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Fast forward to Friday.

At the end of the afternoon class, when Mi Wan was about to pack her schoolbag and go back to the pet shop, three girls suddenly approached her smilingly.

“Student Mi Wan.” A girl with slightly curly hair greeted Mi Wan with a smile.

“Hello.” Although Mi Wan was not familiar with this girl, she knew her name. This girl was called Peng Jia. She was good at singing and dancing. She represented their class on stage during the New Year’s performance last year. She was very popular.

“Hello, student Mi Wan, are you free tomorrow?” Peng Jia asked with a smile.

“Tomorrow~~” Except for the demon who had made an appointment in advance to register for medical treatment with the sparrow spirit, Mi Wan had not arranged anything else for herself for the time being. The few demons that came down were all caught and sent to plant trees. However, it was rare for a classmate to look for her, and Mi Wan couldn’t help being a little curious, so she said, “I should be free tomorrow afternoon.”

“Then do you want to hang out together tomorrow afternoon?” Peng Jia’s face brightened, as she warmly invited.

“Let’s go play together?” Mi Wan blinked suspiciously, a little unresponsive.

“Actually…” Peng Jia looked around, and surrounded Mi Wan with the other two little sisters, then asked in a low voice sounding a little embarrassed, “Student Mi Wan, are you still single?”

Startled, Mi Wan subconsciously nodded.

“Then do you want to find a boyfriend to fall in love with?” Standing to the left of Mi Wan, a short-haired girl asked very directly.

“Boyfriend…boyfriend?” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up.

“Xia Yan, don’t ask so directly.” Peng Jia was afraid that Mi Wan would misunderstand, and quickly explained, “It’s actually like this. Our dormitory had set up a dormitory friendship meeting with some boys from the Department of Architecture. It was originally agreed that the four girls from our dormitory, and the four boys on the opposite side could meet. But one of our roommates can’t go there temporarily, so we want to ask if you are free.”

“Help on a blind date?” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up again.

“No, it’s not that serious. In fact, we will just hang out and have a meal together to see if there is any possibility of development. It’s not as serious as a blind date.” Peng Jia hurriedly explained.

“I only have one question…” Mi Wan waited for them to look over, and then asked with a smile, “Is the other party handsome?”

The three of them paused, and then nodded decisively: “Handsome!”

They were also elites of their generation, and the eyes of Peng Jia and the three of them started looking at Mi Wan with a touch of kindness in an instant.

“Okay, I’ll go. What time tomorrow, where shall we go?” Mi Wan simply agreed.

After being reborn, she watched many sweet love TV dramas, and she actually wanted to experience it from a long time ago. Aunt Zhang said before that as long as she lost weight, there would definitely be boys who liked her in college, and she had been waiting silently. Sure enough, as soon as the new semester started, this opportunity came along.

“One o’clock in the afternoon, let’s have lunch and meet at the school gate.” Peng Jia said.

“Okay.” Mi Wan nodded, thought for a while and then asked, “Should I dress better if I go to a blind date… for a friendship meeting?” Although she had never been on a blind date, her second senior brother had. At that time, when the second senior brother went to see his future wife, he rummaged through everything and dressed himself up quite a bit.

“It’s fine to dress up a little bit, but we can’t dress up too much. We have to be modest.” Peng Jia said.

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded half-understandingly. What did this modesty have to do with dressing up? Regardless, Peng Jia must understand better than her anyway, she just needed to be obedient.

The two parties made an appointment, and Mi Wan went back to the pet shop happily. The first thing she did when she entered the door was to ask the sparrow spirit, what time the appointment for the demon who had made an appointment to come for treatment tomorrow was at.

“The appointment is in the afternoon, so that you can sleep in in the morning.” The sparrow spirit knew that Mi Wan had the habit of sleeping in on weekends, so every weekend he would arrange the treatment of the demons in the afternoon.

“Change the time, I have something to do in the afternoon, you ask them to come in the morning.” Mi Wan said.

“Oh, good.” Although the sparrow spirit was a little surprised, he didn’t ask too much, and dutifully called to inform the other party that the time had been changed.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Xiang Zhen and Wei Ji came to the pet shop one after another. Before they came, Mi Wan had already locked all the demons on the wanted list with the demon hunting talisman and the demon power locator. Then she unexpectedly discovered that these demons were not far from Cannes, and several of them were in Cannes. Mi Wan thought it was a bit strange at first, but after thinking about it, she found it very reasonable. Because these arrest warrants were issued from the Cannes branch of the Monster Catchers Association. Since it was the Cannes branch, the wanted range of the arrest warrants would naturally be near Cannes.

“Let’s catch these two together today.” Mi Wan picked out two sixth-level demons who were now in Cannes. They were a pair of male and female thieves, a weasel couple.

This weasel couple was good at escaping from the ground. When they encountered danger, they would run away by burrowing into the ground. The Demon Hunter Association had almost no way to deal with them. When Mi Wan came across them, she slapped the ground with her palm and covered the land with a radius of 100 meters with her spiritual power. When the weasels tried to run away, they hit their head on the concrete floor and failed to get out. Both the demons were stunned by the pain. When they slowed down and tried to escape, Mi Wan had already caught them.

Xiang Zhen and Wei Ji said that they had learned another trick and found a small notebook to note it down and memorized it.

On the second day, Mi Wan picked out a good-looking dress, and even sprayed on a perfume that she wouldn’t think of usually, and then went out to the pet store happily.

It was a rabbit demon who made an appointment to see the doctor today. The rabbit demon was pregnant. After the pregnancy, the rabbit demon lost too much power. She felt that something was abnormal, so she made an appointment for today’s prenatal care. During the examination, Mi Wan soon found a small amount of black demon poison in her uterus. Because the rabbit demon had not been pregnant for a long time, the demon poison did not accumulate much, so the treatment was also very simple. It only took half an hour for Mi Wan to cure the rabbit demon mother and child.

After paying the bill and sending the rabbit demon away, the sparrow spirit looked at his boss who was in good spirits and even sprayed on perfume, and asked curiously: “Boss, you are a little different today.”

“Can you see it?” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah, I don’t usually see you wearing perfume.” Sparrow spirit guessed, “Boss, you’re not going on a date, are you?”

“Not yet, just going on a blind date.” Mi Wan replied generously.

“What? Blind date?” The Sparrow Spirit thought he had heard it wrong.

“Oh, no, it’s a friendship meeting.” Mi Wan explained, “The girls in our class want to have a friendship meeting, so they asked me to go with them.”

What does friendship meeting mean. Although you won’t 100% become boyfriend and girlfriend after a friendship meeting, the probability of becoming a boyfriend and a boyfriend after a friendship meeting was still very high. What’s more, after Mi Wan lost weight, she had completely transformed into a standard Bai Fumei[1], especially these eyes, as long as she was not counting money or catching demons, when she looked at you, there was endless innocence in her eyes. It was just inciting people to commit crimes.

It’s just… Does my boss want to fall in love with an ordinary human being? No matter how he thought about it, the sparrow spirit felt that this scene was a bit inconsistent.

“I don’t know if friendship meetings are fun?” Mi Wan asked excitedly.

“It’s fun, especially when a boy likes you, he will be very courteous and try to please you.” Sparrow Spirit passed on his experience.

“How does it count as being courteous?” Mi Wan was curious.

“For example, find various excuses to chat with you, try hard to make you happy, try every means to give you gifts…” Xu Zhuang suddenly walked over from the other side and added to the topic, “The most important thing is, he will definitely ask you for your number and WeChat, and find all kinds of excuses to ask you out alone.”

“That’s right!” Sparrow Spirit nodded in agreement.

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded understandingly, and continued to ask, “Then what should I do?”

“That depends on whether you like him or not. If you like him, continue dating. If you don’t like him, just politely refuse. “Xu Zhuang said.

“Understood.” Mi Wan benefited a lot, and suddenly felt that listening to an experienced person’s words was better than reading ten years of books. She had never been chased by anyone in her two lifetimes, and she didn’t know if a boy would chase her this time. She was particularly curious about what it felt like to be chased.

Soon, when the appointed time came, Mi Wan happily ran to the school gate with a small bag on her back to prepare for the friendship meeting. As soon as Mi Wan left, Xu Zhuang continued to busy himself with his own affairs. The sparrow spirit had nothing to do, so he took out his mobile phone and started gossiping in the demon group.

Sparrow Spirit: Gossip, gossip, my boss went out to socialize today, maybe she will get married soon.

Guan Li: Did the senior sister go to a friendship meeting?

Patriarch of the Dog Clan: Will she continue to open a shop after getting married?

Patriarch of the Cat Clan: Is she marrying a demon hunter or an ordinary person?


In this way, the news that Mi Wan was going to marry soon spread throughout the entire demon race.

At the same time, in the Wanwu Group, Quan Juncai was reporting to Lord Demon King.

“We bought a total of five pieces of wasteland last year, and it is expected to be purified to normal soil standards in three years. The two forest parks in Mobei have good vegetation and are going to open next weekend. Also, the environmental department did a global greening survey, and according to incomplete statistics, the global greening area this year has increased by 0.1% compared to last year.”

“What about the birth rate of the demon race?” Fan Chen asked.

“The birth rate of the demon clan has also increased accordingly.” Quan Juncai reported, “Especially after the opening of Master Mi’s pet hospital, the birth rate of the demon clan has increased by nearly one percentage point, but the awakening rate of newborn cubs is still not very high.”

“What about the Demon Hunter Association?” Fan Chen asked again.

“The situation of the Demon Hunters Association is similar to ours. The awakening rate of demon hunters among human children is not high, but overall there are more than last year.” Quan Juncai said.

If there is no reduction, it was considered a success. Fan Chen nodded in relief, and continued to ask: “Is there anything else?”

“No more.” Quan Juncai closed the document, indicating that he had finished his report.

“Then go out.”


Leaving the president’s office and returning to his seat, Quan Juncai leaned comfortably on the chair, drank the coffee brought by his secretary, and habitually opened his phone.

“Pfft!” Suddenly, a mouthful of coffee spewed out. Quan Juncai the fox stared at the news on the phone in disbelief. Then, he jumped up from the chair, ignoring all his subordinates who were watching him, he rushed back to the president’s office in a hurry.

“My lord, it’s not good.”

Fan Chen looked at the reckless subordinate who went back and forth, and frowned in distaste: “What’s the matter, talk slowly.”

“Master Mi is getting married!” Quan Juncai roared.


The poor desk couldn’t bear the palm of Lord Demon King and died heroically.

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[1] White, pretty and rich.

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