TBVSR Ch. 91.2: Little White Snake

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It was graduation season, there was a sentimental atmosphere of parting in the school, and seniors wearing graduation robes and taking pictures could be seen everywhere.

Every night, downstairs of the dormitory, there would be boys confessing their love or proposing marriage, and placing big heart-shaped candles or roses, attracting countless people to watch.

Some people succeeded in reaping love, and some failed and left with regrets, but in the end, under the resentful eyes of the dormitory auntie, the mess was cleaned up.

A year had passed.

Sometimes, Jiang Yu would think of the present time last year, when she and Qiu Li were working hard for their respective futures, going in and out of the library every day, as he supervised her study.

Mutual growth and encouragement, and getting better together, may be the beginning of their love.

Now Jiang Yu thought back to those things in the past, with nostalgia, regret, and sentimentality, but for some reason, she no longer missed it.

Perhaps, time could really smooth out all edges and corners and heal all scars…

The memories that you thought you would never forget and vigorously were, after all, just a small hurdle in the journey of life.

After crossing through, you found that the sky was high and the sea was wide.

It was just that the heart was still empty.

No matter how hard she danced, how many tasks she took on, she couldn’t fill the void.

Like something was stolen.

After Jiang Yu asked [Sheng Han] about the basic situation of the senior, she came to the pet market. In a cold-blooded reptile hall, Jiang Yu bought a small white snake for 2,000 yuan.

At first, Jiang Yu was a little scared and didn’t dare to touch it. Under the guidance of the shopkeeper, she mustered up the courage to touch the little snake.

Pet snakes would not easily hurt people, especially Jiang Yu who bought the mildest species after breeding and selection, and the risk factor was almost zero.

Gradually, she was able to do it too, letting the pet snake curl up on her arm.

On the night of graduation, Jiang Yu took this pet snake and sat on the green lawn of the playground, meeting the senior whom Sheng Han never forgot and admired so much.

The senior’s name was Qi Jiayan, just as Sheng Han described, Qi Jiayan was really handsome, with a sunny personality and outstanding temperament.

He was wearing a white shirt, sitting on the grass, holding a guitar in his hand, playing and singing Jay Chou’s “Sunny Day” softly.

There was a large group of girls sitting around, looking at him with admiration and fascination, their eyes almost filled with little stars.

Senior Qi Jiayan was not only good-looking, humble and gentle, but also had strong personal abilities. She heard that he passed the recruitment of Yuefang Technology Group and became the only undergraduate student in the school to enter Yuefang.

All in all, it was… the standard of a male god in every respect.

Soon, girls came forward to confess their love to Qi Jiayan one after another.

After tonight, the senior male god would leave the school. Those little secrets hidden in their heart, if they didn’t tell him tonight, they won’t have the chance to confess to him again.

So even if they confessed their love together, they couldn’t control it anymore.

However, although there were many girls who confessed their love, and there were many excellent ones among them. But Qi Jiayan always smiled and politely refused.

Jiang Yu looked around and saw Sheng Han standing under a ginkgo tree beside the playground, observing Qi Jiayan from a distance, hesitating but not daring to go forward.

In her hand, she held the little stars she had stacked for three years, packed in a transparent glass bottle, pure and clear like crystal.

The girl’s secret love was really beautiful, and the little stars were also very beautiful.

After growing up, people always had to face the reality, no one would live forever in the ivory tower and utopia.

The cruelty of real life may make love dusty and ideals fade…

But those little stars, those little memories in life, those little secret joys and careful movements of secret love, could resist this mediocrity of life.

Jiang Yu walked up to Sheng Han and said quietly, “Senior sister, don’t you want to go?”

“Go, what are you going to do?”

Little White Snake: “Then I’m going to jump in line.”

Sheng Han saw the little snake wrapped around her wrist, was startled, covered her chest and said, “You confess…you confess with a snake!”

“Yeah I heard that senior Qi Jiayan likes little snakes the most. I bought such a cute little snake as a gift for him.”

“No! No! He is most afraid of snakes, so don’t go!”

Jiang Yu ignored Sheng Han, she walked straight towards Qi Jiayan who was playing the guitar.

Originally, Sheng Han had given up confessing her love when she saw so many outstanding girls gathered around him.

But now seeing that Jiang Yu was going to scare Qi Jiayan with a snake, she couldn’t sit still and immediately chased after her.

Jiang Yu walked up to Qi Jiayan with the snake, and said with a smile: “Hello senior.”

Qi Jiayan was obviously surprised when he saw her face, but when he saw the little snake wrapped around her hand, his whole body was shocked. Not good, he suddenly jumped up and staggered back several steps!

What he was most afraid of in his life was snakes, which was simply his nightmare.

“Don’t come here! Don’t come here! Ahh…”

The other girls also ran away in fright, not daring to approach Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu said with a smile: “Senior, don’t be afraid, it doesn’t bite, come and have a look, it’s really cute!”

The more she stepped forward, the more Qi Jiayan backed away, his face turning pale with fright, until he didn’t even want the guitar. It was thrown on the grass indiscriminately, as if he would run away in the next second.

At this moment, Sheng Han ran over and stood between Jiang Yu and Qi Jiayan: “What’s the matter with you, girl! People give paper cranes and cakes when they confess, but you just give a snake in an ingenious way, are you mad? Do you know that the senior was bitten by a snake before, and he is most afraid of snakes, or are you trying to scare him on purpose!”

Jiang Yu smiled sweetly, and threw the little snake on Qi Jiayan’s guitar: “Sorry, I really didn’t know. But I confessed to my senior, what mess are you making, are you also here to confess, please line up.”

When you were young, you could really risk your life for the one you liked.

Although Sheng Han herself was also afraid of snakes, when she saw the girls around her watching from a distance, seeing Qi Jiayan’s face pale with fright and unable to speak, she mustered up her courage and pulled the little snake from Qi Jiayan’s guitar. She grabbed it and threw it on the grass, ready to crush it to death with her feet.


Jiang Yu didn’t expect this girl to be so courageous that she could actually be cruel to the little snake. She hurried forward to pick up the little snake: “It’s a life anyway!”

“Senior, don’t be afraid, it’s just a snake, I…I won’t let it hurt you.”

Qi Jiayan said “Oh” tremblingly.

Sheng Han said to Jiang Yu angrily: “You are not allowed to scare people with snakes in the future!”

“Okay, okay, you are the boss, I will obey you.”

Jiang Yu put the little white snake into the snake cage and said with a smile : “Then what, I’m done confessing, the senior is obviously not interested in me and my little snake, then it’s your turn, come on.”

Sheng Han watched Jiang Yu leave in bewilderment, turned around, and met Qi Jiayan’s searching eyes.

Her cheeks were suddenly on fire, and she was holding the glass bottle of little stars tightly in her hand, feeling at a loss for what to do.

“Thank you just now.” Qi Jiayan saw the little girl’s embarrassment, and spoke first, breaking the awkward atmosphere: “Do you have something for me?”

“Ah…uh.” Qi Jiayan took the initiative to ask, even if Sheng Han was ashamed to say it, but the arrow was on the string and she had to shoot it.

“Senior, I have liked you for three years. I have liked you since I met you in the student union interview in my freshman year. I think you may not have noticed my existence because… because I am really small and transparent, and I am not very outstanding, but I really worked hard to make myself outstanding.”

“When I was in college, I won the silver medal in the college student science and technology competition, and the gold medal was yours. I…I heard that you like guitar, and I also went to a class to learn how to play the flute, although I don’t play very well now… If I am lucky enough to be with you, I…we must have a common topic of music.”

Her words were completely driven out of the shelf, so incoherent.

Looking at her, Qi Jiayan felt very sincere, accepted her little stars, and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but we don’t know each other very well, and I don’t know you very well, so I can’t consider being with you.”

A disappointed look appeared on Sheng Han’s face: “No, it’s okay, I’m very satisfied to be able to say it, and I hope the senior can graduate happily and work smoothly.”

After speaking, the little girl turned and left, her eyes already turning red.

However, at this moment, Qi Jiayan suddenly said: “Although we don’t know each other very well, I still want to know you very much. We don’t have to be together. We can add each other on WeChat account and make friends first. You know I’m afraid of snakes. But you are not afraid, maybe…we can complement each other.”

Sheng Han’s eyes lit up, she turned around, and saw Qi Jiayan standing in the sun, smiling elegantly.

At that moment, everything was really full of the feeling of spring.

Ding! [Help the girl to confess bravely] is successful, and the entrustment fee has been credited, please check it. The client asked the platform to express her gratitude to the reborn, and left a message —

“After getting to know Senior Qi Jiayan, I decided to stay in Beicheng and work hard instead of going back to my hometown. We established a relationship after a year, and now we are about to get married. Thank you and thank you to the little snake, I’m sorry for treating it so roughly.”

Jiang Yu leaned against the ginkgo tree, rubbed the little snake’s head with her hand, and said softly: “It’s done, you cold-blooded and scary little thing, you did a good deed today.”

The little snake uttered a hiss, lying obediently by Jiang Yu’s hand, enjoying her soft touch.

Jiang Yu suddenly fell in love with this little white snake, she felt that it was a bit like Qiu Li, sometimes cold-blooded and ruthless, sometimes very obedient.

The more you look at it, the more you like it.

It had already been more than a year.

She didn’t always think about him, but sometimes inadvertently, his appearance would pass through her mind like a fleeting image.

Jiang Yu looked at White Snake’s eyes and became much gentler: “From now on, you will be my A Li.”

As if he could understand her words, the White Snake was obediently curled up around her hand, with his chin resting on her palm.

“A Li.”

“A Li.”

The little snake uttered a hiss and looked at her.

Calling his name, a drop of tear fell.

Jiang Yu reached out and touched her eyes in a daze, but she didn’t realize that she was crying.

“A Li, I still miss you.”

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