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Although for StarCraft’s top three thousand clubs, the Yunbao Club could only be ranked in the middle and lower tiers, but among these peers, the popularity of the Yunbao club was not low at all.

The reason was that every branch knew that in the latest Star Alliance assessment, Yunbao Branch was a well-deserved dark horse among them.

Since the announcement of the assessment results, there had been a lot of people in Starcraft who began to pay attention to the Yunbao club. Many clubs had the idea of sending out invitations to the Yunbao club, but the Kalia branch was the first to take action.

To go to another cub raising branch, according to the normal situation of the branch’s communication, Xie Luan should have gone alone, but a silver tail with a cold texture came around his waist, and Xie Luan couldn’t go alone anymore.

Being faced with a silent staring pair of blue vertical pupils, Xie Luan looked at the beautiful eyes for a few seconds, and then gave up on the idea of resisting.

When he took the Moyu cub to participate in the qualification assessment recently, he didn’t take this Nox out with him. If he didn’t take him this time, although it was not impossible, Xie Luan felt that he might have to coax him for a while when he came back.

On that day, after Xie Luan returned to the Yunbao branch, he was stared at by this Nox in the room for the whole night. Xie Luan approached and took the initiative to kiss Ya Yi. It took a few times for the silver tail to loosen slightly.

And now that Xie Luan hadn’t left the house, this tail had already encircled him.

Xie Luan couldn’t move, the silver tail pulled him towards his owner, and then Xie Luan felt the sensation of being licked by the tip of the wet tongue after a light bite on his lower lip.

It was not a deep kiss but just a lick of the lips, but this process of clearly feeling the wet and soft tongue painted on the lips made Xie Luan unable to help but hold his breath a little.

He didn’t know if this was Ya Yi’s conscious or instinctive behavior. Xie Luan felt that some of the things the Nox had learned by himself without a teacher were starting to make him a little bit overwhelmed.

The gap between the lips was lightly scratched by the tip of the tongue. When the soft object tried to penetrate in, Xie Luan subconsciously loosened his teeth.

“Hmm…” Unconsciously, he wanted to lean back a little, but Xie Luan’s back was fixed by the hand that Nox stretched out in front of him, and he could only breathe a little in the gap.

He was kissed until he felt almost out of breath, Xie Luan reached out with difficulty to touch the silver tail around his waist. After a few strokes, the deep kiss from Nox to him finally returned to being a peck.

The corners of his eyes were reddish. With the tail continuing to encircle, Xie Luan went to the hanger beside him and took off a thin coat. After putting it on, he pointed to the inside of the coat and said, “Come in.”

The Nox blinked his eyes quickly after achieving the goal and traced back to the round cub form with a cold expression. Xie Luan held the Nox with two small horns on his head into his arms.

He fastened on the small black coat, and put the Nox, who looked rounder, into his coat, revealing a head with the coat hat at the position of the zipper.

Although it was a bit weird to go to other people’s clubs with such an image, Xie Luan thought about it and did so as soon as the Nox stared silently and intently at him with his pupils.

The Nox watching so earnestly and behaving docilely, it was really a foul.

Probably because Ya Yi was extremely cold from his eyebrows to the aura surrounding his body, so when he was docile to a person, this docile appearance was particularly impactful.

So far, Xie Luan had not seen this Nox act like this to other people, so it was easy to realize that he was special to Ya Yi.

For Xie Luan, this kind of special treatment was not something that could be abused or squandered; but was something to be cherished. Because this kind of special treatment was equivalent to the other person holding his heart to him with both hands.

He could easily hurt this exposed heart, but Xie Luan would not do it.

When the cubs were held in his arms, most of them felt like holding a small heater. The cubs covered with fluff had their own obvious warm body temperature.

He had to say that holding the cubs in winter was a kind of comfort and enjoyment, and in summer, he had to thank the indoor temperature adjustment device.

The location of the Kalia branch, which they were visiting for an information exchange, was also experiencing the summer season. Xie Luan’s current clothes where he was wearing a thin coat with a Nox in the coat, it was impossible for him not to feel hot.

But this kind of feeling only lasted until Xie Luan arrived at the Kalia branch. When Xie Luan took the starship to reach Lunxing and was brought into the door of the Kalia branch with the people sent to guide him, Xie Luan soon returned to a comfortable state.

Xie Luan reacted within a few seconds to the full-coverage temperature adjustment device.

“Please go here.” The staff in charge of picking him up the airport and leading the way was very polite to Xie Luan. He looked back from time to time to see if the young man behind him had kept up and adjusted his pace appropriately.

From the large to a bit exaggerated gate, it could be seen that the area of this cub raising branch should not be small, and Xie Luan had learned in advance on the star network that the area of the Kalia branch ranked third among all the cub raising branches in the interstellar.

The financial resources of this branch could also be seen to be considerable as they were using a full-coverage temperature adjustment device in such a large area.

The gardens in the outskirts of the club was very beautiful. There was a lawn trimmed into animal shapes on the right, as well as a pond and a small wooden bridge over it. Xie Luan walked on the road paved with rectangular slabs and naturally admired the surrounding garden art.

While watching, Xie Luan also pondered the situation of his own branch.

The land area of Yunbao Branch was considered quite satisfactory in the numerous cub care branches of StarCraft. This was a piece of land left by the old president’s family.

But if their club wanted to build more facilities in the future, the remaining open space in the club might not be enough.

And what Xie Luan thought now was that the Yunbao branch was adjacent to two commercial streets. If it was to be expanded, it would cost a lot of money, and he should start to prepare this part of the funds.

Not long after walking through the outer area, Xie Luan was led by the reception staff to the suspended vehicle.

Their current location was not too close to the main building area of the Kalia branch, because the branch covered a large area, and transportation tools were often needed to move between the facilities.

After being sent to the reception room by the receptionist, Barry, the president of the Kalia branch, was already waiting inside in advance. After a formal greeting and a short break in the reception room, Barry and several staff members accompanied Xie Luan to start on the exchange visit.

“This is a holographic simulation battle room. It is open 24 hours in our branch. In addition to the cubs in class, it is also convenient for combat instructors to use outside of class.” One of the staff members was responsible for the introduction. At that time, the other person’s face inevitably had a proud look.

Even in the top three thousand cub raising clubs in StarCraft, there were less than half of the clubs capable of building a holographic simulation battle room, and the battle room built by their branch was of the highest standard, even better than some first-class military academies. Everything in it was the best quality.

Feeling that the Nox arched himself at the zipper opening, Xie Luan squeezed the small horn on Nox’s head through the cape and hat while visiting the battle room after nodding.

Although the creature burrowing in Xie Luan’s coat caught the attention of others, the other people did not ask, and the topic was easily avoided.

Seeing the young man analyzing the holographic battle simulation room so carefully, the staff with a hint of ostentation in the introduction just now was of course very happy. He went on to say: “Because there are more cubs in the branch, our branch has hired a total of five combat instructors, each has at least the rank of major general.”

To be precise, it was a lieutenant general and four major generals. Many branches hired major generals as combat instructors. The combat instructor was also a very good resource for their branch.

After saying this, the staff member was waiting for the young man in front to show a look of surprise or admiration, but he saw that the young man’s reaction was very flat this time, as if it were a very common thing.

Was it possible that the other club had better resources in this regard??

This thought flashed through his mind for a moment, and the staff member denied it again in the next second.

This shouldn’t be possible, although Yunbao Branch was a dark horse in this assessment, it was impossible to have better resources than their branch when it came to a combat instructor.

During the tour, he introduced several facilities and exchanged experiences during the tour. President Barry took Xie Luan to the place that should be the core area for a cub raising branch, that was, the living house where the cubs lived daily.

Xie Luan visually observed that this living house was at least three times the size of the Yunbao branch living house. Because there were a lot of cubs, it was divided into several areas to be taken care of by different caretakers, but the big entertainment venues were together.

As soon as he entered the living room and had taken a few steps, Xie Luan and the few people walking in front saw a caretaker not far away holding a light red fat cub who was making a sound; it was a Kuhti cub. There was a wet trace under the cub’s eyes, and he kept flapping her wings when she was hugged by the caretaker, as if she was throwing a temper tantrum.

The caretaker holding this Kuhti cub had a headache. This cub was easy to anger, and it would act as difficult as it was now. The caretakers in the branch were a little bit miserable with this cub.

Today he had been throwing tantrums for a long time. The caretaker had hugged and soothed it for a while. The cub still hadn’t calmed down…

Just when this caretaker didn’t know what to do, the youth suddenly walked over in front of him.

“Let me hug this cub.” Xie Luan couldn’t ignore it when he saw the cub struggling and almost crying, so he walked over.

The caretaker looked up and saw Xie Luan. Of course, when he looked up, he also saw the president a little behind him. Seeing the latter nod to him, the caretaker hesitated but let the young man in front of him hug the angry cub.

After changing the arms, the red little fat cub still struggled with flapping wings. The new person who hugged it didn’t hold it too tightly, but this Kuhti cub still couldn’t fly away.

After holding this embrace for a short while, the kuhti cub felt his back feathers being gently stroked, and then the hand that stroked its back feathers began to slowly and very carefully organize its feathers.

Sorting feathers and smoothing the back feathers alternately. It could be noticed that the feathers on the body were well sorted. This light red little fat cub who was struggling with fluttering wings gradually raised his wings and gathered them up. The hard feathers on the winglets were quickly touched gently by the fingers with warm body temperature.


Settling and squatting down on the young man’s arms, the Kuhti cub made a crisp cry that was different from the previous one and raised his head to see who was holding onto it.

Xie Luan stretched out a finger and gently wiped the tears under the eyes of the Kuhti cub’s eyes. After completing this final movement, Xie Luan gently hugged the little fat cub back to the arms of the caretaker just now.

Looking down at the cub that was easily comforted by the youth, the caretaker opened his mouth, his face almost stunned.

How was this done?

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