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Mu Yixi nodded and said calmly: “Yes, I did it on purpose.” Seeing Mu Yiqi glaring angrily, his face darkened, and he said hoarsely, “I saw Xia Weiwei walking with that boy several times. Should I have told you this?”

—- Of course, this was not true. He had made an appointment with Gao Yuanxiang for today’s show. Originally, he just wanted Mu Yiqi to see what his girlfriend was doing behind his back. He didn’t expect that Xia Weiwei would be so “cooperative” that even Mu Yiqi’s identity as her boyfriend was denied in front of Gao Yuanxiang.

But in Mu Yiqi’s view, today it was Mu Yixi who deliberately brought him into that restaurant to let him see his girlfriend dating other boys. And he did it for a very good reason: for his own good!

Mu Yiqi also knew that Mu Yixi had done it for his own good, as he couldn’t bear to see him cheated and kept in the dark, but he still felt very bad!

He felt that he was being laughed at, and that he was greatly embarrassed in front of his brothers! You must know that since Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming met Xia Weiwei and didn’t express their disapproval, Mu Yiqi was always showing off his girlfriend, and often praised Xia Weiwei in front of them. Doing this now was tantamount to slapping him hard!

This made him unable to put on a good face and he felt that he could not face Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming anymore.

“It made you sad, eldest brother apologizes.” Mu Yixi said comfortably.

“You’ve finished speaking, what else can I say?” Mu Yiqi said a little out of control, “Can’t you tell me in another way?” Since he saw it earlier, why didn’t he say it earlier?

“Mu Yiqi!” Feng Weiming shouted in a low voice.

Although he didn’t agree with Mu Yixi being so meddlesome in Mu Yiqi’s affairs, he couldn’t help being a little dissatisfied when he saw Mu Yixi’s kindness being ignored by Mu Yiqi.

If he put it another way, won’t Mu Yiqi have been sad?

Would he believe it if there was no real evidence?

Mu Yiqi also knew this truth, but he couldn’t control his anger. Seeing Feng Weiming standing on Mu Yixi’s side, he suddenly felt isolated.

“Mingming…” Mu Yixi shook his head at Feng Weiming. A brokenhearted person could only understand what he wanted to understand. He knew that Mu Yiqi was uncomfortable and didn’t mind his attitude.

“Brother, always being a good person, aren’t you tired?” Against the background of Mu Yixi’s generosity and understanding, Mu Yiqi’s anger seemed unreasonable. If it was normal times, Mu Yiqi would have realized that his reaction was not good, and he would have restrained himself first. But common sense could not be used to infer why the teenager in the second phase of the rebellious period, Mu Yiqi not only did not accept Mu Yixi’s kindness, but also retorted against him.

The relationship between the two brothers had always been good. When Mu Yiqi became a middle schooler, he dared to shout at Mu Jiurong, but he never spoke rudely to Mu Yixi. When such a sentence came suddenly, Mu Yixi was taken aback for a moment, and the dejection he was pretentiously showing just now suddenly became a bit real.

“Mu Yiqi, apologize.” Feng Weiming lowered his face. What about Mu Yiqi’s upbringing? Did he talk to his brother like that?

“I won’t talk to you anymore.” Seeing Mu Yixi stunned, Mu Yiqi felt a little regretful, but still being stubborn, he turned and walked away with a dark face.

Glancing at Mu Yiqi’s straight back walking away, and seeing Mu Yixi’s expression, Feng Weiming reached out in a rare gesture of comfort and pressed his shoulder.

Mu Yixi sighed and said weakly, “I’m fine…” He and Mu Yiqi had been together for so many years, there was nothing to say about Mu Yiqi’s kindness to him, maybe this was why Mu Yixi dared to go too far when interfering with Mu Yiqi’s affairs. But this time, Mu Yiqi seemed to be really angry.

It was the first time that Mu Yiqi lost his temper and felt more uncomfortable than expected.

For a girl…

Mu Yixi was reluctant to be angry with Mu Yiqi, but he despised Xia Weiwei even more, and was even more determined not to let Mu Yiqi be with her.

“Since he broke up with that woman, you should stop.” Feng Weiming said lightly. Mu Yiqi was not stupid either, he just believed that Mu Yiqi could be easily deceived. But what happened this time was obviously a warning. If Mu Yixi was too lenient, Mu Yiqi may not be able to appreciate it when he rebounded.

Mu Yixi was silent. He couldn’t guarantee it. He couldn’t just watch Mu Yiqi fall into the pit without doing anything. Even if he was hated by Mu Yiqi, he had to do it.

“You obviously care about me now!” Mu Yixi changed the subject with a smile, and sighed, “I’m going to surpass Xiaoqi.”

Feng Weiming secretly looked at him as calmly as possible without being affected: “Are you done playing with fire. There is no impermeable wall in the world, can you guarantee that Mu Yiqi will never know what you have done? He has called you elder brother for so many years, I don’t want him to be sad.”

Mu Yixi’s smile faded. There was nothing to say about Feng Weiming’s concern for Mu Yiqi. At the same time, Feng Weiming was also warning him, as he knew the details very well. If one day Feng Weiming became really blind, he may tell Mu Yiqi everything.

“Well, obviously, I understand what you mean.” Mu Yixi had to compromise. It seemed that when he wanted to do something in the future, he must first think of a plan that could bypass Feng Weiming – this was a headache, Feng Weiming couldn’t be fooled at all…

But soon Mu Yixi would know that he didn’t need to do more, because Mu Yiqi’s middle school was entering the late stage, and there was nothing to talk about with him!

At this time, Mu Yixi, who didn’t know that he had turned a corner, and although he was unilaterally given a cold shoulder by Mu Yiqi, he continued to inquire about Mu Yiqi’s movements responsibly. Knowing that Mu Yiqi went to find Yan Yu, half of Mu Yixi’s mental calculations were put down.

Yan Yu was Qin He’s half-brother. Qin He’s father, Yan Kai, did not fulfill his fatherly responsibilities towards Yan Yu before he was ten years old. Qin He’s mother Qin Zhengxin couldn’t accept Yan Yu and divorced Yan Kai. Yan Kai took Yan Yu back and raised him personally.

At first, Qin He hated Yan Yu very much, thinking that he was the culprit that caused his family to fall apart, but Yan Yu helped Qin He over and over again, and one time it was very dangerous, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a life-saving grace. Gradually, Qin He did not reject Yan Yu so much.

The most important thing was that after nearly ten years of hard work by Yan Kai, Qin Zhengxin’s attitude had finally softened, and she no longer regarded Yan Yu as a thorn in her eyes and flesh.

On the one hand, it came from the influence of Yan Kai and Qin He, and on the other hand, Yan Yu was really a difficult person to hate.

He was very quiet and peaceful, with few desires. No matter when or where he was, he was always deliberate and calm. But unlike Feng Weiming’s indifference and coldness, Yan Yu’s calmness transcended his age, as if he was like an old man who had already experienced the world. He was also an excellent listener.

After graduating from junior high school, he did not go to high school, but went to the mountain to practice for two years. When he came back, he became fascinated with carving, and his sculptures were beautiful. His father, Yan Kai, saw the business opportunity with the keenness of a businessman and wanted to help him set up a gallery. Yan Yu refused. In the end, he only opened a small shop in the city to sell his sculptures. He invited a clerk to watch the shop, and he hid in the shop all day long sitting in a small cubicle, either carving, or brewing a pot of tea, spending the entire day in a daze. Yan Kai didn’t think that the reason for his behavior was autism because if someone came looking for him, Yan Yu would still come out. If the person who came to look for him was an acquaintance like Qin He, he could stay with him patiently for a long time.

Because of Qin He’s relationship, the three Mu brothers had met Yan Yu many times. Mu Yixi and Yan Yu did not chat alone, but they both knew each other’s origins. They were all people who had started all over again, but obviously Yan Yu had completely let go, while Mu Yixi decided to change.

Mu Yixi could still trust Yan Yu’s character. It was naturally much better for Mu Yiqi to make such friends than to be surrounded by Xia Weiwei.

Mu Yiqi solved his problem, so Mu Yixi was also freed up to beat Feng Kun!

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