FPH Ch. 29

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Chu Zhaoyang said calmly, “The cup is slippery.”

Gu Nian: “…”

He really could use slippery as an excuse for anything.

Yan Chuwei smiled, turned her attention to Gu Nian again, and said, “By the way, Nian Nian—”

Gu Nian didn’t want to continue listening to Yan Chuwei’s words, and couldn’t stand Yan Chuwei’s constant rhetoric and misunderstanding of her words.

Abruptly, she pulled her hand out of Yan Chuwei’s hands, and hurriedly said, “I remembered that there are still some things in the office that I have to do. I’ll go first, you can eat slowly.”

After speaking, without being polite, she quickly got up and walked out, her back panicked, with a little embarrassment.

“Hey, Nian Nian!” Chu Tian cried anxiously.

Chu Zhaoyang got up with a cold face and was about to chase after her, but was stopped by Yan Chuwei, as she said meaningfully: “Zhaoyang, Nian Nian is like this because of Yan Lu, I will go out and talk to her.”

When she was done, she ran after her.

“Nian Nian!” Yan Chuwei went out and looked around, found Gu Nian, hurriedly opened her mouth, and chased after her at the same time.

Gu Nian was a little irritable when she saw Yan Chuwei approaching, and for some reason she didn’t want to talk to Yan Chuwei, but now she couldn’t leave.

“Nian Nian, why did you suddenly leave? Did what I said just now make you unhappy?” Yan Chuwei asked inexplicably, her face extremely worried.

Gu Nian smiled and shook his head: “It’s nothing, Sister Chuwei, don’t worry, I really remembered that there was something going on in the office and I have to go back.”

“Are you in such a hurry, that you can’t even eat?” Yan Chuwei asked regretfully.

“Well, it’s quite urgent.” Gu Nian smiled without any grudges, but she really wasn’t in the mood to eat with Yan Chuwei again.

She didn’t know what happened today, but Yan Chuwei kept talking about Yan Lu and refused to let it go. She wasn’t like this before.

Gu Nian felt that Yan Lu was Yan Chuwei’s younger brother, and it was not good to always talk about her deceased younger brother. Even if Yan Lu had been buried for a long time, there would be no peace.

Yan Chuwei was his sister!

How could this be so?

However, Gu Nian couldn’t say anything, Yan Chuwei was Yan Lu’s sister after all. But this meal, she had no intention of eating again.

“Okay, then I won’t stop you, and I’ll invite you to dinner another day.” Yan Chuwei said with a smile.

On the contrary, Gu Nian was surprised by her attitude. It seemed that she wished her to leave quickly, and even when she tried to keep her, she was not very sincere. Moreover, she said this as if she was an outsider. She, Chu Zhaoyang and Chu Tian were like a family.

“Sister Chuwei—” Gu Nian opened her mouth, the question was on her lips, but finally shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

Yan Chuwei smiled, turned and walked back, only to see Chu Zhaoyang standing not far away.

Didn’t she say he didn’t need to come out? Why was he still out?

Yan Chuwei’s smile froze for a moment, a gloomy look flashed in her eyes, then she raised her head again, and walked over with an embarrassed smile.

“I can’t persuade her, she insisted on—” Before Yan Chuwei said the word “go”, Chu Zhaoyang didn’t even look at her, and swept past her, only bringing a chilling breeze.

Yan Chuwei turned around and followed Chu Zhaoyang.

Seeing him striding towards Gu Nian’s direction, she still walked calmly and gracefully, not even the hem of her clothes was messed up, but the pace was obviously big and hasty.

Chu Zhaoyang, who had always shown no emotions on his face, it was her first to see him in such a hurry since Yan Chuwei came to know him. On others, this kind of behaviour was already very restrained, but on Chu Zhaoyang, it could already be regarded as a gaffe.

Just for one thought, could make him so anxious?

He followed Gu Nian to the end…

Yan Chuwei clenched her fists and looked at them through gritted teeth.

And she saw that Chu Zhaoyang had already chased Gu Nian and grabbed her wrist.

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