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There were too many unexpected surprises tonight.

The shooting effect was full, and the program team is very satisfied!

Guo Bing called Screenwriter Liu and the others over, and everyone gathered around the dining table, eating boxed lunches and chatting about the emotional direction of the Red and Blue Signal.

A whiteboard was placed in front of them, and they wrote down the names of the eight people just like the guests who commented on love drama.

It was just that this time they were not divided into red and blue groups, but the names of eight people formed an octagon, which was convenient for random connection.

“Let’s look at the simplest one first, Huo Cheng, Yan Zhi, they both like Zhai Xingchen, do you have any objections?”

Everyone nodded.

“Wen Nuo…he probably likes Zhai Xingchen too?”

Wen Nuo was considered a marginal person, not very important, so everyone quickly skipped him.

“Where is Duan Yihua?”

“He must have changed a lot towards Zhai Xingchen after today!”

“But overall, his arrows have always been more inclined towards Huo Cheng, who is about the same age as him?”

“Yes, and after drinking last time, I think his view of Huo Cheng has also changed a lot.”

“Lin Qingning… I think it is also Huo Cheng.”

“I think Lin Qingning will write about Pei Xu. His gaze towards Pei Xu have always been complicated, and there is a kind of reason that tells him to stay away, but he feels uncontrollable emotionally, he also took the initiative to go over to stretch Pei Xu’s legs today.”

In the end, everyone discussed it, and it was generally agreed that he liked Pei Xu the most.

“Hu Ying…he has the temperament of a sea king[1], and he also has a sense of versatility. He was closer to Yan Zhi before, but now he is closer to Zhai Xingchen.”

But everyone still thought that he liked Yan Zhi the most, after all, he used to be close to Yan Zhi’s arrow. It was so obvious that everyone knew it.

Next was the main event, the two most troublesome ones.

Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen.

One was very indifferent to everyone, even the line with Zhai Xingchen was guessed by the program team and had not been confirmed yet.

One was good to everyone, and made them feel that it was possible to choose anyone.

“Pei Xu should like Zhai Xingchen. He has already gone to his school. Although they were just chatting, and there was no flirtatious behaviour.”

“I also think it is Zhai Xingchen. He is so indifferent. Being able to take the initiative to go to Zhongwu speaks volumes.”

“It must be Zhai Xingchen. It doesn’t mean that he is interested in Zhai Xingchen, but that among the other seven guests, if he had to choose one, he would definitely choose Zhai Xingchen without even thinking about it.”

Everyone who heard this said it was inexplicably exciting.

That’s right, Pei Xu could either be alone and choose no one. If he had to choose, he would only choose Zhai Xingchen.

“The hardest part is coming.” Guo Bing circled Zhai Xingchen’s name.

The name was already surrounded by arrows.

“Who will he choose for a date tomorrow?”

“It’s not difficult, I think he will choose Duan Yihua. Since the first text message was sent to Duan Yihua, he has never had a chance to get to know Duan Yihua better.”

“I think he will choose Hu Ying. Don’t you think it’s strange that he sent Duan Yihua the first text message? He and Duan Yihua didn’t have any ambiguous interactions, and there was no spark between them.”

“I also think he will choose Hu Ying, just now he and Hu Ying seem to be too understanding.”

Guo Bing drew the line from Zhai Xingchen to Hu Ying.

A group of people put down their chopsticks and looked at the connection lines on the drawing board.

Guo Bing threw the markers away: “There is no pair of mutual arrows!”

“The most eye-catching thing in the romance show is the Shura field. One grabs many, and this is just the beginning. It may not be a good thing if the CP is set too early!”

“The key is that there are still many people who haven’t seen Zhai Xingchen dance. They don’t know what will happen when they all watch it, especially Huo Cheng!”

“Yes, the big move hasn’t been released yet!”

Zhai Xingchen thought about it one time.

He decided to invite Hu Ying.

The reason why he made this choice was because he felt that among the four heartthrob candidates on the red side, Hu Ying was the easiest to make a breakthrough.

And the two of them had the best relationship, becoming more and more like good sisters.

After writing the invitation card, it was necessary to send the card to Hu Ying without any trace.

Zhai Xingchen thought about it and came up with a good idea.

The roses he bought had not yet been sent to their respective rooms.

He went upstairs in the name of sending flowers.

Duan Yihua and Lin Qingning were chatting in the living room. Seeing Zhai Xingchen coming up, Duan Yihua smiled and asked, “Are you done with your massage?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded, and he gave some of the flowers to them, and asked, “Where is Hu Ying?”

“He just went back to his room.”

The timing was just right.

Zhai Xingchen knocked on the door of Hu Ying’s room, and heard Hu Ying say from inside, “Come in.”

He opened the door and went in, and saw Hu Ying applying a facial mask.

Hu Ying smiled when he saw the roses in his hands, and then asked in a low voice, “Did you want me to give it to Brother Duan?”

As a good friend, of course he also wanted to assist Zhai Xingchen.

Friendship was sometimes warmer and more touching than love.

Help each other, stand in the front line, there was no spark between each other, and there was no competition.

Zhai Xingchen said, “I just came to give this to you.”

Hu Ying removed the mask on his face, smiled, lowered his head and smelled the roses in his arms: “It smells so good.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “There’s a card inside.”

Hu Ying was stunned for a moment, and picked up the card to look at it. After taking a look, he looked up at Zhai Xingchen after reading it.

Because the camera was filming, he only showed a surprised expression, and then raised his eyebrows.

“See you tomorrow.” Zhai Xingchen said, “I’ll give it to others.”

After saying that, Zhai Xingchen came out of Hu Ying’s room and went to Wen Nuo’s room again.

But Wen Nuo was not in the room.

He went downstairs to look for him, and found that Wen Nuo was cleaning the sink by himself in the kitchen.

He was thin, and he was not too tall. For some reason, his back looked very lost and pitiful when he was alone.

“Wen Nuo.”

Wen Nuo looked back at him and stood up straight.

“I just put roses on your table,” he said.

Wen Nuo nodded.

“Didn’t we wipe it once, you don’t need to wipe it again.”

Wen Nuo said, “I had nothing to do anyway.”

“Brother Duan and the others, aren’t they chatting upstairs? Why don’t you join them?”

After saying this, Zhai Xingchen felt a little regretful again, Wen Nuo must have come down because he couldn’t chat with Duan Yihua and the others.

A feeling of pity suddenly arose in his heart: “But it’s just right for you to be here, please help me deliver the flowers to Brother Huo and Brother Yan.”

Wen Nuo was stunned for a moment, and asked, “Won’t you send it yourself?”

“I want to go to the bathroom, so please deliver it for me.” Zhai Xingchen said and gave him the roses.

Wen Nuo’s heart warmed, he knew that Zhai Xingchen was taking care of him.

In a romance show, he went to the kitchen alone to wipe things, and he himself thought it was ridiculous. But although Duan Yihua and Lin Qingning were nice people, their conversations were too lofty, and he could only sit and listen stupidly by the side, feeling very uncomfortable.

He was still the most comfortable around Zhai Xingchen.

So, he sent the roses to Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi.

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[1] Playboy.

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