RCFS Ch. 91: Slap in the Face 2

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“Young Emperor.”

Butler Zeng came out to greet him, subconsciously glanced at Ye Yunxi, and then his eyes lit up.

Although she was still the young lady from last time, her school uniform had changed into a dress, and her temperament had become graceful and noble. Standing beside the emperor, the two looked inexplicably matched.

“Master is already waiting inside.”

He led them in, and on the sofa, Di Wei heard the movement and glanced over.

The petite girl was wearing a luxurious dress, and her beautiful figure was undoubtedly revealed. Her attitude was neither humble nor arrogant. She did not have the flattery and squeamishness of those young ladies in the past, nor was she too arrogant. She could be said to be calm and graceful.

Di Wei was a little surprised, how could a person’s temperament change so much in just a few days?

Seeing it like this, she seemed to be worthy of his Junxie.

However, this was only on the surface, wasn’t she still a grassroots lady?

“Little girl, even if Junxie likes you, I don’t think you can enter this door. You are not worthy of my grandson.”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows.

Last time at least it was more subtle, but this time it was so direct?

Although it is only a contractual relationship with Di Junxie, she really didn’t like this kind of attitude.

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Then may I ask, how can I be considered worthy?”

Di Wei thought for a while, was there any need to ask, just identity alone could kill you!

“I heard that you were expelled from the heir position, and you were also expelled from your own family. That is incompetence, and you are not worthy of my family’s Junxie!”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of his mouth: “Yes, sir, your news may be a little blocked, at last night’s family banquet, the new heir who has been chosen, unfortunately is me, Ye Yunxi!”

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]


Di Wei was stunned for a moment.

This girl, sat on the heir position of the Ye family again?

Just yesterday!

Why did no one give him the news?

Let him lose such an important opportunity!

The old man’s face was a little ugly, but he still said: “This, this is not considered up to the mark, in short, your grades are also very poor, the gap between the two of you is too big, and you are not compatible!”

“So old man, you are worried about this.”

Ye Yunxi ticked her long hair, smiling: “You don’t have to worry about it, I just won the first place in the entrance exam with the best grades in the history of Junyao School, I think such grades, even in your imperial family, are not that many can win personally?”

Ye Yunxi smiled confidently and beautifully, even in the face of the head of the Di family, she was still no less impressive!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

Di Wei’s liver hurt, it seemed that the intelligence officer of the Di family should be replaced!

All the information given to him was old information!

It made him lose such an important personality!

Di Wei was speechless, because he couldn’t find anything wrong at all!

This girl now had the needed identity, ability, and she even had the temperament!

He felt a little embarrassed!

Did this make him admit it?

There were no doors!

Di Wei gave Butler Zeng a look, and Master Zeng said, “Master, lunch is ready.”

“Then let’s eat, girl, you are so good, let’s have a meal together!” He said this and laughed.

Ye Yunxi smiled but her intuition told her that this old man would definitely find fault with her while eating.

Sure enough, Ye Yunxi knew what this man was going to do as soon as they got to the dining table.

The top ingredients on a table were all things that would test people.

Crabs, with their shells on, would cause you to be full of fishy smells if you don’t pay attention.

The whole fish was full of small bones, and removing the bones alone was the ultimate test!

The chicken wishbone had no meat and you can’t get started without a knife and fork, was this the rhythm of the end of the world?

The dishes on the table were really well-intentioned!

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes and smiled.

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