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Of course, Chi Fang was teasing Pang Zifei. After so long, wouldn’t he still know the true character of Yu Mo?

Indifferent, ruthless and even unscrupulous, but with a touch of softness for children and the weak.

For Chi Fang, he could be said to be someone opposite of him in his previous life.

But just such a person who can ruthlessly calculate the people around him to achieve his own goals, can wholeheartedly protect himself and others in his own territory, even if others stretched out their paws to try again and again, was one who would not suffer.

Speaking of which, he dared to be so cold to Yu Mo, wasn’t it because he knew that Yu Mo wouldn’t be angry with him?

In case Yu Mo really ignored him…

Chi Fang trembled and threw this idea to the back of his mind.

Pang Zifei pondered his dry method of picking up girls, but he had never acted cold with girls. On the contrary, he had seen a lot of people pick up girls in the game. It should be the same if you replace them with boys, right?

Pang Zifei: Let me tell you, you must not say anything to Yu Mo first, you just quietly treat him well, so that he has a guilty heart, and he will not be embarrassed or angry with you when you confess in the end.

Chi Fang: …

Had he already begun to think about the two of them having a fight?

Although Chi Fang felt that Yu Mo would not really have a fight with him, Pang Zifei was also worried about him, so he replied: Okay.

Pang Zifei sighed deeply and slid the note into the desk. He was really unfortunate; he didn’t expect that he would have to help Chi Xiaofang chase people one day, and that too chase a man.!

This was obviously something weird, but Pang Zifei found that he didn’t seem so surprised. After all, if Chi Fang found a girl and took her out, Chi Fang would look better than a girl… And she would not be as good as Yu Mo.

Now that Pang Zifei said that he should be good to Yu Mo, Chi Fang didn’t worry about it, and waited for the self-study class in the afternoon, then he ran to the empty seat next to Yu Mo. Chi Fang coughed lightly, and said in embarrassment, “Yu Mo…”

He left Yu Mo in the cold for so long, and then ran over to get close to others. Thinking about it this way, Chi Fang felt that he was too bad.

Unexpectedly, when Yu Mo saw him coming, he didn’t play up his temper at all. Instead, he took the exercise book and asked, “Which question?”

Chi Fang paused, pressed the workbook, and looked at Yu Mo seriously and said: “I’m sorry.”

Yu Mo’s hand paused slightly, his gaze locked on the workbook, but he didn’t move even halfway. It was like a tight string, even if Chi Fang flicked it lightly, it would be completely broken.

“In the past few days, I couldn’t understand something.” Chi Fang’s gaze fell on his pen tip, and he naturally missed the rare moment of confusion in Yu Mo’s eyes, “I want to understand now.”

He wanted to understand. What did he want to understand? Did he want to know how to respond to him, or did he want to know how to reject him? Or is it…he wanted to understand who he really liked?

Yu Mo wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare to say more. He was silent for a moment and said softly, “That’s good.”

When Chi Fang finished asking the question and returned to his seat, Yu Mo slowly released his clenched left hand. A deep mark was left on the palm.

Yu Mo could see the movement of Chi Fang passing the note with Pang Zifei just now, including the change in Chi Fang’s expression. Yu Mo closed his eyes and suppressed the anxiety in his heart.

Because of his restlessness, Yu Mo was absent-minded and didn’t hear the school bell. It happened that Chi Fang was going to play ball today, so he told Yu Mo and followed Pang Zifei. Yu Mo looked at the backs of the two people and slowly packed his schoolbags. When he stood up and was about to leave, his movements stopped for a while.

Pang Zifei dropped a piece of white paper on the ground. It should be because he was too anxious, he pulled the backpack out of the desk directly, and the paper came out on the way.

In normal times, Yu Mo would never care about such an ordinary piece of paper, but in the afternoon Chi Fang’s blushing face was always in front of Mo’s eyes. Yu Mo quickly glanced around. There were only a few people left in the classroom, and a few others were discussing exercises in the front, and no one noticed the movement in the back rows.

Yu Mo quietly walked to Pang Zifei’s seat, lowered his body and quickly held the paper in his hand, and then stood up again.

No one saw the whole process.

Holding the piece of paper in his hand, Yu Mo walked out of the teaching building dazedly and returned to Yu house without letting go. It was rare for Mother Yu to be at home. When she saw her son floating in from the door, who completely ignored her and went back upstairs along the stairs, she was confused.

What’s going on here?

Mother Yu raised her eyebrows, her eyes swept across Yu Mo’s body, falling on Yu Mo’s clenched fist.

“Little Mo?”

Yu Mo regained his senses, seeing Mother Yu sitting on the sofa, his first reaction was to hide his left hand behind him.

“Mother.” Yu Mo felt a slight sweat in his palms.

Mother Yu raised her eyebrows, knowing it in her heart, and chuckled: “This is a little secret of your own.”

Yu Mo felt the hand holding the note warm slightly. He did not nod or shake his head, but just stood silently by the stairs. Mother Yu didn’t want to ask. It was normal for her son to have a little privacy. She smiled and waved her hand, “Okay, mother believes you, won’t ask, go up.”

Yu Mo nodded and squeezed his fingers and went back to the bedroom.

However, when he was the only one left in the bedroom, Yu Mo didn’t know what to do. He originally wanted to see what Chi Fang had said to Pang Zifei, but when he reached out to open the crumpled note, he violently retracted his hand.

Yu Mo leaned back, closing his eyes.

What was he thinking about?

Yu Mo was not someone who could do this kind of thing, but in the last few days Chi Fang’s coldness and what Chi Fang said in the afternoon still affected him. Yu Mo became uneasy in his heart, and this uneasiness affected his judgment.

In all fairness, what would he think if someone picked up his note and took a peek?

He would definitely be very angry. Yu Mo replied in his heart.

What if Chi Fang knew he did this?

He would be disappointed with him.

Yu Mo understood Chi Fang. Although Chi Fang looked gentle, he had his own bottom line. If someone touched this bottom line, although Chi Fang would not embarrass him, he would never get along with him again.

Yu Mo lowered his eyes. Although he didn’t care about other people’s opinions, he was very concerned about Chi Fang’s. What’s more, Yu Mo stretched out his hand to crumple the paper into a ball and threw it directly into the trash can.

What’s more, if he relied on this method, even if he finally caught up to Chi Fang, he would be uneasy.

He would not do things that he would regret.

In the end, Yu Mo didn’t read the note. When Zhang Ma cleaned up the trash can the next day, Yu Mo didn’t even look at it, and went to school.

A few days later, Pang Zifei’s matter was also resolved.

He didn’t know how Pang Zifei told Father Pang. In the end, Father Pang actually agreed, but the price was that Pang Zifei was injured on the face during the days when he went to school.

After all, Pang Zifei was one of the biggest bosses in the school. There were not many people who dared to provoke him. There were still people who did this to him? When this group of people knew that Pang Zifei’s face was hurt by his father, they imagined him to be a big man who could beat up five people.

So, his father was still his father.

Father Pang did not agree to Pang Zifei unconditionally. In the end, he was just unable to resist his son’s plea. Pang Zifei’s mother had died early. Only he and Pang Zifei were left. Pang Zifei seldom asked him for anything. It was because of this kind of thing that he pleaded with him.

When Father Pang first heard it, he really didn’t control his temper. He directly cursed Pang Zifei, beat him a few times, and locked him up.

If he was beaten like this by his father according to Pang Zifei’s temperament before, he would definitely leave in a huff, but…Chi Fang’s persuasion still worked.

There was no eternal hatred between father and son.

The next day, Father Pang felt soft when he saw the hurt on Pang Zifei’s face. Pang Zifei didn’t say much, on the contrary, Father Pang thought on his own, and finally convinced himself.

It was just that he only gave Pang Zifei three years. If Pang Zifei failed in three years, he would have to return to the third year of high school, take the college entrance examination, and then follow Father Pang’s arrangement to enter Pang’s company.

Pang Zifei agreed.

Chi Fang was also very happy when he heard this decision. This request seemed to restrain Pang Zifei, but in fact this was a retreat left by Father Pang to Pang Zifei.

Pang Zifei was still a little awkward, but after listening to Chi Fang’s explanation, he stopped talking.

Pang Zifei’s father came to the school on the day when he dropped out of school and was different from what his classmates had imagined. Pang Zifei’s father was wearing a suit with golden spectacles, was a little thin, and he looked like a shrewd lawyer in a TV series.

Because Father Pang hadn’t read much, he respected the profession of a teacher, so he first met with Pang Zifei’s head teacher.

The head teacher was also shocked when he learned about Pang Zifei, but after a good talk with Pang Zifei, he finally chose to accept Pang Zifei’s decision.

After that, Father Pang took Pang Zifei to pack up his things and drop out of school.

“Have you really decided?” Chi Fang looked at Pang Zifei and sighed deeply.

Speaking of which, this was the person whose future changed the most after he was reborn.

And that too so big? He was not going to study! He dropped out of school and went to play games!

Chi Fang couldn’t say whether this change was good or bad. On the bright side, Pang Zifei began to have a plan for his future, but this plan was not a serious choice for people now…

Pang Zifei nodded, since Chi Fang had explained Father Pang’s behavior After being explained, Pang Zifei’s impulsive energy weakened, and now Pang Zifei had begun to learn to bear the consequences for his choice.

“All right.” Chi Fang said no more.

Pang Zifei smiled, “I don’t need such an expression, I can see you after two years anyway.”

Chi Fang was taken aback.

“With Yu Mo’s achievements…he would surely attend those schools in the imperial capital,” Pang Zifei looked at Chi Fang, “Have you figured out where you are going?”

Chi Fang choked. He originally wanted to use the last two years to just work hard and get the best score in the test. It was just that he counted for everything, but he didn’t count that he actually fell in love with a 17-year-old boy.

“Imperial Capital…” Chi Fang raised his head slightly, looking at the clouds in the sky.

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