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After hearing the news, Fu Yuanzhou was blown up, and immediately rushed to the office and begged Da Yang to help him re-arrange it, anyone could do it, but it couldn’t be Ran Shutang!

“Why are you dissatisfied with the tutoring given to you by the first rank?” Da Yang disagreed with him on this matter, “I don’t know how many people want him to give them make up lessons.”

“Then let someone else do it, and I’m willing to change with them!”

“It can’t be changed. Ran Shutang chose you by name, he will teach you, and others will not.”

Conspiracy, definitely a conspiracy, it must be that Ran Shutang wanted to take the opportunity to take revenge on him!

Fu Yuanzhou was so angry that his liver hurt: “But I don’t want to. Isn’t this voluntary on both sides? Why should he have the final say?”

“What qualifications do you have to be picky?”

Fu Yuanzhou was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood, and he felt like dying: “What about Yuan Ye? If it doesn’t work, Yuan Ye can also give me make up lessons. Isn’t he the second rank? He is enough to teach me.”

“If you can let him come to school, I’ll change it for you.”

What Da Yang said made Fu Yuanzhou lose his way again, he knew that Yuan Ye trained every day and couldn’t come to school, he couldn’t delay Yuan Ye’s training time because of himself.

“You and Yuan Ye didn’t have a good relationship before, but aren’t you friends now?” Da Yang patted him on the shoulder, “Try to build a good relationship with Ran Shutang, you can do it.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” He can’t!

His resistance was ineffective, and the list submitted in the end remained the same. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t intend to sit still. The school had arranged for a tutor, but he didn’t have to go. He had no pressure to follow Ran Shutang’s teaching.

At the time of the first tutoring session, Fu Yuanzhou happily ran away to play games in an Internet cafe. Yuan Ye was not there, but through Yuan Ye, he had met some new friends, and it was also fun to play with them.

This time they were going to fight a boss together, but they didn’t expect that before the fight got over, his earphones were taken off all of a sudden, and when he looked back, Ran Shutang was looking at him expressionlessly, as he said to him in a cold voice, “Come back with me!”

This scene seemed familiar, and Fu Yuanzhou was in a daze, as if he had seen the scene where he was catching Yuan Ye to go back for practice, but this time it was Ran Shutang who was catching him.

He fully understood why Yuan Ye asked him to get out, and he just wanted Ran Shutang to get out quickly: “Get out, I won’t go.”

Who would have thought that Ran Shutang would be ten times more ruthless than he was before, he took out his mobile phone, and pressed the phone buttons one by one: “If you don’t come with me, I will report this Internet cafe for allowing minors to surf the Internet.” Wicked!

Fu Yuanzhou stood up excitedly, and all the chairs were brought down. The owner of this Internet cafe was a friend of Yuan Ye, so he allowed them to come and play, and never charged them money to play here.

He was furious, and rushed towards Ran Shutang, vowing to smash his phone to pieces.

Ran Shutang hid it quickly, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t catch it at all, and watched his fingers rest on the dial button.

“Don’t, I’ll go with you!” Fu Yuanzhou was so frightened that his legs limp, and immediately begged him without dignity.

“Going back to school?” Ran Shutang asked.

“Back, back.”

Fu Yuanzhou cried bitterly, whoever said a good student must have a good heart, Ran Shutang clearly had a dark heart!

He was forced to go back to school with Ran Shutang, forced to study hard, and forced to listen to Ran Shutang’s lectures.

Ran Shutang’s face was still the same. In all fairness, it looked good, but it was very hateful. Now it was ten times more hateful than before. Fu Yuanzhou was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, but he didn’t dare to beat Ran Shutang anymore. He was afraid of being retaliated against by Ran Shutang, not because he was afraid of what would happen to him but because he was afraid of implicating others, such as the owner of the Internet cafe.

But he swore that when this matter was over, he would definitely beat Ran Shutang under a sack, for sure!!

At the end of the study period, Fu Yuanzhou almost vomited. He was absent-minded throughout the whole process. He didn’t even notice how detailed the content Ran Shutang prepared for him was, and he didn’t even open the exercises that Ran Shutang gave him. He stuffed them all into his schoolbag.

“Finish them when you get home,” Ran Shutang said.

“Oh.” Fu Yuanzhou replied, but he was thinking that ghosts would do it.

“Phone.” Ran Shutang said.

“Ran Shutang, don’t bully people too much!” Fu Yuanzhou patted the table and stood up.

Ran Shutang looked at him calmly. Facing his gaze, Fu Yuanzhou faltered. He decided to endure it until the end, then he must personally tear this killer!

When talking to Lorenzo at night, Fu Yuanzhou told him everything aggrievedly. After hearing this, Lorenzo comforted him and said softly, “I’ll help you.”

“Really?” Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes lit up, but he hesitated quickly. “It’s not very good, it’s too much trouble for you.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a matter of moving my hand.”

Lorenzo smiled and asked Fu Yuanzhou to take a photo of the questions and send it to him, and after a while, he sent back the steps and the answers. Sure enough, it was very easy for him: “That’s enough.”

“You are really good, and your handwriting is beautiful.” Fu Yuanzhou praised.

“You don’t have to worry, just play at ease.” Lorenzo smiled, “You can watch the movie I recommended to you yesterday.”

“Okay!” Fu Yuanzhou agreed.

“Let me watch it with you. I’ll watch it here.” Lorenzo said, “Let’s keep the audio on and discuss the plot.”

Although Lorenzo was not in China, Fu Yuanzhou always felt that he was very close to him at such moments. It was as if he was by his side.

“If only I could really see you.” He couldn’t help saying.

“I welcome you to come to me at any time.” Lorenzo smiled, “As long as you want.”

“Then after my college entrance examination, I will come to you.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, of course he didn’t care about class, even if he skipped class to play, it was okay, but Lorenzo was far away in a foreign country, and it won’t take just a day or two to go out. His parents would definitely notice, and they would definitely not allow him to run out by himself before he graduated from high school.

“Okay, it’s a deal,” Lorenzo said.

With Lorenzo helping him, it was much easier for Fu Yuanzhou to deal with Ran Shutang. Of course, he didn’t copy Lorenzo’s answers completely, because he couldn’t get all the answers right, so he copied some of them.

In short, at the end of the tutoring, Fu Yuanzhou was greatly relieved. Thinking that he would no longer have to face Ran Shutang every day, he felt extremely happy. Even his desire to put Ran Shutang under the sack was not so strong.

“Although the tutoring time is up, you still have to keep working hard.” Ran Shutang said, “You can exchange contact information with me, and I will help you.”

“I thank you for all this while, but don’t pretend to be a good student in front of me, I hate you so much, why should I contact you? I’m afraid I’ll be so angry that I’ll smash my phone if I see your number.”

As soon as he saw Ran Shutang’s number, he would remember how Ran Shutang called to report, he would become angry, so why bother himself.

After he finished speaking, he walked away. Ran Shutang sat in silence for a while, sorted out the manuscript papers scattered on the table, and put them neatly into the file folder.

There was a thick notebook in his schoolbag. He paused, took it out, and opened one of the pages. Inside was a photo, was a photo of him and Fu Yuanzhou from several years ago. He still remembered it clearly, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t remember him at all.

Not only did he not remember, but he even misunderstood that he hated him.

But there seemed to be no chance of explanation.

After sitting for a while, Ran Shutang also left the classroom.

The three years of high school passed away in a hurry, Fu Yuanzhou finally waited until the end of the college entrance examination and was permitted by his parents to play with Lorenzo.

Before going abroad, he learned that Lorenzo’s real name was Shen Xigou, and he also saw his photo. He was a blue-eyed mixed-race boy, handsome and elegant, and extremely charming. He wondered why Lorenzo never posted photos and asked him, he had always thought that Lorenzo would be average in appearance, and he didn’t expect him to be this handsome.

Of course, he made friends not because of their looks, but because they hit it off with each other very well. When he got off the plane, he walked out of the boarding gate and saw Shen Xigou who was waiting for him at a glance. It was hard to not notice him.


Shen Xigou also saw Fu Yuanzhou for the first time and waved to him with a deep smile in his eyes.

Fu Yuanzhou was also very happy, so he walked forward quickly, and hugged Shen Xigou: “I finally met you.”

“I think so too.” Shen Xigou held him in his arms and kissed his face, “I’ve wanted to see you for a long time.”

Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback by being kissed suddenly, but he was soon relieved, thinking that Shen Xigou deserved to be someone educated in the West, on the first meeting they had a kiss ceremony, which was really enthusiastic.

“Let’s go, go get your luggage, and I’ll take you to dinner.”

Shen Xigou took his hand and walked in front, then turned around and repeated: “I’m really glad to see you.”

“Me too.” Fu Yuanzhou said a little shy, then she smiled at him again.

Shen Xigou said softly: “You are better than all my best imaginations.”

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