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Yu Siyang was lying on the bed weakly, his head had been hurting already, but now it hurt even more.

He couldn’t understand how he became an eighteen-year-old boy with a huge debt.

From Luo Peng’s mouth, he heard an unsurprising but somewhat tragic story.

The life of the young Yu Siyang before the age of eighteen was like a honeypot, with strict but loving parents, a wealthy family and a happy life.

But everything changed dramatically when the boy was seventeen years old.

The boy’s father mistakenly believed in his friends and helped them with some money, however all their investments failed one after another. The company’s inside and outside people swept away all the company funds. Since the company was helpless, it went bankrupt. Father Yu couldn’t stand the blow and jumped off the office building to commit suicide. Mother Yu received a shock on hearing this and since she could not receive medical help in time, she also passed away.

The huge debts fell on the teenager.

Sudden loss of his parents, shouldering heavy debts, being shunned by relatives and friends, and desperate, the young Yu Siyang dug out the business card that a talent scout had given him two years ago, so with the attitude of treating a dead horse like a live one[1], he dialled the number on the business card.

The scout in the mouth of the young Yu Siyang was Wei Xiaofeng.

Two years ago, Wei Xiaofeng wanted to sign Yu Siyang. At that time, his friend Chu Quan was casting for her new film, and at a glance, she fell in love with Yu Siyang who was walking down the street in a clean and fresh school uniform.

But when they went to the child’s home, they were categorically rejected.

The child’s parents did not agree, and they had expected it, but to their surprise, Yu Siyang himself did not agree.

And the reason seemed to be very perfunctory in Wei Xiaofeng’s view, it turned out that he was going to participate in a mathematics competition and did not have time.

At that time, Yu Siyang’s family was in very good condition, and he was the only child in the family, so he was really spoiled.

Wei Xiaofeng didn’t give up and left a business card for the child.

Yu Siyang did not throw away Wei Xiaofeng’s business card at that time, but he didn’t think about it again, so he never used it.

However, at this time, Wei Xiaofeng no longer took on any entertainers, and even the best actors and actresses in his hands had been handed over to other managers. When the teenager came to his door, Wei Xiaofeng thought about it for a long time, and signed the teenager on behalf of All Star Entertainment. He arranged for his cousin who had just entered the business to take him along.

In order to repay his debts, the teenager Yu Siyang had not finished his senior year of high school, and even though he was about to take the college entrance examination, he still resolutely dropped out of school and did all kinds of work he could get, whether it was playing tricks, pretending to be a dead corpse in a movie or playing a soy sauce character in a variety show. He did it as long as it paid money.

Luo Peng pitied him for his drastic change, and faintly admired him for bravely carrying a debt of more than 100 million yuan. He tried his best to help him get more jobs. The artist and manager were both young and transparent, so they stumbled around while getting on together. In the past six months, there had been a tacit understanding which had developed between them.

In the end, Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t bear to see these two idiots rushing around like headless flies. He helped out and directly found the owner of Hengsheng Group, the big boss above All Star Entertainment, and the company came forward to help pay off the huge debts of the teenager.

As a result, the creditor of the young Yu Siyang became All Star Entertainment. His income, after deducting the commission that should have been given to the company, still had to be repaid to the company, leaving only a small amount of living expenses, but at least he was not as distressed as before.

Although he signed a perverted contract for fifteen years and still had debts to repay, Yu Siyang was extremely grateful to Wei Xiaofeng, who helped him in times of crisis and was his benefactor.

It was just that the teenager had a regret in his heart that he couldn’t go to college.

Also without parents, he had to drop out of school, and start making a living early. Two Yu Siyangs from different backgrounds had strangely overlapping life trajectories.

——So, this is the reason why I changed the shell? Where did the boy go? Has he become Yu Siyang who is twenty-five years old?

Thinking of this, Yu Siyang’s head hurt even more.

He used to be a staunch atheist, but now… he decided to buy a copy of “The Peony Pavilion” to read. Maybe after reading it, he would end this journey of separation from the soul and return to his own body and the teenager will come back to his.

“Xiaoyu, it’s time to eat.” Luo Peng came in with a disposable lunch box that he placed on the bedside table.

The meal was bought in the hospital cafeteria.

Luo Peng held the lunch box, took a big mouthful of white rice, and said vaguely, “Don’t be picky, eat quickly, your brother’s craftsmanship is not as good as that in the cafeteria, you haven’t had problems eating it before.”

Yu Siyang silently sympathized with the boy and Luo Peng for a minute, if the food they usually ate was even worse than the cafeteria food, what kind of life did these two have before.

“Brother Luo, what happened to what I asked you to inquire about before?” Yu Siyang asked.

Luo Peng put the leftover disposable lunch box in a garbage bag, poured a glass of water for both of them, and sat on the chair beside the hospital bed, saying, “I have already inquired about the person you asked me to inquire about. He was here.”

Yu Siyang sat up straight, stared at Luo Peng with bright eyes, and urged, “How is that person? Which hospital is he in?”

Luo Peng drank all the water in the cup, his face showing a heavy expression, “Xiaoyu, you have to prepare yourself psychologically, the person you asked about… is already dead…”

…Dead, dead?

Yu Siyang’s eyes suddenly widened, his face was blank, his head was buzzing, and he opened and closed his mouth several times, but no sound came out.

What did dead mean?

“Your friend died on the day you were sent to the hospital,” Luo Peng said. “The funeral has already been done, and he will be buried in Qingsongyuan Cemetery. Do you want to go worship at his grave?”

“Worship?” Yu Siyang repeated the word blankly.

Luo Peng nodded and said, “You will be discharged from the hospital in two days. You can help your friend pay homage, and it can be considered as doing your best for your friend.”

“…Okay.” Yu Siyang slowly said: “Thank you, Brother Luo, for your hard work.”

“It’s not much. Anyway, I have nothing to do right now. I’m just running errands.” Luo Peng held a garbage bag in his hand and said with a smile, “You rest first, Brother Xiaofeng is looking for me. I have something to do, so I’m going back to the company, and I’ll eat with Brother Xiaofeng at night and bring you something delicious.”

Yu Siyang forced a smile on his face. After Luo Peng left, he was the only one left in the ward. Then he couldn’t help curling up on the bed and crying.

There was such a ridiculous thing in this world, that his body was dead, but he was clearly alive – living in someone else’s body.

What was he? Lonely ghost? A thief who stole someone else’s life?

But he was alive, what about the original eighteen-year-old boy? Did he die with his body?

Yu Siyang squatted in front of the tombstone and gently stroked the photo on the tombstone with his hand. The young man in the photo had bright eyes and a happy smile.

This photo was taken by the hotel’s personnel department when he won the gold medal in the Bonova competition not long ago. It was said that it would be placed in the display case for excellent employees. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be his posthumous photo.

He was probably the only person in the world who was sweeping his own grave. Yu Siyang thought to himself, leaning on his tombstone, he looked at the unfamiliar hands raised in front of him. These hands were slender and fair, and at first glance they showed that the owner had not done much hard work in his life. Unlike his own hands, which were filled with rough calluses and scars.

He came out of the orphanage and started working at the Jade Hotel. He had worked hard for ten years and had finally achieved some results. When he won the Bonova Award, he was still excitedly planning his future, thinking that once he saved enough money, he would open a small restaurant of his own, and also realize his dream of going to college.

But all these dreams were ruined by a crock pot.

Originally, he was a promising young man with small savings, but he was smashed into a contract worker by a crock pot, and he was still a contract worker who owed more than one hundred million yuan.

More than one hundred million!

As a petty citizen with a bank deposit of only 100,000 yuan, he had never seen so much money in his life. He never thought that as soon as he closed his eyes, he would owe a huge sum of 100 million yuan. It was so frustrating.

Feeling that even if he did not eat or drink for the rest of his life, he would still not be able to pay this huge sum of money, Yu Siyang looked up at the sky blankly, feeling that he wanted to cry again.

Ever since he realized that his parents didn’t want him and that no kind-hearted people would adopt him, Yu Siyang had never cried again.

Knowing that he was already dead and burned into a pile of ashes, he couldn’t help crying these days.

But a big man who was always crying, what must he look like.

Yu Siyang desperately held back his tears, wrapped his arms around his legs, and buried his face into his knees.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Siyang’s self-pity was interrupted by a sudden question. He looked up at the person who asked the question. The sun was blazing at this time, so he couldn’t see the person clearly.

“Thank you, I’m fine,” Yu Siyang shook his head, didn’t stand up, but instead lowered his head and said slowly: “My closest person died, I’m very sad, I want to be alone for a while.”

That person “ummed”, then with a loud voice, he said, “Dead people can’t be resurrected, my condolences.” After speaking, he turned and left, and walked towards the end of the cemetery.

Yu Siyang blankly turned his head to look at the back of the man walking away, and then blankly looked at his tombstone, muttering to himself, “I’m not dead yet, but…my body is already dead…Is this considered to be soul separating from the body, or is it considered a resurrection?”

Could it be that he could only change his identity in order to continue to live in the future, he now had to live as the teenager Yu Siyang, and take on the double life of being himself as well as the teenager?

“Okay, then let’s repay the debt first, then save money, open a restaurant, and go to college.” Yu Siyang stood up, patted his dirty pants clean, and looked down at the smiling young man in the photo, “Yu Siyang, goodbye, I’ll see you again.” The red-eyed boy pulled the corners of his mouth up and grinned brightly, exactly like the young man in the photo.

When Yu Siyang walked to the gate of the cemetery, he couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the end of the cemetery. The man who had talked to him stood there, holding a short, chubby child with his back to the gate of the cemetery.

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang said softly.

The man seemed to sense something, and suddenly turned his head. The distance was too far for Yu Siyang to see the man’s appearance. He waved at him, turned and ran towards the bus stop.

“Dad, what are you looking at?” The child pulled the man’s hand.

The man patted his son’s hair, “It’s nothing, let’s go back?”

“Well.” The little fat boy nodded vigorously, took the man’s hand and jumped, “Dad, let’s go home, I want to eat pig buns.”

The man was dragged away by his son, and when he passed the tombstone that the boy was leaning against, he glanced at the photo and name on the tombstone.

“Yu Siyang.” The man whispered the name on the tombstone.

This man had always been too lazy to remember the name of people who were irrelevant, but he thought that he would not forget this name anytime soon.

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[1] To try your best at something even though it’s basically impossible/hopeless.

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