everyone began to rehearse nervously. Many people’s eyes were on Zhai Xingchen, and they couldn’t move away.

Zhai Xingchen was not the best student of Zhongwu, but he was the most dazzling one, with broad shoulders and narrow waist, a slender and flexible body, and a face that you could not pick out any flaws from. He had too many men and women who admired him, and wanted to confess to him but not too much.

But he was as bright as a star in the sky, so he was destined not to belong to them.

Maybe he belonged to those tall, rich and handsome people in “Red and Blue Signal” who had both good looks and abilities. Only they could pick this bright and shining star into their arms.

“Zhai Xingchen, pay attention to your expression, yes, get up, put your legs back, turn back, be beautiful, continue, pay attention to the rhythm of the music, listen to the drumbeat…”

When Yan Zhi and Pei Xu came to pick him up, the rehearsal was in full swing, and the room was so cold when it was hot inside.

They watched for a long time, but they didn’t see Zhai Xingchen in person. There were too many people on the stage, and the music was a little chaotic. The dance teacher kept shouting with a loudspeaker.

On the stage with more than 20 people, only one person was the most conspicuous. He was wearing a thin gradient robe and a mask on his face. He spun on the stage. As soon as he grasped it, he turned over with ease, his figure was like flowing clouds and flowing water, so light that he almost floated up. The music became more and more urgent, the flute and the drum sounded together, and the dance teacher kept shouting: “Pay attention to safety, pay attention to your expression, posture, posture, hang on, it’s good… Zhai Xingchen!”

The boy wearing a mask turned around, lifted his right leg in a whirl, hugged it and lifted it over the top, his two legs almost formed a vertical line, he stood on one leg, spun rapidly and his clothes fluttered like blooming flowers.

Then he fell straight to the ground, jumped up again, reached forward, stretched out his hand, backed up, turned around, and his movements were coherent and smooth, which stunned both Pei Xu and Yan Zhi.

His waist was tough and soft, and his movements were light and powerful.

The high-pitched female voice chanted echoing in the high and wide hall. Zhai Xingchen stood in the center, lifted his mask, revealing that beautiful jade-like face, his arms slowly stretched out, his toes straightened, his hands were so beautiful, his body seemed to be talking, tilted, tilted, and when the music stopped, his body paused, and he was fixed on the stage at a forty-five-degree posture. A beam of golden light shone on him, dyeing his white robe golden.

It was as if the Milky Way fell on him.

He was shining.

If one had seen his dance, they had no way not to fall in love with him.

The camera following them captured all the subtle expressions of the two of them.

The moment a person was engrossed, the moment his heart was moved, he forgot everything, the look in his eyes was real, and his expression was real.

The directors who watched them were elated.

“There it is, there it is, there it is!”

“Especially the stinky brother Pei Xu, look at his eyes! His fingers curled up slightly, did you see that?”

“Haha…, I’m dumbfounded!”

Guo Bing: “I think at the beginning of our first episode, we can cut out the content of a few guests in the preview and play it again.”

What: “I’m just here to pay back favours”, what “I’m a slow-moving people”.

This slap in the face was really fragrant YYDS!

Come on, Zhai Xingchen, it’s best to let them cry bitterly. The moment their tears fall would also be the climax moment of “Red and Blue Signal”!

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