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“Come here, this is your uncle.”

The shy and obedient little girl walked back cautiously, obediently stood beside her mother, slightly raised her delicate face, and looked at the middle-aged man timidly.


She called Uncle tenderly, holding her mother’s hand nervously. Uncle was indeed as majestic as mother said, and the child standing in front of him couldn’t help but want to be good.


The middle-aged man also looked at the little girl and nodded slowly. He didn’t show too much enthusiasm, but he didn’t make people feel cold and alienated.

“What do you think of this tree?”

He stood tall and upright under the tree and raised his chin slightly. His wise eyes behind the glasses stared at the ginkgo tree. It seemed plain, but it seemed like he was looking at some old friend generally.

Nuan Nuan glanced at him and then looked at the ginkgo tree, saying in a soft voice.

“It greeted me just now, and Nuan Nuan heard them say hello.”

Bai Jinyan’s eyes moved slightly when he heard the words, “Why them?”

Nuan Nuan tried hard not to be nervous, and spoke to him softly, although the speech was slow, but the enunciation was clear and the voice was soft and waxy, which made people feel pleasant when listening to it.

She shook her head honestly, “I don’t know, Nuan Nuan heard a lot of voices.”

The corners of Bai Jinyan’s mouth rose slightly, and he waved naturally and walked over.

Uncle’s gentle big palm landed on the top of her head and pressed it gently.

“Just come back.”

The old tree had a spirit, and the child was Linglong, a rare child with a clean spirit.

Standing beside her uncle, Nuan Nuan smiled with crooked brows and eyes, and arched her little furry head in the palm of his hand.

The Bai family’s old house was very quiet, but it was not that kind of quiet which seemed lonely, but instead had a sense of tranquillity and ease.

At this time, a beautiful woman in a cheongsam came out. Just by standing there, one could feel a kind of historical beauty on her body, like a beauty walking out of a picture scroll, with a demure look on her body and an elegant style.

“This is your aunt.”

Mother Gu patted her little head lightly to introduce, then nodded to the woman and shouted with a smile.



Nuan Nuan also called out obediently, and the beautiful woman smiled, she was almost fifty, but time seemed to have stopped on her body, except for the hair mixed with a little bit of white, she seems to be as charming as when she was young.

“Come here.”

The beauty in the cheongsam had a gentle voice, and when she smiled, there was a calming warmth in her eyes.

The little girl watched her walk slowly, and then her aunt grabbed her soft little hands and observed her carefully with a smile.

“It’s great, you look very similar to your grandma, and you will definitely be a famous beauty in the future. When you grow up, your father and brothers will have a headache.”

Aunt spoke softly, Nuan Nuan liked it very much, so she couldn’t help getting closer, but there was a little bewilderment in the clear eyes at what she said, but she cared more about another point.

“Did aunt know grandma too?”

The beauty in the cheongsam nodded slowly, took her little hand and walked slowly inside. She looked up at the sky, as if remembering something, with a smile on her lips.

“Yeah, she was the goddess of me and your mother.”

Nuan Nuan opened her eyes wide, grandma was really amazing, so many people still remembered her and worshipped her.

Of course, after listening to her mother tell a lot of stories about grandma, Nuan Nuan also admired her grandma, but unfortunately she couldn’t see her grandma, she only had one photo of grandma carefully kept on her body.

Walking through the corridors of carved beams and painted buildings all the way, she saw many beautiful and elegant rockery pools and various well-growing flowers. Nuan Nuan felt that her eyes were not enough to see everything.

Different from those villas that were grand and luxurious at first glance, the courtyard was full of delicacy, which was another style of beauty.

After sitting down in the living room, her aunt poured tea for everyone in a beautiful and elegant manner. Several people sat on the wooden chairs, no one talked, and they just sipped the tea quietly, but it didn’t make people feel dull and depressed. There lingered a sense of laid-back elegance in a beautiful landscape.

“When Nuan Nuan came back, we couldn’t leave to visit. I would have taken your sister-in-law there on her birthday. Mo Hua is coming back soon, but there is still no way to get in touch with Mo Shu. If he can be here by Nuan Nuan’s birthday, I will definitely bring him there.”

Mother Gu nodded, “We understand the situation at Shu’er’s side, but Hua’er is coming back? When?”

“He said tomorrow, but you also know his personality, maybe he will give us a surprise.”

Nuan Nuan held the tea and drank it in small sips, the emerald green tea was like a piece of crystal clear jasper in the teacup made of purple clay pot, and the misty white water vapor carried a faint tea fragrance to the tip of the nose, it smelt great.

Nuan Nuan blew and then took a small sip, her clean eyes sparkled with liking, like crescent moons, and an extremely happy look appeared on her well-behaved face.

The beautiful aunt in cheongsam smiled even more when she saw it, and couldn’t help pinching her little face.

She also only had two sons, and she also liked this obedient and soft little girl from her sister-in-law’s family very much.

The little girl had a gentle temper and let her aunt to pinch her soft cheeks. Perhaps because of her shyness, a peach-like light pink appeared on her milky white face, and the pink and white milk balls looked very soft.

She sat on the side obediently and didn’t speak, but listened carefully to the adults with her little ears perked up.

From their communication, it could be guessed that the one who would be coming back was her second cousin, who was also the cousin who liked to draw.

She just didn’t know what the surprise in their mouths was.

During this period, her uncle and aunt went to the study, and when they came back again, her aunt put a green jade bracelet on Nuan Nuan’s little wrist.

“This is the jadeite bracelet I wore when I was a child. Your aunt doesn’t have any girls at home, so I’m giving it to Nuan Nuan for safekeeping.”

The emerald green jadeite bracelet looked good on her whitewashed wrist, but she had an intuition that it should be very precious, so Nuan Nuan looked at her mother nervously.

Mother Gu was obviously also a little surprised, “Sister-in-law, this is not… This is what you have been carrying since childhood.”

It seemed that this bracelet was really very precious to her aunt.

The beauty in the cheongsam just smiled, “The value is only the friendship of the person you give it to. After all, it is a dead thing. It must be worn and cherished. If it is hidden for a long time, it will be a waste.”

Seeing this, Mother Gu no longer dissuaded her, she just nodded to Nuan Nuan, “The elders can’t be denied, so Nuan Nuan accept it.”

She said thank you softly and sincerely.

“Thank you aunt, Nuan Nuan will cherish it.”

The woman smiled and rubbed her head.

At this time, the majestic uncle also pushed a wooden box in front of her.

“This is a gift from uncle.”

Nuan Nuan looked at him eagerly, “Can I open it?”

Bai Jinyan raised his hand and took a sip of tea, then nodded slowly.

Nuan Nuan carefully opened the wooden box, and inside was a seal, a white jade rabbit seal.

Nuan Nuan belonged to the year of the rabbit. Under the seal, there was a Nuan character carved in the seal script.

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