AMEG Ch. 3.2: Premeditated

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Fu Mingye carried him into the bedroom. The coat and tie were thrown in the living room, leaving only a thin shirt, which was quickly taken off, revealing a smooth and beautiful figure.

The phrase looking thin when dressed but unexpectedly muscled when naked, was probably talking about Fu Mingye.

He was very tall, 1.89 meters, and his skin was not the honey or wheat color popular among handsome men, but very fair. Whether it was the slightly raised phoenix eyes, or the thin lips that were made with a little upturn, he tended to look more beautiful than handsome.

He was so beautiful.

Born and raised among gods, no matter men or women, except for a few aliens with strange aesthetics, they were all first-class beauties.

He was originally the turbid air of the chaotic era, alive but invisible. After the birth of all things, they gave birth to their bodies because of their selfish desires. After the appearance of human beings, they became gods because of their evil thoughts. In terms of the age of becoming a god, he was an extremely young god. But in terms of age, he was older than all the gods of nature. It was just that he had been conceived for too long and had been dragged down to become a younger brother.

The evil god was not an evil god, but a god who listened to the evil thoughts of the world. Good thoughts and evil thoughts were all just thoughts. Sacrificing oneself for others and praying for the blessings of the common people was doing good, while harming others for self-interest and being insatiable for gain was evil. But all things had greed, and even gods could not guarantee the purity of the six roots. Some evil thoughts were not heinous, and Fu Mingye did not mind fulfilling them for the sentient beings.

The evil god was just an ordinary position among the gods. However, due to the nature of his profession, he was exposed to negative energy every day, so the character of the evil god was perverted and evil, and he was a bit world-weary.

He was a maverick, and he couldn’t play with the mainstream gods, so he was a God who acted freely.

He was powerful, and all living and dead things were his believers. He was the most powerful god of prayer.

Of course, these gaudy names were now nothing compared to Chacha’s husband, Chacha’s lover, and Chacha’s licking dog…

Fu Mingye kissed Qi Baicha’s fingertips, his eyes lingering over the youth’s snow-white and slender waist.

His Chacha was so beautiful that it was not like ordinary people.

As a real snow god, no one was qualified to say that he was fair and beautiful in front of Qi Baicha.

Qi Baicha could feel the trembling of his fingertips. He loved this person, so he could give the most honest reaction to every kiss of the person in front of him.

He hummed and called out softly: “…Mingye.”

The atmosphere in the room was on fire.

Fu Mingye clasped his five fingers and kissed every inch of his body.

They hugged, kissed, were intimate, looked at each other, and rubbed each other’s ears, just like any couple in the world.

They were also indeed, an enviable pair of godly couple who were unparalleled in the world.

After tasting all the delicious pre-dinner desserts, just as Fu Mingye was about to start enjoying tonight’s dinner, a burst of mobile phone ringing suddenly interrupted the fiery atmosphere in the room.

The movements of the two stagnated at the same time, and the senses quickly cooled down.

Fu Mingye said, “Your phone.”

Although he was very unhappy to be disturbed at such a time, Fu Mingye would always leave Qi Baicha personal space to handle his own affairs and would not use his divine power to spy on his lover’s privacy.

Although Fu Mingye had no love experience except for Qi Baicha, he had heard the appeals and prayers of the people of the world countless times, and many of them were troubles encountered in love. Some of them loved but couldn’t keep them, some had loved but didn’t cherish it, and now they wanted to reunite but couldn’t get their lover back.

It was normal to have problems in love. But Fu Mingye was an evil god, and all he heard were evil thoughts. So what he listened to every day was not the youthful and ignorant questions of boys and girls, but “How can I make him unable to leave me? Is it okay to kidnap him and break his leg and stay with me forever?” “God, bless me and make him my real boyfriend.” “Let him go to hell, so I can get her” “Is there any way to make her not rush to divorce, I haven’t finished transferring the joint property of husband and wife”… and so on.

The human heart was really an interesting thing, but it was boring to see a lot. It was impossible for him to pay attention to such demands.

Not for justice, but just because of not caring. Satisfying these dirty souls won’t bring him much divine power, and those rats couldn’t afford any precious price.

God loved the world. This was the nature given to most gods by the laws of nature.

Divinity was something that was more deeply engraved than humanity and could not be changed. The law endowed the gods with gentleness, holiness, clarity and cleanliness, and made him love all living beings. Qi Baicha was such a god.

But evil gods hated the world.

Reckless, perverse, cynical, hating everything. This was the nature given to evil gods by the laws of nature.

He had been hearing such despicable and dark thoughts for tens of thousands of years. The evil god thought that he was only world-weary and had not yet blackened to the point of annihilation. This way he had already given the world a lot of face. The law should award him the “Toughest Mind Award”.

But after meeting Qi Baicha, his world became gentle and lovely. The noble evil god felt that he could barely stay in the mundane world for the sake of his Chacha, and deal with these stupid mortals.

Closer to home, after hearing many similar troubles, Fu Mingye summed up a set of experiences. If you love someone, you want to possess him, and you want to keep him by your side all the time; if you love someone for a long time, you must respect him and know how to give him appropriate space.

So being interrupted at a critical moment or something… He, one, a little, all, no, angry, angry.


Fu Mingye, who barely suppressed his anger after a long talk in his heart, handed the mobile phone on the bedside table to Qi Baicha understandingly, and said the simplest word.

Qi Baicha picked up the phone, and the caller ID showed Zhuang Jingyi’s parents.

Zhuang Jingyi was the female student he met in the cake shop today, the one who greeted him first.

At this point, the parents of the students called, something must have happened.

Qi Baicha connected the phone, and before he could say “Hello”, a woman’s anxious cry came from the other end of the phone: “Mr. Qi, I’m Jingyi’s mother, and our Jingyi hasn’t arrived home yet, do you know where she might have gone?”

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