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In the end, Gu Nan gave in. After all, his sister looked so pitiful, and he couldn’t bear to say harsh words to her.

But after hanging up the phone, he touched his chin, and a flash of thought flashed in his dark eyes.

Gu An would also go there tomorrow morning… He suddenly had an idea in his mind.

So Nuan Nuan didn’t know that she would have an unexpected ‘surprise’ when she went to pick up her little brother the next day.

Because she had agreed to pick her brother’s flight arriving at seven in the morning, Nuan Nuan got up at half past five. However, she was dragged down by someone who wanted to stay in bed, so she didn’t get up completely until six o’clock.

Gu Mingyu was woken up by the little girl for the nth time. Finally, he stopped pulling the soft little Nuan Nuan down to make her sleep. He squinted his eyes, yawned, and stretched.

“Third brother, get up quickly. We are going to pick up the little brother.”

Nuan Nuan pulled Gu Mingyu up with a squeak. Because she was so tired from all the tossing, her whole face was flushed, and she looked pink and tender, as fresh and delicious as a peach.

Gu Mingyu said in a lazy and sexy voice, “I know.” He picked up his soft, beautiful and cute little sister, pinched her face, and kissed her chubby little face.

“Why are you in such a hurry? It takes less than half an hour to drive there.”

Nuan Nuan’s furry hair was messed up by him, and her little face became even redder.

She said softly, “Because I have to clean up. If I go late, my little brother will be angry.”

“You’re so afraid of Gu An being angry.”

Nuan Nuan’s expression was wrinkled, “It’s hard to coax my little brother when he’s angry.”

Gu Mingyu burst into laughter, thinking about the way Nuan Nuan coaxed her two brothers pitifully yesterday, and felt happy, so having more brothers was not a good thing.

He murmured in his heart, just a little regretful that his sister was not born to the same parents as him, and he was not Nuan Nuan’s only brother.

Under the urging of the little girl, Gu Mingyu washed up a little faster than before. Finally, he put on his clothes and was lazily pushed out by the little girl.

He hadn’t put on the mask yet!

Forget it, let’s talk about it when they got back.

“Fourth brother!”

Gu Mingli was already up and had bought breakfast from outside.

Unexpectedly, the fourth brother was the most reliable among them.


Gu Mingli hugged Nuan Nuan and threw her into the air, catching her easily, and then kissed her milky white fleshy little face.

“Good morning, fourth brother~”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was soft and sweet. With crooked eyebrows, she also kissed her fourth brother’s handsome face and moved her little face closer to kiss it intimately. It was obvious that Gu Mingyu next to him would have hot eyes seeing this.

He came over and pinched Nuan Nuan’s plump little earlobe with his fingers, and pointed his slender fingers at the side of his face.

“Nuan Nuan didn’t even give third brother a kiss.”

Nuan Nuan’s soft little body twisted, and her little face was flushed and she was kissed and pressed against the third brother.

Since only Bai Mohua was left, Nuan Nuan went to wake her cousin up as diligently as a little bee.

Her cousin also came with them yesterday, and he even brought his own drawing board with him.

After some time, the few people finally packed up and got in the car.

Bai Mohua looked bleary-eyed as if he hadn’t slept well yet. A bun came to his mouth, and he opened his mouth and took it like a puppy without even looking at who was holding it.

Gu Mingli clicked his tongue, took his hand back, and gave him another cup of warm soy milk to warm him up.

The little girl was taking small bites of the meat buns. The white and soft meat buns were the same as the soft meat on her cheeks.

“Thank you, fourth brother.”

She said her thanks with a bulging bun in her mouth, and then stretched out her hand to get the soy milk, but Gu Mingli dodged it.

“I’ll hold it for you.”

Gu Mingli’s voice was lazy and a little domineering.

The little girl raised her moist eyes and glanced at him. When she met the fourth brother’s gaze, her beautiful eyes immediately curved up, as clear and clean as glass.

Opening her mouth to hold the straw inserted in the soy milk in her mouth, she started sipping the soy milk, and then taking a small bite of the steamed bun. Nuan Nuan was eating very seriously, until her cheeks on both sides had become round and bulging.

Gu Mingli finished his breakfast in two bites, and couldn’t help but poke her little face with a finger. A small pit formed in the little girl’s cheek, and a small gap opened in her pink lips.

Poke it again and it cracked again.

Nuan Nuan moved her butt, planning to stay away from the fourth brother who was interrupting her breakfast.

But in the end, she couldn’t escape. She grunted twice as a sign of resistance. Seeing that he was still poking her, she became soft-tempered and stopped resisting.

“I want soy milk too.”

A clean and youthful voice came from the side, and Gu Mingli pointed to the pocket containing breakfast.

“Take it yourself.”


Bai Mohua said dumbly and went to unpack his pocket.

It wasn’t boring in the car either. After Bai Mohua fully woke up, he was very talkative and could chat with anyone.

They arrived at the airport soon. The morning air here was very cold, especially since it was almost the end of autumn.

Nuan Nuan wore her furry little coat and a little skirt. The skirt covered her little knees like a trumpet. There were long rabbit ears hanging on the back of the hat, which were also furry. There were two pockets in the front. Her little hands felt extremely warm as soon as she put them inside.

She was wearing velvet leggings underneath and small boots, there was a round pom-pom in front of the boots, which looked particularly cute.

At this moment, she was like a snow-white rabbit, holding her brother’s hand and following them obediently. At the exit of the airport, she reached up her neck and looked around nervously, her clear and clean eyes like glass wide open and looking seriously at those who came out of the airport.

They didn’t have to wait long, and she soon saw a familiar person. Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the tall young man wearing a mask and a black windbreaker.

“Big brother!”

She was so excited that the whole little person stood on tiptoes. She didn’t expect that big brother would come.

The young man was tall and looked like a big man when he walked in a windbreaker. Even wearing a black mask could not hide his three-dimensional deep eyebrows. Standing in the crowd dragging a black suitcase, he stood out from the crowd. There were many people around him. People were looking at him secretly, excitedly wondering if he was a celebrity.

At this time, the real star Gu Mingyu was also wearing a mask and a peaked cap, and his peach blossom eyes raised his eyebrows when he saw someone who stood out from the crowd.

Without waiting for him to come out, Nuan Nuan could not wait to run to the exit.

As soon as Gu Nan came out, he put the suitcase aside and easily picked up the little girl with bright eyes at his feet.

“Big brother~”

Nuan Nuan stretched out her little arms to hug her big brother’s neck, leaning on him affectionately, and her furry little head rubbed against his neck softly like a kitten.

Holding the soft little girl in his arms, Gu Nan’s cold and sharp eyes softened, and his broad palms gently held her small shoulders.

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