RCFS Ch. 92: Slap in the Face 3

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“Yunxi, sit down, sit down and eat, eat as much as you want, don’t be restrained!”

Di Wei sat down slowly, he deliberately let someone bring a crab over, took out eight crabs himself, and looked at Ye Yunxi while fiddling and smiled: “Eat, eat, you’re welcome!”


Di Junxie’s voice was low, he knew that his grandfather was obviously trying to make Ye Yunxi look bad!

However, the petite girl gently held down Di Junxie’s arm, with a faint smile on her lips, and sat down calmly: “The elder invited me, how can I not eat it, it will look too rude!”

It was just a meal, are you afraid I won’t be able to do it?

Ye Yunxi smiled more and more calmly, and the whole person revealed her confidence, like an invincible general.

Seeing her like this, the light in Di Junxie’s eyes grew even brighter, and he subconsciously hooked the corner of his mouth as he sat beside Ye Yunxi.

This little girl had the courage to fight against his grandfather?

Looking at Di Wei’s face again, it was really hard to see the extreme.

The emperor wanted to laugh evilly.

Grandfather asked for it all by himself. He insisted on giving Yunxi troubles.

But what impressed him even more was Ye Yunxi!

Who was his grandfather?

The head of the emperor’s family, a soldier who participated in the war, everyone in the country of Yan had to give him three points of respect, but when it came to Yunxi, he had to face defeat.

He hadn’t seen such a confident woman for a long time.

[Ding! Peach value +10!]

Think about the young ladies in the family, they all had the same attitude towards grandfather, they kept flattering his grandfather, they could be so sweet to the heart of the heart.

However, he only thought that those women were disgusting.

But he was curious now, what would Yunxi do?

He looked over subconsciously, but saw Ye Yunxi smilingly pushing a crab in front of him, his dark eyes flickered, bright as the stars, and the emperor’s evil breath slightly stagnated.

“Dear, I want to eat crabs.”

Di Junxie: ……

Well, he knew what this little woman was going to do!

She didn’t do anything, instead she let him do it!

Looking at the crab, and then at the smiling little woman, Di Junxie laughed angrily again.

Should he applaud this little girl for making a good move, or should he pinch her little face?

“You, you, what are you doing?”

Before Di Junxie could start, Di Wei couldn’t help but get angry.

This was his grandson, he was serving others to eat crabs?

Did something go wrong?

“Eat.” Ye Yunxi pursed her lips, and even smiled elegantly: “Junxie has always been like this, he is the gentlest and best boyfriend I have ever met.”

Hearing that, the emperor suddenly became wickedly willing.

He didn’t want to pinch the little woman’s face, he wanted to pinch the crab.


Di Wei covered his chest and twitched.

His incomparably precious grandson actually served an unknown woman for dinner!

He had always been like this!

Junxie, your dignity as the heir of the first family, where did it go!!!

“Why is Grandpa so angry? Isn’t it normal between lovers?” The corner of Ye Yunxi’s mouth twitched slightly, grandfather, what other tricks do you have?

Do it if you don’t feel sorry for your own grandson!

System: Di Wei, admit defeat! Raise the flag for my host, ah…ah…ah!

After swallowing the Heart calming Pill, Di Wei suddenly realized that this woman was so powerful!!

No wonder Di Junxie was so committed to her, where was this an ordinary girl, this was simply a refined girl!

The one with the highest combat level!

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