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All the properties of the Yu family were auctioned off after they went bankrupt. Relatives avoided him. The teenager had no place to live. He lived in the school before he dropped out of school. The two of them contributed and rented a house with two bedrooms and one living room.

The little boy had never done housework since he was a child, and Luo Peng was also someone who had always been pampered. No matter how diligent the two of them were, the house was not tidy. Wei Xiaofeng once sharply commented using the words “pig’s nest”.

When it came to eating, the two of them were even more indifferent. They either ordered takeout or went out for a meal. From the moment they moved in, the kitchen in this house was just a decoration.

Yu Siyang opened the refrigerator. It was either beer or other beverages or chips and spicy chips. There was nothing that could be used to make a lunch.

“Xiaoyu, do you want to eat claypot rice or rice bowl today?” Luo Peng was lying on the sofa in the living room decadently, holding a stack of takeaway orders in his hand.

Yu Siyang came out of the kitchen, took the take-out menus from Luo Peng’s hand and threw it on the coffee table, refusing to eat take-out, “Brother Luo, let’s go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and cook by ourselves.”

Luo Peng sat up on the sofa, and asked surprisedly, “Can you? I can’t cook anyway.” When he first moved in, he made a meal and almost sent them both to the hospital. Since then, he had stayed away from the kitchen.

“I’ll do it.” Yu Siyang nodded and went back to his room to get his wallet, “Brother Luo, let’s go.”

The supermarket was not far from where the two lived, and it only took ten minutes to walk there. Luo Peng was carrying a large reusable bag. While walking, he asked uneasily, “Xiaoyu, are you sure you really know how to cook, and won’t make dark cuisine[1]?”

Yu Siyang gave him a blank look, the chef of a five-star hotel was cooking for him for free and he dared to chirp, did he know how much his appearance fee for a table banquet was?

Seeing the child full of confidence, Luo Peng decided that even if he had a stomach ache after eating, he would still support him.

As soon as he entered the supermarket, Luo Peng began to order, “Then I want to eat braised pork, beef, chicken wings, oh… and fish, I also like shrimp.” His worries about him not being able to cook were completely forgotten.

Yu Siyang looked at him speechlessly, “… There are only two of us, so we can’t eat that much.”

Luo Peng put a box of frozen chicken wings in the shopping cart, waved his hand, and said with a smile, “I eat a lot, I can definitely finish eating.”

Yu Siyang looked at his size and silently put a piece of beef into the shopping cart.

The shopping efficiency of the two was quite high. In less than half an hour, they walked out of the supermarket with a bag full of meat, vegetable and seasonings, and Luo Peng also carried a bag of rice on his shoulders.

When they reached outside the community where they lived, the two saw Wei Xiaofeng walking in. Luo Peng hurriedly stopped him, “Brother Xiaofeng, why are you here?”

“Do you know how to cook after buying so many vegetables?” Wei Xiaofeng frowned at their shopping bags. After eating Luo Peng’s dark cuisine once, he suffered from stomach pain for three days, and he had a psychological shadow since then.

Luo Peng quickly said, “Xiaoyu said he would do it.”

“Brother Xiaofeng, let’s have lunch together.” Yu Siyang was also very grateful to the young man’s benefactor. If it wasn’t for Wei Xiaofeng’s help, his current situation would probably be even worse.

Wei Xiaofeng looked Yu Siyang up and down with suspicious eyes, and decided to leave after speaking, he was determined not to stay and get his stomach tortured.

Back in the rented house, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng were discussing things in the living room. Yu Siyang put the vegetables he bought into the refrigerator by category, and all the snacks that didn’t need to be put in the refrigerator were cleaned out and he found a cupboard to put them away.

After washing all the pots and pans, Yu Siyang washed his hands, then measured and cooked rice. The dishes for lunch were also neatly arranged on the countertop, and he washed a piece of pork belly. He took the knife and thought, after thinking about it, he decided to make braised pork[2].

He put the pork belly cut into two-finger-wide pieces in a pot, poured half a pot of cold water in it and boiled it over high heat. Yu Siyang took advantage of this time to cut the green onion and ginger. He had a beast-like intuition about when something would be cooked.

He cut the onion and ginger, took out the meat, rinsed it with cold water, and then removed the moisture.

He then removed the saucepan and replaced it with a frying pan. When the pan heated, he added oil, then he immediately added star anise, cinnamon and dried chili peppers. He stir-fried it over low heat until fragrant, then added the chopped onion and ginger.

After stirring for a while, Yu Siyang used chopsticks to take out the onion and ginger. Originally, he wanted to use a spatula, but the spatula at home was a wooden one. He couldn’t use it well, so he couldn’t fish out the green onion even after trying a few times. He was just depressed.

With a sound of “chi la”, the meat pieces were placed into the pot and stir-fried, and the five pieces were quickly fried, the surface was slightly browned, and the fragrance also spread to the living room.

The two people who were talking in the living room were a little surprised when they smelled this scent – Yu Siyang really knew how to cook?!

Luo Peng couldn’t sit still and wanted to see it. It smelled so good, it should not taste bad.

Yu Siyang took out the browned meat and put it aside, washed the pot, and was about to get sugar, but when he turned around, he saw a big head sticking out of the kitchen door, and was startled, “Brother Luo, you, what are you doing?” People are scary, scared him to death, okay!

“Hey, I’m here to help you.” Luo Peng stared at the browned meat and couldn’t move.

Yu Siyang smiled and shook his head, “No, I can do it alone, you can go to the living room and sit with Brother Xiaofeng.”

“He doesn’t need to accompany me,” Wei Xiaofeng also appeared at the kitchen door, “I’ll help too.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

The kitchen was so small that he could not even turn when he was by himself, but one more person could still squeeze in, however if two more people entered, they would not be able to move at all. Were these two people here to help, or to cause trouble?

His resentment was clearly written on his face, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng coughed uncomfortably, “You are busy, we will wait for you in the living room.”

Wei Xiaofeng originally planned to leave, but now he decided to stay for lunch, it smelt so good, he shouldn’t have stomach problems again… right!

Using sugar to make the braised meat lustrous, Yu Siyang took out the newly bought casserole, put the meat into the pot and stewed it, and while the meat was stewing, he handled other dishes at the same time.

When cutting pork belly before, he felt that the boy’s body had not been exercised much before, and his arms had no strength at all.

Holding the knife, Yu Siyang looked at the chicken and sighed, thinking that back then he was so strong that he could carry a 100-pound earthen jar up to the fifth floor with ease, but now he couldn’t even cut a chicken.

Helpless, he could only replace the chicken with chicken wings that did not need to be cut.

In the living room, Luo Peng smelled the fragrance coming from the kitchen, and he couldn’t sit still. He didn’t even listen carefully to what Wei Xiaofeng said.

Wei Xiaofeng repeated the same sentence twice, and the third time he patted Luo Peng’s head in anger, “I’m talking to you, but you’re distracted, do you need to be cleaned up?”

“Brother, let’s talk about it after dinner,” Luo Peng wailed, “I’m so hungry, my brain is already dominated by my stomach, and I can only think when I’m full.”

“…We can’t eat yet!” Wei Xiaofeng said angrily as he was hungry too. But the dishes were not ready yet.

When the two of them were about to starve out of anxiety, Yu Siyang finally came out of the kitchen with a bowl of braised pork and said to Luo Peng, “Brother Luo, can you help me with the dishes.”

“I’m happy to do it.” Luo Peng jumped up from the sofa and ran to the kitchen, where he said the exclamation of “wow wow wow” as soon as he entered.

There was no dining table in the rented small house, and the dining table could not be set, so the three of them could only eat around the coffee table.

Luo Peng basically had all the dishes he ordered. Although he cooked very common home-style dishes, Yu Siyang’s professional habits were like this.

Wei Xiaofeng looked at the dishes on the coffee table. When cooking, one should pay attention to the color and aroma. The color and aroma of these dish were already evident. If it tasted… it shouldn’t be unpleasant.

He put a piece of braised pork in his mouth, opened his eyes slightly, and looked at Yu Siyang in surprise. The meat was soft and glutinous. When chewed in the mouth, one could clearly feel a layer of fat and a layer of lean meat. The thick and spicy juice was squeezed out of the meat by chewing, the taste spreading through every taste bud.

“Xiaoyu, when did you learn this craft?” Wei Xiaofeng asked.

Luo Peng followed suit and said, “That’s right, your craftsmanship is absolutely perfect. Why didn’t you cook before, otherwise we wouldn’t have to eat takeout every day?”

“Haha…” Yu Siyang smiled awkwardly, “This… probably… natural talent…”

He forgot that he used to be a young master who didn’t touch water with his fingers in his early days, and suddenly he became a superb cook. How could this be explained in a scientific way?

However, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng didn’t know him very well, and they didn’t doubt his cooking skills, and thought he only learned a little when he was at home.

Luo Peng was still eating, and he gave a thumbs up and madly praised, “This talent is good, divine skills.”

Was it so easy to pass the test? Yu Siyang breathed a sigh of relief and picked up his rice bowl to pick up some vegetables.

The next second, he was deeply silent.

Three people were eating six dishes and one soup. He thought it would be too much.

Yu Siyang quickly grabbed the last cola chicken wing, Luo Peng was slow for a second, his chopsticks fluttered, and he suddenly wailed.

“Xiaoyu, you grabbed my chicken wings.” Luo Peng complained.

Yu Siyang was angry: “I haven’t eaten it yet, why are you eating so fast.”

“It’s obvious that you cooked less food, so you should cook more.”

“Why don’t you say that you eat too much, so you should eat a little less.”

When the two quarrelled childishly, Wei Xiaofeng had already wiped out two-thirds of the pan-fried sea bass, and smiled secretly, “Continue arguing, and when I’m done eating, you can end it.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng found that when they were quarrelling, Wei Xiaofeng was having a great time eating alone. Seeing that there was nothing left in the food, the two hurried to reach a truce, and thought that it was more important to eat.

The six dishes and one soup were swept away like the wind and the clouds, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng had their stomachs bulging, and sat on the sofa with satisfaction.

“Xiaoyu’s craftsmanship is very good, and even the rice is deliciously cooked.” Luo Peng sighed and praised Yu Siyang wildly.

“Add a little salt and lard, the cooked rice will be more fragrant and softer.” Yu Siyang was not full, and stared at Luo Peng gloomily, “Don’t think that you don’t have to wash the dishes if you praise me, go wash the dishes quickly.”

“Ouch… I hate washing the dishes the most.” Even though he said so, Luo Peng obediently cleared the table and went to wash the dishes.

Wei Xiaofeng, who had a lot to eat but didn’t need to wash dishes, held a cup of tea in his hand, watching his cousin rush in and out with satisfaction, and said to Yu Siyang, “There is no artist for this episode of “Happy Player”, Fang Tu is looking for someone. I asked him once, he just agreed that you can go.”

“Ah? What am I going to do?” Yu Siyang asked dumbly.

“Play games with them and be a soy sauce character, haven’t you been there once before?” Wei Xiaofeng said.

Yu Siyang smiled awkwardly: “Hehe… I don’t remember.”

Wei Xiaofeng sighed, the child’s temporary amnesia was making him really anxious.

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[1] Internet slang for “unpalatable food which might cause food poisoning”.


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