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The “Qingqing” that Yan Qing cared so much about in the past, was now voluntarily spoken out, with an indescribable sense of sadness and belonging.

It turned out that this name really only belonged to one special person.

Even if the memory was gone, her subconscious was defending him, remembering that she was unique to him, knowing that he was insecure and had a strong desire for monopoly, so he maintained the name he liked to call, and did not allow others to shout.

Huo Yunshen’s dark eyelashes were moistened, and his smile gradually expanded.

Like when he was a teenager, he smiled openly at the girl he loved, held her face and kissed her twice, his eyes very bright: “This lord admits me.”

It seemed that once she had said this, all the suffering he had suffered could be easily erased, as if it never happened.

Huo Yunshen leaned over and hugged her: “I’m not alone anymore, I have a real home.”

Without her, the old house was not a home, even if it just had enough space for a car, it was his dream home.

When Yan Qing heard what he said, the corners of her mouth trembled, so sad that she couldn’t speak.

Her dual identities were gradually merging, and the many contradictions in her past resistance to belief and association had become more and more rationalized in her active acceptance.

There had never been any brain supplement or imitation, and she had never been possessed by Yun Qing. Her feelings for him all came from herself, she forgot, but her body remembered her feelings for him.

The DNA test shown by Huo Yunshen proved to be true, and every time he said she was Yun Qing, it was all true.

And she…

She scolded him, threw the glass ball he cherished, avoided him like the plague, and used a lot of ugly words on him.

In order to make him give up, she also deliberately made things difficult, said the most hurtful things to him, tossed him in the cold winter, claiming that he would like others in the future, he was very sick, and wanted her comfort, so that he could hold hands and hug. Then, she also personally told him that she was just pretending to be good to him.

She threw his heart into the mud and trampled on it over and over again. He was battered and bruised, but he still stood by her side stubbornly. Whenever she gave a hint of tenderness, he felt happy.

Even at this moment, when she believed that she was Yun Qing, she couldn’t find her memory and couldn’t empathize with Yun Qing.

Yun Qing loved him, and she loved him too, but it was different. He wanted her to be complete, but she couldn’t remember it and so couldn’t give him the feedback he deserved.

She was so indebted.

Yan Qing’s endurance was collapsing, and she just wanted to find a place where no one was there to cry uncontrollably.

She tried her best to endure it and was unwilling to give Huo Yunshen any more negative emotions. He finally became a little happier and should no longer be affected by her grief.

“I…” Yan Qing said in a nasal voice, “I have to go and finish the program. Sister An Lan told me at the airport that today is the penultimate episode, and I can’t be absent.”

Huo Yunshen nodded: “Okay, I’ll accompany you, if you don’t want me to show up, I’ll wait outside.”

Yan Qing couldn’t stand it anymore, and patted his back: “Your fever has just subsided, your body is not yet fully recovered, and you have so much work to do. Don’t spend all your energy on me, I’ll come back as soon as I’m done.”

She urgently needed some time to vent her emotions, and she had to learn how to get along with him in the future.

Her identity had changed, and so many things also had to change to accommodate that.

Huo Yunshen was deeply silent, his eyes drooped, and he agreed, “Okay.”

He understood that Qingqing was hit too hard and didn’t want to face him for the time being.

He couldn’t force her.

Yan Qing arrived at the show group in the afternoon.

When she was about to get off the car, Huo Yunshen held her hand and said restrainedly, “Come home early, I’ll come and pick you up.”

It was very serious, and she couldn’t say too much. She just nodded her head, got out of the car and ran into the building. Many people greeted her on the way, but she didn’t care to respond. An Lan ran into her and told her that they would start recording in an hour, but she didn’t say anything.

She had an hour.

Yan Qing rushed back to the dormitory in one breath, locked the door, first brought out the sixteen-year-old photo of Yun Qing, held it in her arms, pulled the quilt to wrap herself up, moved to the corner of the bed, and cried out to her heart’s content.

She was crying deeply for Huo Yunshen, but also for herself.

She had to look at her watch while crying, for fear that the swelling of her eyes would not go away after too long.

Later, she was so tired from crying that she lay on her back on the bed with tears in her eyes. She held up the photo with tears in her eyes.

She always said, Goddess Yun Qing is so beautiful and so cute! At first sight, she couldn’t wait to hold the sky, but it was actually herself!

Everyone called Huo Yunshen cruel and perverted, but she liked him too much.

How did she look so good! The woman she looked at was herself, and the man she looked at was her destined husband.

The broadcast in the dormitory suddenly sounded: “Emergency notice, please prepare, and gather in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes!

Yan Qing didn’t know what was going on, so she quickly got up and hurriedly applied ice, then touched up her makeup.

She opened the dormitory door and bumped into Xiao Curly, looking flustered.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Xiao Curly pulled her and whispered: “It seems that the fifth place contestant has been in a relationship with a man. She is very popular, her debut position is stable, and she has a lot of fans. As a result, this incident is estimated to be big.”

Yan Qing frowned: “What will be the consequences.”

“Fans and netizens who eat melons are very strict with idols, and it is taboo to fall in love, because everyone likes girly personas. To satisfy fantasies and keep oneself clean, falling in love means being disqualified an idol, especially—she has not yet become a real idol, and it is estimated that she would be forced to quit.”

Sure enough, when they arrived at the assembly place, the head of the program team and five mentors including Su Li were present. The fifth-place contestant was crying badly, and the other girls also looked ugly.

The high-level executives were angry, and when they saw everyone, they opened their mouths and scolded the fifth place contestant: “You don’t understand what you are here for?! Since you want to debut, want to be popular, and want to make money, how dare you fall in love and still participate in the show?! When you do something like this in the critical period of the show, who would be responsible for the negative impact! Don’t implicate everyone if you don’t have integrity!”

No one said a word, only the sobbing of the party involved could be heard: “I, I didn’t expect him to be so popular with me.”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, her heart sank slightly.

She felt a little discomfort inexplicably, raised her head, and met Su Li’s complicated gaze.

He had started to bother Yan Qing from last time. After she was sure that she was Yun Qing, he bothered her even more. She turned her face away and didn’t want to give him a look.

The high-level executives roared angrily: “You didn’t expect it?! You don’t know what the basics of being an idol are? Why do fans vote for you? Do you think you are so good? A group of little girls, what kind of strength do you have! Among you people, there are only a few who can really sing and dance, but the selling points are the faces and characters!”

“Dating in the show, isn’t it waiting for a public execution! If you are in love at this stage, you should apologize and quit as soon as possible, and don’t do it in the future. If you are thinking about your debut, you have to endure being called and beaten out by everyone!”

“The rest of the people should also weigh themselves. Who is still in love, or if they have the ability, don’t let it be exposed. If it’s really exposed, netizens will treat them equally and will not let anyone go. Then it would all be over!”

Su Li’s eyes followed her, the more Yan Qing avoided him, the more he stared at her.

When the top management left angrily, and took the fifth place contestant to deal with the follow-up apology statement and withdrawal, the scene regained a little vitality.

Due to this sudden and bad incident, the program recording was forced to be postponed, and the contestants all gathered together to wait. Yan Qing came out without a mobile phone, and could not tell Huo Yunshen that she would take much longer time than expected to come home.

In the dignified atmosphere, the instructors arranged for the players to be divided into several practice rooms to train first. When Yan Qing’s name was read, she cooperated and walked out. When she reached the corridor, she was stopped by Su Li, who went out ahead of time and seemed to be waiting.

Yan Qing shook his hand: “Mr. Su, is there something wrong?”

Su Li whispered, “Be careful, netizens won’t be tolerant to you because of the Huo family. If the relationship is exposed, with his identity, there will only be more malicious guesses.”

Someone climbed into a rich man’s bed and schemed to reach the top, there would be a lot of unspeakably vicious words.

Yan Qing smiled officially: “Thank you for reminding me, you’ve been worrying too much.”

Su Li stared at her face: “You look so similar to her, why is your personality so different, she used to be very soft, if I persuaded her to be kind, she would definitely listen. With Huo Yunshen’s temperament and his paranoid and dictatorial behaviour, he would refuse to give you freedom. If you mix in this circle and want to be an idol, he will only bring you more and more troubles.”

Yan Qing hooked her lips: “If you told me that yesterday, I might have restrained myself, but today, I can tell you clearly.”

“No matter how soft Yun Qing was in the past, she also had her own views of right and wrong. If you belittled Huo Yunshen in front of her, she would hate you even more, believe it or not,” she snorted, “Mr. Su, don’t think about the Yun Qing you made up all day long, whether she was in the past or me now, I only like Huo Yunshen, I don’t like you, and I don’t need you to worry about it.”

She took a step back: “You are the mentor, I am the contestant, after the show is over, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

Yan Qing said decisively, then went to her practice room.

The program of the day was delayed quite seriously, and there was a large part of the daily filming in the middle. Everyone was in a bad mood and was forced to work overtime. When the feature film and the extras were all over, it was already 5:00 in the morning.

But it was not the end, they still had to go directly to record at the location.

Due to the bad influence of the exposure of the relationship, the online debate and scolding had continued, and the program team had also been implicated. It was necessary to urgently release more materials, and even launch a new episode ahead of schedule, so as to create new topics as soon as possible to correct public opinion.

Yan Qing was so anxious that she could not find a chance to return to the dormitory.

She was the most important contestant, and the program team would naturally try to draw attention to her. She was the one with the heaviest filming task. Even if others could take a short rest, her schedule had been arranged extremely tightly.

An Lan was afraid that she would be tired, so she came over to comfort her: “Keep on sticking to it, it will be done in the afternoon.”

Yan Qing said sadly: “I want to use my mobile phone.”

An Lan generously took out her own: “Do you want to go online? Don’t worry, your fans have grown too much. Hurry up, a lot of people who have lost their fans have turned to you, saying that it is better to like fairies rather than disqualified coffee.”

Yan Qing shook her head.

She wanted to make a phone call, but the danger of using someone else’s phone was too great, so she had to bear with it.

Huo Yunshen should know that she was being forced to work overtime and must not think too much about it.

Yan Qing tried her best to catch up with the schedule. She just slept on the chair halfway. The solo part was completed a lot earlier, but it was already the evening of the next day, and when she returned to the program group from the location, it was dark.

She sprinted back to the dormitory for 100 meters to get her mobile phone. There was no bombardment of calls and messages as she had expected. Huo Yunshen was very measured. He only made two calls in the evening and had sent only five questions on WeChat.

“Qingqing, are you coming home at night?”

“I didn’t come downstairs to wait for you, so don’t be burdened.”

“Are you too tired to shoot and have fallen asleep.”

“If you wake up at night, call me back.”


Why didn’t it seem right?

Yan Qing couldn’t wait to call him, and after a lot of calls, Min Jing finally answered: “Madam, Brother Shen is drunk.”


“Today, an important contract with the group was settled, and there was a cocktail party that he had to attend in the evening. Brother Shen drank a little more. It was nothing at that time. He got in the car in advance normally. I thought it was all right, but he was very uncomfortable in the car. Well, I just took him home, his condition…”

Yan Qing listened to him and quickly armed herself: “How is his condition! I’ll go back now!”

Min Jing squatted next to Huo Yunshen, covering his head a little disturbingly: “It’s hard to describe the situation, but he is drunk, and the root cause is you.”

“The program team had an accident yesterday. I was afraid that the impact would be too bad. Brother Shen would investigate. As a result, I was wise and didn’t say anything. I know you were just arranged to work overtime for one more day of filming. When I asked the question, they even lied to me and said that you guys finished the work early and rested.”

“It wasn’t until they urgently cut the new part and put it on the Internet, and then they came to apologize and admitted that you guys worked in a hurry that I understood. Isn’t this just courting death, but it’s a pity that Brother Shen is drunk now.” She couldn’t listen to those explanations anymore.

God knows, Brother Shen didn’t care whether he had any influence or not, he only cared about what Yan Qing was doing.

Yan Qing couldn’t wait for someone to pick her up, so she asked An Lan to find a car to take her to the vicinity of the villa area, daring not to reveal too much detail, then she ran the rest of the way by herself.

The road was quiet, and the wind whistled past her ears.

Her heart was tugging, and she kept accelerating.

For some reason, she recalled the words of Su Li yesterday. He described Huo Yunshen unbearably, but in fact, it was Su Li himself who made ambiguous topics casually before and who really ignored his influence on her.

Huo Yunshen… loved her every character and change, always respected her wishes, and was always silently protecting her, and blessing her.

In his bones, he longed to exclusively own her, but because she refused, he endured it, put her first in everything, and was prudent every time he appeared, so as not to let her fall into any predicament.

Until yesterday…

She got out of the car in a hurry. He seemed to agree, but he should be very uneasy.

She turned her head thinking they couldn’t get in touch for a day. Did he think she was struggling with something and ignored him on purpose?

Yan Qing thought about his emotions for a while, and the contents of those few WeChat messages made her heart ache.

She was stupid, why did he have to adjust, why couldn’t she tell what she wanted straight to him. If she shared it with him, he would be really happy.

How did Yun Qing love him in the past, since she couldn’t remember for the time being, she’ll just love him in a new way.

Just love.

Yan Qing rushed to his door, took a few breaths, calmed down a little, and rushed into the living room immediately.

She never expected to see Min Jing first, a Min Jing who was still hugging a pillow sadly, staring at the back of the sofa like an enemy.

Before Yan Qing could ask a question, another throw pillow flew out from behind the sofa and hit Min Jing’s face precisely: “I’ll let you out!”

The hoarse voice was sharpened like gravel.

It’s him…

Yan Qing’s heart trembled and she ran over in a hurry. When Min Jing saw her coming, he was relieved and whispered, “I’ll leave first, I’m nearby. If you’re really unsure, call me again.”

He quickly disappeared, all the curtains fell before leaving, and the door was closed tightly.

Yan Qing walked around the sofa and was stunned.

Huo Yunshen was originally wearing a formal suit, but now the suit was taken off and thrown aside, the tie was loosened, the lead-grey shirt had a few buttons open, and his chest was heaving rapidly.

Yan Qing’s breath was trembling: “Shenshen.”

Huo Yunshen was shocked and raised his head sharply. His cold white complexion was slightly red, and there was mottled blood in his eyes. When he saw her, there was light in his empty pupils. Immediately, he struggled to move his body until her calf was firmly grasped.

“I didn’t go to the show team to find you. I know you don’t like me waiting. I was very obedient this time.”

“Why when I was obedient, did you ignore me.”

Yan Qing’s internal organs were twitching, and she eagerly hugged him. He was drunk and stubborn. If she refused, he would hug her legs. His voice became more and more broken. And those broken words squeezed into her ears.

“Qingqing, are you blaming me for not protecting you well, losing you for so long, and suffering a lot…”

“Are you still angry with me, and blame me for cheating you to get married. Before, you really agreed, the one who promised to marry me…”

“The other day you said divorce.”

“Divorce…” His hands trembled, and his tone suddenly became cruel, “I won’t allow it, till I’m alive, don’t even think about it!”

He was unconscious. The topic was jumping back and forth, as if he had to tell her everything he thought. His tone was trembling, showing the toughness that he could barely support, trying to hide his panic and fear that came from finding something that he had lost, and the fear of being abandoned.

“Don’t neglect me. If you’re not happy, be angry with me. Don’t leave…don’t leave me.”

He opened his broken heart to her little by little, let go of everything, and begged humbly.

Yan Qing moved, she wanted to prove it with her actions, and wanted to throw herself into his arms. But she had just tried to move, when Huo Yunshen’s expression suddenly changed. He stood up, but he didn’t stand firm. He held on to the corner of her floating skirt. She didn’t know whether it was because he was out of control or the trend, but he knelt in front of her.

Yan Qing was stunned and rushed to help him.

His scarlet eyes stared at her, his eyes were blazing, but his words were extremely sad: “Qingqing, please, don’t leave me again.”

Yan Qing burst into tears, she was unable to bear it any longer, and forcefully broke free from his hand, she also knelt on the floor, squeezed his arms away, and hugged his waist tightly: “I won’t leave! I won’t leave! I’m not angry, I won’t ignore you, I’m—”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t hear anything else, only firmly engraving “not leaving” into his consciousness.

He was so drunk that he buried his head in the curve of her neck and let out a low sob that he would never normally have.

After only a few seconds of stability, he raised his head up in a panic, grabbed her to stand tall, trapped her with one hand, and groped urgently on the coffee table with the other, knocking the furnishings upside down.

“What are you looking for?” Yan Qing asked distressedly, “Don’t worry, I’ll find it for you.”

“Hurry…I’m anxious…”

Huo Yunshen stubbornly went through it by himself, and finally found the paper and pen on the lower floor, he held it again sat beside Yan Qing on the floor, hugged her from behind, grabbed her hand, and stuffed the pen in.

“Qingqing, write it for me, write the promise.”

Yan Qing said tearfully, “What is the promise for?”

Huo Yunshen pressed her hand and dropped it on the paper, leading her to write crookedly: “Qingqing promises that she will never leave Huo Yunshen for the rest of her life.”

Yan Qing shed tears while writing, blurring the words.

“No, I can’t see clearly, I can’t see Qingqing denying it clearly,” his breath was hot, then he changed to another one, “Will you write it again?”

He bit her, his voice ruthless and pitiful, wrapped in pleading: ” Write it again.”

Yan Qing made a lot of strokes and wrote more than he asked for: “Qingqing promises to never leave Huo Yunshen, she will love him and only him, and be his wife for the rest of her life.” At the place of the signature, her lips were pasted, leaving a red mark.

Huo Yunshen held the paper carefully.

Yan Qing turned around and touched his face.

He took the paper closer and kissed it lightly on her lips.

“What are you doing?”

Huo Yunshen’s dark pupils shone brightly, as he said solemnly, “Kissing my wife.”

Yan Qing’s heart softened, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him firmly: “Shenshen, your wife is here.”

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