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Before Ji Lin ran to find Siyu, he had simulated what he wanted to say many times in his mind, but, when he really saw Siyu, he couldn’t remember a word of those words, and he was only full of anxiety.

If, he hadn’t overheard his parents’ quarrel, Ji Lin would never know. In fact, it was not a glorious thing for her mother Duan Rulan to marry into Ji family, because Duan Rulan cheated with Ji Wenhan in her previous marriage and secretly carried him. When she got widowed, this moved the mother’s crooked mind to marry into a wealthy family with her son, and this caused Siyu to be ruthlessly abandoned by her biological mother when she was young.

So, Ji Lin suddenly realized that his birth was an out-and-out disaster for Siyu. Without his existence, how could an old and cunning businessman like Ji Wenhan marry a married woman like Duan Rulan, but who would have thought that Ji Wenhan would have a physical problem? He has raised so many lovers outside, and only Duan Rulan had successfully conceived for decades, so he had to marry her back then.

It could be said that without Ji Lin as a stepping stone, Duan Rulan would only be Ji Wenhan’s lover in this life, not Mrs. Ji.

Marital cheating, concealed pregnancy, leaving her young daughter, and eloping with her lover… Ji Lin listened to the Ji family’s husband and wife uncovering the old scandals one by one in the fierce quarrel. It was like falling into the cold water, and he felt cold to his bones.

Ji Lin couldn’t imagine that Siyu had known these facts a long time ago. If she knew everything clearly, what would she think in her heart when she saw him? Did she think that her so-called younger brother was really shameless, he obviously ruined her family, but he came up with a shy face to her?

Was it possible that his sister didn’t want to see him at all?

One had to think about these kinds of things carefully. The more Ji Lin thought about it, the more frightened his heart became. The cold sweat almost soaked his back, so, he waited until both Duan Rulan and Ji Wenhan left home, and immediately ran downstairs to see Siyu.

But when things came to a head, he didn’t dare to go up, but had to squat downstairs eagerly and wait. The first time he saw Siyu he wanted to explain it well, saying that he didn’t know that Duan Rulan had done so much to her. But when Siyu brought him upstairs, she asked him whether he was cold or not. Ji Lin’s mind was hot, and the finished draft was immediately thrown out to the clouds, and he almost instinctively hugged his sister.

“Sister, I’m sorry…” Ji Lin lay down on Siyu’s shoulder, apologizing dully.

Siyu was quiet for a few seconds. Although, Ji Lin didn’t say anything afterwards, from his fragmentary words, Siyu could already guess why he had lost his temper.

The Ji couple were used to disguise and whitewash themselves. They were a match made in heaven. Since, they had been so affectionate for so many years, they naturally wouldn’t tell Ji Lin the truth. The play was overturned, and the two of them couldn’t act anymore, only then the fox’s tail was revealed and was caught by Ji Lin.

Siyu could feel the confusion in Ji Lin’s words, so, the hand placed on his back increased the intensity of soothing, and asked, “What did you do to me?”

Ji Lin replied dully, “If it wasn’t for me, my mother wouldn’t have left you…”

“It’s none of your business.” Siyu interrupted him, and said in a sensible almost indifferent tone, “This is just an excuse. Duan Rulan has never wanted a child like me, even without you, even if your father didn’t show up at that time, she still would have found a chance to leave. Believe it or not?”

Ji Lin said blankly, looking confused.

Siyu patiently explained: “I have been sick since I was born. Basically, the money at home was all put into the medicine jar. There was no extra money for Duan Rulan to enjoy. She can’t live a hard life, and she had long been dissatisfied with my father, I can only say that it was her being lucky that he died. In fact, before that, she had already thought of divorce. She said that she was still young and couldn’t let me drag her down.”

Ji Lin was stunned. He said after a long while, “But my mother left you because she was pregnant with me… Sister, I’m just afraid…”

“Are you afraid that I don’t like Duan Rulan, and because of her I won’t like you?” Siyu took Ji Lin’s unfinished words, and when she saw him nodding reflexively, she sighed, “I am not the same as Duan Rulan, that I will stay angry at you, you are you, she is her, you came to tell me that you totally disagree with her approach, why should I hate you for this reason?” This was the first time that Siyu saw Ji Lin so absentminded. She thought about his sense of security for a while, and calmly said, “You are my own brother. No matter, how I look at Duan Rulan, this will not change. Don’t worry, I know who is sincere to me and who is fake. I can tell clearly.”

Ji Lin rubbed Siyu’s shoulder unconsciously. It’s only now that he felt a little better after a long grievance. After thinking about it all night, the deep anxiety seemed to be easily caught by Siyu and smoothed out.

He was really too scared. His original family had no warmth. He wandered like a ghost in his empty home every day. He always had no sense of belonging and felt that he didn’t belong there. But after Siyu appeared, Ji Lin suddenly discovered that family had a different meaning. This half-sister he had never met, but from the very beginning, she gave him an unusual sense of intimacy.

She was like the sunshine in the cold winter. Because of her existence, Ji Lin’s heart that had gradually become cold when thinking of his family, felt the love of family for the first time.

So, he was too afraid of losing her.

“That means…Sister, you won’t care about it, and you are willing to continue to recognize me as a younger brother?” Ji Lin raised his head, looking into Siyu’s eyes and asked cautiously.

Seeing him, it felt like he was about to fight a big enemy, Siyu’s bad thoughts were ready to leave. She deliberately prolonged the tone and said, “You __”

“Sister!” Ji Lin suddenly looked anxious, “You don’t count words!”

Siyu gently tapped on his forehead, “Stupid.”

Ji Lin covered his forehead and stared at her sadly. His sister still disliked him!

But at this time Ji Lin also realized that she was joking and muttered, “Sister, you weren’t like this before…”

“So you have become stupid.” Siyu knocked him again and walked two steps, turned and smiled looking at Ji Lin, “I want to go for a walk, and buy some food in the supermarket by the way. Do you want to eat lunch here?”

“Yes!” Ji Lin was injected with blood and resurrected instantly, catching up with Siyu walking out side by side, “Sister, I want to eat the crayfish you made!”

“Eating crayfish in the morning, don’t you find it greasy? Also, with your sunglasses and outfit, if we walk out like this, we won’t be able to come back anytime soon!”

“Sister, don’t worry, I will take it with you!…”

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