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Chi Fang worried for several days before realizing that he was thinking too much. Not to mention that Pang Zifei hadn’t mentioned this to his dad yet, just to drop out of school and then sign a contract with the club, it would take time.

Compared with Pang Zifei’s matter, Yu Mo actually was more of a headache to Chi Fang.

He and Yu Mo hadn’t talked much for several days.

After the sports meet, it happened to be the midterm exam within a few days. Chi Fang took leave of absence from Yu Mo on the pretext of studying hard.

It’s been more than a week since the midterm exams got over, but Chi Fang didn’t tell Yu Mo when to restart their classes.

The key was his inexplicable attitude towards Yu Mo…

In his previous life, Chi Fang was frequently chased by girls since he became an adult. After all, he was the third youngest of the Chi family, and Chi Fang did not look bad. It was just that Chi Fang was so happy at that time, he was not interested in these things. Later, because of a car accident, Chi Fang’s whole personality changed drastically. Not to mention outsiders, even the Chi family couldn’t stand his moody temperament.

Later… Chi Fang wanted to keep the Chi family, and there was nothing left in his mind.

The only time he was tempted, the other party released the pigeon[1] directly.

What was wrong with him now? Chi Fang rubbed his forehead, his eyes shifting to the side subconsciously. There was a physical education class today, and Chi Fang didn’t want to play ball, so he was in a daze on the side of the court. In the end, he didn’t know if Yu Mo did it on purpose. He actually agreed to play with Pang Zifei and kept jumping in front of him.

Chi Fang tried to control his vision, pretending to be intently watching the ball.

“Chi, Chi Fang.”

Chi Fang turned his head, looked at the person behind him, and frowned.

Zhu Ling saw Chi Fang’s whole body stiffen subconsciously. When she was under the stands, Chi Fang did not beat her, or even say a word, but he just watched her quietly, and almost caused her to collapse.

When she was cleaning things up, she found that Chi Fang was recording on his mobile phone.

Everything she said was recorded.

When Zhu Ling heard her crying voice, her legs became weak with fright. In the past few days, Zhu Ling did not dare to sleep at all, and all the dreams she had when she fell asleep were about being expelled from school. Although Chi Fang didn’t seem to tell the teacher afterwards, Zhu Ling still couldn’t stop the fear in her heart.

As soon as Chi Fang saw her, he was in a bad mood.

Before he originally thought that Zhu Ling just wanted to give his school uniform to a girl, but Zhu Ling cried in a mess, and wondered why what he said was not vicious.

She actually wanted to steal the test papers for the mid-term exam, and then deliberately leave Chi Fang’s school uniform.

The school uniform of a particularly good student who suddenly started taking good tests appearing in the exam papers office. Even if Chi Fang explained that the school uniform had been lost, he would definitely become a scapegoat.

He would most likely have dropped out of school because of this.

Chi Fang really did not expect that a young girl would have such a vicious mind.

The reason she wanted to do this was just because Chi Fang was too close to Yu Mo, which made her jealous.

That’s right, Zhu Ling still liked Yu Mo.

When Chi Fang heard Zhu Ling cry and say that she liked Yu Mo, he couldn’t tell how he felt. He just looked at Zhu Ling coldly and said, “Your favor… is too dirty.”

“What’s the matter? “Chi Fang said coldly.

He had been upset recently and was not in the mood to deal with Zhu Ling’s affairs. This person actually dared to appear in front of him.

Did he look like a bully?

Zhu Ling shuddered slightly, but she still said: “You, what do you want in return of deleting the recording.”

Chi Fang raised his eyebrows: “Recording…”

Zhu Ling gritted her teeth and asked, “One Hundred. One Hundred thousand, will it work?”

Chi Fang frowned, looking across Zhu Ling’s eyes. He was sure that Zhu Ling’s family was not a rich family, so how would she take out the 100,000?

Behind this… is there something he doesn’t know?

Chi Fang didn’t agree or disagree, but said indifferently, “I’ll talk about it next time.”

Zhu Ling wanted to speak again, but she stayed here for too long, and someone was already watching them whispering. Zhu Ling still didn’t dare to offend Chi Fang, so she had to leave first.

Judging from Chi Fang’s performance before Zhu Ling left, it was obvious that this one hundred thousand was not yet Zhu Ling’s bottom line.

The daughter of an ordinary person can bring out tens of thousands at will?

Yu Mo wiped the sweat from his forehead and saw Chi Fang sitting on the edge of the basketball court. He was in a daze and he didn’t know what he was thinking. He shook his head at Pang Zifei and said that he would not play anymore.

However, as soon as he walked a few steps to the side of the field, he saw that Chi Fang looked like a cub stepped into the territory of a beast, suddenly raised his head, and the moment he saw him he got up and ran away.

Yu Mo: …

Chi Fang also took a few steps before realizing that he had overreacted, but he really didn’t know how to face Yu Mo now.

Pang Zifei also noticed that the relationship between Chi Fang and Yu Mo had not been very good recently. He had already planned to have a showdown with his dad in the past few days. If this time Chi Fang and Yu Mo fall out…

“So, what’s the matter with you?” Pang Zifei asked taking a bite of an apple.

In order to avoid Yu Mo, Chi Fang stopped going to the cafeteria for dinner these two days.

“Nothing…” Chi Fang subconsciously denied it.

“Okay, how long have I known you, do you still want to hide from me?” Pang Zifei interrupted him and threw the pit in his hand to the trash can. “Fighting?”

Chi Fang paused and shook his head.

There was no quarrel, it was just that he found something and didn’t dare to face Yu Mo.

Although later Yu Mo will become a boss, he was just a seventeen-year-old boy now. He was a 27-year-old adult who actually wanted to tell a child…

“I didn’t say it. Although Yu Mo was usually cold, but he really said nothing to you. Do you know what he said to me when I played basketball with him last time?” Pang Zifei couldn’t help but persuade.

Chi Fang looked at Pang Zifei and shook his head.

“He said that as long as he is there, he will always protect you.” Pang Zifei thought of Yu Mo’s expression at the time, and said with emotion, “If it weren’t for knowing that you are both boys, I would have thought he would treat you as his wife.”

Chi Fang’s face couldn’t help but change.

“So, what’s the matter, tell Yu Mo clearly, Yu Mo is not such a stingy person.”

Chi Fang’s eyes were a little low.

Then it’s impossible for him to run to Yu Mo and say, eh, Yu Mo, I seem to fall in love with you. Regardless of what Yu Mo’s reaction was, Chi Fang himself couldn’t pass this level mentally. Yu Mo treated him so well and helped him with tuition, but he actually had such thoughts towards people…

“Fatty, I ask you. “Chi Fang suddenly said, “If your good friend tells you that he likes you, what would you feel?”

Pang Zifei was blank for a moment, then took a step back suddenly, ignoring that he had run into someone, calling, “Chi Xiaofang, your brother will be looking for a girl in the future!”

Chi Fang muffled the corner of his mouth speechlessly. Pang Zifei’s voice was a bit loud, and some people around looked over.

The sports committee member that was hit by Pang Zifei was also dumbfounded. He glanced at Chi Fang silently, then looked at Pang Zifei, “Unexpectedly…”

“No,” Chi Fang hurriedly explained, “We are both having fun.”

The Sports Committee glanced suspiciously at the two before immediately leaving. Pang Zifei only came up when the Sports Committee was far away. He also reacted now, with a hell of expression on his face, facing Chi Fang: “Don’t tell me that you like Yu Mo…”

However, his expectation was shattered after seeing Chi Fang’s silence. Pang Zifei exploded. “Is it because Yu Mo did something? I know this guy is not a good person. Wait for me to beat him!”

He completely forgot about himself. How exaggerated he was in front of Chi Fang just now.

Chi Fang stepped forward to stop Pang Zifei, and said helplessly, “It’s none of his business.”

Yu Mo didn’t even know anything.

Pang Zifei was stopped by Chi Fang, still a little aggrieved, and then he thought, “Couldn’t you tell me that he refused? My Chi Xiaofang is so good, well-behaved and cute, is he blind?”

Chi Fang: “…No, he doesn’t know yet.”

Seeing that Chi Fang was lost again, Pang Zifei didn’t make a noise anymore, but he couldn’t say anything to Chi Fang, not to mention Pang Zifei still couldn’t understand. There were so many beautiful girls who liked Chi Xiaofang, so why was he just looking at Yu Mo’s cold ice cube…

“Or you can tell him clearly, maybe he will promise you.” Pang Zifei said.

Chi Fang glanced at him, “Do you think it’s possible?”

Pang Zifei choked, thinking of Yu Mo’s indifferent appearance, his whole person directly withered.

“Then if he found that his good friend was not innocent towards him, what would he do?” Chi Fang muffled.

Pang Zifei was silent. Based on his understanding of Mo, Yu Mo wouldn’t be embarrassed by Chi Fang, but he would definitely not get along with Chi Fang again.

Why did he have to go and make such a fuss.

Pang Zifei had a headache.

The Sports Committee member returned to the class after eating and happened to see Yu Mo standing by Chi Fang’s desk. With great physical enthusiasm and not so scared of Yu Mo, he took the initiative to speak: “Chi Fang and Pang Zifei are at the school gate.”

Yu Mo returned to his senses and nodded.

The Sports Committee member continued: “But I didn’t expect that Chi Fang actually liked Pang Zifei.”

Yu Mo: …

Yu Mo turned his head and looked at the Sports Committee member.

Sports Committee member: “Yeah, I’m also surprised… Eh, where are you going, Yu Mo?”

Yu Mo turned his head and rushed out of the classroom.

The Sports Committee member touched the back of his head and was at a loss.

Yu Mo still didn’t find Chi Fang and the others. When it was almost time for class, he returned to the classroom to see that Chi Fang and Pang Zifei were already sitting in the classroom.

In the next few classes, Yu Mo was fidgeting in his seat, and couldn’t help but look at Chi Fang and Pang Zifei. Looking at it, Yu Mo really found an abnormal atmosphere between Chi Fang and Pang Zifei.

He watched Pang Zifei kick Chi Fang’s chair and hand a piece of paper to Chi Fang. And Chi Fang, who was interrupted from attending the class, was not angry at all. After reading the note, he blushed slightly!

Yu Mo’s heart sank slightly.

Chi Fang passed the note in his hand back to Pang Zifei, and Pang Zifei opened it.

Pang Zifei: Why do you like Yu Mo?

Chi Fang: Handsome, good grades, good temper.

Brother, are your last words sincere?

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[1] Gave up voluntarily.

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