FPH Ch. 28

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In the end, it was Chu Tian who recommended a Chinese restaurant.

After sitting down, Chu Tian who was more familiar with the place, ordered dishes according to everyone’s taste, and remembered one thing: “By the way, Sister Chuwei, do you also know Nian Nian?”

Yan Chuwei nodded, and smiled a little: “Nian Nian hmm… Almost became my younger brother’s wife.”

Chu Zhaoyang paused while drinking tea, and glanced at Gu Nian with a cold gaze.

Then Chu Tian took a breath in surprise: “Sister Chuwei, isn’t your brother—”

“Yes, he has been dead for over a year.” Yan Chuwei’s eyes filled with tears, she sniffed, and looked again at Gu Nian, “Nian Nian, haven’t you made a boyfriend yet?”

Gu Nian didn’t expect that Yan Chuwei would suddenly throw such a question at her, so she could only answer: “Not yet.”

With tears in her eyes, Yan Chuwei reached out and held Gu Nian’s hand: “I know you liked Yan Lu very much, but he is dead, so you have to move on. Yan Lu cared about you the most besides his family, so he definitely won’t want to see you wait for him, he would want you to accept others.”

“I’m not…” Gu Nian said helplessly.

Why did everyone think she had been single for the sake of Yan Lu?

Yan Lu was her senior. When she was in the police academy, she did not deny that she liked him, and Yan Lu was also very good to her. Although the two never made it clear, Yan Lu’s attitude towards her was not without any feelings for her. Later, Yan Lu graduated and joined the police force. She still remembered that on the Qixi Festival last year, Yan Lu asked her to meet.

She was very happy and nervous. There was a faint hunch in her heart that Yan Lu was going to confess to her. Unexpectedly, just the day before Qixi Festival, Yan Lu died. It was said that he died from a stray bullet while on a mission.

It was only one day away, and the next day, the two would have officially become lovers. According to Yan Lu’s colleagues, Yan Lu had prepared a lot for the Qixi Festival, and even said that he wanted to confess to the girl he liked.

And that girl was her.

But she could never wait for that day.

There was a time when she seemed to want to live before the Qixi Festival that year, before Yan Lu died, and she was unwilling to admit that Yan Lu was no longer in this world. That high-spirited, gentle and comfortable young man in the sun.

After a long time, she came out of that shadow. Because she knew that she had her own life to live. Yan Lu was dead and couldn’t come back, and she still had a mother who depended on her, so she couldn’t make her worry about her.

She had never been in love, and there was indeed a rhythm in her heart, just like everyone couldn’t forget their first love, whether he was still there or not. But it would not really be for him who is no longer in this world, that she did not accept anyone again. It was just that she had never met someone who touched her heart.

But Yan Chuwei didn’t believe her denial, and said with red eyes: “Nian Nian, you can’t be so stupid. After Yan Lu died, you have been messing around and refused to accept the truth. But you can’t let this matter affect you for the rest of your life.”

“Sister Chuwei, that’s really not the case.” Gu Nian peeked at Chu Zhaoyang, who was sitting opposite her.

For some reason, she cared about his opinion.

“Silly girl, you don’t need to be brave in front of me. Yan Lu must also want me to take good care of you. In this way, there are many outstanding young people around me, who are similar to your age. I’ll find a time to introduce them to you. You should also have a plan.” Yan Chuwei said to her, directly taking Gu Nian’s embarrassment as an insincere statement.

“Bang!” Chu Zhaoyang suddenly placed the teacup heavily on the table, causing the other three to look over.

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