TBVSR Ch. 91.1: Little White Snake

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When Jiang Yu woke up, she saw the girl in the crystal music box on the bedside table, spinning constantly.

Last night, Qiu Li stayed with her all the time, gave it to her, and then accompanied her to sleep.

The music of “Swan Lake” had been lingering in her ears and echoing in her mind.

Many sweet images of being with him flashed in the dream, but as the melody of the music slowly faded out, these images seemed to… finally disappeared without a trace.

After she woke up, it was strange that the feeling of reluctance and sadness seemed to have completely disappeared.

There was no heart-piercing and world-shattering pain like after the hero and heroine broke up in TV dramas.

Her mood was like a calm lake, it seemed that there would be no more waves and ripples for him.

Was it because after you get it, you feel boring? Jiang Yu frowned, feeling empty in her heart.

It was as if his withdrawal completely took away her whole world.

Except for the unforgettable, soul-shaking feeling that night.

Qiu Li’s ability in some aspects was really impressive and unforgettable.

Qiu Li never thought that such a beautiful thing would happen on the night of their farewell.

That was the first time he felt that warmth surrounded him everywhere.

Each time seemed to be the last time like the end of the world.

He tried his best to give her the best state, so that she could have some beautiful and gentle memory fragments.

Even these fragments of memory seemed insignificant to her after waking up.

However, every second of this was unforgettable to him.

He didn’t know if Jiang Yu was satisfied, she was just crying all the time, but it didn’t look like she was crying.

There were many red marks on his back.

Afterwards, Qiu Li did not leave. He sat in front of Jiang Yu’s bed for a whole night, watched her fall asleep from being drunk, and whispered in her ear to strengthen the effect of hypnosis…until dawn, he packed her up before he got up to leave.

Qiu Li would become the leading hypnotist in China in the future. When a TV station interviewed him, he told them without hesitation that the first person he hypnotized was himself.

And the second one… was the love of his life. On the first night he had her, he also lost her completely.

Later, Zhen Xuxu found Qiu Li, and danced a whip 32 times that was so ugly that it was hard to catch the eye.

Qiu Li didn’t finish seeing, he just turned and left.

Zhen Xuxu experienced unprecedented setbacks on him, and shouted at him unwillingly: “You said it! You said that I’m done training, and you…”

“I don’t want to.”

He walked away without looking back.

After owning Jiang Yu, other people felt more and more boring to him. He was like an ascetic monk, closing his whole world to others.

Even if the temptation was close at hand.

The memories of that night could probably accompany him through every long night without dawn.

Zhen Xuxu could clearly feel that Qiu Li from then on was completely different from the clean boy in white shirt she had first met.

As if walking out of the deepest darkness, with air-conditioning all over his body, he was also extremely indifferent to her.

In the past, he would still say a few words to her, even if it was perfunctory.

But after that day, he didn’t say a word.

Zhen Xuxu was unwilling to give up. She had never been a girl who gave up easily, whether it was her studies or her dreams.

Her mother said that as long as she worked hard, she could have everything she wanted.

She didn’t know if his previous girlfriend came here like this when she was chasing him, she hoped so.

But what if not.

Every time she thought of this, Zhen Xuxu felt as if a thorn had been pricked in her heart.

Perhaps, his worst side was reserved for people he didn’t care about.

But fortunately, Qiu Li no longer drank and played cards to dawdle like in the past, he quit smoking and drinking, kept exercising and self-discipline, at least he lived like a human being.

Zhen Xuxu didn’t know what changed him, but he did change.

He started to go to the library for a whole day, like completely shutting down his five senses, turning into an emotionless robot, reading those boring books.

He was also becoming more and more sinister.

Zhen Xuxu really hated herself for being like this. The proud and outstanding school beauty goddess in the past seemed to have disappeared.

But she just couldn’t bear to let go, she just liked him very much, even though she was wronged every day, but she couldn’t bear the life without him even more.

Sometimes she also wondered if she got it, and he didn’t like her so much.

What was not available was always in turmoil.

For Zhen Xuxu, love had become a bottomless purgatory.

Qiu Li’s grades were getting better and better, and he easily became the number one in the whole school. When other students were struggling on the road of the examination, Qiu Li easily obtained the third level of psychological counsellor, as well as therapist, hypnotist and many other certificates.

He gradually began to do some psychological counselling. He didn’t know whether it was the talent given to him by his father or his childhood experience. He could always see through people’s hearts at a glance, and see through the darkness and haze hidden under the harmless appearance.

Everyone’s heart was not a pure blank slate, no matter how sunny and optimistic people were on weekdays, there would always be unknown darkness hidden in their inner world.

Negative energy was like a huge sponge, always leaving room, negativity, sadness, despair, depression…

It eventually evolved into the fuse of crime.

Those who came to him, if they were mentally healthy, Qiu Li would not guide them to the edge of the sword, but if there was already a subconscious criminal tendency in their hearts, he would guide them forward.

He tested hearts and never created chaos itself, but sowed the seeds of demons.

He became more and more like his father, such a genius, such a madman…

Sometimes Zhen Xuxu really felt like she doesn’t know him anymore.

That early summer afternoon, the boy who surprised her like that seemed to have been killed by him.

And now Qiu Li was like a dragon sleeping in the darkness, opening one eye and staring at the world indifferently.

Jiang Yu returned to Beicheng, reorganized her mood, tried to look forward, and buried this dusty memory deeply.

As Ling Xuan said, if there was only love in life, if you only want to use love to save a person, it would be really powerless and pale.

She should make herself stronger and become a real strong person. When faced with choices in the future, she would then be qualified to have what she wanted most and would not be forced to give up…

Jiang Yu calmed down and danced well, no longer having any emotional interference.

Bu Xi had become her biggest competitor, and it was precisely because of such a strong competitor that she had to stay vigilant anytime, anywhere, and dared not slack off at all.

It seemed that Bu Xi was still brooding about the Midsummer Night Ball, and had thus not communicated with her in private since then.

Jiang Yu understood her.

In the beginning, the relationship between the two was based on the distinction between strength and weakness. She heard that Jiang Yu was a classmate in Class F, so she taught her skills without reservation, became friends with her, and even invited her to visit her home.

But at the Midsummer Night’s Ball, Jiang Yu gave Bu Xi a big surprise. She never thought that she would lose, and she even lost to a student in Class F!

Bu Xi had been strong since she was a child, she had a lot of self-esteem and competitiveness, especially in front of her mother and grandma, how could she bear this.

Maybe that’s why… she had never had any friends.

Jiang Yu didn’t regret the confrontation at the Midsummer Night Ball that night, and even in the rare confrontations with Bu Xi later, she tried her best to compete.

Only by doing her best would she show the greatest respect for her opponent.

In these few matches, there were winners and losers, and the strength between them was evenly matched.

Bu Xi had always been very open-minded, winning was winning, losing was losing, winning would mark her persistent efforts, and losing would make her work harder.

They became the strangest and most intimate opponents.

Everyone felt that maybe in the near future, the queen’s crown, which no one could take off after Bu Tanyan’s death, would be worn by one of these two girls.

University life could be said to be quite rich. Both Lin Miao and Mu Zixian were in Beicheng University. Whenever they were free on weekends, they would take Jiang Yu to go shopping and watch movies and plays. Life was very fulfilling.

Qiu Li became a wound in her heart that could not heal.

She sealed up all the gifts he gave and the photos they took, and never touched or mentioned him…

It was just the taste of that night, which often surfaced in her dreams, torturing her so that she couldn’t sleep peacefully.

Qiu Li gave her the ultimate joy of being a woman, which was deeply engraved on her nerves like a stamp of thought.

But he just left like this, which was the most hateful thing.

Desire replaced yearning, and invaded everywhere.

Jiang Yu never denied its existence. If she could get Qiu Li back to spend another night with her, she would probably be willing to exchange it with anything.

The [Knowledge] app deducted 500 from her account balance every day, so she had to work hard to earn money by doing tasks.

It was not that there was no way out, 300 million was an astronomical figure for her, but for her two fathers, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Jiang Yu could definitely ask Cheng Ye, and Cheng Ye would definitely help her.


Giving up the task of [Saving the Devil Boy], Jiang Yu still couldn’t do it after all.

Her feelings for him may not be as deep as imagined, and she couldn’t even shed a tear.

She wasn’t even sure if she still loved him.

But this task was the only bond between her and Qiu Li, and she couldn’t bear to give it up.

Jiang Yu couldn’t contact the current Qiu Li, so she tried to send a message to the future Qiu Li, but the other party didn’t reply.

Because the past had been changed a lot, the surrounding environment of him in the future should also have changed.

Jiang Yu didn’t know what was going on with him, everything seemed to be at an impasse.

In order to make up for the 500 yuan lost every day, Jiang Yu began to take tasks in his spare time——

Ding! Trigger the function of people nearby, [Help the girl to confess bravely], the task reward, 30,000 yuan, will the reborn accept it?

Jiang Yu: Accepted.

Soon, a girl named [Sheng Han] added her: “I am a senior student at Beicheng University. I have had a crush on my senior for three years, but I didn’t have the courage to tell him. During the three years I liked him, I saw him every day. When I see him, every time my heart beats faster, I will fold a little star and put it in a glass bottle. I plan to give him this full bottle of little star on the eve of his graduation, and tell him my feelings for him.”

“But on the night of graduation, many girls confessed to him on the playground.”

Jiang Yu: “… this.”

[Sheng Han]: “They are more beautiful than me, and they are better than me. I feel that I am inferior to them in all aspects, so I didn’t send the seniors who were directly hired by the world’s top 500 companies after graduation.”

Jiang Yu: “The popularity is so high.”

[Sheng Han]: “Our college’s most girls like him, he is really nice.”

Jiang Yu: “Then now, do you regret it again?”

[Sheng Han]: “After that night, I felt really useless. I worked hard in the northern city, but couldn’t stand my mother’s urging, so I returned to my hometown and worked in a public institution in a small county. Many years have passed, and my life is very ordinary. Going to work, leaving work, blind date… Later, during the blind date, I met a man, he is a civil servant, he is very suitable in all aspects, but I don’t have the feeling of electric shock towards him, and I don’t have the urge to make stars for him.”

Jiang Yu: “You don’t like him, how could you have those feelings.”

[Sheng Han]: “Maybe it’s like what my mother said, living at home, getting along is the most important thing, maybe marrying this man, I will also be happy.”

Jiang Yu: “Then why did you find me?”

[Sheng Han]: “Tomorrow I will get married. When I saw the box of little stars hidden in the cupboard, I couldn’t help thinking, if my stars were given out that day, would my future change? Would it be different?”

Jiang Yu: “Maybe, maybe not, you can’t be sure that even if he accepts your little star, he will be with you. After all, according to what you said, he is so popular.”

[Sheng Han]: “But I just want to know the answer. Only when I know, can I give up. Otherwise, I may have a hard time in this life. So I hope you can help me send my stars on his graduation.”

Sometimes, when Jiang Yu received such tasks and saw the experiences of these girls, she felt really anxious for them.

Sometimes love was not such a mysterious thing. Maybe you could get it with a little more brains and a lot of thought, but after thinking about it, you might have missed the best time, and you would regret it later.

Since Jiang Yu had accepted the task entrustment, she would naturally do her best to help her, not just helping her with gifts.

She also wanted to make her stand out among his many outstanding suitors and be noticed by her senior.

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