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The weather forecast that morning had said that there would be a big drop in temperature at noon the next day, but it was only after 8 o’clock in the evening when the temperature suddenly began to drop sharply and the wind picked up.

At the annual meeting, other people were either drinking in full swing, or talking in high spirits, no one seemed to feel cold, only Shen Yiyou shrank beside the heating box, his hands and feet very cold.

He and Li Shu stayed together for more than half an hour.

Li Shu had a talent for being in the cold, but it was not annoying, and Shen Yiyou didn’t want to leave the heating box, so he chatted with Li Shu without a word of complaint and thought about an excuse for leaving early.

Li Shu and Zhu Yingbo, one of the founders of the company, were university classmates and had collaborated on projects in school. This time, Li Shu came to S City in order to discuss the regional market situation with Zhu Yingbo. Tonight happened to be the annual meeting of Zhu Yingbo’s company, so Li Shu came to see the atmosphere of his company and its employees.

“I was going to leave in five minutes.” Li Shu told Shen Yiyou.

“Why didn’t you leave?” Shen Yiyou said casually, and immediately realized that the question he asked was a bit redundant.

Li Shu also remained quiet and didn’t answer.

They were silent for a minute or two, Shen Yiyou clasped his arms in the cold wind, when he finally figured out a reason for going home early, and was going to go to Zhu Yingbo to say goodbye, when he suddenly heard Li Shu ask, “Are you cold?”

Shen Yiyou raised his head and found that Li Shu had taken off his jacket which he had been wearing over his hoodie and was handing it to Shen Yiyou as if he was passing a pen to his classmate like in the school days: “Wear mine.”

Shen Yiyou was stunned for a moment, looked at Li Shu for two seconds, and subconsciously rejected: “No need.”

“Wear it.” Li Shu was half a head taller than him, so he looked down at him, his eyes were a little serious, and his hand was hanging in the air.

Shen Yiyou felt that he really wanted to stuff the jacket directly on himself, but since he had no such experience, he didn’t know how to stuff it more appropriately, so he was still thinking about it.

“It’s really not necessary,” Shen Yiyou wanted to laugh a little, but without picking up his jacket, he waved to Li Shu, “I have something, so I want to leave first.”

“I’m leaving too,” Li Shu replied quickly, “You put this on first.”

Probably after finally doing some psychological construction, Li Shu shoved the jacket into Shen Yiyou’s arms, then quickly withdrew his hand, and took a step back, as if to prevent Shen Yiyou from pushing the jacket back to him again.

Shen Yiyou took it away, dumbfounded, thanked Li Shu, and put it over his coat.

Li Shu’s jacket was quilted, there was no perfume smell on it, and the inner layer was warm, such that Shen Yiyou felt warm as soon as he put it on.

But Li Shu had only worn a thin hoodie inside the jacket, and once he took off his jacket, he wore less than what Shen Yiyou was originally wearing.

Shen Yiyou was a little moved, so he looked at Li Shu and smiled, and said, “I’ll give it back to you when I go in.”

Li Shu didn’t answer, turned his head away unnaturally, and said after a while, “I’m going to find Zhu Yingbo.” Then he left.

After a while, Li Shu and Zhu Yingbo came over together.

“I’ll ask the driver to take you back,” Zhu Yingbo said, “Yiyou, where do you live?”

At that time, Shen Yiyou’s house was still being renovated, and he was renting a house near the studio. He told Zhu Yingbo his address, and Zhu Yingbo said: “Li Shu’s hotel is also nearby, and I also have to drop him. I’ll take you both down.”

They went downstairs, the driver was already waiting downstairs, Li Shu and Shen Yiyou sat in the back row together. It was very warm in the car, Shen Yiyou took off Li Shu’s jacket, then he looked up and found Li Shu looking at him again.

“You should wear more clothes when you go out in the future,” Li Shu told him.

Shen Yiyou gave an “um” and explained, “I didn’t expect it to be so cold.”

Li Shu opened his mouth slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

The chat ended there, and they sat quietly for nearly half an hour. Arriving at Shen Yiyou’s residence, Li Shu insisted on asking Shen Yiyou to put on his coat again, and then he sent Shen Yiyou over.

Li Shu was very persistent, and Shen Yiyou couldn’t bear to refuse, so he agreed. Li Shu continued to walk beside Shen Yiyou at a distance of seventy or eighty centimeters and he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Shen Yiyou on fixed intervals.

The community where Shen Yiyou was renting was very old, with dense greenery, but the lighting was almost equal to none, and the road was dark. The building where Shen Yiyou lived was deep in the community, the two walked in the dark for a long time without saying a word, and finally they reached below the building, where there were some lights coming from the building.

Shen Yiyou turned around, raised his face and said to Li Shu, “I’m here.” He handed the jacket back to Li Shu and said, “Thank you very much for today.”

After saying goodbye, Shen Yiyou walked into the building, but after he had taken only a few steps, Li Shu called his name from behind.

“Shen Yiyou,” Li Shu said, “could you give me your contact number?”

Shen Yiyou turned to look at him again but didn’t speak.

Li Shu stood with his back straight below the steps. It was a little awkward, but he said to Shen Yiyou smoothly: “My job is not in S City, but I have time to come over next weekend… I can come often in the future.”

“If I come to City S, we—” Li Shu paused for a few seconds before saying, “—can you meet me?”

The light in the living room on the first floor was suddenly turned on, and the dim light passed through the glass window and fell on Li Shu’s face.

It made Shen Yiyou feel that this might be the closest thing this person could come to a conversation.

Better than “Isn’t it cold to wear so little” that he had tried before.

Shen Yiyou couldn’t help laughing and asked Li Shu, “But why do we have to meet?”

Li Shu stood far away and stared at Shen Yiyou without saying a word, like a contestant who knew nothing but still wanted prizes, so he had to bite the bullet.

Shen Yiyou felt that his eyes seemed to say that he couldn’t answer this question, and that he just wanted to meet Shen Yiyou.

In the end, Shen Yiyou compromised, sighed and reported his cell phone number to Li Shu, saying, “I can come out with you when I’m free, but not if I’m not.”

“Okay,” Li Shu seemed to be easily happy, with a faint smile in his eyes, he lobbied to Shen Yiyou, “I will notify you when I arrive in City S.”

Shen Yiyou turned around and entered the corridor. He walked up to the third floor, opened the door, turned on the light again, walked to the bed and looked down from the window, just to see Li Shu turn around and walk back slowly, holding the phone in his hand, while the screen was open to a chat box.

After a few seconds, Shen Yiyou’s phone vibrated, indicating that there was a new message from a foreign number, and the other party had sent, “I’m Li Shu.”

Shen Yiyou saved Li Shu’s number, and before replying, Li Shu sent him another message.

“Because I’d feel uncomfortable if I didn’t meet you again.”

Shen Yiyou stared at the phone for a long time before he realized that Li Shu was answering his previous question. He was amused and felt inexplicable. He wondered how there could be such a strange person. He asked Li Shu, “What’s wrong?”

Li Shu quickly replied to him: “Chest tightness, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat.”

“…” Shen Yiyou was very helpless, “Then you should go to the hospital for an examination.”

However, Li Shu replied, “I just want to meet you.”

They exchanged two or three more text messages with no important content, and then said goodnight to each other.

Before falling asleep, Shen Yiyou’s mood actually didn’t get much better, but the talk with Li Shu had diluted his unhappiness, so he stopped thinking about the dispute with his mother.

Even at the most unhappy moment before deciding to break up, Shen Yiyou recalled Li Shu’s messy performance that day, and still felt that even if he was asked to choose again, he would still choose to fall in love with Li Shu.

Maybe Li Shu’s fun and hurt were bundled for sale. You couldn’t just get the fun and not get hurt. Li Shu had always been Li Shu, and it had never changed.

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