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Zhai Xingchen came back to his room and went to the bathroom.

As soon as he opened the door and went in, he saw Pei Xu inside.

Pei Xu must have just finished taking a shower, and was lowering his head to wipe the water with a towel.

Fuck me.

Zhai Xingchen only felt that his whole body was burned, so he quickly closed the door and came out.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, what’s going on.

Why did Pei Xu take a bath like this?

But this was not the point.

The point was that Jinjiang’s hero was too much for Tang’s family!

It was already magnificent when he was asleep, but he didn’t expect him to be so full of passion when he woke up.

He raised his hand to look at his slender wrist.


He felt so inferior.

Zhai Xingchen stood blankly for a while, he was really shocked, he didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Wen Nuo suddenly walked in.

“Here’s another bunch, is it for Brother Pei?” Wen Nuo asked.

Zhai Xingchen cleared his throat: “Well, he’s taking a bath, I’ll give it to him later.”

Zhai Xingchen beckoned Wen Nuo to his room.

Although he didn’t know why Pei Xu was like this after the massage, he thought it was better to give Pei Xu some personal space at this time.

Wen Nuo glanced in the direction of the bathroom, thinking, why was everyone taking a shower at this time.

When he went to Yan Zhi’s room, Yan Zhi was taking a shower.

When he went to Huo Cheng’s room, Huo Cheng had just finished taking a shower.

Even Pei Xu was taking a bath now.

He walked to Zhai Xingchen’s bedroom, but Zhai Xingchen suddenly walked towards the camera in the small living room, then picked up the clothes that Pei Xu often used to cover the camera, and covered it.

The people from the program group next door straightened up immediately: “It’s true that those who are close to vermilion are stained red and those who are close to ink are stained black. How come Zhai Xingchen has learned the tricks of Young Master Pei!”

“What happened here?”

“I always feel that Zhai Xingchen looks weird.”

They thought it was because Zhai Xingchen ran into Pei Xu taking a shower after entering, so they hurried out.

Pei Xu glanced in the mirror, there was still water mist on the mirror, the picture was not clear, but he could still see his flushed face.

The black and white pupils seemed to be tinged with red.

He actually didn’t know what was going on with him, his mind was really clean for a while, he didn’t think about anything, but his body remained numb after taking a bath, and he couldn’t return to normal no matter what. Maybe because it had been frozen for more than 20 years, the energy in the body was too full.

He don’t know what Zhai Xingchen must be thinking of him.

He stretched out his hand to wipe off the mist on the mirror, revealing his handsome face, his indifferent face seemed to be soaked by hot water, the facial features were still so cold, but at this moment they had completely changed their feelings.

After entering Zhai Xingchen’s room, Wen Nuo was at a loss and forgot to put down the roses in his hand.

“Sit.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Wen Nuo sat down with a rose in his arms, and pursed his lips.

Zhai Xingchen’s room was full of the smell of Zhai Xingchen. Although it was very weak, it smelled good.

Zhai Xingchen picked up the mineral water on the table, unscrewed it and drank a couple of sips, then turned to look at Wen Nuo, seeing that Wen Nuo looked a little at a loss, his heart sank.

“Teach me how to make cakes tomorrow. I heard that making cakes at home is popular on the Internet recently.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “Teach me first, and we will make them together tomorrow.” Wen Nuo nodded.

He could finally show some performance.

In fact, except for the excitement when he checked into the red and blue cottage on the first day, Wen Nuo soon realized his marginality. He felt more and more incompatible with this show, and he didn’t have such a sunny and confident personality like Zhai Xingchen, so he was always in an awkward position with his hands tied.

For a person with his personality, it was extremely embarrassing to show such an embarrassing and lonely side in front of the camera. So, he had been very anxious these two days.

So he was even more moved by Zhai Xingchen’s kindness, his eyes turned red, and he smiled at Zhai Xingchen.

When he smiled like this, Zhai Xingchen lowered his voice and said, “Do you think it’s hard work to record this program?”

Wen Nuo nodded, and then smiled embarrassedly, but with his smile, he broke his guard first, and his eyes turned red-rimmed. It was all wet, and he felt that it was embarrassing for him to cry in front of the camera, so he lowered his head, looking a little at a loss.

Zhai Xingchen chatted with Wen Nuo in a low voice that could hardly be heard by the program crew. He was very good at comforting people, and would put himself and the other party together, and he liked to use “we” in his words.

The two of them were originally the only two true amateurs in the red and blue cottage.

He taught Wen Nuo not to be nervous, and told him that as long as he didn’t make mistakes and didn’t make the audience hate him, it would be a victory for tool people like them.

He also told him not to be afraid, saying that there will always be audiences who liked his type.

He assured Wen Nuo that there might not be many people who liked him, but certainly no one who who would hate him.

“Look, if you think about it this way, don’t we make money for every one more person who likes us? “Red and Blue Signal” has such a large audience, with one million viewers, even if only one percent of people like us, there is still ten thousand people. You are so good, you just need to be yourself, and many people will like you, just wait and see.”

Wen Nuo shook his head and said with a smile: “I’m not that good.”

But he thought that what Zhai Xingchen said was very sincere, and Zhai Xingchen really thought he was very good.

Zhai Xingchen was the sun given to him by this program. With him shining, even if it only shone a little on him, he would not be cold.

He don’t know why, but when this thought came out, he wanted to cry even more.


It seemed that people’s feelings were uncontrollable. Some tears were destined to flow, and some people who one admired were destined to be missed.

He accidentally crushed all the roses in his arms, and a few petals fell off, stained with his tears.

He was embarrassed and didn’t know why he was crying.

Maybe it was too much pressure for an amateur to be on TV.

Afraid, at a loss, anxious, afraid of being left behind, in an embarrassing situation, and also afraid of performing poorly and being scolded by netizens.

Zhai Xingchen was about to comfort him with a few more words, when he suddenly saw Pei Xu passing by the door of his room in his pyjamas, and even glance in.

The four eyes met, and he felt a little embarrassed.

“Brother Pei.” Zhai Xingchen called, “Wait a minute.”

Wen Nuo realized what he was going to say, and immediately stood up, but he looked down at the roses in his arms, and they were all crushed by him just now.

Zhai Xingchen took two roses from his table, walked to the door, and handed them over: “Well, I bought roses.”

Pei Xu glanced at the roses in Zhai Xingchen’s hand.

At this moment, the people in the program group next door were all going crazy, but it was a pity that the camera in the living room was covered, and Pei Xu was standing outside the bedroom, so the bedroom camera couldn’t capture his face!

From the moment they ordered Zhai Xingchen to buy flowers, they had been waiting for this moment!

Especially after Pei Xu understood the purpose of their program group, Pei Xu’s choice of accepting or rejecting was even more significant!


“Will Pei Xu slap his own face? Will he accept it!”

Then they stared at the monitor anxiously, and the screen gas was condensed, lest they missed any words.

Then they saw a white and slender hand reaching out.

They heard the sound of the spring rain falling and the recovery of all things.

They heard Pei Xu say, “Thank you.”


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