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“Happy Player” was an entertainment variety show aired by Haixing TV every Saturday night. Some celebrities were invited to play games on the show, and these celebrities would come to promote their new songs, new movies, new TV series and so on.

This show was not only the ace variety show of Haixing TV, but also the program with the highest viewership share of major TV stations at the same time. The stars who could be invited were all famous in the entertainment industry.

However, as a star TV station under All Star Entertainment, Haixing TV usually took care of its own artists a little more. If there was an unimportant vacancy in a program, they usually asked the newcomers of their own company to play soy sauce characters.

As for whether the newcomer could show his face or not, it depended on his own good fortune.

“Happy Player” was a show that all newcomers wanted to be on. Many newcomers were known by the audience in this show, and then they gradually became popular.

The host of the show, Fang Yuan, was Wei Xiaofeng’s old friend of many years and one of the pillars of Haixing TV. He specially came to say hello and asked Yu Siyang to fill in the vacancy, which was considered a favor.

Wei Xiaofeng had seen the script for this episode. Basically, they were all games that didn’t require big moves. Yu Siyang’s injury had just healed, and he didn’t know if there were any sequelae. Filming was impossible during this time. Playing a soy sauce character on this show was also a good choice. At any rate, it could also earn some income, so that the child will not be anxious because of money issues.

However, when he thought that he had gone out to buy food with a bald head, Wei Xiaofeng became angry, “Go and cover your hair later, you have a bald head and you look ugly.”

As an artist, how could he not pay attention to his own image? Even if he was not popular now, he should always pay attention, in order to avoid leaving any ugly photos, which would be brought out and ridiculed in the future.

“Oh.” Yu Siyang touched the bald part of his head, which was shaved for the sake of surgery, and now which had some short stubble, it felt thorny to the touch, but because he couldn’t see the back of his head, he didn’t know how ugly it was.

After Luo Peng washed the dishes, he wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen. Seeing Yu Siyang’s bald head, he smiled and said, “You had to shave your head. How could a bald head be on the show?”

“Buy him a wig and let him wear it.” Wei Xiaofeng picked up his jacket and put it on, and instructed Luo Peng, “Take Xiaoyu to Haixing Building tomorrow, and find Wen Zengzhen on the seventh floor, she will take you to see Fang Yuan.”

“I can see Brother Fang tomorrow, I’m his fan.” Luo Peng smiled like an idiot.

Wei Xiaofeng patted his head angrily, “Put away your stupid face, if I got to know that you acted stupid in front of Fang Yuan tomorrow, I won’t take care of you.”

Luo Peng dodged left and right, hiding behind Yu Siyang, “Oh, oh, brother, take it easy, it’s my head, not a watermelon.”

“If you dare to shame me, hum…” Wei Xiaofeng opened the door, clicked at Luo Peng twice, and with these unfinished threats, he left gracefully.

Luo Peng was frightened by the threat, he put his arms around Yu Siyang’s shoulder, and said melancholily: “Xiaoyu, tomorrow you must help brother, don’t let brother do humiliating things when he sees his idol, otherwise brother Xiaofeng will destroy me.”

Yu Siyang was even more melancholy than him, “How exactly are we going to record the show?” Wasn’t it too difficult for him who was a chef to shoot a TV program?

“Ah?” Luo Peng was dumbfounded, it was such a powerful amnesia that he could even forget this.

The melancholy brother hurriedly increased the speed of his feet and took a tablet to tutor him about the previous episodes of “Happy Player”. After the teenager Yu Siyang signed with All-Star Entertainment, he had been taking acting classes and had taken down a large book of notes. It was just usable.

Early the next morning, Luo Peng yawned and walked out of his room with a sullen face. Yesterday, he accompanied Yu Siyang in his tutoring until two in the morning. He slept for less than five hours. He felt that he could sleep standing up right now.

Yu Siyang, who was also sluggish, came out of the kitchen with two cups of soy milk and greeted him slackly: “Brother Luo, come to have breakfast.”

Looking at the hearty breakfast, he started drooling, “Xiaoyu, you made this?”

“Yeah, I didn’t have many materials, so I just made some.” Yu Siyang nodded, put the soy milk on the coffee table, and went to the kitchen again to bring out the two plates of egg rolls.

Luo Peng quickly ran to the bathroom. After brushing his teeth and washing his face at the fastest speed, he sat happily in front of the coffee table, picked up an egg roll that was rolled into a ball, and took a bite.

Because the egg rolls were made thicker on purpose, the taste was a bit bouncy, and it was very chewy. After drinking a mouthful of fragrant soy milk, he could not mention how comfortable it was.

“This can be considered casual, then I used to eat garbage!” Luo Peng’s mouth was full of food, and he praised him without hesitation.

Yu Siyang was not in high spirits. He hardly slept at night and was constantly awakened by various strange dreams. What was even more outrageous was that he woke up from the last dream, and the next dream was actually a sequel to the previous one.

“Brother Luo, I’m a little worried,” Yu Siyang said nervously, “What if I screw up today?”

Luo Peng was stunned with the fritters in his mouth, but seeing the blue and black under Yu Siyang’s eyes, he quickly swallowed the fritters into his stomach, and said in surprise, “You didn’t sleep all night because of this, right?”

Yu Siyang nodded.

“No wonder your face looks so bad,” Luo Peng scratched the back of his neck, “Actually, there’s no need to be nervous, you all have a script, you can just follow the requirements on the script, just pay attention to your position, don’t block other people’s cameras, and don’t be blocked by other people.”

This had already been written in the notes. Yu Siyang was dissatisfied, so he took away the plates with three egg rolls left.

Luo Peng was dumbfounded, holding up his chopsticks, he watched the egg rolls move away from him, “I haven’t finished eating yet!”

“Go and change, I’m going to be late.” Yu Siyang shouted from the kitchen.

Humph, I won’t let you eat it.

Without eating the remaining three egg rolls, Luo Peng was very resentful. He talked all the way on the subway, interspersed with complaints about Yu Siyang’s new style, to retaliate for his cruel and heartless action of taking away his breakfast.

Yu Siyang was so nervous that he didn’t have time to pay attention to him and took his mobile phone to study the earlier episodes of “Happy Player”.

The people invited by “Happy Player” this time were the actor Zhao Ang and the actress Sun Wangshu. The two were here to promote their newly released movie “Blooming Time”, and the three supporting characters in the show were also on the show.

All Star Entertainment only arranged for Yu Siyang to fill the vacancy, and this was not something that needed to be kept secret. Therefore, the newcomers of the company in the same period all knew about it, and they were envious and jealous.

When Yu Siyang and Luo Peng found Wen Zengzhen in the Haixing Building, Xu Mumu, who had come to the hospital to visit him, was pulling at her to talk. Seeing Yu Siyang coming, the smile on his face became uncomfortable for a moment.

Luo Peng waved to Wen Zengzhen and complimented: “Beauty Zengzhen, I haven’t seen you for more than half a month, you are getting more and more beautiful, this is the real beauty without makeup.”

Most women liked to be praised by others for being beautiful, Wen Zengzhen was originally a little impatient because of Xu Mumu, but after hearing this, her expression changed. She pursed her lips and slapped Luo Peng with a smile, “Did you put honey on your mouth when you came out today, so you can talk like that.”

“What I said is the truth, and I didn’t put honey on it, I was robbed of egg rolls.” Luo Peng said and glanced at Yu Siyang behind him resentfully.

Wen Zengzhen couldn’t get the meaning of this sentence at all, so she gave him a “you’re just inexplicable” look and tilted her head to look at the person standing behind him.

She had seen Yu Siyang before, and in her impression, she was a boy as delicate as a handmade doll, but the boy’s hairstyle…

“Why did you get a bald head?” Wen Zengzhen frowned and looked at Yu Siyang, a good-looking young man whose hairstyle was ruined, it seemed to be a waste of money.

“It’s not bald, there’s a little stubble.” Luo Peng touched Yu Siyang’s head.

Yu Siyang avoided the big hand on the top of his head and explained to Wen Zengzhen embarrassedly: “Sister Zengzhen, my hair was shaved bald during an operation before, so I cut my hair short.

“It’s a bald head.” Wen Zengzhen looked at Luo Peng dissatisfied, and said, “How can you record a show with a bald heard? No one would come to see the actor and actress but would come to see this bald head.”

Xu Mumu took the opportunity to insert a needle and said, “Sister Zeng Zhen, Yu Siyang can’t do anything about it. He was seriously injured. I heard that he can’t exercise vigorously yet. You should have the seniors to take care of him when the video is being recorded.”

Hearing this, Zengzhen looked down at the schedule on the tablet, the smile on Luo Peng’s face faded, and he didn’t respond to Xu Mumu’s words.

Yu Siyang glanced at Xu Mumu, he had the intuition that what he said was malicious, so he didn’t respond to his words as well, he showed Zengzhen a shy smile and said: “I’m sorry to trouble Sister Zengzhen to wait for us today and waste your time.”

The boy grew up well and seeing his slightly blushing face and shy smile, Wen Zengzhen’s motherly instincts erupted in an instant, and she pinched the boy’s face, “Yo, why are you being polite to Sister Zengzhen? Fang Ge asked me to wait for you.

“Is Brother Fang already here?” Luo Peng turned into a brain-dead fan in a second, and asked with bright eyes, “Beauty Zhenzhen, take us to see Brother Fang, I want to get his autograph and take a photo.”

“Didn’t you already get an autograph and took a photo? Come back!” Wen Zengzhen rolled her eyes at him, lowered her head and pretended to look at the watch on her left hand, “Why have we been delayed for so long, let’s go, Brother Fang is still waiting.”

Wen Zengzhen led the two to the dressing room dedicated to Fang Yuan. Xu Mumu, who was completely ignored by the three, kept standing there. The passing TV station staff looked at him with veiled eyes, making him white and red with embarrassment.

Before he could go far, he heard the two staff members who were carrying the props chatting.

“The quality of the new recruits now is really poor. If they demolish others’ stage, can they be given a good face.” Staff member A sneered and looked at Xu Mumu’s embarrassed back.

“Yes, yes.” Staff B nodded.

“But the one that Sister Wen took away looks really good.” Staff A looked at him crazily.

“Yes, yes.” Staff B then nodded.

“You can’t use words except ‘Yeah, yeah’?” Staff A was dissatisfied.

“Don’t be lazy, come and move this prop.” Staff B gave as good as he got.

“…” They could not be colleagues happily anymore.

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