AMEG Ch. 3.1: Premeditated

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This sentence was like pressing a switch, the temperature in the room suddenly rose, and Fu Mingye hugged him horizontally. Qi Baicha put his arms around the man’s neck and buried his face in his arms, his long eyelashes drooping to hide the glimmer in his eyes.

This was not the first time. He was the nervous one on their first try, and it was a joke – and it didn’t even work out in the end.

Qi Baicha and Fu Mingye had been in love for two years and married for one year. At the time of love, when the love was strong, it was inevitable that there would be times when the guns go off the rails. The most extreme time for them was on a rainy night, when the two hadn’t yet started living together, they had gone to the amusement park and had a crazy day. It started to rain at night, so Fu Mingye drove Qi Baicha home and sent him upstairs all the way.

It was raining heavily outside, pouring down like cats and dogs, and the sound of crackling rain hit people’s beating hearts. After Fu Mingye sent him home, he was about to turn around and go downstairs when someone grabbed his sleeves unexpectedly.

He turned his head and saw the thin and beautiful young man’s lips fluttering, his voice was soft but clear through the heavy rain as it drummed against his eardrums: “The rain is so heavy…stay here.”

Everything was messed up after that.

They both knew what it meant. There was a word called rain or shine, heavy rain would never be an obstacle. Fu Mingye had a raincoat and an umbrella, and he could get into the car directly after going downstairs. No matter how bad it was, he also had supernatural power…he would never have gotten caught with even a drop of rain.

But heavy rain could also be an excuse.

In the face of the ambiguous signals sent by the youth, the heavy rain could become an excuse to stay back grandiosely.

Fu Mingye could have refused, but he chose to re-enter the door, leaning against the door and kissing him.

…You can imagine what happened next. From the living room to the bedroom, they were entangled and tore into each other all the way, and their clothes fell off one by one, as they kept kissing inseparably. Fu Mingye still remembered that the human body was very fragile, and asked the young man if he could bear it. The young man froze for a moment, panting and said, “It was cleaned up beforehand.”

Qi Baicha was talking nonsense. Gods did not eat grains, so there was no need to clean the body. But right now that was all he could say, even though it seemed like he had already prepared.

Fu Mingye’s eyes darkened when he heard the answer.

He smiled lowly and said, “I really doubt that you planned this rain, Mr. Qi.”

That really wronged him. Qi Baicha closed his eyes and thought, the matter of rain was not his business.

What was beating in his chest cavity? Was it his heart-pounding? The Snow God’s heart was exquisite and clear, cold and quiet, and had been like that for thousands of years.

Now this heart did not belong to him.

The invitation to stay was impulsive as if he couldn’t help himself, but he didn’t regret it either. This feeling of finding it difficult to control himself was very strange, Qi Baicha thought, it’s over, he had to regain some initiative.

How could he fall in front of a mortal who was not as old as himself.

So he pretended to be a veteran in love: “I had seen the weather forecast, so I made an appointment today.”

“Mr. Fu, I did plan ahead.”

Fu Mingye squinted his eyes: “Really?”


“But Mr. Qi.” Fu Mingye jokingly said, “Your face is so red and you dare not even look at me, and I can hear your heart beating rapidly.”

Qi Baicha paused and turned his head away: “It’s my first premeditated plan, I’m a little nervous about this kind of thing.”

“Relax.” Fu Mingye kissed him lightly on the heart, “I accept your plan.”

So far, everything was in line with the development in idol dramas.

What happened afterwards turned the idol drama into a comedy in an instant.

At the critical moment, just a step away, the two parties suddenly woke up, stopped at the same time, and sat on the bed to look at each other silently.

After a while, Qi Baicha choked out a sentence: “I have hemorrhoids.”

Fu Mingye said at the same time: “I am impotent.”

Qi Baicha: “…”

Fu Mingye: “…”

The scene was very embarrassing for a while.

They both remembered at the last moment that mortal bodies could not bear the union with the gods. If you want not to hurt the other party, you had to seal most of your divine power to ensure that it will not affect your lover’s body.

What a mistake.

After that impulsive rollover, neither of them mentioned the matter of going to bed again.

The Gods of Nature were born powerful, so Qi Baicha spent a long time sealing his divine power to one ten-thousandth of its original power before he dared to try it with Fu Mingye on their wedding night.

The results were beyond imagination.

That night, Qi Baicha shyly told Fu Mingye that his hemorrhoids had been cured, and Fu Mingye happily replied that his impotence had also been cured.

Then… Qi Baicha was so tormented that he wished he really had gotten hemorrhoids.

It hurt too much, how could it hurt so much.

How could Fu Mingye live to such an extent.

What made Qi Baicha even more puzzled was that his was a divine body, even if his strength was only one ten-thousandth of the original, but since this youthful appearance was not his true form, the strength of his body was far beyond that of ordinary people.

It was a miracle that he didn’t hurt Fu Mingye, but Fu Mingye could actually hurt him.


In fact, Fu Mingye was quite frightened when he saw Qi Baicha’s pale face.

He had sealed his strength to one ten thousandth, just for fear of hurting his frail little husband, but Chacha still hurt like this.

Seeing the usually gentle and tough young man with a pale face, curled up on the bed and biting his lip, Fu Mingye was so distressed that he blamed himself to the point of bursting, fearing that something might happen to Qi Baicha’s health.

He kept asking Qi Baicha what was wrong, and he had to speak up if there was any discomfort.    

After Qi Baicha regained his strength, he slammed a pillow on Fu Mingye’s body, and said angrily, “Come touch me when you’ve finished practicing your skills!”


Swearing on the conscience of heaven and earth, although the evil god had lived for countless years, he had always been single because of his picky vision. He disliked gods who always had sanctimonious appearances, disliked the filth of human souls, disliked demons and monsters as ugly… In short, no one could fall into his eyes.

Unexpectedly, after living this long, the iron tree finally blossomed[1], and he fell in love with a clean soul, and confessed to him with his whole body and mind.

Natural technology was not much better.

When Qi Baicha heard this, his expression became even more annoyed.

Fu Mingye still couldn’t forget that cold look in his eyes. He felt that his little husband might even have the intention to kill his husband at a certain moment.

Fortunately, Lord Snow God, who had experienced all kinds of things in the world, would not have a psychological shadow over this matter. One day he was so angry that he didn’t want to talk to Fu Mingye, but the next day he threw himself into his husband’s arms and started acting tenderly again.

There was no way, the lover’s life was too short, there was no time to waste getting angry. Qi Baicha thought sullenly as he hugged Fu Mingye.

He wanted to cherish every day with Mr. Fu.

Fu Mingye was flattered at the time and felt a little more pity for the little husband in his arms.

Chacha had such a good temper, he was like a little angel.

He must treat Chacha well.

The determined Lord Cthulhu worked hard, studied hard, watched countless movies, and finally evolved from a novice to a veteran driver, and started living a happy and harmonious married life with his little human husband.

He believed that today, they would also have a good night.

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[1] a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence

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