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Next door, the people from the program group listened to the whole scene and were very silent.

None of them were rich second generations, and Huo Cheng’s past experience was simply a true portrayal of the life of them social animals.

Miserably beat workers.

“It’s a pity that this episode can’t be broadcast. Otherwise, it will definitely give Huo Cheng a lot of points.”

“But in Zhai Xingchen’s heart, it must be extra points, right?”

“What’s the point of adding points? Friendship points are not love points.”

“I kind of want to stand by Mars CP. Zhai Xingchen…doesn’t have to be a gong, please take a look at the male guests around you.”

The rain outside gradually weakened, and the night gradually quieted down.

Upstairs, Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo were also chatting about Huo Cheng.

Mainly, Huo Cheng was the most active today and the one who knew the most.

“However, what surprised me the most was that he was the number one student in the college entrance examination… He doesn’t look like a top student at all, he looks like a scumbag.” Hu Ying said.

“If a self-made man like him is not extremely smart and dares to think and fight, how could he have the achievements he has today.” Duan Yihua said.

“What does Brother Huo do now?”

“Is it a technology company, I think software development?”

“I knew he worked for Microsoft before, and then he seemed to have started a business with a friend.”

“When I was chatting with him, I vaguely heard him disclose that their company has just completed a new round of financing, led by Sequoia Capital.”

“He can fly a plane,” Wen Nuo said.

“Brother Huo is really a treasure.” Hu Ying sighed.

Zhai Xingchen felt that it was not scary for a person to be capable. What was scary was that they were already so successful and still making progress. They were willing to try everything and dared to learn anything.

This was the charm of Huo Cheng.

He hoped that Hu Ying and the others could have a big change towards Huo Cheng after tonight.

He took a look at Huo Ge’s stock.

He had to say that among the eight guests in their variety show, excluding him and Wen Nuo who were here to make up the numbers, were all top-notch in the world, and they had no shortcomings in appearance, wealth or ability.

Maybe a drink tonight would completely change the emotional pattern in their red and blue cottage.

Zhai Xingchen closed his eyes in a daze, and when he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard a loud “boom”.

He immediately sat up from the bed, turned on the bedside lamp, and went out to take a look, only to see a figure standing against the wall in the dim living room.

He hurriedly turned on the light in the living room and ran over to support him: “Are you okay?”

Pei Xu shook his head, as if he was still not quite sober. Zhai Xingchen pulled up the chair that had fallen to the ground, and asked, “Do you want to go to the toilet?”

Pei Xu said: “Yes”.

“Let me help you, slow down.”

Pei Xu’s famous subwoofer actually sounded a little milky when he said: “Thank you.”

The design of their room was unreasonable. The bathroom should be arranged between the two bedrooms, but if they had to go to the bathroom, they had to through the small living room to the opposite side of the bedroom.

Pei Xu drank too much, and almost fell on him. This kind of thin-clothed person looked thin and tall, but in fact he was very heavy. Among them, Pei Xu was second only to Huo Cheng in size, and Zhai Xingchen staggered under his pressure, his pyjamas were all messed up, by the time he was finally helped to the bathroom. As soon as he let go of Pei Xu, he saw that Pei Xu was about to fall, so he had no choice but to support him.

Then he watched Pei Xu unzip the zipper in front of him.

Fuck me.

The last time he had a glimpse, he didn’t even bother to feel emotion, but this time he finally couldn’t help feeling emotion.

This male guest was the male protagonist, no matter which family the male protagonist was…

He could catch up with the Premier League.

He turned around and put his back against Pei Xu’s back, while secretly humbled, he listened to the sound of rushing water, Pei Xu was drunk, so his movements were big, and his whole body was shaking when he pressed his hands in the end. Xingchen thought, fortunately he was number 1, otherwise if he was replaced with a male guest from the red party, how weird would this scene be.

His sinking alcohol smell came up.

Today Pei Xu was drunk, and the camera in the living room was not covered. The scene where Zhai Xingchen helped Pei Xu to go to the bathroom was all captured by the program crew. It was already late at night, and only two or three staff members were on duty. After watching this scene, they wish they could immediately chase the camera to the bathroom.

“It’s okay if we can’t take pictures, it leaves endless room for imagination.”

Think about the audience who was watching this pair of CPs and see what would happen in the bathroom when they saw the two of them going into the bathroom together. How much room for imagination was there.

At that time, the barrage must be a bunch of groundhogs.

Everyone was an LSP[1], and no one could escape.

Zhai Xingchen accompanied Pei Xu to wash his hands again, and after washing his hands, he sent him back to jos bed.

Pei Xu sat down on the bed and said blankly, “Thank you”, with a slender neck and a tall and powerful figure, but at the moment he looked like a child, sitting very well, not as lazy and undisciplined as usual.

“Go to bed early.” Zhai Xingchen asked like an old woman, “Would you like some water?”

He picked up the water glass by the bed, only to find that it had been drunk by Pei Xu, so he went to the living room to pour another glass, Pei Xu took it in his hand and drank it in a few sips.

After finishing drinking, he handed him the water glass again: “Thank you.”

It was quite polite, and it could be seen that the manners were strict.

“You’re welcome.” Zhai Xingchen said, “Go to bed now.”

Pei Xu kicked off his slippers, climbed onto the bed and lay down.

Lying down, he looked very well behaved.

He really didn’t expect that Pei Xu would take this route when he was drunk.

He remembered, watching the spoiler, Pei Xu was known as a crying dog in the Asura field.

It was said that he loved to cry, and was a very human dog.

As clingy and docile as a dog?

Or was it as cunning and cruel as a dog?

Or restless like a dog?

He didn’t know, anyway, readers’ pet name for him was: Dog Pei.

At least the current Pei Xu looked like a husky.

Zhai Xingchen was overflowing with stimulated fatherly love, he bent down to cover Pei Xu with a quilt, and looked down at Pei Xu, who opened his eyes and looked at him motionless.

“Go to sleep,” he said.

Pei Xu said “Yes” and said, “Thank you.”

Zhai Xingchen suddenly felt that Pei Xu was staring at his chest, his eyes were dim, and he was a little dazed.

He looked down, and found that his pyjamas were all messed up, a button was undone at some point, and it happened to be illuminated by the bedside lamp.

He immediately went to his pyjamas and buttoned them up.

He saw Pei Xu turn his head away, and his throat slipped, as if he was very thirsty.

No wonder it was said that wine was a sex matchmaker. It was not that wine made people lustful, but that after drinking too much wine, it looked like they had had sex.

Even the indifferent Pei Xu had this illusion.

Zhai Xingchen went to pour another glass of water for Pei Xu, and put it on the bedside for him.

Pei Xu was already fast asleep.

Zhai Xingchen came back to his room now, thinking about Pei Xu’s appearance, he thought it was very funny.

It turned out that not only Huo Cheng had an unknown side, but Pei Xu also had it, who always seemed indifferent.

They really should ask the guests from the red party to take a look, see their hidden side, maybe they would all change their opinion.

Each one was a treasure, waiting for people to dig and explore.

The program team thought that Zhai Xingchen was a treasure, worth digging and exploring.

“What day of the week is Zhai Xingchen’s final exam?” Guo Bing asked as soon as he walked in the next morning.


“That means there are still about three days,” Zhou Lan asked, “Have you communicated with the school, how is the progress, and have they agreed to shoot?”

When it came to this, the assistant director was very excited, “As soon as we mentioned it, the school readily agreed, after all, they can do publicity for their school, they said, they are willing to fully cooperate with us in filming.”

This was one of the romance drama scripts, and it was an opportunity for guests to tailor their performance.

For example, marine sports were tailor-made for Huo Cheng to show his charm.

Now they were also starting to create opportunities for Zhai Xingchen to shine.

After watching his dance video, screenwriter Liu and the others immediately added this link.

They planned to invite all the guests to the school to watch Zhai Xingchen’s performance on the day of Zhai Xingchen’s final exam. And in order to create a surprise and prevent Zhai Xingchen from getting too nervous, they decided to film without telling him.

Perhaps, this would become one of the most classic scenes in this season of “Red and Blue Signal”.

Zhai Xingchen rolled on the bed, stared out of the window with sleepy eyes in a daze, then he pushed the quilt away, lay on the bed and yawned.

The silky pyjamas clung to his body, with a narrow waist, long legs, white ankles, and pale reddish soles.

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[1] Love Sick Puppy.

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